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►►What kind of ringtones do Kpop Stars use?

A Japanese magazine published a list which reveals what Kpop stars use as their ringtones. Check out who use the silent-mode, their own songs etc.!

The Japanese magazine, “KStar Lovers” shared a list revealing various K-Celebs’ ringtones. The list was as followed.

K-Celebs who silent-mode their mobile:

Alexander (U-Kiss)

►►Supernova’s new Japanese singles’ covers

Choshinsei (Supernova) is back and they’re going to be releasing 3 new singles: All About You, J.P. -Reborn- and Magokoro. Each single will have three versions, a Regular Edition, a Limited Edition with DVD and a Limited Edition with postcard. There also seems to be some kind of promotion where if you buy three of the singles you get to go to a special event. It doesn’t really specify on CDJapan though.

Magokoro will be released on May 12th, All About U will be released on May 13th, and J.P. -Reborn- will be released on May 14h.
All About U [Regular Edition]


►►[VID] T-ara and Supernova release Japanese Time To Love 3 (TTL3)

Supernova and T-ara teamed up once again in Japan to release a song for their Gusto CF. TTL3 is also called “JP.”

Cr: MllkteaXD2@YT

►►[VID] T-ara and Supernova releases “Gusto” CF in Japan

The billion won advertising deal for T-ara and Supernova to begin promoting in Japan begins with a new CF for “Gusto”. Check it out and see if it’s worth your money 😉

Cr: VagabondHD3@YT

►►MBC Gayo Daejun: performances and special stages videos

Special Collabs

Nichkhun & Lee Bo Young – Way back into love

2PM + SNSD – Sexy Back + Crazy in Love

2PM + SNSD – Night fever


►►Top 40 songs from K-pop Yearly Chart of 2009

wow FT Island really need to step their game up next year 😦 on the other hand, Gavy NJ made the list?! that’s so freakin awesome!! haha they are such underrated yet talented singer (a lot of you may not even heard of them)…


►►[PICs] T-ara, Supernova, and Seeya’s Yeonji say goodbye to Kim Jong Wook

Kim Jong Wook, a ballad singer, recently released his single “Army Entrance Day” just in time for his enlistment (time and date not known – but seeing this, it’s pretty soon). Therefore T-ara, Supernova, and SeeYa’s YeonJi came to said goodbye to the [amazing] singer.

-comment by kpoprants@wp

No but srsly, if you’re into K-ballads, this guy is a MUST-KNOW!! He’s amazing and so underrated (maybe cause he’s older than most idols- 27 years-old?) idk but I srsly recommend Kim Jong Wook’s first album cause it’s just amazing 🙂


►►New Releases: 10/31/09


MV: Younha’s “Sukinanda”

CF: SNSD’s BTS “Chocolate Love” [subbed]

Live perfs (Music Core 091031): SeeYa’s “His Voice” (comeback) + Beast’s “Bad Girl” + Mblaq’s “Oh Yeah” + SS501’s “Love Like This” + SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” + Mighty Mouth feat. Ji Eun’s “Smile” + T-ara & Supernova’s “TTL Listen 2” + Secret’s “I want you back” + Onetwo feat. Seo In Young’s “Bad Girl 2” + MC Cuts with SNSD’s Yuri and Tiffany

Funny Clip of the Day: 2PM’s Junho got scared by gag woman!

+ SNSD’s scary face match!


►►New Releases: 10/30/09

Halloween tomorrow!!! EXCITED. ~~~anyways, KBS Music Bank performances are here!

CFs: 2PM for “Hanami” (Thailand snack advertise with Jaebum♥) + SNSD for “Chocolate Love 2” + Super Junior for “Sendbill”

Live perfs (Music Bank 091030): SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” + FT Triple’s “Love Letter” + SS501’s “Love like this” + 4Minute’s “What a girl wants” + Hwanhee’s “Because I missed your heart” + Beast’s “Bad Girl” + Mblaq’s “Oh Yeah” + T-ara & Supernova’s “TTL Listen 2” + Secret’s “I want you back” + JQT’s “I fell for you” + Woo Yi Kyung ft. JiYoon(4Minute)’s “Look At Me” + Park Hyo Shin’s “After Love” + Mighty Mouth feat. Insooni’s “Smile” + Onetwo ft. Seo In Young (Jewelry)’s “Bad Girl II” + SS501 does “Music Bank countdwon” + SHINee WINS + Encore!


►►New Releases: 10/29/09

Halloween is in TWO days~♥ Mnet M!Countdown performances included!

MVs: Ivy’s “Goodbye Tears” + Ivy’s “Touching Me” + 4Minute’s “What a girl wants” + 2NE1 Park Bom’s “You and I”  + TaeIn’s “Bastard” + Seo In Gook’s “Calling You”+ BoA’s “White Wishes”

Song: Big Bang’s “Hallelujah” preview (from “IRIS” OST)

CF: KARA Seungyeon’s “Dream” CF for 4Tomorrow project

Interview/Campaign: Big Bang & Sean for Hope TV [eng subbed]

Live perfs (M!Countdown 091029): Ivy’s “Touch Me” (comeback) + FT Triple’s “Love Letter” (comeback) + Lady Collection’s “Watching secretly” (debut) + Seo In Gook’s “Calling You” (debut) + MC Mong & Ivy’s “I Am” (comeback) + Hwanhee’s “Bring it back” & “Because I missed your heart” + Wheesung’s “Trickling” + Lee Soo Young’s “Don’t call my name + Mblaq’s “Oh Yeah” + Beast’s “Bad Girl” + 4Minute’s “What a girl wants” + RUN’s “She’s strong” + T-ara & Supernova’s “TTL Listen 2” + Secret’s “I want you back + Kim Tae Woo’s “Love Rain” + Park Hyo Shin’s “After Love” + Beast performs 2PM’s “Again&Again” + Mblaq performs Rain’s “Bad Guy”


►►New Releases: 10/25/09

Big Bang’s Taeyang finally gets on stage! And more exciting performances to come on SBS Inkigayo!


Teasers: Andy (Shinhwa) feat. Jumper’s “Single Man” + Lee Young Hyun’s “Sorry, I Love You”

Perfs (Inkigayo 091025): Beast & Mblaq’s Interview + SS501’s “Only One Day” & “Love Like This” (comeback) + Taeyang’s “Where You At” + 4Minute’s “What a girl wants” (comeback) + SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” + Beast’s “Bad Girl” + G-Dragon’s “A Boy” + Mblaq’s “Oh Yeah” + Mighty Mouth feat. Naomi’s “Smile” (comeback) + Woo Yi Kyung feat. 4Minute Ji Yoon’s “Look at me” + Kim Tae Woo’s “Love Rain” + T-ara & Supernova’s “TTL Listen 2” + Zin TaeHwa’s “Fallen Angel” + Beast does Digital Music Chart! + Kim Tae Woo WINS!

Funny Clip of the Day: SHINee’s cuts on Star King 091024!


►►New Releases: 10/24/09

MBC Music Core perfs are up!

MVs: Lyn feat. Mblaq’s Thunder’s “New Celebration” + Gary Gold Smith’s “My love Celebrity” + Dynamic Duo’s “Guilty”+ Lee Soo Young’s “Don’t call my name”

Songs: Suju Heechul’s “First Star” (Love you a thousand times OST)

Teasers: Lee Seung Hwan’s “Good Day 2” + December’s “The woman who likes the bad man” + Seo In Kook’s “Calling you”

CFs: T-ara for Nonghyup Apples

Live perfs (Music Core 10/24/09): SS501’s “Intro + Love Like This” (comeback) + 4Minute’s “What a girl wants” (comeback) + Hwanhee’s “Because I missed your heart” (comeback) + Mighty Mouth feat. Naomi’s “Smile” (comeback) + RUN’s “She’s strong” (comeback) + Mblaq’s “Oh yeah” + Beast’s “Bad Girl” + SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” + Secret’s “I want you back” + Gavy NJ’s “In a pallid state” + Taegoon’s “Betrayed” + f(x)’s “Lachata” + Lee Hyun (8eight)’s “30 minutes ago” + T-ara & Supernova’s “TTL Listen 2” + Miss S’ “What is Love”


►►Fashion Watch: 2NE1, Big Bang, SNSD’s Seohyun, Xing, f(x), T-ara & Supernova


-2NE1 for W Magazine

-Big Bang for Lotte Duty Free ‘09

-T-ara & Supernova for Unionbay

-SNSD’s Seohyun for Oh Boy (?)

-f(x) for K-Swiss

-Xing for Body Glove


►►New Releases: 10/18/09

I feel bad now that I haven’t put the year on these new releases posts…so today I decided to add “09” thinking about next year 😉


CFs: KARA’s “Cob Chicken” + Kim Bum’s “RC Cola”

Live perfs #1: f(x) and 4Minute at KBS Open Concert (dancing and singing in the heavy rain…FUN!)

Live perfs #2 (SBS Inkigayo 10/18): 2PM’s Taec & Wooyoung are back as MCs! + Mblaq’s “Oh Yeah” + Beast’s “Bad Girl” + SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” + RUN’s “Strong Girl” + B2Y’s “나. 원. 참! Geez!” + KARA’s “Mister” (goodbye) + f(x)’s “Lachata” + JB’s “1987” + T-ara & Supernova’s “TTL Listen 2” + Gavy NJ’s “In a pallid state” + G-Dragon’s “A Boy” (OMG YES!!!) + Kim Tae Woo’s “Love Rain” + Lee Seung Gi’s “Let’s Break Up” + Taegoon’s “Betrayed” + MC Mong’s “Horror Show” + f(x) for Digital Music Chart + Kim Tae Woo WINS!


►►At Cyworld Digital Music Awards with f(x), T-ara, Supernova, GDragon, & Brown Eyed Girls

The 38th and 39th CyWorld Digital Music Awards (DMA) ceremony was held on 18th October in Seoul Children Park Dom Art Hall at 6.30pm.

Winners at the 38th and 39th DMA are f(x), T-ara, Supernova, GDragon, Brown Eyed Girls etc.

38th DMA

* Song of The Month – Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’
* Rookie of The Month – T-ara ‘Lies’

39th DMA

* Song of The Month – GDragon ‘Heartbreaker’
* Rookie of the Month – f(x) ‘LA chA tA’
* ting’s choice artist – T-ara and Supernova


►►New Releases: 10/16

Music Bank is today..which means SHINee’s comeback stage and B2st’s (or Beast’s) debut!

↑This was a fan art for SHINee btw lol

MVs: Heum’s “JJ” + Kim Jong Wook & Hwang Jung Eum’s “Sunflower” + RUN (E-byul)’s “She’s Strong”

CFs: SHINee’s ‘Oddugi’ – 5 different versions for each member!

Live Perfs: SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” (comeback) + Beast’s “Bad Girl” (debut) + Secret’s “I want you back” (debut)  + Woo Yi Kyung feat. Jiyoon’s “Look At Me” (debut) + Mina’s “Doh Doh” (comeback) + LeeSsang feat. Jung Min’s “The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave” & “변해가네” (comeback) + T-ara & Supernova’s “TTL Listen 2” + MC Mong’s “Horror Show” + Cherry Filler’s “Pianissimo” + SHU-I’s “Bomb bomb bomb” + Gavy NJ’s “In a Pallid State”


►►New Releases: 10/15

I got MVs, teasers, CFs, live music show M!Countdown…SO MUCH!!!

MVs: Im Jae Bum’s “I’m In Love” (not 2PM’s Jaebum, guys) + Park Ji Hun feat. MJ & Shin Hye’s “Should we break up” + Tearis’ “Not Believe” + JB’s “1987”

Teasers: Jang Ri In’s teaser movie for comeback (not translated name..but it features Super Junior’s Donghae!) + Hwanhee ‘s “H Soul” + Gn.E’s “Loveback”

CFs: SHINee’s “Oddugi BTS” + f(x) & SNSD performs “Chocolate Love” live

Live Perfs: 4Minute’s “What a girl wants” + MBlaq’s “Intro with Bi Rain” &  “Oh Yeah” (debut) + JQT’s “I fell for you” (debut) + Woo Yi Kyung  feat JiYoon’s “Look at me” (debut?)  + Secret’s “I want you back” (debut) + Lee Soo Young’s “Don’t call my name” (comeback) + Kara’s “Wanna” & “Mister” (goodbye) + T-ara & Supernova’s “TTL Listen 2” + Wheesung’s “Trickling” (comeback) + 4Minute’s “Muzik” + MC Mong’s “Horror Show” + Supernova’s “Perfect Man” + T-ara SoYeon & Lee Hyun’s “30 Minutes Ago” + Park Hyo Shin’s “After Love” + Lee Seung Chul’s “Love is so difficult” + Jewelry’s “Vari2ty” + Kim Tae Woo’s “Love rain” + Wheesung & Lee Hyun(8eight)’s “With Me” + 4Minute’s “20 to 1 Countdown”


►►New Releases: 10/12

Sorry for the lack of new video updates >.< I was so busy last week I was lucky to be able to keep the blog running up-to-date with other news lol. So enjoy!

MVs: Shin Tai Kwon feat. Outsider’s “Happy Ending” + IIndian’s “Same Same?!” + Secret’s “I want you back” + 4Tomorrow’s “Tomorrow” + Maya feat. Sang Chu’s “Proud” + T-ara & Supernova’s “TTL Listen 2” + Kim Ji Eun feat 2NE1 Park Bom’s “Tell Me Once” & Kim Ji Eun’s “Yesterday is different from today” + Lady Collection’s “A Guy I know”+ Jang Hae Young’s “Sorry I’m ugly” + JQT’s “I fell for You”

Teasers: Woo Yi Kyung feat. 4Minute Ji Yoon’s “Look only at me” + Mblaq’s “Oh Yeah”

Funny Clip of the Day: Super Junior vs. 2PM on Star King!


►►[VIDs] All Dream Concert 2009 performances!

When I mean ‘all’, I really do mean ALL. This means the perfs that won’t be broadcasted such as 2PM’s and Big Bang’s perfs (reason why BB’s is not broadcasted HERE). For the fancams (which only a few of them are), I tried to find the highest quality ones so your eyes won’t kill you 😉

Please do enjoy and hope you have a nice Saturday or Monday (which ever date works for you lol).


Red Carpert + Live Perf Preview + Jewelry & 4Minute Message

T-ARA & Supernova – T.T.L(Listen.2)


►►[PICS + VIDs] 15th Dream Concert ’09 with Big Bang, Super Junior, SNSD, 2PM, SHINee, 2NE1, and much more!

Wish I could be there… anyways, 2 perfs are included this time so far from 2PM (the one that TV won’t broadcast ;-)) and SHINee’s perf. Stay tuned for more!


The 15th Dream Concert this year is held on 10th October in Seoul Worldcup stadium at 6.30pm.

Some of the highlights to the concert tonight:

* Super Junior performs without KangIn
* 2PM performs as 6 members for the first time
* Big Bang performs as 5 members with DaeSung!
* Big Bang and 2PM’s performances requested for non-broadcast
* New song performances by f(x) and Super Junior M

There were 17 performing artistes that day:

1. So Nyeo Shi Dae
3. Jewelry
4. f(x)
5. 2NE1
6. 4Minute
7. T-ara and Supernova
8. Super Junior
9. Big Bang
10. 2PM
11. 2AM
12. MC Mong
13. Park HyoShin
14. Kim TaeWoo
15. ChaeYeon
16. SHINee
17. WheeSung

The performances:


►►T-ara and Supernova – TTL Listen 2 MV Teaser

Looking forward to FULL MV!!

Source: vagabond190

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►►T-ara & Supernova’s “TTL Listen 2” released! [MP3/DL]

Were all the picture spams and new looks worth it? you decide!


Cr: jenpoo

►►T-ara and Supernova’s Project Group: ‘TTL Listen 2’ Promo Pics

Eun Jung looks so old with that super short haircut 😦
I know it’s edgy and all but I think her old long hair is twice as beautiful =.=;
This is one a** big project group

Image Hosted by


►►Happy 22nd birthday to T-ara’s Soyeon!

T-ara’s Soyeon celebrated her 22nd birthday with her members and the members of Supernova.

Soyeon who is part of the sub group made from the members of Supernova and T-ara, are scheduled to perform to a new version of TTL (Time To Love) at the 2009 Dream Concert this Saturday. They didn’t have any rest for the 3 days of Chuseok and rehearsed for their performance of TTL Listen.2.

Soyeon couldn’t celebrate her birthday which falls on October 5th with her family and friends and ended up having a small celebration in the practice room with her members. As soon as it reached midnight, the members gave her a cake and threw her a surprise party. (more…)