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►►What kind of ringtones do Kpop Stars use?

A Japanese magazine published a list which reveals what Kpop stars use as their ringtones. Check out who use the silent-mode, their own songs etc.!

The Japanese magazine, “KStar Lovers” shared a list revealing various K-Celebs’ ringtones. The list was as followed.

K-Celebs who silent-mode their mobile:

Alexander (U-Kiss)

►►Supernova’s new Japanese singles’ covers

Choshinsei (Supernova) is back and they’re going to be releasing 3 new singles: All About You, J.P. -Reborn- and Magokoro. Each single will have three versions, a Regular Edition, a Limited Edition with DVD and a Limited Edition with postcard. There also seems to be some kind of promotion where if you buy three of the singles you get to go to a special event. It doesn’t really specify on CDJapan though.

Magokoro will be released on May 12th, All About U will be released on May 13th, and J.P. -Reborn- will be released on May 14h.
All About U [Regular Edition]


►►[VID] T-ara and Supernova release Japanese Time To Love 3 (TTL3)

Supernova and T-ara teamed up once again in Japan to release a song for their Gusto CF. TTL3 is also called “JP.”

Cr: MllkteaXD2@YT

►►[VID] T-ara and Supernova releases “Gusto” CF in Japan

The billion won advertising deal for T-ara and Supernova to begin promoting in Japan begins with a new CF for “Gusto”. Check it out and see if it’s worth your money 😉

Cr: VagabondHD3@YT

►►MBC Gayo Daejun: performances and special stages videos

Special Collabs

Nichkhun & Lee Bo Young – Way back into love

2PM + SNSD – Sexy Back + Crazy in Love

2PM + SNSD – Night fever


►►Top 40 songs from K-pop Yearly Chart of 2009

wow FT Island really need to step their game up next year 😦 on the other hand, Gavy NJ made the list?! that’s so freakin awesome!! haha they are such underrated yet talented singer (a lot of you may not even heard of them)…


►►[PICs] T-ara, Supernova, and Seeya’s Yeonji say goodbye to Kim Jong Wook

Kim Jong Wook, a ballad singer, recently released his single “Army Entrance Day” just in time for his enlistment (time and date not known – but seeing this, it’s pretty soon). Therefore T-ara, Supernova, and SeeYa’s YeonJi came to said goodbye to the [amazing] singer.

-comment by kpoprants@wp

No but srsly, if you’re into K-ballads, this guy is a MUST-KNOW!! He’s amazing and so underrated (maybe cause he’s older than most idols- 27 years-old?) idk but I srsly recommend Kim Jong Wook’s first album cause it’s just amazing 🙂