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►►Super Junior’s Heechul confessed SNSD’s YoonA used to like him

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Super Junior Kim HeeChul fired So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA by saying that YoonA used to like him.

Kim HeeChul had said that during his guest appearance on SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 2nd May. He said, “At first I am not as close to YoonA. I was close to Jessica and Sunny. To say the truth, YoonA used to like me.”

He added, “A while back when she had this scandal with TaecYeon, I laughed at it. YoonA doesn’t like guys like TaecYeon..” showing his unique confidence. But YoonA’s reply was “I also don’t like guys like oppa.”

Kim HeeChul then started showing caring gestures like brushing off dust from YoonA’s head. Kim HeeChul also had a showdown of the variety sense with ‘kkap Kwon’ Jo Kwon.

Meanwhile, Kim HeeChul has recently been decided as the fixed appearance on Family Outing 2.

Cr: Sookyeong

Make sure to check out his hilarious dance-off/sing-off with 2AM’s JoKwon!

►►[VID] Super Junior’s Heechul vs. 2AM’s Jokwon sing-off/dance-off Showdown!

I came across a vid of Super Junior’s Heechul making his first appearance in Family Outing 2 on May 2nd and it is THE MOST HILARIOUS THING in a loooooong time!!!! OMG so we all know the two biggest Kpop divas have to be 2AM’s Jokwon and Heechul – what if you add them TOGETHER?! You’d totally get THIS:

Cr: UnknownCarrot300@YT

Watch it! LOL you won’t regret it! They did a little sing-off imitation of a singer named Lee Seung Hwan and then a totally dance-off to SNSD’s songs!!! It’s so freakin funny I love it!

►►Wonder Girls to reunite with JYP Family on Family Outing 2

Wonder Girls are returning to Korea to promote soon with their new upcoming album. While they’re back their own country, they’ll guest star on Family Outing 2!

Through this show, the girls will make their variety show comeback after a year and three months absence.
Their comeback is set for mid-May and on the 17th, the Girls will arrive in Korea from America. That’s just two days after their album release party, what a busy schedule!

As soon as they arrive, they’ll film the episode of Family Outing 2 until the 18th. Come on, let these girls sleep!

The Wonder Girls will be reuniting with 2PM’s Taecyeon and 2AM’s Jokwon which will create a family within a family.

One other highlight is that Kim Heechul, the newest member on the show, is known for having a crush on Wonder Girls’ Sohee so he’s probably thrilled about this news.

The episode will air in the beginning of June. On a different note, their album will be released on May 15th and their music video will be released in English, Chinese and Korea, just like the song.

This episode with Heechul and the Wonder Girls looks like being a must-watch!

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►►Super Junior’s Heechul smirked for his driver’s license picture

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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has said on his own radio SBS Youngstreet that he will reveal his driver’s license and indeed after saying that, the photo of Kim Heechul’s driver’s license has been posted on Youngstreet’s official homepage. The reason why his driver’s license gets a lot of attention and laugh from netizens is because Heechul had smirked when he took photo for it.

Netizens left comments like “You’re bold, Kim Heechul”, “Your driver’s license is really the best”…but some left comments like “But smirk on the photo on driver’s license is a little too much”, “I hope you will be more careful with those identification photos from now on”…

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►►[PICs] Super Junior Heechul’s Young Street with Donghae, f(x), and SNSD

I believe these are the official pics to Super Junior Heechul’s first episode as an MC of Young Street Radio. He had guest stars like SNSD’s Jessica, f(x)’s Sulli, and band mate Donghae talking about first meeting/impression of himself.


►►f(x)’s Sulli, SNSD’s Jessica, and Super Junior’s Donghae talk about Heechul

f(x)’s Sulli had appeared on Super Junior HeeChul’s SBS PowerFM ‘Kim HeeChul’s Young Story’ with SNSD’s Jessica and Super Junior’s DongHae.

Jessica talked about her first impression of Kim HeeChul, “He is a very cold person and he knows that he is good looking. To add on to that, he is much older and it is hard to be comfortable and at ease around him. For my first impression, it was not good.”

And then Sulli said, “That’s strange. When I first met Kim HeeChul I was 12 years old and still a kid. But he still tormented me. Kim Heechul is known to have made me cry a lot during my trainee days.

Meanwhile, Super Junior’s Donghae explained how he first met Heechul.

He expressed, “The management company informed me that a new trainee was coming from Kang Won Do so I had to go get him. I went with Yunho to get him, but throughout the entire trip I was so lazy that I kept complaining. However, when I got there I became polite and introduced myself.”

With that, listeners commented, “It is fun to listen to the true stories told by them”, “Listening to the stories by the guest appearance make me feel more flose to the DJ” etc.

The show will be on air everyday at 8pm.

Cr: Sookyeong + Allkpop

►►Super Junior’s Heechul is excited about his radio return in 4 years

On March 22nd, Kim Heechul showed a lot of enthusiasm over his return as DJ at the SBS MokDong Hall for ‘SBS Spring Radio Revision.’ “Since I’m making the comeback for the first time in four years, I am fully prepared for it. I’m arranging my guests on my own right now.”

He said, “I’m trying to ask actor Kang Ji Hwan or Lee Da Hae, and f(x)’s Sulli to make an appearance.” He added, “I want to approach the listeners as a friend with full of enthusiasm and character so it will make it comfortable for them to listen to.”

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‘Kim HeeChul’s YoungStreet’ will be on air from 8:00PM KST.

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