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►►[VIDs] SBS Gayo Daejun performances all-in-one

Your source for all the performance videos from SBS Gayo Daejun…in order!

MCs: Heechul, Hwang Jung Eum, YongHwa, Jokwon

Open Show – Kids performing 2010 hit songs


►►Confused? Schedule breakdown of April 2010 debuts & comebacks!

The month of April seems to be getting way out of hand with all these comebacks and debuts so of course many fans are getting confused. So here’s the master schedule for you to see and get even more excited!

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Confirmed Dates:

Rain – comeback album
– special album Back to the Basic scheduled to drop on Apr 7
– announced upcoming special album release via website Mar 15, confirms Apr 1 release & two-month-long promotions
– first Love Story MV teaser revealed on Mar 22
– Han Ye Seul confirmed to star alongside Rain for Love Story MV on Mar 24
– tracklist revealed on Mar 24
– title ballad track The Song That Will Get You confirmed on Mar 25
– second MV teaser for Love Story revealed on Mar 28
– 50-second Love Story audio teaser revealed on Mar 29
– album release & live comeback pushed back to April 7 due to naval ship tragedy & show cancellations

Lee Hyori – comeback album
– 4th album H-Logic scheduled to drop on April 8
– finishes recording album on Mar 2
– Apr 2 comeback date announced on Mar 24
– first concept photo & video teaser released on Mar 28
– tracklist revealed on Mar 31
– Swing audio & MV released on Apr 1


►►13 popular Kpop artists have confirmed their comeback in April!

April is gonna be one hell of month for Kpop fans!

Came across a list which shows the artists that will make their comeback in 2010,please take a look!

In March, we have After School , Lee Jung Hyun & 8eight who are yet to make their comeback.

In April:
MBLAQ – Single
Davichi – Mini Album
Uhm Jung Hwa
Lee Hyori – 4th Album
Son Dambi – 2nd Album
Rain – Mini Album
Baek Ji Young – Single
Wonder Girls – First US Album
Rainbow – 1st Album
2PM – Single
SHINee – 2nd Album

Cr: dkpopnews

►►Top Kpop female idols with beastly abs

Turns out hot abs aren’t only for the men because our ladies of Kpop also have something great to show!

This ab trend/fever is not only for male stars. There are a lot of female stars who are proud of their abs. They, too, exercise steadily to make chocolate abs that split into six.


►►[VIDs] MBC Music Core 200th Episode Specials

February 20th marked MBC Music Core’s 200th episode and they indeed had many interesting stages planned out for fans!

SNSD, C.N BLUE, Big Bang – Champion

After School – Crazy (Son Dambi)


►►Son DamBi’s comeback album to release in March..going against Lee Hyori?

BRAVE BROTHERS AGAIN?! okayyyy Dambi, if you really want to compete with the world out there, I don’t think you should go back to the same composer over and over (their music is starting to sound the same to me…notice After School and U-KISS’ songs!) :/

‘Dancing queen’ Son DamBi will be making her singer comeback in March.

Son DamBi revealed back stage to 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards on 3rd February where she was awarded the BonSang, “I will comeback with a new album in March. I will be working with Brave Brothers who composed ‘Saturday Night’ for this comeback.”

Son DamBi and Brave Brothers are called the ‘perfect match’ in Kpop circle. Son DamBi’s previous hits like ‘Crazy’ and ‘Saturday Night’ are all works of Brave Brothers. Son DamBi said,”Please look forward to a new transformation and a even cooler track for my comeback.”

With news of Son DamBi’s comeback 4th album next month, which happens to fall in the same time period as Lee Hyori’s 4th album comeback, much anticipation from music fans as to how the ’showdown of the sexy queens’ will turn out.

Cr: SportsChosun + Sookyeong

►►Son Dambi, “I’m addicted to exercising…also I’m working on new album”

LOL pls send us exercising tips! I’m so busy it’s so hard to find time~~ >.< (except badminton season is starting so I’ll be back to my pre-summer figure! haha hopefully..)

Sexy diva Son Dambi revealed that the secret to her perfect body line is being addicted to exercise. Earlier this evening, the singer held a Samsung Anycall sponsored fan meeting at Seoul Kangnam’s COEX Conference Hall.

At the fan meeting, the singe r stated, “I have an addiction to exercise even when I rest. I think this is why I’m able to maintain my figure,” and added, “My skin also naturally became good as I rested.”

Approximately 2000 fans attended the meeting and enjoyed a 1 hour talk with Son Dambi. She also addressed the fans about her future plans for a comeback in the music scene, “I plan to release an album in April, and I am working hard preparing for it.”

Best of luck to Son Dambi on her upcoming album!