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►►[MP3/DL] Lee Hyori releases full song “Swing” from H-Logic album!

After teasing with an MV teaser, a new teaser photo and the whole tracklist for her 4th album “H-Logic”, Hyori finally release her full song “Swing” (그네) featuring Leessang!

The song is slow and jazzy…totally NOT what I expected. That’s why I’m thinking this is NOT her title song :/


►►Lee Hyori’s tracklist for 4th album “H-Logic” revealed – expect collabs!

YesAsia finally unveiled Lee Hyori’s 14 tracks from her upcoming 4th full-length album “H-Logic” to be released on April 8th. Fans should be excited to see some of the artists’ names she’s collaborating with:

1. I’m Back
2. Love Sign -Feat Sangchu (Might Mouth)
3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Feat Ceejay of Freshboyz
4. Feel The Same
5. Bring It Back -Feat. Bekah (After School), Jun Ji Hoon 전지윤(4Minute)
6. Highlight -Feat by Bizzy
7. 그네 (Switch) -Feat Gaeri (Leessang)
8. Scandal
9. 100 Percent
10. Want Me Back
11. How Did We Get -Duet with Daesung (Big Bang)
12. So cold
13. Get 2 Know -Feat by Double K
14. MEMORY -Feat by Bizzy

Cr: YesAsia + kpoprants@wp (take out with full credits!)

►►Concert to watch for: 1st Kpop “Youtube Music Day” live concert

Always felt left out whenever there’s a concert in Korea or other Asian countries that you can’t participate in? Well watch out for this one because YouTube is just one click away!

The nation’s first Youtube live concert, “Youtube Music Day” will be on March 20th (Sat) at 7 PM at AX-Korea. Nam Goong Yeon will be running the show, and 2AM, Clazziquai, Epik High, Leessang, Guckkasten, and other musicians will be performing. The “Youtube Music Day” concert will be shown live in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan the day of the concert.

source: Google Korea Blog
translated by filmsession @ omona_prection

►►2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Full Winners list + performances!

The 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards was held on March 1st to recognize and acknowledge singers, etc, whose songs were frequently used as the background music or played on Cyworld minihompies last year.

The awards ceremony was held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park and was hosted by Clazziquai’s vocalist, Horan.

2009 Best Artist – 2NE1
2009 Best Song – 2NE1 for I Don’t Care
Best Rookie Group – 2NE1
2009 Ting’s Choice Award – G-Dragon
Best Male Rookie – Seo In Gook for Calling You
Best Female Rookie – Ali for 365 days
Best Composer – Jo Young Su
Tam Eun Mania Award – Jang Giha and Faces for The Moon is Waxing, Let’s Go
2009 Collaboration Award – Jung In for LeeSsang in The Girl Who Can’t Let Go, and the Man that Can’t Leave
2009 OST – SS501 for Because I’m Stupid (Boys Over Flowers)
2009 Hall of Fame – Park Hyo Shin for Snow Flower
2009 Distribution Company Award – Mnet Media (Korea), Universal Music Korea (overseas)

2009 Best 10: Davichi for 8282, LeeSsang for The Girl Who Can’t Let Go, and the Man that Can’t Leave, Brown Eyed Girls for Abracadabra, Big Bang for Hallelujah, SNSD for GEE, G-Dragon for Heartbreaker, MC Mong for Indian Boy, 2NE1 for I don’t care, 2PM for Heartbeat, 8eight for Without a Heart.

It wasn’t a pretty sight when Chansung and Junho, representing 2PM came out on stage to receive their Bonsang award. Fans started yelling Jaebeom’s name, making the situation ultra awkward. The backlash continues. **


►►Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009/2010: Full nominees list revealed!

The Cyworld Digital Music Awards are awarding 1 of 10 Bongsang nominees or top background songs played on Cyworld in 2009. The event will be held on March 1 (5pm KST) and there will also be awards for Rookie of the Year, Best Composer, etc.

  • Davichi – 8282
  • Big Bang – Hallelujah
  • 2NE1 – I Don’t Care
  • Leessang – 헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자 (Feat. 정인)
  • SNSD – Gee
  • 2PM – Heartbeat
  • Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
  • G-Dragon – Heartbreaker
  • 8Eight – 심장이 없어 (Without a Heart)
  • MC Mong – 인디언 보이 (Indian Boy) (ft. Jang Geun Ee & B.I)


►►2PM, Big Bang, 2NE1, SNSD + others to attend Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009

Looks like the end-of-year awards for 2009 is not over yet! There are still more coming up  for grabs from Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009!

*SNSD is not in one of the pictures but they’re listed on the flier…

Date: March 1st, 2009

Artists: Davichi, Big Bang, G-Dragon, 2NE1, Leessang, Mc Mong, 8eight, Brown Eyed Girls, 2PM, SNSD

Cr: based on flier [DCGD] + translated by kpoprants@wp

►►Leessang’s Gil gets into serious car accident

Although I don’t know much about this guy besides the fact that he’s ex-Jewelry member Park Jung Ah’s boyfriend, I hope he can recover soon..

Leessang’s Gil got into a car crash today early in the morning. He was getting ready to go to the recording of Sunday, Sunday Night corner, Echo House. Surprisingly, this crash took place on the street, but in the parking lot. While Gil was changing clothes in the car, a truck banged into the vehicle, causing serious injuries to both the driver and Gil.

A representative from his entertainment company said, “Gil and the driver are now in the hospital. The shock was very critical, and we have to see if he can continue his activities. Both victims’ hips and necks have been injured; fortunately, the injuries aren’t life-threatening.”

There is no recording of Come to Play for him this week, but Gil will have to miss out on the filming of Infinity Challenge.

Cr: Allkpop