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Brown Eyed Girls, Ivy and Baek Ji Young are Queens of Beer

Hite Beer is definitely going places because after theirPower of Beer campaign, they are launching another campaign with an ensemble of top singers.

For their new marketing campaign centered around their S Beer or Stylish Beer, Hite has roped in popular girl group Brown Eyed Girls together with divas Baek Ji Young and Ivy to form an awesome team together.

Their marketing campaign will involve a Queen of Beer national tour where the six of them will put on a showcase in Seoul, Busan and Kwangju from May 14th.

And for their photoshoot held jointly with InStyle, the girls really glam it up on set with their black dresses and smoky makeup.

The marketing VP for Hite, Shin Eun Ju said, “We want to show our consumers that S Beer is not just a beer. It is a fashion icon where it adds beauty and style to your sophisicated lifestyle at parties, etc. We believe that the Brown Eyed Girls, Ivy and Baek Ji Young have that special something to complement our branding.

Cr : Allkpop

►►Confused? Schedule breakdown of April 2010 debuts & comebacks!

The month of April seems to be getting way out of hand with all these comebacks and debuts so of course many fans are getting confused. So here’s the master schedule for you to see and get even more excited!

Image and video  hosting by TinyPic

Confirmed Dates:

Rain – comeback album
– special album Back to the Basic scheduled to drop on Apr 7
– announced upcoming special album release via website Mar 15, confirms Apr 1 release & two-month-long promotions
– first Love Story MV teaser revealed on Mar 22
– Han Ye Seul confirmed to star alongside Rain for Love Story MV on Mar 24
– tracklist revealed on Mar 24
– title ballad track The Song That Will Get You confirmed on Mar 25
– second MV teaser for Love Story revealed on Mar 28
– 50-second Love Story audio teaser revealed on Mar 29
– album release & live comeback pushed back to April 7 due to naval ship tragedy & show cancellations

Lee Hyori – comeback album
– 4th album H-Logic scheduled to drop on April 8
– finishes recording album on Mar 2
– Apr 2 comeback date announced on Mar 24
– first concept photo & video teaser released on Mar 28
– tracklist revealed on Mar 31
– Swing audio & MV released on Apr 1


►►New Releases: 01/24/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances are added!

Song: SNSD’s “Look At Tomorrow” (SBS Logo Song)

Special Spotlight: Super Junior’s YeSung & Sungmin talks about “Hong Gildong” musical (subbed)

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100124): 2AM’s “Intro” & “Never let you go” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + TRAX’s “Let You Go” +After School’s “Because of You” (remix) + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” + T-ara’s “Like the first time” + Rainbow’s “Not Your Girl” + SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + Ivy’s “Goodbye tears” + Shoo’s “Other than me” + HyunA feat. BEAST Junhyung’s “Change” + Gavy NJ’s “Sunflower” + 2AM’s Interview + 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung MC cuts + After School WINS!


►►New Releases: 01/17/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances are added!

MV: Lisa feat. Ji Yoon’s “Shall we get married”

Show Spotlight: BEAST sings “Mystery” acapella version

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100117): 2PM’s “Tired of Waiting” + 2PM’s “Heartbeat” + SHINee’s “JoJo” + SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” (remix) + HyunA feat. BEAST JunHyung’s “Change” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” + T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” + Brian’s “My Girl” + BEAST’s “Mystery” (remix)+ Ivy’s “Goodbye tears” + IU’s “Marsmallow” + Lisa feat. Ji Yoon’s “Shall we get married” + 2PM’s Taecyeon & Nickhun MC Cuts + C.N BLUE interview+ T-ara WINS TRIPLE CROWN MUTIZEN!


►►Singer Ivy to press full charges against netizen who stole her ID number

You go girl! but she gotta find the culprit first =.=;

Since Ivy’s comeback, she has been slammed with bad luck and her recent streak of it comes in the form of identity theft.

Ivy revealed that on the 14th, she turned in a form to the Seoul Kangnam Police declaring that she will press charges on the netizen who hacked into her information.

Ivy’s agency has released a warning addressing the thief, “To the netizen who has released and abused Ivy’s identification number, we will press full charges against him or her.”

Apparently, the netizen who had stolen Ivy’s identification number changed the passwords to her various accounts on blogs and shopping sites. In addition, the netizen used her information to make accounts on different adult sites and took photos accusing Ivy of looking at porn.

Her agency also said, “To block anymore damage, we have decided to press charges. Seeing how this netizen had used Ivy’s personal information so easily without any guilt or second thoughts, we have decided to warn the netizens to think about doing such actions by enforcing a full investigation.”

On her show Ivy Back, she successfully completed a bungee jump attempt. A report published a photo of her certificate, but failed to blur out her identification number. The picture was published online and it circulated rapidly.

Later the photo blurred out the numbers, but the damage has already been done. Ivy’s agency is in the process of taking legal actions against the reporter as well as the netizens who are spreading Ivy’s identification number.


►►New Releases: 01/10/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances are added! Happy Sunday! ^^

MVs: Gilme feat. Jung Yup’s “Why You & Me” + Zia’s “Like her” & “Have a drink”

Live perfs (Inkigayo 011010): Jewelry’s “Love Story” (goodbye stage) + 4Minute HyunA ft. BEAST Junhyung’s “Change” + F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” + 2PM’s “Tired of waiting” + BEAST’s “Mystery” + After School’s “Because of You” + SHINee’s “Jojo” + T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” + Younha’s “Broke up today” + Gummy’s “Will It Snow for Christmas?” + Ivy’s “Goodbye Tears” + EUN’s “Why not” + Jung Suk’s “Love to Swallow” + Wooyoung and Junho MC Cuts + BEAST do Digital Music Chart + T-ara WINS!


►►Singer Ivy’s ID number leaked online and used for hacking

Careless reporters are just so dumb at times..

With news that singer Ivy’s ID number was leaked online, the source of leakage DC Inside comedy program Gallery experienced excess of traffic and server downtime. A photo revealing Ivy’s ID number was posted up on the site on 10th January and with that Ivy’s personal information has been leaked online as well.

Ivy attempted the bungee jump on Mnet ‘Ivy Back’ recently, the problem was magnified when the reporter published a photo the certificate certifying that Ivy has succeeded in the bungee jump attempt. The reporter did not mosaic out Ivy’s ID number on the photo and just published the photo, and the photo was circulated rapidly online instantly.

Even though the photo was mosaic-ed later, netizens have already made captures of the earlier photo and posted them up on DCInside. With that, netizens have continued with leaking out Ivy’s personal information. Some netizens even hacked into community sites and portal sites with her ID number.

Ivy’s company said, “We will be taking legal actions against the reporter and also netizens who leaked out the personal informatio of Ivy. We will also be hiring cyber crime investigators and will be taking legal actions against any netizens who will use Ivy’s ID number to do hacking.”

Source: SportChosun
Tanslation: Sookyeong