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►►GD&TOP reveals most desperate Big Bang member

During a recent interview, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P were asked to pick members who had the most and least interest in women lately.


►►Confused? Schedule breakdown of April 2010 debuts & comebacks!

The month of April seems to be getting way out of hand with all these comebacks and debuts so of course many fans are getting confused. So here’s the master schedule for you to see and get even more excited!

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Confirmed Dates:

Rain – comeback album
– special album Back to the Basic scheduled to drop on Apr 7
– announced upcoming special album release via website Mar 15, confirms Apr 1 release & two-month-long promotions
– first Love Story MV teaser revealed on Mar 22
– Han Ye Seul confirmed to star alongside Rain for Love Story MV on Mar 24
– tracklist revealed on Mar 24
– title ballad track The Song That Will Get You confirmed on Mar 25
– second MV teaser for Love Story revealed on Mar 28
– 50-second Love Story audio teaser revealed on Mar 29
– album release & live comeback pushed back to April 7 due to naval ship tragedy & show cancellations

Lee Hyori – comeback album
– 4th album H-Logic scheduled to drop on April 8
– finishes recording album on Mar 2
– Apr 2 comeback date announced on Mar 24
– first concept photo & video teaser released on Mar 28
– tracklist revealed on Mar 31
– Swing audio & MV released on Apr 1


►►Wedding Dress English Version Cover!

Hey all you kpoprant’s readers!

I have GREAT news! Like the G-Dragon’s Heartbreakers english cover, there just happens to be a Tae Yang Wedding Dress Version, but by a different person.  In my opinion I thought this was AMAZINNNG!  This cover is by JReyez .  JReyez has made different remixes/produced songs like; Baby, well.. there are a lot more but just check out his Youtube account and see for yourself!

Heres The video!

The Lyrics to sing along with are…


►►Big Bang’s Taeyang was in New York City’s Times Square?

lol this is so random but more power to Taeyang, baby! 😉

Big Bang’s very own Taeyang was spotted in New York’s Times Square recently but it’s probably not how you think. His popular Wedding Dress MV was seen playing on a video screen at the Mcdonald’s in Times Square.

The Times Square Mcdonald’s is one of the most busiest and famous Mcdonald’s in the world, so it’s pretty cool that Taeyang’s video was played there! If anyone is in the area, check it out and maybe you’ll get a chance to see it as well.

Cr: allkpop

►►Yang Hyun Suk speaks out for future of YG Entertainment: G-Dragon, 2NE1, marriage, etc.

This year is gonna be filled with YG Family!

Big Bang and the newest addition, 2NE1 up on the YG Family site. Also in this update, he revealed his plans of marriage to Lee EunJoo of Swi.T and Moo Ga Dang.

A new version of G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” will feature the rap of Flo Rida. This new track will be released sometime in March as an addition to G-Dragon’s concert live album. Money made from this track will be donated to charity.

G-Dragon’s concert, “Shine a Light” will be released in two versions: unedited and 19 and under version.

Aritsts such as Se7en, Taeyang, Gummy, and 2NE1 will be releasing their albums for the first half of the year. In the second half, YG artists that will be active or continue to be active are Big Bang as a group, 2NE1, and the solo activities of TOP, Daesung, and Seungri.

YG Entertainment recruited five more producers and Perry, one of YG Entertainment’s main producers, has returned from the states.

In the final update, Yang HyunSuk revealed that he will be marrying Lee EunJoo (from Moogadang/Swi.T). The two have been dating for nine years.

He titled this heading as “A Last Personal Confession”

►►Big Bang’s Taeyang to open for Brian McKnight’s upcoming concert

Note: Brian McKnight is a famous American R&B artist who can play 9 instruments…he’s pretty well respected so this is good news for Taeyang 🙂

Big Bang’s Taeyang will be the opening act at Brian McKnight’s concert in Korea.

Taeyang will be the opening act at Brian McKnight’s concert, ‘McKnight at Night,’ which has been 8 years since his last visit, on April 1st at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Sport Stadium.

McKnight, who wanted information of an artist for an opening, readily agreed to have Taeyang as soon as he saw Taeyang’s performance video. Taeyang, who is valued as a best black music style singer in Korea, is an artist who performs the most trendy R&B style music.

Brian McKnight will perform with his two sons, Brian Kelly McKnight Jr. (21), and Nicolas McKnight (18), who has been performing since 2007.

Translated by: jeska @VIP Translators  + shared by BBVIP

►►[PICs] Taeyang meets..little Taeyang + Young G-Dragon with After School’s Kahi!

Remember Sean’s son Harang who was dubbed as “little Taeyang”? Well now the boy gets to meet the real Taeyang!

Taeyang’s photos with Sean’s kids while filming Big Show 2010 backstage footage with 3-D cameras:


►►G-Dragon discloses his relationship with Taeyang, “We were friends from the beginning”

Korean Dream Team ^^

G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong) came to act as the younger Jinusean along with Taeyang in Jinusean’s “A-Yo” MV. The two who were both thirteen and thus similar in age quickly became friends.

“When I first saw Youngbae I knew he wasn’t a person I should just glance over. It was more ‘Oh! Who is this?’ We were friends from the beginning. Maybe it’s because our personalities are completely opposite, but we’ve never fought once. When I was young I was introverted but in my teenage years I became more confident, while Youngbae was more lively when he was young but is now quiet and genuine. When Youngbae was young he really was very lively so he ruthlessly asked Yang Hyun Suk manager ‘I want to be in YG’, and the manager jokingly said ‘Okay, come here yourself.'”

Taeyang came to the YG Entertainment office one month later and went to the manager’s office and said, “It’s been a month but I never got a call.” Yang Hyun Suk liked this boldness so he took in Taeyang as a trainee. G-Dragon’s hard trainee days were made easier with a friend. The two friends who were the same age didn’t become rivals but became supportive friends.

It’s better to mop and scrub with two people rather than one. We had so much fun together and have lots of memories. When we’re alone together nowadays we always talk about the past and cry and laugh, and it feels great.”


►►[PICs] 100125- YG Family @ a staff’s wedding

A fan stalker took some pictures with YG Family (Goo Hye Sun, 2NE1’s Minzy and Dara, Big Bang’s Taeyang, Se7en, + more maybe?) attending a staff’s wedding (?) recently through these two entries:

2010.01.25 19:25

구혜선 쩐다 존나 말랏고 얼굴도 작고 이뽕
2010.01.25 19:16



►►[Interview] G-Dragon told K-Boom, “There are no rivalry between Taeyang and I”

Although this K-Boom interview (Vol. 52, January 2010) was especially for Taeyang, I cut out the part where he talked about his friendship with G-Dragon.

The rest of the interview is under cut 😉

At the almost-very-end, Taeyang expressed “I feel sorry wherever I am”…I feel so sad for the poor boy 😦

Friendship with G-Dragon

G-Dragon made his first solo TV appearance on Inkigayo and it was the same show where Sol made his comeback TV appearance. On the show that aired on October 25, the two performed not as members of Big Bang but as two individual solo artists. Sol says he hadn’t planned any promotional activities prior to the release of “Where U At”. However, he agreed to make a special appearance as a way of showing his appreciation of the passionate support from the fans. In short, it was his first and last “Where U At” stage performance.

During the interview that occurred immediately following the taping of the show, Sol said, “I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Performing this song, I put my all into the performance. I made a few mistakes and overall it was satisfactory, including the stage setting.” G-Dragon, who watched Sol’s performance, said, “That was really awesome. I got so nervous for him because I knew how much effort he put into this performance” – the proof that shows how deep their friendship was. When asked if there is a sense of rivalry between them, G-Dragon said, “There isn’t because the styles we pursue are different. Both of us have distinct styles and concepts. This kind of opportunity actually allows us to share pleasant and positive influence with each other.”


►►Nylon Korea Magazine picks 5 Best Idol Voices

Did they pick the right people? For the MOST part, I think so 😉

Idol Voices

Today’s idols are perfect examples of what kind of music can be performed when one wholeheartedly embraces pop. If there is an idol in our nation that can pull off the neo-soul genre, who would it be? Who is the idol with the most suitable voice for pop music? Five columnists for the pop music scene picked the following.

Big Bang – Taeyang

Is it overkill to say that Taeyang has the brightest future out of all of today’s idols? I don’t think so. Taeyang, through the [HOT] EP, has displayed that ‘bright future’ on his own. More than anything, I hold the greatest expectation for him because of the image he’s held that he knows what he wants to do and he knows what he’s best at, and has continued to work under that knowledge. That he qualified (as an idol singer) should come as no big surprise.

‘Only Look At Me (나만바라봐)’ and ‘Prayer (기도)’ both had a level that could only been attained by someone that knew his future. His vocals don’t stop at imitating black music. He has the vibrations and technique that note R&B or Soul and doesn’t overdo his voice and feelings while coating his music with a black tint. He doesn’t just ‘sing.’ I think he can joke about himself as a ‘semi-R&B vocalist.’


►►[VID] Baek Sung Hee talks about “Wedding Dress” kiss with Taeyang~ subbed

Baek Sung Hee who is the female lead in Taeyang’s most recent music video “Wedding Dress” talked about her kissing experience with Taeyang on the set of KBS Star Golden Bell.

She revealed that Taeyang was shy and embarrased about it and that it took them about 4 or 5 times to get the right shot. What a lucky girl!

Cr: ibigbang@wp

►►[VID] SNSD’s SoYoung, “I want to have a duet with Taeyang”

During one of her radio appearances, SNSD’s SoYoung spoke up about how she wanted a duet performance with Big Bang’s Taeyang. Another fan girl added to the list! haha (but who’s taller? hmm…)

Cr: alwaystaeyang@YT

►►Netizens call Sean’s son HaRang is a TaeYang look-alike

haha I can definitely spot the similarities 😉

Celebrity couple Sean and Jung HyeYeong’s son HaRang has been the topic amongst netizens for being the lookalike to Big Bang TaeYang.

Sean recently posted up new photos of Harang on his minihompy. Sean would often post photos of his family up on his minihompy.

Netizens have been much interested in Harang’s photos as he is said to be lookalike to TaeYang. They had looked alike in terms of hairstyle and their hiphop style. You can even say that Harang is like the ‘little TaeYang’. Sean and TaeYang are both from YG Entertainment and they have been known to have close relationships amongst themselves.

Netizens’ comments were, “It’s like looking at TaeYang”, “Harang is looking more and more like TaeYang” etc.


►►[VIDs] Taeyang & Thelma Aoyama’s “Fall In Love” PV + f(x) & MIC’s “Lollipop” CF

Thelma Aoyama ft. Big Bang TaeYang – Fall In Love PV

Cr: mariacherrieylp4rt3@YT


Cr: emilyang@YT

►►Which idols’ eye-smile will melt away the ultimate cold?

When you first meet another, the person’s eyes are usually the first thing you look at. Eyes therefore play a big part in creating the first impression of oneself. And the eyesmiles are ones which make these eyes more beautiful and lovelier. We gathered 4 idols whose eyesmiles make our heart flutter the most. They’re SNSD’s Tiffany, F(x)’s Sulli, Big Bang’s TaeYang and 2PM’s Nickhun.

Of course, the original eyesmile queen is Lee Hyori. Following her steps, is SNSD’s Tiffany. Tiffany does not only smile alot on the stage but in her everyday life as well. Her eyesmile makes every men’s heart flutter, and last year, she was also voted as the idol who matches spring best.

And we can’t forget F(x)’s Sulli‘s eyesmiles. Sulli pleases us all with her cute and refreshing image and dance steps on the stage, showing us her endless eyesmiles. When she smiles, one of her eyes closes more so viewers commented with aegyo that she keeps winking. Her cute eyesmiles is definitely a point that makes her lovlier.

Not only are the female idols capable of providing us with these warmth of eyesmiles. When it comes to eyesmiles, we can leave out Big Bang’s TaeYang and 2PM’s Nickhun.

Tae Yang‘s who is always overflowing with charisma on the stage, shows us a different charm of his during talk shows or interview by giving us his eyesmiles. Tae Yang with his eyesmiles is always cute and lovable. His charisma on the stage and eyesmiles off the stage, shows Tae Yang’s double charm.

The handsomeboy Nickhun likewise makes his female fans marvel over his eyesmiles. His fair face with big eyes, gentlemanly manners, on top of these his endless eyesmiles in between his talks, causes many of his females fans to say “I won’t be able to sleep because of those smiles”. Nickhun’s to emit his charms on the screen as well. We’re anticipating his eyesmiles that will capture the movie fan’s attraction.

Shared& translated by: blackcider @aff(x)tion forums

►►[MP3/DL] Taeyang & Thelma Aoyama’s “Fall in Love” + Seeya, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman”

Two of the hottest releases today (although I heard Taeyang’s song was leaked..)


DOWNLOAD HERE: Sendspace + Megaupload

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►►Caught on Cam: BB’s Taeyang is in the club with 2NE1’s CL

and it amazes me how even CL looks taller than Taeyang ㅋㅋㅋ

Cr: 엄중섭 / The2ne1hour / bigbangloverr @ soompi

►►Taeyang reveals secrets about Big Bang and Daesung on “Strong Heart”

Click HERE to see the subbed vid for Daesung’s and Taeyang’s cuts on “Strong Heart” January 5th episode.

TaeYang reveals that, “There was once when Yang HyunSeok likened us to a tree. TaeYang and DaeSung are trees which receive great rainfall and have deep roots, growing well.”

According to TaeYang, Yang HyunSeok also liken GDragon to a rich and beautiful tree which requires trimming once in a while and TOP is a tree which is handsome even though the appearance maybe a little weird.

And regarding youngest SeungRi, Yang HyunSeok was quoted saying, “You have many twigs. The gardener has always to wait by your side. If the gardener do not watch and wait continuously, he won’t know which way the twigs will grow.”


TaeYang reveals his first impression of DaeSung.

There has always been talks about how DaeSung is about the capabilities rather than the looks in the group.

He said, “When I first saw DaeSung, I thought he was really musically capable. I thought of him as a friend who see music as an end, and that he was a music genius.”

Cr: newsen + sookyeong

►►[VID] Big Bang’s Taeyang releases “Fall in Love” PV teaser

Taeyang is featured in Japanese singer Thelma Aoyama’s PV called “Fall In Love” and so far it’s so good (well…more like the chorus) but check it out!

Cr: gackt0908@YT

►►[VID] Big Bang Taeyang and Daesung’s cut on Strong Heart~ subbed

Daesung is After School’s biggest fan? LOL!

►►[VID] Taeyang vs. Eunhyuk dance battle @ Strong Heart!

I’m gonna leave it up to you to decide who’s the winner lol

►►Taeyang VS Eunhyuk’s Dance Battle in Strong Heart is a hot topic

can’t wait for this cut to come out! lol these two are really really really good!

Bigbang’s Taeyang and Daesung will be attending the special new year episode of SBS Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart), which will be broadcasted on the 5th. Bigbang had a special conversation and their pop dance had been a hot topic.

Taeyang, who had not been appearing in variety shows, had prepared a special kind of dance which is not usually seen in shows. His performance was shocking and had surprised everybody.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk challenged Taeyang and both of them did not back down, resulting in the dance battle to be very intense and caused the studio to be burning hot.

Among South Korea’s top dancers, two idol singers had an intense and fiery match which will be broadcasted at 11:15PM on the 5th, through the special new year episode of Strong Heart.

(Only SJ parts are included)

Source: 宝蓝殿堂 // SUJUDIAN.CN
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET

►►SBS Gayo Daejun 2009: All Performances & Special Stages are up!

I’m slowly finding HD vids to update ^^;

OMG ksdjfkadsjfkds brb watching >.<

MC Intro – Heechul, Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa

MBLAQ + BEAST + SuperJunior + 2PM – Beat It (MJ)