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Daesung gets no love from female idols who chose him as their ideal type

During the recording of upcoming SBS pilot reality program Haha Mong ShowBig Bang’s Daesung admonished the female idols who had selected him as their ideal type.

At one point or another, members of the top girl groups such as After School’s UEE,Kara’s Kang Jiyoung and T-ara’s Hyomin confessed that Daesung was their ideal type of guy.

However, Daesung made a depressing revelation about the truth behind the cameras.

He said, “The girls who chose me as their ideal type were all talk; they don’t approach me at all. Even when I meet them at broadcasting stations and greet them enthusiastically, they just walk past me.”

Daesung added, “I think that they picked me as their ideal type because, after looking at my face, I was a safe choice,” sending those on set into laughter.

It makes you wonder if SNSD’s Sooyoung, who recently admitted that she wanted to get closer with Daesung, will follow the same route.

The episode will air on the 17th.

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►►After School to gain a new member but UEE is leaving?

Rumors are rumors…let us wait till further notice. But UEE is like the ‘face’ of the group (like it or not) so I don’t think she’ll be leaving anytime soon :/

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After School members Raina, UEE, Jooyeon and Nana performed Fin.Kl’s hit song “To My Boyfriend” at their fanclub’s fanmeeting. However, instead of keeping the traditional 4 member performance, a mysterious masked girl was added into the performance. Korean and International Playgirlz speculate that she’s either a new member or Pledis Entertainment’s rumored female ballad trainee. But with pictures from a recent After School photoshoot being revealed – without UEE – and her recent move out of the After School dorm, many more rumors have arisen about her departure from the group.

A rep said, “To fully prepare for the [drama] role, she will be making a few adjustments to her life. So for the time being, she will be apart from the other After School members.” It has yet to be decided whether or not UEE will join After School for their next comeback.

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►►Top 10 Korean celebs who possessed the best bodies

YOO JAE SUK MADE THE FREAKIN LIST?! lol that man is a beast..

On the latest episode of MBC Section TV, a top ten list was featured revealing the ten idols that possessed the most ideal bodies. As many would expect, OneDay (2AM & 2PM) was featured on this list, placing at fifth.

Their trainer explained, “Even through their busy schedule, they train and exercise really hard.”  The trainer also revealed an interesting information about Taecyeon, saying, “To be honest, 2PM’s Taecyeon used to have a not-so-good-looking body, but because he was born with the strength of an athlete, he was able to become beast-Taecyeon.” He also added, “The real beast is 2AM. They really have better bodies.”

Check out the full list here:

10th – Jo Hae Ryun
9th – UEE & Kahi
8th – Kim Yuna
7th – Yoo Jae Suk

►►After School’s UEE was strict towards new members Raina and Nana?

After School’s leader Kahi revealed that UEE isn’t just a dirty girl but also a strict one.

Kahi revealed, “I’m the leader but it seems like UEE is the scary one,” on Strong Heart, a statement that took many people by surprise. When you look at UEE, you don’t wouldn’t imagine a scary individual who would whip your ass.

Kahi said, “Not long ago, we got new members. One day, UEE was watching them practice and she called them out to a different room. I don’t know what happened but the next day, the two new members seemed self-conscious.”

The dance team was present during the talk between UEE, Raina and Nana, so Kahi eventually heard about the story. The idol continued on to explain what really went down Strong Heart. After hearing the full story the other guests on the show said, “Wow, UEE is nothing like I expected.”

To find out about what really happened between UEE, Raina and Nana, stay tuned for the episode which airs on February 9th.

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►►MBLAQ’s Joon called ‘ideal guy’ Rain for After School’s UEE

Will UEE finally gets to talk to her ideal guy through Joon? ^^

Source: Newsen
Translated by whatthecheryl @ absolutemblaq


►►After School’s UEE has no time to be clean?

At least a lot of us busy-bees can relate to her, I’m sure 😉

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Members of After School revealed a secret about UEE on a recent episode of Star Golden Bell.

Jungah said, “UEE has such a busy schedule. When she comes home, she doesn’t even take off her clothes. She goes straight to bed.”

Bekah added, “These days, she’s trying to be more clean. When she goes to the bathroom to wash herself she shouts to me, ‘Unnie, I’m going to wash myself!’ She says it as if she’s advertising it. I support UEE for that.”

This episode airs on the 23rd.

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►►After School UEE’s evil image in “You’re Beautiful” made her sad?

I remember cursing at her while watching “You’re Beautiful” too but of course I know it’s just a drama so people should let it go when they’re finished 😦

On today’s episode of ‘Happy Together Season 3,’ After School’s ‘honey-thighs’ Uee revealed that portraying a villainous character in her previous drama (You’re Beautiful) was hard for her. Why, you ask? Because of the role, a few people began to believe that she was much like her character in reality.

Uee stated, “In the last drama I filmed, I had the role of a villain. However, because of the role I had, people began to question if it wasn’t my true nature. I was misunderstood.” She added, “The staff that I worked and filmed with knew about this rumor and how I was misunderstood but most people still believe that I’m a bad person. Because of this rumor, I felt a bit depressed.”

Aww poor girl. To be honest, I was never really a huge fan of Uee nor did I think highly of her before. But after having seen her more on variety shows, I was shocked by her bubbly personality! I guess it comes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

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