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►►’Pasta’ Lee Sun Kyun and Gong Hyo Jin win Best Couple!

Lee Sun Kyun and Gong Hyo Jin, both starred in drama ‘Pasta‘, have won Best Couple at the 2010 MBC Drama Awards despite tough competitions.


►►Kim Hyun Joong and Han Hyo Joo grab Popularity Awards

Kim Hyun Joong and Han Hyo Joo have been awarded the male and female popularity award at 2010 MBC Acting Awards Ceremony.


►►SNSD’s big wish for 2011?

There is nobody that dares to block the way of ‘national girl group’ SNSD. Following the previous year, SNSD has once again taken ‘This Year’s Star Daesang’. They also took ‘This Year’s Artist Award’. But for 2011, what is the girls’ biggest wish?

►►U-KISS pick their ideal girls

At least the U-KISS guys have some good tastes haha

Coming back with ‘Bingeul Bingeul’, U-Kiss (Alexander, Kibum, Dongho, Soohyun, Eli, Kevin and Kiseop) reveal their ideal types on ‘U-Kiss’ Vampire’.

U-Kiss’ maknae Dongho, who has been getting a lot of love from nunas, chose between the top stars of Korea easily, showing his honest character, which is distinctive of a Type B.

But one choice that Dongho had a hard time making was ‘SNSD VS KARA’. Seeing Dongho’s worried expression when picking between these two groups, and even asking if he could pass, the members burst out laughing.

Although Dongho had stated Shin Se Kyung as his ideal type, he quickly picked Huang Jung Eum over her in less than 10 minutes, showing off the badboy (?) side of a Type B.

When he had to pick between Park Boyoung and IU, whom he often states as his ideal type, Dongho could not hide his difficulty as he made an unexpected decision.

So between IU and Park Bo Young, who was the one Dongho picked as his ideal type eventually? Dongho, who likes older girls, picked Shin Minah as his final ideal girl.

Dongho, who picked Shin Minah because of her remarkable fashion sense, left her a video message saying “let’s go for a meal together”. Together with Dongho, Kiseop and Alexander’s ideal types will be revealed via rounds of “Ideal type World Cup” on ‘U-Kiss’ Vampire’.

Although Kiseop had a range of choices such as Han Hyo Joo, Lee Min Jung, 2NE1’s Sandara Park, the devoted Type A eventually still picked Goo Hye Sun as his ideal type. Big fan (?) of Lee Hyori, Alexander picked Sandara Park over Lee Hyori, getting rebuked by his members.

Cr: Arts News + ukissme.SG (Translations)

►►[PICs] 2AM and Han Hyo Joo for Jambangee

Just..stunning! The 2AM guys look 10000x as hot in their more casual style clothing and actress Han Hyo Joo is sooooo pretty >.<

A new photoset for 2AM and Han HyoJoo’s endorsement for clothing line Jambaengee has been revealed.
In the photoset, 2AM members and Han HyoJoo are seen in 2 styles – one is the causal style and the other is the black sexy style.


►►Fashion Watch: Kim Hyun Joong, Chun Jung Myung, Han Hyo Joo, Lee Yeon Hee + more!

Unlike the usual fashion watches, this one features especially actors and actresses! Seems like when they’re done with their acting projects, these actors/actresses press more towards being models 🙂

-Kim Hyun Joong for I Am David

-Chun Jung Myung for Vogue (Feb. 2010)

-Han Hyo Joo for NX10 Camera

-Choi Kang Hee for Nylon (Feb. 2010)

-Lee Yeon Hee for Nylon ((Feb. 2010)

-A variety of actresses for Allure (Feb. 2010)


►►The cast of Dong Yi (Han Hyo Joo, Bae Soo Bin, Ji Jin Hee) gets into character

This. looks. really. really. GOOD! My goodness I love all 3 main casts (except the other lady cause I don’t know her..) @_@

Here’s our first look at the cast of MBC’s historical series Dong Yi dressed in costume. The drama features Ji Jin-hee as King Suk-jong and Han Hyo-joo as the water maid Dong-yi who turns concubine, then mother to a future king. Lee So-yeon follows her vengeful Angel’s Temptation role as Lady Jang, a higher-ranking concubine that’s described as a villain role. Bae Soo-bin is Dong-yi’s caring protector (O, will he never get the girl?).

Han Hyo-joo shared her feelings on donning the clothes for the first time: “Wearing the costume makes it feel real, as though the outline has been revealed. Even when I’d seen the synopsis and script, I didn’t picture things clearly, but after seeing how it looks I can imagine it better.” Because she takes the title role, Han will be bearing much of the burden of the drama; she said, “The director told me that he’d watched all of my projects, and deliberated about what would suit me best, from head to toe. I think we’ll be fine if I can do a good job.”

She also called the drama a “sageuk CSI,” since there are scenes that involve Dong-yi investigating matters. (This is a description I haven’t heard before, and one I didn’t expect of this drama. I presume there are court mysteries at hand.)


►►Actress Han Hyo Joo’s Australian trip photos

My goodness~~ isn’t she a pretty one >.<

Han Hyo-joo recently took a working vacation to Sydney, Australia, and has released photos of her four-day trip. Han is currently an endorser of Samsung digital cameras and headed to Australia in early January to shoot a CF for one of their new cameras. The opportunity also afforded her some time to get away following her last drama role (in the hit series Brilliant Legacy) before her new one begins (historical epic Dong Yi).

Han Hyo-joo’s new CF for Samsung’s NX10 camera will be released on February 6. Meanwhile, Dong Yi — which stars Ji Jin-hee, Lee So-yeon, and Bae Soo-bin — will premiere on MBC in March.



►►[PICs] 2AM and Han Hyo Joo for Jambangee

My favorite actress with 2AM?! awesomeeee♥♥♥


►►Bae Soo Bin joins Han Hyo Joo in the cast of drama “Dong Yi”

They’re together again! OMG I love him in “Shining Inheritance” >.<

Actor Bae Soo-bin has decided to join the cast of a historial drama by famed producer Lee Byueong-hoon of hit TV series “Dae Jang Geum” and “Yi San“, according to Bae’s agency BH Entertainment on Tuesday.

BH explained that Bae, 33, will play the role of a swordsman who dedicates his life to protecting his love Dong Yi, played by actress Han Hyo-joo, in the TV series also tentatively titled “Dong Yi” in English.

The drama will be about the life of Dong Yi who grows up to become Choi Suk-bin, a consort of King Sukjong and the mother of King Youngjo during the Joseon Dynasty. Hallyu star Ji Jin-hee has been tapped to play the role of King Sukjong.

This will be Bae’s second time working with Han — they became two of the most sought-after actors and actresses in the entertainment industry for their role in drama “Shining Inheritance” earlier last year which ended its run with a 41.7 percent rating.

Bae’s most recent drama “Temptation of an Angel” which ended in December also saw a successful run, with its ratings surpassing the 20 percent mark.

He will soon undergo training in swordsmanship for the drama set to go into shoot starting later this month.

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Source(Translation): Hancinema

►►SBS Drama Awards: Winners list + photos revealed!

yayayyayayayay Han Hyo Joo & Lee Seung Gi won Best Couple!!

I am still updating this list!

Daesang (Grand Prize): Jang Seo Hee (Temptation Of Wife)


►►[PICs] Han Hyo Joo @ Samsung VLUU Fan Signing Event

Han Hyo Joo looks amazing in her new, long, jet black hairstyle! 😀

Catch the CF she did earlier for Samsung HERE.


►►SBS Drama Awards 2009: Full Nominees list revealed!

Winners have been revealed HERE!
Who will YOU be voting for? 😉
Click HERE for a tutorial of how to vote.

~Special Project~

Yoon Jung-Hee (Glory Of Family)

Park Shi-Hoo (Glory Of Family)

Kim Sung-Min (Glory Of Family)

Han Hyo-Joo (Brilliant Legacy)

Lee Seung-Gi (Brilliant Legacy)

Moon Chae-Won (Brilliant Legacy)

Bae Soo-Bin (Brilliant Legacy)

Lee Min-Jung (Smile, You)

Jung Kyung-Ho (Smile, You)


►►Top artist/actor search of 2009 on Nate and Naver

For those who don’t know, Nate and Naver are virtually the two biggest search portals in Korea. So making this chart would mean a lot 😉

Above (Top artist search: [1]2NE1 [2]2PM [3]SNSD [4]After School [5]Kara [6]f(x) [7]Brown Eyed Girls [8]G-Dragon [9]Lee Seung Ki [10]4Minute) (Top actor search: [1]Lee Minho [2]Koo Hye Sun [3]Han Hyo Joo [4]Han Yeh Sul [5]Park Bo Young [6]Lee Jun Ki [7]Kim Bum [8]Yoon Eun Hye [9]Shin Sae Kyung [10]Jang Geun Suk)

Usually, being the most searched celebrity on a search engine shows the fame that a certain person has. Well 2009 wasn’t any different for these headline hoggers.

The most searched artists on Korean search engine and media portal in 2009 was the new girl group 2NE1. They debuted with their single “Fire” in May of this year. So in over half a year, they became the most searched artists on Nate. What a big achievement considering the fact that 2PM and SNSD came in second and third respectively.


►►[VIDs] “Heaven Postman” the movie~ subbed!

The whole movie/ telecinema project featuring DBSK’s JaeJoong & actress Han Hyo Joo has been upped and subbed!
Many thanks to DBSKnightsBlog5 @YT for the subs! GO HERE to download also.


►►Moon Geun Young & Jang Geun Suk to host SBS “Drama Awards”

Moon Geun Young + Jang Geun Suk couple used to be popular on [some drama i forgot] so it’s cool they’re together again 😉

It had been previously reported that You’re Beautiful’s Jang Geun Suk was to MC the 2009 SBS Drama Awards, but it has just been announced that his co-MC will be actress Moong Geun Young.  Last year, Geun Young was the youngest actor/actress to win the SBS Drama Awards Daesang Award (Grand Prize) for her role in the Painter of the Wind at the age of 21.  Both Geun Suk and Geun Young are 22, making them the youngest MCs to ever host the event.  The Drama Awards will be held on December 31st.

Not all finalists for all the categories have been released yet. Geun Suk is nominated for Best Couple with Park Shin Hye for their role in You’re Beautiful, but they’re up against stiff competition.  The other finalists in the best couple category are: Ryu Shi Won & Kim Hye Soo from Style, Lee Seung Gi & Han Hyo Joo from Brilliant Legacy, Yoo Ji Tae & Choi Ji Woo from Star’s Lovers, Jung Gyu Woon & Lee Soo Kyung from Loving You a Thousand Times, So Ji Sub & Han Ji Min from Cain and Abel, Cha Seung Won & Kim Sun Ah from City Hall, Ji Sung and Sung Yuri from Swallow the Sun, Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Min Jung from Smile, You, and Choi Joon Yong & Oh Young Shil from Temptation of Wife.  Those of you that can navigate the site can actually vote once in each category.

You’re Beautiful fans might have something else to look forward to at the awards. I’m not 100% sure, but I think that Jung Yong Hwa is up for the Best Newcomer Award. (yessssssssss!)

Cr: + seoulbeats

►►2009 SBS Drama Awards “Best Couple”: List of Nominees revealed!

The winners have been revealed HERE!

Voting instructions also included 😉

The 2009 SBS Drama Awards will be airing on December 31, 2009 at 9:55PM KRT, or 4:55AM PST. On this eventful night, one couple will take home the award for “Best Couple.” Which SBS Drama couples have been nominated?

The hosts for the awards show will be Jang GeunSuk, Moon GeunYoung and Park SunYoung. Fans can submit one vote for the “Best Couple” award by going to SBS‘ site. Voters must have a SBS account.

And the nominations are…


NO BOYS OVER FLOWERS COUPLE?!!!! are you kidding me? =.=;

Submit your vote! Who do you think will take home the award?

How to make a SBS account:
1) Go to
2) To sign up, click the box on the last row.
3) Before registration, you have to agree on the Terms of Service by clicking Agree under both boxes. (English & Korean). Then click on “Foreigner in overseas” to proceed.
4) Fill out the Sign Up page [in English].
Confirmation Process
In order to enroll you, we must verify your personal information.
[Select one you would like to use]
* Upload an image (gif, jpg file) of your ID card. [Browse]
* Send a copy of ID card through FAX.
Fax : 82-2-2640-3002

Cr: kdramafanusa @ soompi forums

►►[PICs] Han Hyo Joo’s Photoshoot for Ceci (Jan. 2010)

She’s such a colorful fashionista with that oober short hairdo! I love Han Hyo Joo ♥


►►JaeJoong & Han Hyo Joo’s “Heaven’s Postman” to become a Manga

“Telecinema7”, which stars TVXQ’s Hero Jaejoong, 2 Big Bang members TOP and Seungri, as well as Korea’s top stars like Kim Ha Neul, Ahn Jae Wook, Cha In Pyo and Han Hyo Joo, will meet everyone in the form of a manga.

Kenaz expressed that from the very beginning, “Telecinema7” garnered a lot of interest because it had a famous Japanese scriptwriter, one of the best Korean directors and the participation of famous Hallyu stars. As such, the manga will be published through SKT Manga site.

“Telecinema7” began airing in Korea since November and they aim to publish the manga early next year, at the same time that it airs on Japanese TV.

Kenaz’s representative said that they “plan to turn ‘Telecinema7’ into a manga and anime, and the artist will earn substantial income from the royalties alone, what more with the goods that comes along with it”.

SKT Manga site Toondosi, the exclusive distributor for the manga, will hold an exclusive, free broadcast of “Telecinema7” on 30 December. Invitations to the exclusive event are currently in progress.

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►►SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yong Hwa to go hunting for boars!

LOL! two nice guys go hunting for wild pigs XD But in the dramas (Boys Over Flowers & You’re Beautiful), these guys appear to be very talented so hopefully they’ll show us something amazing from this hunt! 😀

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and newcomer talent Jung YoungHwa have been chosen as the new MCs for MBC ‘Sunday Night’.

Kim PD said during a press conference on 23rd November, “Kim HyunJoong and Jung YoungHwa will be for the new corner on ‘Sunday Night’ called ‘Korea Ecosystem Rescue Centre, Hunters’ to be aired on 6th December.”

This will be a corner where celebrity MCs will go out to capture wild boars. The PD added, “Even right now, the MCs are working hard with the qualified professionals capturing the wilde boars in KyeongSan IlRyeong. Every week, the 7 MCs will get training for about 2D1N and go out to hunt for the wild boars. This week it will be IlRyeong, and next week it will be in AhnDong.”

The PD added, “There are about 170 thousand wild boars in our country, the population has increased 4x than before. If the government do not do something to control the population, it can pose as harm to the ecosystem in our country. We want to bring awareness about the ecosystem in our country and also bring down the population of wild boars through this show. The captured wild boars will either be given to nursing homes or given to the less fortunate to be eaten.”

The other MCs on the show are Hwang JungEum, Jung GaEun, Han JiMin and Han Hyo Joo etc.

Cr: sookyeong

►►Yahoo! Buzz Awards 2009: Full list of nominees + Voting instructions!

Yahoo! Korea Asia Buzz Awards has been opened to the public!
One IP address could only vote 10 times per day. Voting ends on the 4th of December.


Male Category

  • SS501
  • DBSK
  • Big Bang
  • SHINee
  • 2PM
  • Super Junior
  • Lee Junki
  • Lee Seung Gi
  • Lee Byung Hun
  • Jang Dong Gun
  • Jo In Sung
  • Ha Jung Woo
  • Hyun Bin
  • Kang Ho Dong
  • Kwon Sang Woo
  • Kim Nam Gil
  • Kim Myung Min
  • Kim Bum
  • Kim Joon
  • Lee Min Ho
  • Kim Hyun Joong
  • Bae Yong Joon
  • Bi Rain
  • Ryu Shi Won
  • Song Seung Hun
  • Won Bin
  • Yoo Seung Ho
  • Yoo Jae Suk
  • Yoon Sang Hyun
  • So Ji Seob


►►Tickets to Jaejoong’s telecinema “Heaven’s Postman” sold out within 5 minutes

Well he didn’t beat SNSD’s first concert tickets, which sold out in 3 minutes…but this is pretty good overall haha

According to the movie production company, the moment JaeJoong was confirmed to make an appearance on the November 22nd screening, all tickets at all cinemas for “Heaven’s Postman” were sold within 5 minutes.

Although “Heaven’s Postman” had reached its second stage of broadcasting schedule, there were still much support from the viewers and the number of audiences was still high.

“Heaven’s Postman” is the debut movie of Hero JaeJoong. With such good ratings and excellent ticket sales, he had once again proven his popularity and charm.

Source: RockJJ
Translation: sshutingg @

►►DBSK Jaejoong’s telecinema beats Big Bang TOP’s on the big screen

DBSK member, Hero Jaejoong’s movie has won Big Bang’s member, TOP’s movie by an obvious difference.

On the 16th, the total number of tickets sold for each movie through the cinemas show that the movie which had went on-screen from the 11th, <Heaven’s Postman> that stars Hero Jaejoong and Han Hyo Joo, is placed 6th with a total number of 34158 viewers. The total number of viewers from the 11th to 15th was 70495.

For TOP, who starred in the movie <19-Nineteen> also went on-screen from the 11th, had a total number of viewers from 13563, giving it the 7th place. The total number of viewers from the 11th to 15th is 26687.

-omitted unrelated parts-

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►►[PICs] Hero Jaejoon & Han Hyo Joo @ “Heaven’s Postman” press conference

Jaejoong, in the midst of the lawsuit against SME, has gone to a press conference on November 9th with actress Han Hyo Joo, his co-star for the upcoming telecinema “Heaven’s Postman”. This movie-drama project will be aired on November 12th.

-foreword by kpoprants@wp

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