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►►SNSD’s big wish for 2011?

There is nobody that dares to block the way of ‘national girl group’ SNSD. Following the previous year, SNSD has once again taken ‘This Year’s Star Daesang’. They also took ‘This Year’s Artist Award’. But for 2011, what is the girls’ biggest wish?

►►Top male idols who are more beautiful than women

Japanese netizens voted the top Korean male idols for the topic, “A Man More Beautiful than Woman”.

The reigning champion of the previous years was Lee Junki. Who is it now?

Collected vote numbers: 3379
Collected dates:
March 2nd ~15th, 2010.
*Vote collected at

Hero Jaejoong (TVXQ) 1327 (39.3%)


►►Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won are casted for international movie”Love for Sale”

Song Hye Kyo is certainly in for international projects this year, starting before with the confirmation of a Hongkong movie with other Chinese stars.

Several of South Korea’s top actors including actress Song Hye-kyo and actor Gang Dong-won have been cast in a multinational omnibus film by directors from Korea, Japan and Thailand, according to the film’s production company on Tuesday.

BAL CON announced in a statement that the film, tentatively titled “Busan Project,” will be composed of three episodes each set in the past, present and future of the city of Busan in Korea.

Based in Korea during the 1970s, the first segment, titled “Iron Pussy,” will be directed by Thailand’s Wisit Sasanatieng and star Korean actor Kim Min-jun and Thai-American actor Michael Shaowanasai. Shawananasai will play the role of a male secret agent from Thailand in disguise of a woman who later falls in love with an unidentifiable Korean man, played by Kim.

Korean actor Sul Kyung-gu and Japan’s Yositaka Yuriko will appear in the second segment set in modern day Korea. A film director and a young woman fall into a love that transcends time and space in the pic named “Kamome” by Japanese director Yukisada Isao.

The final episode, set in the near future, will be helmed by Korean director Jang Joon-hwan. In the film titled “Love for Sale,” Song and Gang will play lovers who forget their memories about each other which later leads them to a fatal destiny.

Filming for the episodes will take place for about a month starting mid-January starting with “Love for Sale.” Creators of the film plan to submit the pic to the Cannes film festival this year.


►►Goo Hye Sun, “I wish for the movie “Jun Woo Chi” to be a big hit!”

The actress/director approved of this film! lol

[TVeDaily=Song Sun Mi Reporter] A new Korean-style hero movie, Jun Woo Chi, opened a VIP premier movie night at the CGV in Seoul Whang Shil Lee on December 14 at 8 PM along with the main actors, Kang Dong Won and Im Soo Jung. One of the VIP guests, GHS, is waving her hand

Jun Woo Chi is an extremely high budget (100억대), grand scale Korean-style hero movie directed by Director Choi Dong Hoon who also made Tah Jja and Reconstruction of a Crime or more known as Big Swindle and stars top stars like Kang Dong Won, Kim Yoon Suk, Im Soo Jung, Yoo Hae Jin, Baek Yoon Sik,  and Uhm Jung Hwa.

Jun Woo Chi is character from a classic Korean literature of the old Korea (조선시대 = Cho Sun era). This new action movie is based on that classic literature; Jun Woo CHi, a mischievous young Buddhist teacher (edit: he is supposed to be a Taoist Wizard), who was falsely accused and imprisoned inside a painting scroll for 500 years is freed into the modern era to fight the ghosts of some sort.

Cr: Nate + translated by susAmerica@soompi