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►►Wonder Girls’ Sunmi finally enrolled

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After being gone for almost a year now, JYP Entertainment announces Sunmi’s official enrollment into the class of 2011 at Dongguk University.


►►[PICs + VIDs] JYP Nation Team Play Concert 2010

Your one-stop shop for EVERYTHING about the JYP NATION TEAM PLAY CONCERT held on December 24th, 2010!



►►JYPE has a $5.8 million dollars debt

Believe it or not, the ultra-popular JYPE which is filled with major stars like 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls, etc. is actually in serious debt!


►►Miss A’s Suzy looks like Wonder Girls’ SunYe?

Normally you wouldn’t think these two really look like each other right? But prepare to be amazed! A netizen recently collected some pictures of Suzy and SunYe to compare these two JYPE beauties.


►►2PM’s WooYoung dresses up as a girl for JYP Nation concert?

JYP Nation, consisting of JY Park, Lim Jeong-hee, Wonder Girls, Joo, 2PM, Miss A and rapper, San E, will be packing the stage for a Christmas Eve performance at Olympic Park.

Can you spot Wooyoung in this promotional photo?



►►[VID + PICs] JYP Nation releases “This Christmas” MV + BTS Photos

Who else would you want to spend This Christmas with if not with the big JYP Nation? All JYP artists: 2AM, 2PM, Wonder Girls, Miss A, and even Park Jin Young himself is all for one and one for all in this amazingly cute Christmas MV!

Be sure to check out the BTS photos below if you want more from this amazingly cute family 😀


►►[QUIZ] Who is your ideal Kpop idol?

In the November 2010 issue of Sparkling Magazine, a new line of Kpop magazine published in the Philippines, fans were given a quiz asking who would their ideal Kpop idol be? I must say that this was really aimed for fan girls…but you boys can also try it out 🙂


The rest of the scans are also undercut featuring artists such as 2AM, 2PM, After School, BEAST, 4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, Big Bang, and BoA!


►►Wonder Girls SunYe and Yenny got themselves a man!

But don’t worry fan boys, he’s only a stuffed man – designed to always smile, complaint-proof, cheater-proof…but he just can’t talk. On both of SunYe’s and Yenny’s Twitters, they posted:

“애인이랑 ㅋㅋㅋ” (Boyfriend kekeke)


►►Netizens put Big Bang’s Seungri on a list of FEMALE celebs with dark eye circles

Interesting…I came across a netizen’s article on FEMALE CELEBRITIES and their dark circles of humiliation…and at the end, Big Bang’s Seungri popped up. Pretty sure it was intentional but whatever, gave me a good surprise 😉

Other than that, it’s a pretty good list with numerous of pics of female K-celebs who, as the netizen say, either need a lot of sleep or has a bad liver. LOL.


►►Top 5 Kpop ladies who weigh less than 45kg (100 pounds)

You have seen them, you have heard of them, and you have thought that they were skinny. Who are the top 5 well-known ladies that we all know and love but just wish that they were a tad bit…less skeleton-like?

SNSD’s Jessica


►►Confused about all the May comebacks? Here’s a fan-friendly schedule!

Fans have been anticipating this month as early as the beginning of April due to the fierce competition between the artists that returned in April and those that’ll be making a splash this month. We’ve already got Rain, Lee Hyori, 2PM and more duking it out on the music charts, but it’s only getting hotter from here!

Wonder Girls – comeback single
* single 2 Different Tears scheduled to drop on May 16 (full album to drop in July)
– teaser photo & song title revealed on May 5

f(x) – comeback mini-album
* NU ABO album dropped on May 3
– Amber & Sulli’s teasers revealed on Apr 26
– Luna, Krystal & Victoria’s teasers revealed on Apr 27
– NU ABO MV teaser released on Apr 29
– mini-album tracklist revealed on Apr 30
– NU ABO track revealed on May 2
– promotional pictures released on May 6
– NU ABO MV released on May 5


►►Wonder Girls to reunite with JYP Family on Family Outing 2

Wonder Girls are returning to Korea to promote soon with their new upcoming album. While they’re back their own country, they’ll guest star on Family Outing 2!

Through this show, the girls will make their variety show comeback after a year and three months absence.
Their comeback is set for mid-May and on the 17th, the Girls will arrive in Korea from America. That’s just two days after their album release party, what a busy schedule!

As soon as they arrive, they’ll film the episode of Family Outing 2 until the 18th. Come on, let these girls sleep!

The Wonder Girls will be reuniting with 2PM’s Taecyeon and 2AM’s Jokwon which will create a family within a family.

One other highlight is that Kim Heechul, the newest member on the show, is known for having a crush on Wonder Girls’ Sohee so he’s probably thrilled about this news.

The episode will air in the beginning of June. On a different note, their album will be released on May 15th and their music video will be released in English, Chinese and Korea, just like the song.

This episode with Heechul and the Wonder Girls looks like being a must-watch!

Cr: allkpop

►►Singaporean remakes Wonder Girls’ hit “Tell Me”

How popular is K Pop around the world?

Entertainers from all over the world imitate the dance steps of k pop songs,parody some songs and now it seems that remaking k pop songs is also a trend now.

Singaporean singer Jocie Guo remade one of the most popular song of Wonder Girls,it is not “Nobody” but “”Tell Me“,please listen to her remake here,love it or not?



►►How did the Wonder Girls’ concert in Taiwan go?

WONDERGIRLS’s last public day in Taiwan was naturally set aside for the numerous fans who adored them! Since last night, many fans had started queuing, hoping to get a closer glimpse of WONDERFIRLS’s svelteness. For this fan gathering, WONDERGIRLS performed 3 songs including the classic ‘Nobody’ which was presented in its Chinese version.

Here comes the signature ‘Nobody’! WONDERGIRLS is in Taiwan for 4 days, with only one platform to showcase their golden vocals. The organizers even freighted in WONDERGIRLS’s exclusive ‘W’ microphones. Attired in golden tassel dresses, they were completely authentic in flavor when paraded for the Taiwan fans. WONDERGIRLS: “Hello everybody. We are the WONDERGIRLS.”

They proffered their hard-learned Chinese, which touched the Taiwan fans. The site’s 400-500 crowd was insufficient. The second & third floors were also packed with a human tide. Many others were shut out outside, watching through glass windows & reluctant to leave. The downstage fans were holding balloons, posters, someone even drew a giant ‘W’ on their face to welcome the idols.

Reporter: “How does it feel to be so close to WONDERGIRLS?”
WONDERGIRLS fan: “It’s not bad. They are prettier in person.”

The entire event lasted a short 50 minutes, causing many unsatisfied fans to holler for more. But WONDERGIRLS disclosed that they are launching their new multiple-language album in May, & will not rule out returning to Taiwan for promotions. The fans are asked to wait & see.

Cr : qoxie @ soompi (source)

►►JYP forgot to mention 2AM as one of his successes; makes Jokwon cry

2AM’s Jo Kwon confessed of a moment where he felt upset with his agency’s president, Park Jinyoung.

On the 22nd of April, KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3’ revealed an episode where Jo Kwon revealed that he felt upset because “Park Jinyoung never mentioned 2AM in his awards speech.”

Jo Kwon stated, “When Park Jinyoung won the award as a producer, the rest of the members and I were watching intently with our ears pointed towards the screen. However, he ended his speech with a note of thanks to the Wonder Girls and 2PM for helping him.”

He went on to state, “I was so upset that he never mentioned 2AM that I just went into my room and cried.”

Regarding this, Song Hobum also revealed a moment where he felt upset with his agency president, Park Jinyoung. Song Hobum stated, “Rain and Kim Taewoo said that they were going for an evaluation so I thought that my turn would be up soon. However, it wasn’t. I found out later that those two got a preferential favor.”


►►New group Lotte Girls to compete with SNSD and Wonder Girls

…well, at least in China they will.

A new five member girl group sponsored and managed by “Lotte Group” called “Lotte Girls” are set to debut.

According to Lotte, Last year they held public auditions for two korean members and the they chose Choe Su Jeong and Gim Ye Seul and 3 Chinese members which are Go Keom Jo, Yang A, and Wang Jeong Hui and looks like these girls are set to debut in China.

Lotte Group held a about six regional auditions last September 2009 in China and had over 3,000 candidates who auditioned and only three were chosen and two were chosen in korea through a single qualification audition and thus forming a five member girl group.

This girl group is intended to raise the brand awareness in the local market especially in China but there are also plans for korean activities.

They will appear on CCTV this may and will be introduced throughout China and they will be exposed to various broadcast programs as well as in the second Shanghai Expo this coming august where they are planned to appear on stage.

Lotte girls have heavy expectations and will be competing against SNSD and Wonder Girls who are branching out to the Chinese market.

Cr : Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews ( SOURCE )

►►Is JYPE aware of Wonder Girls’ new ‘humilation’ in America?

A “Buy Rice, get free Wonder Girls album” was spotted by hawkeyed netizens for a promotional event at a Korean supermarket with locations in New York and New Jersey. Has JYP gone to new lows by promoting the girls this way?

An article in the Korean press is calling this the “Wonder Girls humilation in America”.

However, a representative of the supermarket stated they want the Wonder Girls to succeed in America by giving out the album that’s difficult to acquire there.

So the next time you dip your chopsticks in Kyonggi Rice, think Wondergirls.

Wonder Girls will be coming out with a new album in May 2010.

Cr: Popseoul

Wondergirls, as captured on paparazzi camera, for EXR summer photoshoot

The WonderGirls recently did a photoshoot in ApGuJung in April for a paparazzi concept photoshoot.

This is for EXR’s upcoming summer season photoshoot. In the photos revealed, the WonderGirls members were seen in the midst of their daily activities.

Go under the cut for more photos.


►►Taiwan warmly greets the Wonder Girls with a luxurious hotel room

On April 21st, the beautiful Wonder Girls arrived in Taipei, Taiwan to a throng of people eagerly waiting at the airport. As previously reported, the girls are in Taiwan until April 24th for special fan meetings and events where they’re both promoting and giving back by thanking the Taiwanese fans for making their Taiwan Special Edition Singles Album a top seller.

During their stay in Taiwan, the girls will be treated like royalty as they stay in a luxurious hotel. Taiwanese News CTi recently dedicated a segment showing off the hotel room.

Some highlights include a beautiful bathroom with a great view of Taipei and Taipei 101 (subcontracted by Samsung C&T), daily fresh supply of delicious snacks and fruits and a cost of 24,000 TWD (around $770 USD) per night. Quite the treatment, hopefully they’ll get the same treatment next week in America. The girls are scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles for the May 1st Korean Music Festival.

Cr : Allkpop

Wonder Girls in Taiwan for promotions

Having recently just completed a live chat session with their fans, the Wonder Girls have jetted overseas once more as they touched down at the Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei, Taiwan this afternoon.

The girls are in Taiwan to promote their Taiwan Special Edition album which had been released earlier this year and had contained Mandarin version of their trilogy hit songs like Tell Me, So Hot and Nobody.

The girls will begin their promotions tonight with a radio show. This will be followed by a press conference at the Grand Hyatt (where they are staying) and also record100% Entertainment and a MTV program on the 22nd. The girls will hold a fan meeting on the 23rd at the Living Mall before leaving Taiwan the following day.

They were greeted directly in the face by hordes of waiting reporters at the airport and briefly revealed in an interview that they were happy to be here in Taiwan but also nervous. They would be going around during their free time to taste Taiwan delicacies and their No.1 target would be pearl milk tea.

We hope they enjoy their 4D3N trip in Taiwan!

Cr : Allkpop

►►Wonder Girls to release a full-length American album in July

It was announced that next month Wonder Girls will be releasing a new mini album worldwide. While some fans were disappointed about the news that it was just going to be an EP, it looks like this will just be a taste for what’s coming.

It turns out that in addition to an EP in May, a totally new album will be released in July.

A JYPE representative said that the May mini album will have the English versions of ‘Nobody’, ‘So Hot’, and ‘Tell Me’, as well as 2 to 3 new songs.

It is already known that the title song of the mini album will be released in 3 different languages. Meanwhile, the album to be release in July will be a completely different English album.

In December it was revealed that Wonder Girls were working with producer musician, Dave Stewart. Their collaboration resulted in a song named ‘Always Without Me’ which was supposed to be included in the album set to be released in February. After the announcement that Wonder Girls would be releasing a mini album in May, many believed this song would be forgotten but we might actually hear the Wonder Girls singing it.

The JYPE representative also said, “The album that is going to be released in July may contain the song by Eurythmic’s member Dave Stewart.

It’s kind of interesting that a new English album will be released in July while Wonder Girls will be having their tour in June where they said they would be singing in Korean and English since they don’t have many English songs.

Seems like Wonder Girls are not giving up on their journey to conquer the American market.

Cr: wonderfulsworld

►►Bad-mouthed SNSD Tiffany from Cubed3 interview is a fake

Following the great amount of interests from Korean and international fans and netizens regarding some of the responses that So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany made during her interview with English gaming site Cubed3, the host site has taken down the interview content and announced that the interview came from an unknown and unauthentic source.

*Even though I don’t know much about the article, it seems like this fake SNSD’s Tiffany was talking trash about Wonder Girls and Wonderfuls so that’s why fans were mad…

The site wrote, “It has come to the attention of Cubed3 that an unknown source has willingly attempted to portray themselves as Tiffany from Girls’ Generation in order to gain attention. “

Cubed3 replaced the interview content put up previously and replaced with:

It has come to the attention of Cubed3 that an unknown source has willingly attempted to portray themselves as Tiffany from Girls’ Generation in order to gain attention.

The C3 team is currently working with SMTown/SM Entertainment to get to the bottom of this matter and hopefully an update will be forthcoming in the near future.

In the meantime, Cubed3 would like to extend its apologies to any fans that have been inconvenienced or misled by this article.

Thank you for your patience regarding this matter and please continue to enjoy the regular Nintendo-related news updates on the site.

– The Team at Cubed3

A case of anti-fan?

Cr: Sookyeong

►►Super Junior’s Sungmin is now ‘myblacksmile’ on Twitter!

Super Junior’s Sungmin has been confirmed by fellow Super Junior member Shindong that he indeed just make a Twitter account!

Shindong tweeted on April 19th:

Image and video hosting by  TinyPic

“Twitter friend !! —-> @myblacksmile It’s the third member from Super Junior, Sungmin, has started to tweet!! Many of you please follow him and let Sungmin know how interesting twitter is!! sungmin!!”

Here are Sungmin’s tweets so far:


►►Official line-up list for Dream Concert 2010 revealed

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We reported earlier about the tentative lineup for the upcoming Dream Concert 2010 and the finalized list has been announced recently.

Dream Concert is undoubtedly an event of epic proportions for kpop fans – with nearly twenty of Korea’s hottest artists performing on one stage in front of an audience that’s 40,000 members strong. For 2010, Dream Concert has been scheduled to take place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium next month on May 22nd, and will be taped for future broadcast by SBS.

20 performing artists have been confirmed on GMarket’s website and they are:

Super Junior
Lee Hyori