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►►SNSD’s YoonA transforms into a pretty boy on Family Outing

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SNSD’s Yoona made an attempt to dress up as a guy. She transformed into a boy in black suit in SBS’s Family Outing Season 2 (FO2).

The episode took place at Jun-nam Kwang-yang Sum-Jin Village, with a request to advertise the ‘Plum Festival’. ‘Mr. & Ms. Plum Contest’ was held, female members becoming Mr. Plum, while male members became Ms. Plum to show off their individual talents.

Yoona performed Shinhwa’s ‘Wild Eyes’ by transforming from a cute and pretty girl into a handsome boy. She reenacted the chair dance perfectly and made everyone laugh by saying that she was ‘a guy looking for employment who hasn’t even gone to military yet’.

Handsome boy Yoona and the best ‘Mr. & Ms. Plum’ chosen by village representatives will be revealed on March 21 on FO2.

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►►SNSD YoonA’s weight revealed for the first time: “She’s too skinny!”

SNSD’s Yoona’s weight was revealed for the first time.

In SBS’s Family Outing Season 2 (aka FO2) which aired March 7th, the family struggled in the mud to earn the title of honorary citizen. After being covered with mud, the seven members showered chaotically.

When Yoona visited the women’s bath and went on a scale, Shin Bongsun quickly shouted “48.5 kg (approx. 106.52 lbs)!” Kim Wonhee joined along and embarrassed Yoona by saying, “If you take out the weight of the wet clothes, she’ll be around 47 kg (approx 103.62 lbs).”

Shin Bongsun mentioned, “Yoona, you’re so thin. I’m not going to weigh myself. Thanks for letting us see your weight,” and was not able to hold in her astonishment. Kim Wonhee also weighed herself, but managed to be quick and hid her weight before the camera had the chance to film.

Yoona whined, “What is this~” and Shin Bongsun scolded, “What do you mean? You’re the one who went up there (on the scale).”

[omitted parts irrelevant to Yoona]

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►►JoKwon, Taecyeon, and YoonA reveal the secrets behind Family Outing 2

Jo Kwon and Yoona of SNSD made a surprise visit to the MCs on the Feb. 20 episode of SBS “Popular Song.”

On this episode, Jo Kwon, Yoona, and Taec Yeon, all being permanent members of Family Outing 2 (which was set to air its first episode today) revealed their nervous feelings about the show’s airing, and the behind the scenes stories.

Taec Yeon introduced them by saying “This is my family.” Jo Kwon and Yoona stated that they were nervous for the first episode to air but they’re glad that the 3 siblings are together.

When Wooyoung, an MC of “Popular Song,” asked them if they learned anything new about each other through the show, Yoona replied that Jo Kwon takes off his jacket for her when it’s cold and is a gentleman. She also said that Taec Yeon was a very good cook. Taec Yeon said that Yoona can’t cook but is very strong.

Jo Kwon also shocked Taec Yeon and Yoona by saying they always meet up before coming to pick him up and that he has to drink coffee by himself while waiting.

The first episode of Family Outing 2 aired today at 5:20, Korean time, and includes Kim Won Hee, Ji Sang Ryul, Shin Bong Sun, Jo Kwon, Taec Yeon, and Yoona as the members.

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►►1st episode of Family Outing 2: Taecyeon strips, YoonA cries, Jokwon scared..

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The preview to ‘Family Outing 2′ has been revealed.

The first episode of Family Outing 2 will be aired on 21st February. And on the last episode of Family Outing 1 aired on 14th February, the preview was released on the show.

From the video, it can be seen that the atmosphere for the new Family Outing is different as a strong feel of competition can be felt from the members. And Yoon SangHyun was even featured saying “This is really miserable”.

What is special for this new Family Outing show is the appearance of idol stars like So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, 2PM TaecYeon and 2AM Jo Kwon. Even ‘Kkap Kwon’ Jo Kwon was featured in the teaser saying, “This is the first time I face with such a situation” showing his surprise on how the show turned out for him.

Meanwhile, the show will start airing from 21st February on every Sunday at 5.20pm.

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►►[PICs] Family Outing Season 2 releases promo photos

The first episode of Family Outing Season 2 will air on February 21st and the new preview photos have been released!


►►2AM’s JoKwon to become the 7th member of Family Outing Season 2

hmm…although I have to say the idol craze is gonna sweep right through the Season 2, having diva JoKwon is not half as bad lol

Worried that you guys might not be seeing JoKwon’s craziness and hyper activity on shows after the comeback? No worries! Looks like Family Outing Season 2 sent out their greeting and JoKwon accepted!

JoKwon from the group 2AM will be joining SBS Family Outing Season 2 as the seventh member. On the 19th, a staff from Family Outing Season 2 stated that “JoKwon is confirmed to be the 7th member to be joining F.O. Season 2.”

JoKwon will be looking forward to be working with Kim WonHee, Yoon SangHyun, Ji SangRyul, Shin BongSun, TaecYeon, and Yoona. Family Outing Season 2 is to be filmed later this month.

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►►Big Bang’s Daesung and SNSD’s Tiffany are the next “hate couple”?

On January 17th, Tiffany of SNSD / Girls’ Generation was a special guest on Family Outing. Lee Hyori and Kim Jong Kook are known on the show for their pairing as “hate couple” and it seems like yesterday’s episode showed a variant of this between Big Bang’s Daesung and Tiffany.

Check out the hilarious antics below, subbed in English.