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►►SM Ent lawsuit day 1: “The way we treat DBSK is not as bad as others”

TVXQ 3 Members “The unfairness of the contract is grave” vs SM “The way we treat TVXQ is not bad compared to other agencies”

Three members of TVXQ (Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun) and SM Entertainment had their first hearing today regarding an objection to the verdict on a contract suspension injunction that was made last year, and were unsuccessful in closing the gap between their conflicting stances.

The legal representatives of the three members of TVXQ and SM met at the Seoul District Courts at 5 p.m. on the 7th to state their stances on the lawsuit made by SM Entertainment regarding an objection to the contract suspension injunction verdict.

This hearing was held after SM filed for the lawsuit on April 12th as an objection to the partial acceptance verdict made by the Courts last year.

At the hearing, SM’s representative stated, “Compared to other agencies in Korea, TVXQ’s income division is not unfair,” and emphasized that TVXQ’s income division was not a pressing issue in the exclusive contract.

The representative also strongly questioned the three members’ action of signing a separate contract with their Japanese agency AVEX although only the contract suspension injunction, not the actual lawsuit, had been partially accepted by the Courts.

On the other hand, the three members’ representative stated, “The length and the income division section of the exclusive contract between SM and TVXQ is so unfair that the situation is very grave.”


►►[Interview] Suju Hangeng’s first appearance after lawsuit: the past & the future

To read more about Super Junior Hangeng’s case and why it was important (..and how bad SM looked..) go HERE.

On the night of March 26th, Han Geng attended the finals of the Migu Show. Since the news breakout of his contract termination last year, he made his first public appearance. This attracted large amount of media and fans, causing chaos at the studio. Before the activity starts, he accepted a short interview from the media. As for the news everyone cared for, the progress of his contract termination case and about his new company, he kept mum about it. He stated that, ‘Now isn’t the time to discuss about this issue’.

Han Geng attended finals of the Migu Show. Since the news breakout of his contract termination last year, it was his first public appearance. This attracted large amount of media and fans, causing chaos at the studio. Before the activity starts, he accepted a short interview from the media. As for the news everyone cared for, the progress of his contract termination case and about his new company, he kept mum about it. He stated that, ‘Now isn’t the time to discuss about this issue’.


►►SM Entertainment stole dance choreography for SHINee?

SM Entertainment gets flamed again…and again…=.=;

Image and  video hosting by TinyPic

This came rather late but with the technology of today, nothing stays a secret once it’s recorded. Pat Cruz, Shaun Evaristo’s Fellow Movement Lifestyle Choreographer has recently launched a tirade against Korean idol boy group, SHINee for apparently stealing his dance moves. He expressed that the dance cheoreography that SHINee used for their Just Dance performance at the KBS Song Festival last December, were taken from their WOD Pomona video.

His message,

This is interesting. My friend Sam from North Carolina (raise up, take your shirt off, spin it like a helicopter) brought it to my attention. This video is of a Korean boy band doing my disturbia choreography to the song “just dance” by Lady GaGa. This was probably taken from our WOD Pomona video. You can see the actual choreography from that video here (starts at 3min)

This whole thing kind of boggles my mind. How can the “choreographer” take pride in their work knowing it isn’t really theirs? I mean congrats you copied the choreography dead on, but that’s about all you really did. I bet it would have been easier to come up with simple yet affective two steps for these “talented” dancers than taking the time to learn my routine off of youtube anyway. If you like the choreography that much then why not do it to the song it was intended for? There was a lot of thought put into the movements that directly correlated to the actual song. Now the choreography means nothing at all. I mean sure it gets the job done but it’s just movement now. No meaning, no depth, no substance, just movement. From the looks of things they have a pretty big budget so why not just ask me to do something for the artist. I would be more than happy and being that i am not considered a big name i would have probably been cheaper than anyone else.

In the end there is little to no chance at all of me getting compensation let alone any credit for this. It just sucks that those who take the time, effort and hard work to create can go over looked by artist and labels. In the end we are small fish in their pond and as of now there is little we can do about it. Thank God for Movement Lifestyle…


SHINee’s Just Dance:


►►SM Entertainment goes under investigation for unfair contract terms officially!

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) has announced that they are currently investigating all celebrities bound to SM Entertainment regarding unfair contract terms, suggesting that “a second TVXQ scandal” like event may occur.

According to One Nation’s Jo Moon Hwan, it was revealed that KFTC is investigating cases of unfair contract terms in SME idols such as TVXQ (including Junsu, Changmin and Jaejoong who are currently in legal disputes with their management company), SNSD, Super Junior, etc. for a total of 53 SME celebrities.

Jo Moon Hwan stated that the question and answer document received from KFTC specified investigations for all SME affiliated individuals for reasons related to a delay in taking care of TVXQ’s legal case. KFTC expressed,

“Through this event all celebrities in SME will undergo investigations to see if their contract terms go against the law of established fair contract terms, which is why TVXQ’s legal dispute is being delayed.”

Additionally, the commission said regarding TVXQ’s case, “All related documents will be carefully reviewed and considered for an appropriate outcome,” not revealing at what point the case would be over.

As you readers know, SM Entertainment has recently experienced many difficult trials as three members in TVXQ and Super Junior’s Hankyung underwent legal battles for problematic contract terms such as its 13 year length and unfair distribution of album sale profits.


►►SM Entertainment stops distributing music through

aww I wonder what happened..Mnet is like one of the largest online music portals in Korea so this is a big shock that SME would stop distributing music there 😦

Today, MNet announced that they would no longer provide streams or downloads of SM artists on their website. Read the notice for more information….

Hello. This is MNet.

Thank you for everyone who uses, and now we have something to announce about MNet’s music service.

Target Source:
All of SM Entertainment’s songs.

Information on Discontinuation:
– Streaming: The feature of playing the song on our site will be discontinued.
– Download: The feature of downloading the song on our site will be discontinued.
(You can redownload already purchased songs, however).

Start Date:
March 2nd, 2010

Reason for Discontinuation:
– SM Entertainment has chosen to stop the supply of music through MNet, but MNet will continue to talk with SM to resume providing their albums through our site.

-omitted information about refunds-


We deeply apologize for the inconvenience to MNet’s customers, and will try our best for faster service.

Thank you.

Cr: mnet | translations by filmsession @ omona_prection

►►President Lee Soo Man resigns from SM Entertainment; bad news (?) from AVEX

I don’t know if this is really good or bad news. Many people blame “SM” (or more like Lee Soo Man) for messing up with DBSK and whatnot but if you really dig deep (and there are sources out there to explain this complicated problem..), Lee Soo Man is not actually the bad guy…so idk..

Edaily SPN reported that Lee Soo Man will resign from SM Entertainment and that Avex Entertainment has sold off all shares of SM Entertainment.

Apparently, SM is stating that Lee Soo Man is resigning so that SM can focus on investments and business development overseas, however I don’t see the correlation between the two events. Regardless, Lee Soo Man will no longer be engaged in business activities, however he will still remain the major stakeholder, acquiring another 1.5% of shares from Avex, making his total share of SM Entertainment, 28.3%.

In addition, the relationship between SM Entertainment and Avex Entertainment seems to be over, as Avex sold all 15.4% of their shares, with Neowizbugs acquiring the majority of it.

Avex Entertainment used to assist in promotions of SM Entertainment artists within the Japanese market, including TVXQ.

SM Entertainment was founded by Lee Soo Man on February 14, 1995.

So what does this mean for TVXQ? We’re not sure, but seeing that Avex Entertainment has sold all of SM Entertainment’s shares, it doesn’t look like good news.

Cr: allkpop

►►Hwanhee received Bible verses via text from an SM female artist?

I don’t know if this is supposed to mean a good or bad thing lol

On a recent broadcast for Lunar New Year’s special episode of SBS Big Match, ex-Fly to the Sky member Hwanhee revealed that he receives Bible verses via text messages from a member of an idol girl group.

At one point in the show, someone asked Hwanhee directly, “I heard you receive text messages from a member of a girl idol group?” He replied, “She sends me Bible verses.”

The cast members of the show were all curious and asked, “Who is she … are you guys dating?” Surprisingly, Kara’s Goo Haracommented,“I also receive Bible verses from the same person.”

Later on, Hwanhee revealed that the person is from his previous agency, SM Entertaiment, and the cast responded, “It’s one of SNSD or f(x).”

Cr: allkpop