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►►Rain acknowledges 2PM’s Taecyeon as his beastly junior

The ‘original beastly male’ Rain acknowledged his junior beastly male 2PM’s Taeceon.

Handsome with a chiseled body and even a wild feel, Rain participated in SBS’s music program ‘Inkigayo.’

Before he went on stage to sing his new special album’s title track, ‘The Song That’ll Hold You Back,’ he appeared in the MC’s corner and held a conversation with ‘Inkigayo MC’s 2PM Taecyeon and Junho, along with f(x)’s Sulli.

After introducing his new ballad song, Junho asked him, “Rain sunbae, you are the original beastly male. Do you see any possibility of Taecyeon being a beastly male, too?”

Rain brightly smiled and patted Taecyeon’s back while answering, “Nobody can copy the way Taecyeon rips his clothes,” complimenting Taecyeon as his charismatic beastly junior. Taecyeon bowed in respect and thankfulness at Rain’s compliment.

Rain even gave a word of advice when Sulli asked, “Will we be able to become a world star too?” answering, “As long as you guys work together and do your best.”


►►Most anticipated actor-idol for the first half of 2010?

Star style magazine, High Cut, ran an online survey from March 21st to 28th with a total of 941 participants. They asked, ‘For the first half of 2010, which actor idol are you most anticipating?’

Super Junior Choi Shiwon of SBS’s ‘Oh! My Lady’ took 32.4% of the votes and grabbed 1st place. The reason for his votes was that he had prepared chocolate abs for the drama and managed to be comical with his acting skills.

MBC’s ‘Personal Taste’ featured 2AM SeulOng in boxers, in which he won 29.3% of the votes and managed to grab 2nd place with a slight difference from 1st.

KBS’s ‘Cinderella Sister’ 2PM Ok Taecyeon is also from Im Seulong’s brother group and airs at the same time. He took 19.6% of the votes.

Set to air in the summer, ‘What’s Up’ Big Bang Daesung took 18.7% and placed in on the 4th.


►►[VID] Cinderella’s Sister OST “It has to be you” MV feat. Super Junior’s Yesung

It has been previously reported that KBS’s new drama Cinderella’s Sister has released an introductory music video prior to the drama’s premiere. The song featured is from the OST, called “It Has To Be You” (너 아니면 안돼) and is sung by Super Junior’s Yesung. – Dramabeans

Meanwhile, AGB Nealson Media Research’s survey shows that Cinderella’s Sister (starring Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung, and 2PM’s Taecyeon) had a 15.8% viewer rating for its first episode aired on March 31st, taking 1st place. MBC’s ‘Personal Taste’ and SBS’s ‘Prosecutor Princess,’ both of which aired at the same time as ‘Cinderella Sister,’ recorded 12.% and 8% respectively. – 2ONEDAY

Looks like all the hateful comments 2PM’s Taecyeon received for his acting didn’t affect the ratings of the show after all 😉

Cr: Pochipotato@YT

►►Best comments regarding 2PM Taecyeon’s multi-entertainer career

I’ve come to realized how much netizens, Korean or not, hate Taecyeon these days…let’s take a look at the comments netizens make out him as a respond to this article “2PM’s Taecyeon, a singer with the greatest popularity but rejected as a variety star. What about his acting?”:
↑ with the cast of “Cinderella’s sister”

1. 1,306 clicks of agreement

It’s all fake. He comes out on Win Win and complains about struggling because of the rumors regarding him and Yoona, but he’s the one that said rumors disappear regarding Jaebum. He’s not even that amazing of a singer. What kind of a singer goes and lashes out his fans criticizing his singing? He sarcastically replied to them saying that he’s a rapper, but thanks for telling him to practice singing anyway? I’m just going to watch the drama with Kim Soyeon in it. Sorry to Moon Geunyoung and Chun Jungmyung!

Comments of the comment:
– I’m just going to watch the drama with Lee Minho and Son Yejin.
– Of course, his rumor, he’s suffering.. but his friend’s rumor, he doesn’t care since it disappears, right?

2. 1,205 clicks of agreement

Just send his character to study overseas around the 3rd or 4th episode so I can just watch the drama in peace.

Comment of the comment:
– The PD will probably just kill him off anyway. Isn’t there a car crash in the script?

3. 1,157 clicks of agreement

His career as a singer is now fckin fail.
His variety show was already fckin fail.
Now his acting drama will be fckin fail.

Comments of the comment:
– Wow, you’re a better rapper than Ok Taecyeon, you should become a rapper too!
– Your rhyme is better than Taecyeon.
– Taecyeon, you should learn to rap at least as good as this netizen.


All I can say is – OUCH.

►►[PICs] Netizens compile graduation photos of pretty boy idols

A compliation of graduation photos of pretty boys from idol groups and their current photos put together side-by-side are circulating quickly around internet portal sites in Korea.

From Super Junior’s Kim Heechul to Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P. to SS501’s Kim Hyung Joong to TVXQ’s Jaejoong, the photos are gathering attention for capturing the individual idol’s youthful and natural image.

Netizens’ comments included, “The photos of members who look very different from different are particularly fun” and “I can distinguish which ones were the model students.”


►►[PICs + VID] 2PM Taecyeon’s drama “Cinderella’s Sister” releases its teaser

The 20-episode drama, Cinderella’s Sister (신데렐라 언니) stars Moon Geun Young, Seo Woo, Chun Jung Myung, and 2PM’s Taecyeon. It is due to air on KBS2 on 31 March 2010.

Once again, the beastly guy did not fail to take his shirt off :/


►►JYPE speaks up about Taecyeon’s scandal, “He only wanted to encourage fans”

I don’t believe that Taecyeon has this little fans…with his face everywhere on screen? yea, I don’t think so :/

On the 5th, Taecyeon had written on his fancafe, “It’s a new start, shall we do this together?” Fans were angered with the post, interpreting it as Taecyeon wanting to start 2PM promotions with a fresh start, without Jaebum.

Regarding this, a JYP Entertainment associate stated, “The fancafe that Taecyeon has left a message on is only of the only fancafes left that still encourages him despite many other fancafes that have deleted themselves. He left a message as a gesture of thanks to his fans.”

Info about the fancafe Taecyeon posted on:

The truth about “A Killing Smile”. It is a dying cafe. Many members have already left the cafe. A Killing Smile existed before Taecyeon was a part of 2PM but they have no drive (to do activities). The cafe has nothing to show other than a few posts Taecyeon wrote. They never did anything for his birthday. In comparison, their drive is considerably less than Park Jaebum’s ‘Be the Top’ cafe (with 100K members).

That’s what ‘AKS’ is. Although it’s blocked now, it’s a place where all you had to do was write your nickname and an introduction post and you were leveled up immediately.

The cafe admins didn’t have drive either (not even to close it properly). They forgot Taecyeon’s birthday until a month later. They never did present/supports until someone had to suggest it. Despite it all, he always left a post for them whenever he left for America.

It is said that it was just Taec’s attempt at earning sympathy from the last existing cafe for him.

A Killing Smile has 6k members.

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