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►►Jokwon and Ga-in ends their marriage

As an imaginary couple, Jo Kwon and Ga-in have always been proud of their perfect chemistry. It has been revealed that the reason why they left “We Got Married” is because of their busy schedule.


►►BEG Ga-In, “I spent 2 hours just kissing BEAST’s Doojoon”

TT_TT lucky butt!!!

On the afternoon of the 6th at 12PM, the cast of MBC TV Sitcom “All my Love” gathered for a meeting in a restaurant located in Ilsan.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in, who plays the part of Hwang Geumji, appeared to be very embarrassed when prompted about her kissing scene with Yoon Doojoon. The reason behind this is that Ga-in, who is currently taking part in MBC TV’s ‘We Got Married Season 2’ with 2AM’s Jo Kwon, is still having difficulty even when it comes to skinship.


►►BEAST’s Doojoon calls 2AM’s Jokwon a cheapo

Even celebs have their money control on lock.
Beast’s Yoon Doojoon exposes Jokwon “Cheap” when Ga-in shows off her Pouch from JoKwon


►►BEG’s GaIn and 2AM’s Jokwon are feeling the Harry Potter 7 love

Either they’re super excited to see the world premiere of Harry Potter 7.1, or Brown Eyed Girl GaIn and 2AM’s JoKwon just love to imitate each other. Either way, here’s what you get (it gave netizens a good ol’ smile at least):


►►[VID] Super Junior’s Heechul vs. 2AM’s Jokwon sing-off/dance-off Showdown!

I came across a vid of Super Junior’s Heechul making his first appearance in Family Outing 2 on May 2nd and it is THE MOST HILARIOUS THING in a loooooong time!!!! OMG so we all know the two biggest Kpop divas have to be 2AM’s Jokwon and Heechul – what if you add them TOGETHER?! You’d totally get THIS:

Cr: UnknownCarrot300@YT

Watch it! LOL you won’t regret it! They did a little sing-off imitation of a singer named Lee Seung Hwan and then a totally dance-off to SNSD’s songs!!! It’s so freakin funny I love it!

►►JYP forgot to mention 2AM as one of his successes; makes Jokwon cry

2AM’s Jo Kwon confessed of a moment where he felt upset with his agency’s president, Park Jinyoung.

On the 22nd of April, KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3’ revealed an episode where Jo Kwon revealed that he felt upset because “Park Jinyoung never mentioned 2AM in his awards speech.”

Jo Kwon stated, “When Park Jinyoung won the award as a producer, the rest of the members and I were watching intently with our ears pointed towards the screen. However, he ended his speech with a note of thanks to the Wonder Girls and 2PM for helping him.”

He went on to state, “I was so upset that he never mentioned 2AM that I just went into my room and cried.”

Regarding this, Song Hobum also revealed a moment where he felt upset with his agency president, Park Jinyoung. Song Hobum stated, “Rain and Kim Taewoo said that they were going for an evaluation so I thought that my turn would be up soon. However, it wasn’t. I found out later that those two got a preferential favor.”


►►2AM Jo Kwon, “Whenever I sing ballads, I will think of JYP”

2AM Jo Kwon reveals that he would think of Park JinYoung whenever he sings ballad.

Jo Kwon revealed that during the filming of ‘Happy Together 3′ on 22nd April relating to an incident when he was recording ‘This Song’.

He said, “Producer Park JinYoung went through word by word for the recording and it took 11 hours to record. When the recording was done I was waiting for a comment like ‘You worked hard’ but instead what came out from Park JinYoung’s mouth was ‘Now you know why you debuted late?’.” (ouch.)

Jo Kwon’s situation was confirmed by OneTwo Song HoBum who used to train under JYP. MC Yoo Jaeseok had suggested for Song HoBum to try recording just one verse of ‘This Song’ and Song HoBum’s reply was “Then it will take me 5 days to do so”. Jo Kwon also personally demostrated how the recording went that took him 11 hours to complete the recording.

Cr : Sookyeong

►►[PICs] Brown Eyed Girls GaIn gets scandalous for her W shoot

Ga-in is looking hot and scandalous for her new sexy photo spread for the May issue of W Magazine (Korea). Gone is the short sassy do, the Brown Eyed Girls member instead holds a whip and wears kill heels. Her on air husband, Jo Kwon of 2AM in the reality show, “We got Married” will shake his head in disapproval.


►►2AM’s Jokwon accuses SNSD’s Yoona of being fake?

Jo Kwon does not hold back anything when it comes to SNSD’s YoonA.

On SBS Family Outing aired on 11th April, the family members decided to have a ‘waist line wrestling’ in the stream. And before the match, the members have to say one strength and flaw of one another.

When it came to a match between Jo Kwon and YoonA, Jo Kwon talked about YoonA’s flaw first, “You don’t try to act kind!” With that, YoonA refuted, “When did I act kind.. Totally speechless” as a joke.

Jo Kwon did not stop at it, “Ya! You don’t try to act honest.” YoonA who was a little hurt by the words said, “Oppa if you keep scolding me, stop singing SNSD’s song.”


►►2AM’s JoKwon and BEG GaIn celebrates 200th day as We Got Married couple

Jo kwon and Ga in celebrate their 200th day anniversary on April7th as couples on the variety show “We got Married”.
They updated their Me2day account with two pictures.


►►Caught on Cam: 2AM’s Jokwon in leopard slippers & making a piggy face

LOL! This diva Kwon really is something when he’s bored XD

Idol group 2AM member JoKwon showed off his aspect as a fashionista(?).

JoKwon attracted the eyes of fans by revealing 2 pictures on the main screen of his Cyworld minihompy.

JoKwon has posted two photos that show him wearing a pair of leopard print slippers, and making a pig nose with his hand, lying down while wearing a pair of suspender jeans.

The reactions of fans who saw the photo vary from saying, “These days, JoKwon is the trend, and fashion starts with JoKwon”, “Leopard print kekeke I want it too”, “He looks like an elementary student when he wears suspender jeans”.


►►2PM’s Nichkhun, “I had my first kiss at 17 years old”

haha Angel Khun got exposed!

On the 27th’s MBC TV ‘We Got Married’, Nickhun revealed when he had his first kiss at his visit to JoKwon and Gain’s house, when they were questioning(?) him.

JoKwon asked Nickhun, “Do you like skinship”, and Nickhun answered, “Of course”. At Nickhun’s answer, JoKwon asked again, “How does hyung do skinship”, and the flustered Nickhun answered with an awkward smile, “There are basics”.

Gain then asked teasingly, “Then did you kiss before? Of course you did, right”, and Nickhun avoided the answer by saying, “Enjoy the food”.

At this, JoKwon threatened a threat unlike a threat, “We have a lie detector”, and Gain then quickly added, “When did you have your first kiss?”

Finally, Nickhun gave in and revealed, “When I was 17”.


►►2AM’s JoKwon doesn’t want to be friends with U-KISS’ SooHyun after gay rumors?

U-Kiss’ Soohyun “Shocking Scandal, JoKwon says ‘Let’s not be friends anymore.’ ” He described his feelings about his awkward scandal with 2AM’s JoKwon.

Soohyun and JoKwon were best friends even before debut.
Their deep friendship was emphasized on their individual mini-homepages. Such pictures and various ‘love signs’ confused fans into thinking they are gay.

During TV Daily’s interview with Soohyun, he remarked “The scandal with Kwon surprised me.’
Soohyun says “We became to know each other when we met as JYP trainees. I shared a friendship with all trainees not just JoKwon. Especially Beast’s KiKwang and DongWoon (WOW!).
Also “Now that I read the messages over, I suppose we were a little harsh.” But “Those are all memories and it doesn’t matter because I’m not gay anyways..”

Kibum who was listening from the side recalled “After the news came out, during KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank,’ those two met.” Also, “Suddenly JoKwon hyung said to Soohyun hyung ‘Let’s not be friends anymore’ as a joke.”

Soohyun finalizes the interview with a smile, saying, “Truthfully I’m very grateful to Kwon. Our scandal made my name reach number 1 on various search engines.”


►►2AM’s JoKwon, “I’m dreaming of being the male Lady Gaga in 10 years”

The members of 2AM revealed their wishes for themselves for ten years into the future.

2AM performed on the 20th at 7 PM at Seoul Gwangjangdong Ax Hall for the ‘YouTube Music Day’ live concert hosted by Nam Goongyeon, showing off their explosive vocals.

When asked about what they will be doing in 10 years, Seulong answered “I think 2AM will still be going. And I want to be a singer and actor like Uhm Junghwa and Im Changjung sunbae” and Changmin answered “I’m greedy about music so I think I will be composing. I also want to produce like Park Jinyoung hyung”.

The maknae Jinwoon answered with a smile “I think I will be studying more in England. I might be doing rock music”.

Lastly, Jo Kwon joked around answering “I want to do musicals. And I think I will be doing my own unique and creative music. I‘m wondering if I might become the male Lady Gaga“.

On this day, 2AM sang their hit songs’This Song’, ‘Friend’s Confession’, ‘Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die’ and their new song ‘I Did Wrong’, drawing cheers from the crowd. Also, a live performance with attention-grabbing national musicians 2AM, Clazziquai, Epik High, Tiger JK, Jung-in, and Guckkasten was held through YouTube.

The ‘YouTube Music Day’ performance was streamed live on the official YouTube channel to three Asian countries, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

CREDITS : Yahoo! Korea (SOURCE); shmesmx3@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

►►2AM’s JoKwon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn are dating for real?!

JoKwon appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘Celebrity Broadcast’, and attracted many eyes by saying, “I got a special present from Gain noona on Valentine’s Day. After putting melted chocolate on her lips… I got the present.”

At this, the reporter repeatedly asked, “Are you guys actually dating”, and JoKwon said plaintively, “Yes, we are.” The 2AM members alongside JoKwon said that they really were.

However, this was a prank set up by the 2AM members to fool the reporter. The 2AM members revealed to the reporter who was surprised at JoKwon’s truthful confession that everything was a prank with their signature bright face.

Also on this day, JoKwon revealed that his ideal woman was the actress Choi Gang Hee and sent Choi Gang Hee a video message.


In other related news:

The secret password between JoKwon-GaIn couple? Eye-line!

On the episode of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ (a.k.a. WGM) that aired the 20th, JoKwon had come home first and were looking around the house.

At that moment, Gain had arrived and pressed the doorbell. JoKwon proceeded to yell, “Tell me the password” on the intercom. At this, Gain put her heavily eyelined eye at the intercom, rather than say a password of their own language like a typical couple would. Like doing an eye recognition in movies, JoKwon accepted that the person was Gain and opened the door, causing the viewers’ stomachs hurt in laughter.


►►JoKwon-GaIn couple, “They don’t believe us if we say we’re dating”

Recently, in a location with reporters, when 2AM’s JoKwon was asked “Are you two actually dating?” he answered with a short “Yes”. When asked a second time, he answered “No”. Jo Kwon laughed while saying “They don’t believe us if we say we’re dating and they don’t believe us if we say we’re not”. He continued saying “The more confused people get, the better it is” showing that he’s enjoying the current situation. He also openly boasted saying “People don’t know Ga-in’s real charms”.

2AM’s Seulong, Jinwoon, and Changmin said “We’re jealous that they’re idols that can express the feeling of love” and “Jo Kwon’s image that he shows on the broadcast is 100%”.

‘We Got Married 2’ which wasn’t doing very well for awhile, received many remarks that the entrance of idol singers Jo Kwon and Ga-in was irrational at first. It was not that idol singers like Taeyeon and Kangin had not appeared before, but it was impossible for the virtual marriage of idol singers in their early 20’s to not be a burden.

‘WGM’ participants have tried to emphasize at least in the broadcast the roles as a married couple. It is difficult for ‘WGM’ participants to show their natural image in front of the camera unless they have feelings for each other. It is also true that most participants don’t even contact each other, as they have stated ‘We’re a married couple on the broadcast, but in reality, our relationship is just for business’.

Compared to these couples, Jo Kwon and Ga-in aren’t hiding their roles as a ‘WGM’ couple outside of the program. They seem to be just enjoying it fully without avoiding the virtual yet real concept of ‘WGM’.

It looks like Jo Kwon and Gain’s popularity will continue for awhile. The important thing is, like Jo Kwon’s “Are we dating for real?”, is that they maintain their will for their ‘Half joke, half truth’ feelings and actions.

CREDITS: Yahoo! Korea (SOURCE) ; shmesmx3@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

►►Top 10 most innocent South Korean idols early 2010

Netizens voted and according to the list, these are the “Most innocent idols/singers of 2010” so far 😀

1. Seohyun (Girls’ Generation)

2. Taemin (SHINee)

3. Nichkhun (2PM)


►►2AM’s JoKwon gets revenge on his wife GaIn

After going off about Brown Eyed Girl GaIn’s bikini photoshoot on March 10th, 2Am’s Jokwon decided he wanted to take a half naked shot of himself as a revenge on his jealous wife:


And he left a comment on her Cyworld:

컴온 베이비. (엽5 조권)
Come on baby. (Yeobo Jo Kwon)

LOL dorks will be dorks♥

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CREDITS : 손가인@Cyworld; 조권@Cyworld (SOURCES) ; shmesmx3@2ONEDAY.COM(TRANS)

►►JoKwon-GaIn couple shows off their matching sweaters

It’ll be more lovely if they included their heads…but this is hella cute~!♥

MBC TV We Got Married ‘Adam Couple’ Jo Kwon and GaIn revealed a photo of them showing their lovey couple vibe.

The 2 posted up a photo on their me2day on 10th March and wrote, “Posting after a while. Without our faces.” In the photo was the couple wearing the couple hoodie given by Brown Eyed Girls JeA.

Netizens commented, “Even if they didn’t say anything, we know”, “Please date already!”, “They are really compatible” etc.

Cr: Sookyeong

►►Top male and female idols netizens want to spend their White Day with

A survey was taken from February 26 to March 8 in which 693 males answered the question “Idol member you would like to spend White Day with?” with Taeyon as number one.

Males chose Taeyeon, from girl group SNSD, who came in first with 26% of the votes

Han Seungyeon of Kara came in second place with 20% of the votes. Yuri of SNSD came in third with 12% and Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) came in fourth with 7%.

As for the male idols that [women] want to spend White Day with, stars that appear on MBC’s “We Got Married” ranked high in the polls.

First place went to “Kkap Kwon”, 2AM’s JoKwon (23%). Those surveyed said they wouldn’t have time to be bored if they were to spend the day with Kwon. Second place went to SS501’s 4-D leader Kim Hyun Joong (19%) and third place went to 2PM’s Wooyoung.

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

►►2AM’s JoKwon dances and kisses his first love at a reunion!

On a short segment called Sweet Connection of KBS 2TV’s Sweet Night, Jo Kwon reunited with his elementary school sweetheart, Hong Jae Kyung. Quite the beautiful one, she is currently attending Ehwa University, a prominent college for women. Jo Kwon was able to pick her out from the four candidates shown through their silhouettes, suggesting the fact that he hasn’t forgot about her either. As people say, a man can never forget his first love.

When we were both young, I received a proposal from Jo Kwon. He gave me a rose, and I wanted to preserve it inside a refrigerator. I heard that if you put a rose inside the fridge, it will last much longer. We also used to play Sleeping Beauty, where Kwon was the prince and I was the princess. He always used to kiss me on my hands, cheeks, and lips,” she said, narrating a sweet flashback from their past.


►►T-ara’s Hyomin got rejected by 2AM’s JoKwon because of his wife

On March 8th, T-ara World, T-ara’s reality show about creating an online shopping mall, aired an episode about the girls hiring models. Hyomin called Jo Kwon to hire him, but Jo Kwon rejected the offer saying, “I’m gonna be in trouble with my on-screen wife Ga-In.”

The members also begged Boram to ask her dad Jeon Young Rok, who is a famous singer in Korea, to come and model. In the end, they hired F.Cuz’s Jinon and LeeU.

Hyomin and leader Eunjung paired up with the F.Cuz boys to model the clothing, showing off cute and simple couple outfits.

F.Cuz’s leader Jinon and Eunjung have been friends for four years so there was no uncomfortable vibes between them. On the other hand, LeeU and Hyomin were complete strangers so the two experienced major awkward moments.

Cr: allkpop

►►2AM’s Jokwon to meet his first love again; will BEG Ga In gets jealous?

2AM Jokwon’s first love/girlfriend, that he actually proposed to, has been revealed.

Jokwon used his appearance on KBS 2TV “Sweet Night” to tell his story of love and loss on the new corner, “Sweet Destiny”.

Jokwon’s first love is said to be a college student with looks and a personality that even a famous person would be jealous of. They shared stories of their relationship that warmed the hearts of the audience.

Jokwon said, “Whenever I talk about past relationships I always talk about her because she has never experienced being a celebrity.” and “I’m really glad to have met her again.

Jokwon spoke about finding true friends among his many “fake” friends and even showed off some dances they used to practice from when he was a trainee. He and his friend danced to various girl group songs such as S.E.S, SNSD, and Brown Eyed Girls. His choreography was perfect and brought laughter to the audience. This episode is set to air on March 7 at 11:15PM.

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►►Pieces of the Past: BEAST’s Dongwoon with 2AM’s Jokwon

I know that BEAST’s Doojoon is like a family friend of 2PM and 2AM from his “Hot Blood” days, but I never knew BEAST’s maknae Dongwoon also knew 2AM..well, at least Jokwon for that matter *0*