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►►”Dream High” debuts with low ratings

Dream High‘s first episode averaged a 10.7% for its first episode. 10.7% is a low rating, especially because of its hype. (more…)

►►[VID] “Dream High” long teaser revealed!

‘Dream High’, an upcoming drama about the lives of youngsters trying to thrive as singers and entertainers, have been grabbing fans’ attention for its casting of younger idols like 2PM‘s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, T-ara‘s Eunjung, Miss A‘s Suzy, IU, and actor Kim Soo Hyun. (more…)

►►[VIDs] SBS Gayo Daejun performances all-in-one

Your source for all the performance videos from SBS Gayo Daejun…in order!

MCs: Heechul, Hwang Jung Eum, YongHwa, Jokwon

Open Show – Kids performing 2010 hit songs


►►Official Line-up + Info for KBS Gayo Daejun released!

I’ve posted an entry earlier for SBS + MBC Gayo Daejun so here is the line-up for KBS Gayo Daejun!

Artist Line-Up:
Super Junior, SNSD, 2PM, SHINee, KARA, CNBLUE, 2AM, After School, Kiss, Sistar, FT Island, f(x), 4Minute, Secret, IU, T-ara, Beast, etc

Time: December 30st at 9:50PM KST – 12:30AM KST


Related NEWS

On December 30th, the “2010 Gayo Festival” will take place and the show is expected to deliver some memorable performances.


►►Official ‘Dream High’ photos feat. 2PM, Miss A, T-ara, etc!

The upcoming idol drama ‘Dream High’ has released its official photos featuring artists like 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung, T-ara’s Eunjung, Miss A’s Suzy, IU, and rising young actor Kim Soo Hyun.

‘Dream High’ takes place at Kirin High School of Art and follows the lives of students as they aspire to become superstars. – Read more at this source

In fact, this show will be something like the American show ‘Glee’ which will incorporate songs and dances to convey its story. The release date is expected to be on January 3rd, 2011!


►►[PIC] Hyomin the Red Nosed Reindeer?

That’s right, boys and girls. T-ara’s Hyomin recently dressed up as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on the show “Hello Baby” starring T-ara!

and where’s her baby??


►►Offical Line-ups for MBC Gayo Daejun + SBS Gayo Daejun 2010!

SBS will be the first end-of-year music festival this year with their schedule set for December 29th (since KBS has not announced their line-up yet, I am assuming theirs would be held on the 30th, in between SBS and MBC). In fact, the only thing I know for sure about KBS Gayo Daejun is that YG Family said that they will not be attending…


►►Melon Music Awards’ Top 10 contenders for the ‘2010 Artist Award’

Looking for the next big Kpop awards show in Korea? Here it is!

2010 is coming to a close in less than a month, and in Korea, the biggest award shows and festivals take place. In the past, some of the most memorable and greatest performances from popular K-Pop artists have happened on these shows. Last week, Mnet’s Asian Music Awards (MAMA) kicked off the season for award shows. Next is MBC’s 2010 Melon Music Awards, which will take place on December 15th at Kyunghee University in Seoul.


►►[SCANs] T-ara’s “Temptastic” album jacket + Failed dress regulations


News bit from Diadem: On the 5th, T-ara fails dress regulations of SBS’s Inkigayo.

At 11AM, T-ara finished filming for their performance ‘YaYaYa’ and went straight to lunch after. However, for their ‘Why Are You Like This’ performance, the girls’ outfits had to be changed.
The same thing happened in KBS2TV’s Music Bank on the third. Where the girls’ shorts had to be changed to double-layered stockings because it failed the dress regulations.
Their crew had to rush out again, to a market to get each girl a pair of leggings an hour before the show was to begin.
Finally, an official said that “The dress codes for girl groups have become more strict than before”.

Posted Image

►►[VIDs] T-ara and KARA make comebacks on Music Bank!

T-ara ~ Why Are You Being Like This?


►►Co-Ed gave up two songs for T-ara’s “Temptastic”

…they practically took two of the best songs from the album from Co-Ed =.=”

T-ara’s new title track “Yayaya,” is revealed to be made for labelmates Co-Ed.

A representitive from T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, spoke with Star News on the 2nd stating,” T-ara‘s song ‘Yayaya’ was originally planned for 10 member group Co-Ed,” He said, “but after the members of both groups listened to the song, they agreed that it fit T-ara better, and it was then confirmed to be their new album’s official title track. T-ara members also showed a strong attachment to the song, and Co-Ed was already satisfied with ‘Too Late.'”

Then continuing, he added, “Another song that the album contained, ‘Ma Boo’, was also made for Co-Ed, who presented it to their seniors after hearing them sing it so beautifully.”

Meanwhile, T-ara will have their first comeback on KBS 2TV Music Bank on December 3rd.

Cr: ☆ 원유란 @Diadem

►►[PICs] More “Temptastic” photos from T-ara’s mini-album

I uploaded a post earlier filled with T-ara’s concept photos for their new album “Temptastic”…but guess what? HERE’S MORE! Enjoy 🙂


►►T-ara’s JiYeon flustered at question about plastic surgery

T-ara’s Jiyeon is gaining attention for her response to a plastic surgery question.


►►[VID] T-ara unleashes “Yayaya” MV!

Following their MV for the song “Why are you being like this?”, T-ara releases their newest album “Temptastic” along with an MV for the song “Yayaya”! How do you like it compared to the last?

I think compared to “Why are you…?”, its concept of Indian girls are much cuter but the music taste is kinda the same…not as catchy as their previous tunes.  But who knows? Maybe after a listen or two it’ll get stuck in your head!

►►[MP3/DL] T-ara releases 2nd mini album “Temptastic”

It’s finally here~! T-ara’s latest album “Temptastic”!

01. Yayaya


►►T-aras Music Video for ‘Why Are You Being Like This’

T-ara is back with a new Music Video! The music video is co-produced by Kim Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho.


►►[PICs] T-ara releases comeback photo teasers!

OMG OMG OMG I’m srsly on a hyper mode right now!!! haha yayyyyyy~~ they’re finally coming back!! >.< hehe yes I have a fan girl crush over T-ara (one of the few girl groups I actually like 😉 )

Dude there are soooo many pics I can’t even tell what kind of concept they’re going for…like something sophisticated but ROYAL? lol idek but they all look great especially Eunjung ❤

“Fans will just have to wait one more day, as the group will release their title track, ”Why Are You Being Like This‘, as well as their music video on November 23rd. Both the title track and the MV will be made available through and GOMTV.

Their comeback album will be released on the 29th, and the first comeback performance will be on December 3rd through ‘Music Bank’.
Posted Image


►►T-ara’s 7th member is a Park Shin Hye look-alike?

haha I have to be honest that this is just a rumor I’m trying to spread but look! T-ara’s 7th member Ryu Hwa Young recently had a shoot and I got the pics from Nate Pan. The first thing that came up in my head was “DAMNNNN is that PARK SHIN HYE I’m looking at?!?” haha but really, they look a lot alike!


►►KARA quits MAMA along with other artists from SM, J.Tune, Cube, Pledis, etc.

Is anyone actually attending this year’s MAMAs 2010?

The Mnet Asian Music Awards began to run into trouble this year starting with their controversial move from Korea to Macau.

Korean broadcast companies such as SBS, KBS and MBC argued the move saying that artists would have to choose between the MAMAs or their Korean end of the year show because of the timing.

DSP Entertainment says that KARA’s busy schedule is keeping the group from attending both the 2010 MAMAs as well as the 2010 Melon Music Awards.

All of the other artists have also cited busy schedules as their reason for pulling out.

Here’s the full list of artists who will not be attending:


►►T-ara reveals their ideal guys

T-ara’s youngest member JiYeon reveals that her ideal type of guy is actor Lee CheonHee.

The girls were featured for an interview on KBS Entertainment News aired on 1st May when JiYeon confessed, “I wish to meet with my ideal type Lee Chun Hee.”

During the interview when asked who her ideal type was, JiYeon answered, “I like Lee Cheon Hee seonbae. He’s really cute.” And she was seen very shy and covering her face with her 2 hands. She added, “I am a fan of Cheon Hee oppa. It would be good if I could meet him even for a short while.”

HyoMin reveals that her ideal type is someone who has good reactions, “I like someone who will smile and accept what I say, and is fun.”

Following that member SoYeon mentioned entertainment Boom as someone with good reactions and asked “How about him?”. HyoMin’s answer was, “Because he is in the army…” causing laughters from the others around.

Meanwhile, the girls talked picked member Jeon BoRam as the member who is the most untidy one. The member said, “Her bed is often messy with almost no space for sleeping.”

Cr: Sookyeong

►►T-ara’s JiYeon is a thief?

T-ara’s maknae Jiyeon was caught stealing her unnie’s items.

In the last episode of “T-araDotCom”, the girls began their final mission to decide who would ultimately be the manager of the online shopping mall. They began to stylise “boyfriends” to help them expand their shopping mall range to include a men’s collection.

The T-ara members had 20 minutes to create three styles for their male models, leading up to a runway show with their final selection.

In the episode, maknae Jiyeon complained “I can’t even dress myself that well, how could I style anyone else?” before showing her envy at the items that the other members had selected. Jiyeon drew great laughter by being caught dressing her model in a shirt she stole from Soyeon. When Soyeon complained “Jiyeon always steals stuff” to which Jiyeon rebuffed “I wasn’t stealing, I was just having a look

But later, Jiyeon tried to snatch something from Hyomin but was stopped when Hyomin threw her body to protect her items. Jiyeon’s excuse this time was that she “just wanted to touch it a bit” and that “it looked like nobody owned it” but eventually apologized.

Cr: tiaradiadem

►►[PICs + VID] T-ara goes from ‘death metal’ concept to ‘white innocence’

T-ara released their commercial for Mentholatum Acnes CF on April 21st, revealing an unexpected ‘death metal’ concept:

Cr: wabbitkr@YT

But to fans’ surprise, there are new pictures not long afterward of the girls dressing in white, showing an innocent concept (although I don’t know what it’s for..):


►►T-ara girls to become clowns for World Cup 2010?

No wait, that’s just their make up =.=”

 /></p> <p>We  revealed last week that T-ara will be singing a song for the upcoming  2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa.</p> <p>And now we have photos from  their music video filming!</p> <p>The song was written by Jo Young Soo  to wish for the success of Korea’s national team and had been recorded  with a choir consisting of 500 members.</p> <p>The T-ara girls were  invited to perform the song and fans will be able to hear it on May 3rd  when the song and music video are released together.</p> <p>Filming of  the music video took place last weekend and photos have been released,  showing the T-ara members clad in red outfits sponsored by Omphalos and  Intercrew and as they also drew on face paint to show their support!</p> <p><img src=

It was revealed last week that T-ara will be singing a song for the upcoming 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa and now we have photos from their MV filming!

The song was written by Jo Young Soo to wish for the success of Korea’s national team and had been recorded with a choir consisting of 500 members.

The T-ara girls were invited to perform the song and fans will be able to hear it on May 3rd when the song and music video are released together.


►►Official line-up list for Dream Concert 2010 revealed

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We reported earlier about the tentative lineup for the upcoming Dream Concert 2010 and the finalized list has been announced recently.

Dream Concert is undoubtedly an event of epic proportions for kpop fans – with nearly twenty of Korea’s hottest artists performing on one stage in front of an audience that’s 40,000 members strong. For 2010, Dream Concert has been scheduled to take place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium next month on May 22nd, and will be taped for future broadcast by SBS.

20 performing artists have been confirmed on GMarket’s website and they are:

Super Junior
Lee Hyori