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►►Offical Line-ups for MBC Gayo Daejun + SBS Gayo Daejun 2010!

SBS will be the first end-of-year music festival this year with their schedule set for December 29th (since KBS has not announced their line-up yet, I am assuming theirs would be held on the 30th, in between SBS and MBC). In fact, the only thing I know for sure about KBS Gayo Daejun is that YG Family said that they will not be attending…


►►Watch out! T-Dragon is comin for ya~

OMG LOL! G-Dragon in his 60s? @_@

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Tae Jin Ah to transform into ‘T-Dragon’, “I’m coming, G-Dragon!”

A new invincible “T-Dragon” will be born to overtake one of the most popular artists in the entertainment industry, G-Dragon.

Tae Jin Ah will transform into a “charismatic silver rapper” along with 2AM’s Jo Kwon for the Chuseok Star King Song Festival special.

Tae Jin Ah abandoned his image as the “King of Trot” for this surprise show and came out in a blonde wig holding a red apple while perfectly dancing and singing to G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker.”

At the very end, he even punched a styrofoam wall to parody the “Heartbreaker” MV and brought laughter to the audience.