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►►Melon Music Awards’ Top 10 contenders for the ‘2010 Artist Award’

Looking for the next big Kpop awards show in Korea? Here it is!

2010 is coming to a close in less than a month, and in Korea, the biggest award shows and festivals take place. In the past, some of the most memorable and greatest performances from popular K-Pop artists have happened on these shows. Last week, Mnet’s Asian Music Awards (MAMA) kicked off the season for award shows. Next is MBC’s 2010 Melon Music Awards, which will take place on December 15th at Kyunghee University in Seoul.


►►[SCANs] T-ara’s “Temptastic” album jacket + Failed dress regulations


News bit from Diadem: On the 5th, T-ara fails dress regulations of SBS’s Inkigayo.

At 11AM, T-ara finished filming for their performance ‘YaYaYa’ and went straight to lunch after. However, for their ‘Why Are You Like This’ performance, the girls’ outfits had to be changed.
The same thing happened in KBS2TV’s Music Bank on the third. Where the girls’ shorts had to be changed to double-layered stockings because it failed the dress regulations.
Their crew had to rush out again, to a market to get each girl a pair of leggings an hour before the show was to begin.
Finally, an official said that “The dress codes for girl groups have become more strict than before”.

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►►[VIDs] T-ara and KARA make comebacks on Music Bank!

T-ara ~ Why Are You Being Like This?


►►Co-Ed gave up two songs for T-ara’s “Temptastic”

…they practically took two of the best songs from the album from Co-Ed =.=”

T-ara’s new title track “Yayaya,” is revealed to be made for labelmates Co-Ed.

A representitive from T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, spoke with Star News on the 2nd stating,” T-ara‘s song ‘Yayaya’ was originally planned for 10 member group Co-Ed,” He said, “but after the members of both groups listened to the song, they agreed that it fit T-ara better, and it was then confirmed to be their new album’s official title track. T-ara members also showed a strong attachment to the song, and Co-Ed was already satisfied with ‘Too Late.'”

Then continuing, he added, “Another song that the album contained, ‘Ma Boo’, was also made for Co-Ed, who presented it to their seniors after hearing them sing it so beautifully.”

Meanwhile, T-ara will have their first comeback on KBS 2TV Music Bank on December 3rd.

Cr: ☆ 원유란 @Diadem

►►[PICs] More “Temptastic” photos from T-ara’s mini-album

I uploaded a post earlier filled with T-ara’s concept photos for their new album “Temptastic”…but guess what? HERE’S MORE! Enjoy 🙂


►►T-ara’s JiYeon flustered at question about plastic surgery

T-ara’s Jiyeon is gaining attention for her response to a plastic surgery question.


►►[VID] T-ara unleashes “Yayaya” MV!

Following their MV for the song “Why are you being like this?”, T-ara releases their newest album “Temptastic” along with an MV for the song “Yayaya”! How do you like it compared to the last?

I think compared to “Why are you…?”, its concept of Indian girls are much cuter but the music taste is kinda the same…not as catchy as their previous tunes.  But who knows? Maybe after a listen or two it’ll get stuck in your head!