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►►[VIDs] SBS Gayo Daejun performances all-in-one

Your source for all the performance videos from SBS Gayo Daejun…in order!

MCs: Heechul, Hwang Jung Eum, YongHwa, Jokwon

Open Show – Kids performing 2010 hit songs


►►Wheesung is disappointed in Kpop singers who can’t sing, “I almost quit”

You tell’em Wheesung! I’ve always thought that there are some singers out there who are just amazingly talented and yet the spotlight is always seem to focus on the rookies who have ‘the pretty faces’’s quite sad but hey, IT’S GLOBAL! Even here in America they have crappy singers who just happened to have boobs :/

As related to this article, singer Ivy also spoke out about this issue, which netizens gave a list of which singers are the bad ones.

Powerful vocalist Wheesung confessed that, before releasing his 6th album, he had serious thoughts about retiring as a singer.

After his appearance on the 6th at SBSE!TV Live Session, Wheesung held an interview with production crew members where the singer revealed, “Before announcing my 6th album ‘Vocolate,’ I was so disillusioned towards the world of singers to the point where I had serious thoughts about quitting.

Wheesung continued, “In our country’s category of public arts, I feel that cultural individuality is not well acknowledged. Our culture has always been an entertainer’s world with a sort of cheap quality, but now I hope that we embrace a culture with a true artist’s background. I regret and feel sorry about not being able to freely express my opinions.”

On this day Wheesung sang in synchrony with a house band to a number of his hit songs including Trickling, Insomnia and Ahn Dwe Na Yo(안되나요).

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►►Singer Wheesung helped write bonus songs from T-ara’s repackaged album

You best be expecting that these tracks are gonna be 1) most likely R&B and 2) AWESOME or 3) BOTH! LOL I love Wheesung♥

It has been announced that after member Soyeon was diagnosed with H1N1 that they would stop all promotions of their first album “Absolute First Album”. But with the success of their first full album the producers of Core Contents Media decided that T-ara will release a repackaged album with Bonus Tracks. The new title track has already been named “Crazy Because of You”. February 26th is the confirmed date for the release of their repackaged album.

Established Singer-Songwriter-Author Wheesung has confirmed that he helped T-ara in their bonus tracks. As a songwriter, Wheesung has co-wrote and written tons of tracks for other artists. A representative from Core Contents Media explained why they hired Wheesung, “Wheesung has that unique style. It’s slick and stylish and it will fit T-ara for their image overhaul. We believe with the help of Wheesung the songs and performances of T-ara will be much better.”

With 2 members out, T-ara fans are worried if they will get to see a 6-membered T-ara on stage once again. Core Contents Media has spoken up about this, “Soyeon was diagnosed with H1N1 last week. We expect her to still be diagnosed till next week and we will give her enough rest and not push her. The date for the release is still 3 weeks away and we’re making sure Soyeon is ready”. Member Jiyeon was also absent for most of their promotions for “Like the First Time” due to conflicts in schedule with her hit drama “God of Study”. But Core Contents Media are already making sure that Jiyeon will be present for their “comeback”.

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►►19th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Full Nominees list revealed

Although I bet that SNSD will win this (as we can see, they won 6 awards at the supposedly ‘fair’ Melon Music Awards), it’ll be fun to see who will come out on top – veterans and rookies alike ^^

The nominee list for upcoming 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards 2010 has been revealed!
Said to be one of the Korean popular music award ceremonies established by Sports Seoul in the 1990s which contributed to many other award ceremonies later on, the 19th Seoul Music Awards awarding the best singers of year 2009 will be held on 3rd February 2010.

Nominated for BonSang:

Super Junior
Baek Ji Young
Brown Eyed Girls
MC Mong
Kim Tae Woo
Son DamBi
Lee Seung Gi
Epik High
Park Hyo Shin
SG Wannabe
Bobby Kim
Lee Seung Chul
FT Island
K Will
Im Chang Jung

Nominated for Newcomer award:


►►Top 40 songs from K-pop Yearly Chart of 2009

wow FT Island really need to step their game up next year 😦 on the other hand, Gavy NJ made the list?! that’s so freakin awesome!! haha they are such underrated yet talented singer (a lot of you may not even heard of them)…


►►Golden Disk Awards 2009 Winners/ Nominees list + photos!

I’m kinda disappointed 2NE1 did not win the Digital BonSang Award…their mini-album was truly one of the best if not the best this year 😦


Winner: Super Junior


►►Swine flu watch: Wheesung, Mblaq’s Joon & Thunder, SHINee’s Taemin, Kim Joon

I can’t believe I was gone for 2 days and there is already a whole list of Kpop celebs who were diagnosed to have the swine flu! T.T

I dearly wish them all a speedy recovery.


After feeling ill on the 21st, singer Wheesung went to a hospital and on the 23rd he was diagnosed with swine flu. However he was treated with the Tammy Flu vaccination afterwords and is reported to be recovering well. If you recall, he was also the only person that K.Will kept in touch with when he himself had the virus.

A representative from POP/UP Entertainment said:
After receiving the Tammy Flu treatment, his fever went down almost immediately and he’s almost at a state of full recovery. Today we plan to revisit the hospital and check up on his status.”

It’s good to hear that he’s quickly recovering but unfortunately this meant that he was not able to attend the showcase, “Fill Korea, K-POP Night” in Shanghai, China. Many fans may be disappointed but on a brighter note, it has been reported that he will be appearing on the November 26th episode of Music Bank.

Cr: allkpop

Mblaq’s Lee Joon:

Swine flu is back again, and this time, it’s MBLAQ’s resident vocalist, Lee Joon.