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►►Jo Kwon does not want Ga In’s bikini photos to be seen by others

Ahahaha! He wants his sexy noona all to himself…

Jo Kwon sends a message showing signs of jealousy to his wife GaIn regarding her recent bikini photos.

GaIn posted up photos she took of herself during Brown Eyed Girls’ trip to Singapore on 6th March. And of the photos, there were some taken by the swimming pool and she was clad in bikini. Jo Kwon then wrote on her minihompy, “Noona is sexy.. But why… do you have to post it up! Son GaIn!”

The photos of GaIn in bikini were rapidly circulated on the net after they were posted and it has garnered much attention from netizens.

Afterwhich, GaIn had also visited Jo Kwon’s minihompy and wrote, “You think only you can see? Heeheehee”.

Source: Kbites

►►[VID+PICs] T-ara for Vouge Girl

No makeup?! B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!


►►Former Fly To The Sky’s Brian Joo will be performing with Jason Derulo in his MV

Watcha say?!?! This is crazy! I am all excited!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Last week, former Fly To The Sky member Brian Joo released his new digital single In My Head. With a music video just about to be released, it’s now been revealed that he will be performing with Jason Derulo, the original artist of the song!

Jason Derulo is an American R&B artist most famous for his 2009 hit Whatcha Say. Derulo originally created In My Head but Brian borrowed Derulo’s track and covered the song with a little k-pop twist. Both songs were released around the same time and have been getting a lot of attention in their respective countries.

Derulo was planning a tour and received requests to appear in Korea. His decision to go was assured when he watched the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and saw Kim Yuna perform. The performance was so fantastic that he agreed to seek out the country that she was from.

On the 17th and 18th, Derulo will be holding a special showcase at Club Heaven in Seoul. On the 19th, Derulo will go on air with Brian to put on a duet performance.


►►2AM spends almost $200,00 in USD to produce their new music drama MV!

That’s some BIG money $_$
Hope that it turns out to be loved and successful!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2AM spends big bucks to produce their new MV, a music drama!

Who knew making a music video could be so expensive? Apparently, 2AM, and they spent almost $200,00 in USD in production costs. And in concurrence with ‘2AM Day’, their new music drama MV will have its first screening on March 15th at 8 PM at the Apkujeong CGV.

Now, why exactly did 2AM decide on such a big budget to spend and use in order to film and produce this music drama?

To ensure that it’s high quality, of course! This music drama will be edited to fit the shorter running time, so that it can also act as a music video for the new track. But just so that they could tell the entire story completely, a full-length music drama was made.

JoKwon, ChangMin, SeulOng, and JinWoon really got into their characters and roles of club DJ, ice hockey player, tough biker, and basketball star, respectively; just as if they were really cast in a movie.

Following the March 15th screening, 2AM’s new song will be released online on March 16th.

Cr: KpopLive + Newsen

►►DBSK’s “Best Selection 2010” recorded 503,761 pieces of sale number

So proud T_T

“Best Selection 2010” which was released last month on the 17th recorded 503,761 pieces of sale number.

TVXQ sold over 500,000 pieces of album, which is their first breakthrough for a single album sale after an interval of five years activities in Japan. The best album of TVXQ recorded in total of 459,796 pieces of sale until the end of February and occupied the first place in a day, in a week and in a month at Oricon Ranking.

On the other hand, there has been a big news in Japan when Jaejooong’s individual drama appearance was confirmed. (-omitted) Jaejoong will perform in Japanese in the drama of a youth group of five men and women who got to know each other through twitter.
To Japanese media source, Jaejoong said, “I will do my best!” and talked about his enthusiasm toward an upcoming drama.
This is his first Japanese drama debut in Japan and Jaejoong is working hard with his Japanese training and also his acting skill intensively.

The Korean fans sends hot eyes to an appearance of Jaejoong in this new drama not to mention Japanese fans.

Cr: + + { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

►►[VID] F.Cuz’s ‘No one’ MV is out!

Success! I like ^^

Cr: fcuz0108

►►U-KISS is the new ‘Yeneung-Dol’ blue-chip of the entertainment variety program

Congratz! Can’t wait for the new show XD

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U-KISS is the new ‘Yeneung-Dol (Variety Program’s Idol)‘ blue-chip of the entertainment variety program.

U-KISS is currently active in promoting ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ after their massive popularity with ‘Man Man Ha Ni’. Prior to this, U-KISS has been invited on various entertainment variety programs.

Recently, Dongho and Eli were confirmed for a new idol-training program called “Raising Idols”. Soon after that, Kiseob and Kibum were selected as fixed members of MBC Every1 “Lee Gyeong Gyu’s Bokbulbok Show (이경규의 복불복 쇼)’.

More, Alexander and Kevin will also make a weekly appearance on SBS Star King while Soohyun has been casted for KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell for a long-term appearance.

One’s broadcasting company’s official stated “U-KISS members’ passion for entertainment variety programs are beyond my expectations. Before this, they only managed to play a small role in entertainment variety programs. We’re now will be able to see them more (in the entertainment variety programs) in the future.”

Meanwhile, U-KISS has recently signed a management contract with Yahoo Japan for their advancement in Japanese market.

Cr: + Newsen + contiukiss + ROCKETBOXX.NET

►►2AM’s Changmin Twitter updates~ 03/08/10

TRAIN! TRAIN! TRAIN! GAH! Stealing iPhone 🙂

Translation of the 7:38AM Mar 8 Tweet: “I bought an iPhone ^ㅡ^:;keke”

“Keeping my bodyshape is so hard. So i have to train everyday…TT^TT;;; But these days i’m so busy to do that…”

Cr: Changmin’s Twitter

►►KARA’s Nicole gets more confidence with thicker makeup

SEXY. LOL you can’t even see the white part of her eyes…

Group KARA Nicole reveals that as her makeup gets thicker, she gets more confidence.

KARA Nicole was featured on KBS 2TV Happy Together 3 to be aired on 11th March. She had appeared in her ‘fresh face’ different from the smokey makeup she wear when she performs KARA’s new song ‘Lupin’ on the stage, much to the surprise of the other star appearances. She also performed the song ‘Lupin’ with the same sexiness without her makeup on in the sauna.

Nicole who received the praises of being ’sexy’ and ‘powerful’ said, “If I have make up on, unaware even to myself, I feel more confident. The thicker the marke up, the more confidence I get.”

The MC Yoo JaeSeok joked, “You’re pretty but I cannot see the white portion to your eyes.” leaving Nicole flustered for a moment.

Cr: Osen + K Bites

►►BEAST gets a new dorm thanks to their success

…and their new dorm is 3x as big as their old one! Congratz!
Keep it up, and maybe you’ll get a house next time x) BEAST fighting!

With their new song “SHOCK” receiving popular attention, the 6 member group BEAST was grinning ear to ear as they moved on to their new dorm.

BEAST members who had previously resided at Seoul Kangnam’s Cheondamdong District have now moved on to Hwayangdong District’s Jusangbok Building. Yoon Doojoon, Yang Yoseob, Jang Hyunseung, Lee Kikwang, Yong Junhyung and Son Dongwoon were elated upon hearing the news.

Said from the members, “because our previous dorm’s layout was tight, with no room to place all of our belongings, there were barely spaces to walk around. Because there wasn’t a place for all of us to gather for meals, it was a situation where we would eat separately in our rooms. Now we even have a living space where we can even practice at, and even have a place where all the members could have meal
s together. It seems like it’s 3x bigger than our previous dorm.”

Even in the midst of their busy schedule, they were given some time off to enjoy themselves at their new dorm. As per members, “when we used to get time offs, because of our previous living arrangements, we weren’t able to comfortably rest. Now with the new living space, we’re currently enjoying it better and are able to rest more comfortably during our time offs.

Cr: SPORTS SEOUL + dujunseob@B2ST Rising

►►G-Dragon’s dog Ga Ho had surgery for ‘Cherry Eye’

I can feel your pain T__T
GAH! If I owned Ga Ho, I would skip all my performances for this dog!

In a past interview with Big Bang while they were in Japan, G-Dragon confirmed that his precious dog Gaho was away at a training academy that trains dogs for CFs.

Photos of Gaho training and staying with the family there were posted all over the internet. Gaho was due home sooner then we thought but due to the surgery he had to go through for having ‘Cherry Eye’ he had to stay at the academy for a longer period since G-Dragon was busy with schedules and couldn’t provide the care Gaho needed at the time.

Cherry Eye: Dogs have a third eyelid that contains a tear gland. This is located at the corner of each of their eyes. Usually this gland can’t be seen. ‘Cherry Eye’ is caused when the gland gets swollen and comes out of it’s normal position.

It was reported that after the surgery the drugs Gaho had to take would make him lose his balance at times causing him to run into walls. He is fine now and is rumored to be back with G-Dragon.

source:  vipaccess

►►[PICs+VID] SHINee + Kim So Eun for Clride.N 2010

WHOA… what happened to Jong Hyun’s hair?! lol, their hair all match now…


►►SNSD’s Yuri encounters the swine flu attack

THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. Why Yuri (my bias)?! I hope she gets well SOON!!! Yuri fighting!

Image and video hosting by  TinyPic

Yes, just when we thought Super Junior’s Eunhyuk would be the last person to be diagnosed with swine flu (H1N1), we’ve got more! This time, it’s SNSD’s Yuri!

On the night of March 4th, Yuri showed symptoms of cold so she went to the hospital to get a check up. The next day, the results were out and it was confirmed that she has been diagnosed with swine flu. She is currently resting in her house, and all her schedules will be canceled until she recovers, including her performances of Oh! on this week’s music programs.

It’s very unfortunate that the swine flu is still crawling around in 2010. Let’s hope Yuri has a quick recovery!

Cr: akp

►►[Interview] DBSK answers in Non-no magazine

LMAO! Their answers are hilarious!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Questions:

Q1. What are actions/words that makes you want to hug her (girlfriend)
Q2. Tell us your “sexy point”
Q3. What do you think is necessary for a “cool” man
Q4. Tell us your face icons you use a lot on your cellphone
Q5. What is the song you have a lot of memory of
Q6. What song is in your ipod that you listen to heavy rotation
Q7. Tell us what you think about your new album

Their response:


1. If I saw her cooking for me. I’ll want to hug her. If it’s words… like “I just love you”. But I’ve never had anyone say it to me!! *laughs*
2. When I’m wet? After taking a bath i tend to look at the mirror. But out of the five I’m the least to look at the mirror. Junsu and Jaejong looks at it a lot!
3.Action more than words.and I think responsibility is the most important. I think its important that you can protect the people around you by not just words but by making a move. I’m working on it too~
4. “someone and me, believe” that’s the meaning of this 3 and I use it as a set. I use it when I say “it’s okay~” or “be happy~!!”
5. Our debut song “Hug”.I think there’s Tohoshinki because there was this song. I loved the song back then too but it was out first recording so there’s probably parts where we weren’t good….. like our pronunciation *laughs*. It’s good that you can tell there’s a lot of passion but it seems too stiff? It feels like “oh- their new!”. It’s sad that “愛せない 愛したい” (Aisenai Aishitai-Can’t love Want to love) isn’t in this album. I love the lyrics but we were young and didn’t understand it completely. If we sang it now maybe everyone will understand it better!
6. Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” I listen to it a lot.
7. It has a lot of memory ever since Tohoshinki’s debut and you can see and feel our growth. In the DVD there are different types of “Rising Sun” and you can really feel our growth. So I want everyone to listen to it carefully once. I hope it can make a new memory from this one album. This album is a present from us.


►►F.CUZ changes their image for new mini album ‘No One’

The composer and director of the song and mv seems to do well with  productions that come from other artists like BEAST, Seo Tai Ji, Untouchable, and Wheesung… I hope it goes well for F.Cuz too 🙂
And also notice that Lee U doesn’t have the bowl cut anymore… F.Cuz fighting!

F.cuz’s new song will be called “No One“, and they have just recently finished filming the Music Video in Ilsan. The composer of “No One” is the same composer that made hits like B2ST’s Mystery and Untouchable’s 가슴에 살아 (Live in my heart). “No One” is a song about the story of a man after his breakup. This song will be intense yet impressively trendy, filled with electronic beats.

The brand new mini album “No One”, which contains brand new songs by F.cuz, will have a 180 degree change from their previous single “JIGGY“. Their image will also shift to one that’s more masculine and more charismatic. Kan, for one thing, had his hair dyed to blond/silver, and Lee U also got rid of his cute image.

JIGGY” was a youthful song with a cute and sporty feel to it, but their new song “No One” will be more intense and manly.

The music video is directed by the same director of Seo Tae Ji’s “Juliet” and Wheesung’s “Insomnia“. The music video will also be very stylish. During the promotion of “JIGGY“, due to the concept itself and Kan’s injuries, F.cuz didn’t get the chance to demonstrate much. But in “No One“, the choreography is said to be very powerful and strong, allowing the members to show off their dancing skills.

Cr: MiMi@FCuzed + FCuzed +1, Asiae News

►►U-Kiss goes to Manila to perform a series of special mall shows

Good luck with their promotions!

Premiere Entertainment Philippines Inc. (PEP) brings Korean “super idol band” U-Kiss to Manila for the very first time for a series of special mall shows on March 26, 27, and 28. This is in line with the promotion of the band’s full-length, solo concert here in the country that will happen this June.

U-Kiss is composed of Alexander, Kevin, Dong Ho, Eli, Ki Bum, Hyun, and Ki Seob. The band debuted in Atamai, Japan at “The Second Power of Atamix ’08” and this paved the way form a successful solo show in Hamamatsucho, Japan. Since then, the band released 3 singles and their current full-length studio album “Without You” is rapidly climbing the charts of various Asian countries. U-Kiss is also given the Best New Artist award at the “Asian Song Festival” in 2008.

Members Kevin and Alexander are chosen as VJs for Arirang’s “Pops in Seoul” while Dong Ho is currently a member of the “Unrivalled Baseball Team.”

PEP chairman Joong Ku says that U-Kiss is the first of the many Korean stars that his company will bring to the Philippines. PEP is currently under negotiations in bringing Big Bang, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1 to the country.

PEP will also collaborate with local film and TV productions in strengthening the cultural and artistic interaction between Korea and the Philippines.


►►JYPE are going to legal authorities concerning the attacks against 2PM

They are PUSHING IT! They need to realize that it’s not these guys’ fault that Jaebum left. JYPE is RIGHT to seek police help!

JYP Entertainment released an official statement today, saying that they are going to legal authorities concerning the attacks against the six members of 2PM.

After JYPE released a statement announcing that Jaebeom was officially no longer part of 2PM and held a fan conference to build on the fact, many Hottests turned their backs against the group. Some have gone so far as to find the members’ citizen registration numbers, which is equivalent of the social security number in the US, and using it illegally to exploit these young men. Due to these serious attacks on the members by ex-Hottests, JYPE has announced that they have no choice but to contact the police concerning this matter. Using another person’s citizen registration number is a serious criminal offense in Korea.

Below is is the statement that JYPE made on 2PM’s official fancafe.

“After announcing on February 25th that Jaebeom would be no longer a part of 2PM, a few netizens started to attack the six members by saying inappropriate things and spreading rumours about them. We have talked to the six members to figure out how to deal with the problem, but decided that we need to understand the fans who have been notified of something that they cannot easily accept. The members said that they will handle their personal feelings better in future and be warmer in their approaches to the fans.

However, a few Netizens have illegally obtained personal information about the six members including their citizen registration number and have been distribution and misusing those information. In order to protect the members, we had no choice but to approach the law enforcement for the six members on this matter.”

We would like to thank the fans who are supporting the six members in a time like this.

It’s shocking how far these people will go to hurt people they don’t personally know. Do you think these people’s actions are justified or have they gone too far?

Stay tuned to allkpop for more news on 2PM.

Cr: allkpop

►►Gong Yoo for Cosmopolitan

Ice cream! candy! *o*


►►Child actress Kim Sujeong’s ideal type is U-KISS’s Dongho!

AHAHAHA! GO get at him! lol Dongho’s already hitting on her… I went through the same situation with a girl, but that was WAY back ^^


KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell’s ‘Answer Girl’ child actor Kim Sujeong stated that her ideal type is U-KISS’s Dongho.

On the February 2nd broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Ye Yu Man Man’, Kim Sujeong expressed her thoughts “U-KISS oppas are handsome. I like Dongho oppa the most.”

Kim Sujeong then was given the opportunity to do a video message, and she confessed “Dongho oppa, I’ll give you an easier hint for the quiz. It’s a special service.”

Kim Sujeong managed to meet Dongho in U-KISS waiting room said “It feels good to see your face” and smiled happily while in Dongho’s arms.

Dongho said to Kim Sujeong “Why are you so pretty?”, and she smiled shyly while replying “I wonder why..” and showed Dongho her smiling eyes.

Credits: + TV Report + Nate + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Eng trans)

►►BEAST will take an overnight trip with lucky fans

haha, does it work if you buy it online? Don’t wait, BUY NOW before they’re all gone! lol this event reminds me of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. I HOPE I can be like Charlie though… Imagine if one of us won… If you really get that lucky album, TELL US!

BEAST’s second mini album, Shock of the New Era, is not going to be just any other album. A select few copies of this album, which releases on March 2nd in stores, will have a very, very special gift inside.

A small handful of album purchasers will find a “lucky card,” which will be a self-taken Polaroid of the boys, in their albums; these will give them the opportunity to take an overnight trip with the boys.

The trip will take place in May, which isn’t too far away. The winners will be revealed on their fan cafe on the 2nd of March.

Talk about a dream come true!

source: akp

►►Sungmin, “I am the middle of Super Junior”

lol, isn’t that kind of a GOOD thing to not have too many news about yourself though? I’d rather live a quiet life than one with too many rumors… but I guess he’s talking about “good” news… It’s alright Sungmin, we all love you XD

Super Junior member, Sungmin will be appearing in an upcoming episode of SBS’s Strong Heart (Kang Shim Jang) where he spoke about his frustration and wishes.

On the episode scheduled for broadcast on March 2nd, Sungmin revealed,

“I am the middle of Super Junior.”

What did he mean by that? He explained,

“I feel that in singing, acting, looks, height, etc, everything about me is in the mid-range level (average). Nothing particular stands out about me.

Sungmin confessed,

“Perhaps because of that (being average), there isn’t much news about me. I really hope that there can be more news written about me.”

Sungmin was probably talking how he was getting overshadowed by the more illustrious members, leading to less opportunities to shine. Other guests sympathized with his situation and offered him ideas to survive in this unforgiving industry, and some of which was so ridiculous that it led to laughters all around the studio.

Source: akp

►►SS501 to make a comeback in May

YEAAA~! Can’t wait along with Se7en’s comeback XD

Image and video hosting by  TinyPic

Quintet male group SS501 will be coming back to their fans on 01-May.

It will be 7 months after they release their mini album ‘REBIRTH’ in October last year. The time for SS501’s comeback has been confirmed on ‘501 day’ which is similar to their group name and they are currently in the midst of making the album.

It has not been decided if this album will be an official album or a mini album. However, regardless of what type of album to be released on 01-May, they will return with a whole new image.

Company representative said “They had very short window of activities for their ‘REBIRTH’ album which lasted about a month, in respect to perform locally after a while, they have a lot to show to the audience. They will have a longer period of activities and to be together with their fans.”

These days, SS501 members are engaged in their solo activities as actors, acting in musical plays and etc, as well as concentrating on their Asia Tour Concert in 6 countries including Japan, Taiwan, China, etc.

SS501 greeted their fans during their Asia Tour Encore Concert held on 27-Feb at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium, saying “We have prepared a lot in order to repay to our fans who have waited for us for a long time. Just wait awhile more and you will be able to see a changed SS501 image.

Cr: Quainte

►►Heechul’s Cyworld updates~ 03/01/10


Hanging a Korean flag

Today March 1st is Independence Movement Day, a holiday in Korea.

Photo entries

2010.03.01 17:14

Title : Hairstyle

Seeing my very long hair
These days Yoonah held a scissors and said she will give me a self-cut hair

Seeing my very long hair
These days Sic1 said at this rate I will become a girl

Seeing my very long hair
These days Sonkyu2 asked whether I will grow my hair as long as my height

Seeing my very long hair
These days Donghae said I look like a beggar and yell at me to cut it

Seeing my very long hair
These days Jungmo said hyung is a really free person and told me to cut (my hair)

Seeing my very long hair
These days Soojung3 was about to cry and told me even if I cut my hair a bit I still look cool

Seeing my very long hair
These days Sulli only laughed hehehehe

Seeing my very long hair
These days the people from the company were like Heechul-ah your hair is a little too…saying those words to me

Seeing my very long hair
These days Petals are comforting each other that at least I dont grow beard

Nine people out of ten oppose my beggar hairstyle
But with my personality as long as I’m the only one who like it I will continue growng it

Because I’m Kim HeeChul

1 SNSD’s Jessica
SNSD’s Sunny
f(x)’s Krystal


►►KARA tops SNSD’s hit ‘Oh!’

Congratz! Their new concept kind of remind me of their old album ‘The First Blooming’, but I like it anyways XD

Kara’s recent comeback has garnered the attention of many! With a hot tune and an even catchier dance, the girls have been soaring over the competition–much so that they have even surpassed SNSD’s Oh! on music charts!

Kara’s hit song Lupin has effortlessly managed to kick SNSD’s song to the curb as they have reached #1 on the weekly charts of music portal site Dosirak. Much different from their previous songs, Lupin is catching the attention of fans with the new visual dance style.

T-ara came in a close second with their I Go Crazy Because of You, which was followed by SNSD in third place. In fourth place this week was 2AM with Can’t Let You Go, Even If I Die. Although they still hit it high on the music charts, they have come down one step since last week. Maybe it’s about time to promote a different song off their album.

In fifth place was Big Bang with their newest single, Lollipop Part Two. In sixth was CNBlue with I’m a Loner. The rest are as follows.

7th: Min Kyung Hoon’s It’s Love Because It Hurts
8th: 2NE1’s Try to Copy Me (falling 4 spots from last week)
9th: Lee Seung Gi’s Love Teaches You How to Drink
10th: 4men’s Can’t Do

Congrats to Kara for hitting it off so quickly!

Cr: KARAholic