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►►Jo Kwon does not want Ga In’s bikini photos to be seen by others

Ahahaha! He wants his sexy noona all to himself…

Jo Kwon sends a message showing signs of jealousy to his wife GaIn regarding her recent bikini photos.

GaIn posted up photos she took of herself during Brown Eyed Girls’ trip to Singapore on 6th March. And of the photos, there were some taken by the swimming pool and she was clad in bikini. Jo Kwon then wrote on her minihompy, “Noona is sexy.. But why… do you have to post it up! Son GaIn!”

The photos of GaIn in bikini were rapidly circulated on the net after they were posted and it has garnered much attention from netizens.

Afterwhich, GaIn had also visited Jo Kwon’s minihompy and wrote, “You think only you can see? Heeheehee”.

Source: Kbites

►►[VID+PICs] T-ara for Vouge Girl

No makeup?! B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!


►►Former Fly To The Sky’s Brian Joo will be performing with Jason Derulo in his MV

Watcha say?!?! This is crazy! I am all excited!

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Last week, former Fly To The Sky member Brian Joo released his new digital single In My Head. With a music video just about to be released, it’s now been revealed that he will be performing with Jason Derulo, the original artist of the song!

Jason Derulo is an American R&B artist most famous for his 2009 hit Whatcha Say. Derulo originally created In My Head but Brian borrowed Derulo’s track and covered the song with a little k-pop twist. Both songs were released around the same time and have been getting a lot of attention in their respective countries.

Derulo was planning a tour and received requests to appear in Korea. His decision to go was assured when he watched the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and saw Kim Yuna perform. The performance was so fantastic that he agreed to seek out the country that she was from.

On the 17th and 18th, Derulo will be holding a special showcase at Club Heaven in Seoul. On the 19th, Derulo will go on air with Brian to put on a duet performance.


►►2AM spends almost $200,00 in USD to produce their new music drama MV!

That’s some BIG money $_$
Hope that it turns out to be loved and successful!

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2AM spends big bucks to produce their new MV, a music drama!

Who knew making a music video could be so expensive? Apparently, 2AM, and they spent almost $200,00 in USD in production costs. And in concurrence with ‘2AM Day’, their new music drama MV will have its first screening on March 15th at 8 PM at the Apkujeong CGV.

Now, why exactly did 2AM decide on such a big budget to spend and use in order to film and produce this music drama?

To ensure that it’s high quality, of course! This music drama will be edited to fit the shorter running time, so that it can also act as a music video for the new track. But just so that they could tell the entire story completely, a full-length music drama was made.

JoKwon, ChangMin, SeulOng, and JinWoon really got into their characters and roles of club DJ, ice hockey player, tough biker, and basketball star, respectively; just as if they were really cast in a movie.

Following the March 15th screening, 2AM’s new song will be released online on March 16th.

Cr: KpopLive + Newsen

►►DBSK’s “Best Selection 2010” recorded 503,761 pieces of sale number

So proud T_T

“Best Selection 2010” which was released last month on the 17th recorded 503,761 pieces of sale number.

TVXQ sold over 500,000 pieces of album, which is their first breakthrough for a single album sale after an interval of five years activities in Japan. The best album of TVXQ recorded in total of 459,796 pieces of sale until the end of February and occupied the first place in a day, in a week and in a month at Oricon Ranking.

On the other hand, there has been a big news in Japan when Jaejooong’s individual drama appearance was confirmed. (-omitted) Jaejoong will perform in Japanese in the drama of a youth group of five men and women who got to know each other through twitter.
To Japanese media source, Jaejoong said, “I will do my best!” and talked about his enthusiasm toward an upcoming drama.
This is his first Japanese drama debut in Japan and Jaejoong is working hard with his Japanese training and also his acting skill intensively.

The Korean fans sends hot eyes to an appearance of Jaejoong in this new drama not to mention Japanese fans.

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►►[VID] F.Cuz’s ‘No one’ MV is out!

Success! I like ^^

Cr: fcuz0108

►►U-KISS is the new ‘Yeneung-Dol’ blue-chip of the entertainment variety program

Congratz! Can’t wait for the new show XD

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U-KISS is the new ‘Yeneung-Dol (Variety Program’s Idol)‘ blue-chip of the entertainment variety program.

U-KISS is currently active in promoting ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ after their massive popularity with ‘Man Man Ha Ni’. Prior to this, U-KISS has been invited on various entertainment variety programs.

Recently, Dongho and Eli were confirmed for a new idol-training program called “Raising Idols”. Soon after that, Kiseob and Kibum were selected as fixed members of MBC Every1 “Lee Gyeong Gyu’s Bokbulbok Show (이경규의 복불복 쇼)’.

More, Alexander and Kevin will also make a weekly appearance on SBS Star King while Soohyun has been casted for KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell for a long-term appearance.

One’s broadcasting company’s official stated “U-KISS members’ passion for entertainment variety programs are beyond my expectations. Before this, they only managed to play a small role in entertainment variety programs. We’re now will be able to see them more (in the entertainment variety programs) in the future.”

Meanwhile, U-KISS has recently signed a management contract with Yahoo Japan for their advancement in Japanese market.

Cr: + Newsen + contiukiss + ROCKETBOXX.NET