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►►[PICs] “So, BEAST 2011” Calendar preview

Still looking for that special calendar to put on your desk this year? How about one from BEAST?


►►BEAST’s Yoseob is angry because of Rainbow’s Jaekyung

Group BEAST’s Yang Yoseob made sure that the netizens will halt the hateful comments after there was a rumor that a BEAST member and Rainbow’s Jaekyung would be the next couple on MBC ‘We Got Married’.

►►[Interview] Get to know BEAST’s individual wishes for 2011!

The presence of 2010 disappeared and the new 2011 is bright on the horizon. Everyone is getting busy in order to greet the New Year. This goes same for BEAST who had continued to run without stopping with the songs ‘Shock’, ‘Easy’, ‘Clenching The Fists Tight’, ‘Breath’, and ‘Beautiful’ last year.

►►[VIDs] SBS Gayo Daejun performances all-in-one

Your source for all the performance videos from SBS Gayo Daejun…in order!

MCs: Heechul, Hwang Jung Eum, YongHwa, Jokwon

Open Show – Kids performing 2010 hit songs


►►Official Line-up + Info for KBS Gayo Daejun released!

I’ve posted an entry earlier for SBS + MBC Gayo Daejun so here is the line-up for KBS Gayo Daejun!

Artist Line-Up:
Super Junior, SNSD, 2PM, SHINee, KARA, CNBLUE, 2AM, After School, Kiss, Sistar, FT Island, f(x), 4Minute, Secret, IU, T-ara, Beast, etc

Time: December 30st at 9:50PM KST – 12:30AM KST


Related NEWS

On December 30th, the “2010 Gayo Festival” will take place and the show is expected to deliver some memorable performances.


►►BEAST’s Kikwang got burnt by Park Tae Hwan

BEAST’s Kikwang has been put in the spotlight for his short height yet again.This time it’s by Korea’s favorite Olympian swimmer Park Tae Hwan.


►►SM Artists top Hanteo Charts for 2010

SM artists have topped Hanteo’s annual “Singer Award” chart for 2010!


►►Caught on Cam: BEAST’s Junhyung got CAKED!

It all started out with Junhyung and his cute BEASTy cake…


►►Offical Line-ups for MBC Gayo Daejun + SBS Gayo Daejun 2010!

SBS will be the first end-of-year music festival this year with their schedule set for December 29th (since KBS has not announced their line-up yet, I am assuming theirs would be held on the 30th, in between SBS and MBC). In fact, the only thing I know for sure about KBS Gayo Daejun is that YG Family said that they will not be attending…


►►BEG Ga-In, “I spent 2 hours just kissing BEAST’s Doojoon”

TT_TT lucky butt!!!

On the afternoon of the 6th at 12PM, the cast of MBC TV Sitcom “All my Love” gathered for a meeting in a restaurant located in Ilsan.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in, who plays the part of Hwang Geumji, appeared to be very embarrassed when prompted about her kissing scene with Yoon Doojoon. The reason behind this is that Ga-in, who is currently taking part in MBC TV’s ‘We Got Married Season 2’ with 2AM’s Jo Kwon, is still having difficulty even when it comes to skinship.


►►BEAST’s Doojoon calls 2AM’s Jokwon a cheapo

Even celebs have their money control on lock.
Beast’s Yoon Doojoon exposes Jokwon “Cheap” when Ga-in shows off her Pouch from JoKwon


►►BEAST’s KiKwang likes SNSD’s YoonA

Oooh lala~

On this week’s episode of MBC’s ‘Hot Brothers’, BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang shyly confessed to have a crush on SNSD’s YoonA.


►►BEAST’s JunHyung, “I was embarrassed because of my old name”

Celebs usually change their real name for a stage name when they first become entertainers…but it’s a little different with BEAST’ rapper Yong JungHyung.

The original name of the BEAST member Yong Junhyung is becoming a hot topic among the netizens.

In ‘Saebwaki’ that will be broadcasted on the 4th, Yong Junhyung had revealed his dilemma that he faced with his name ‘Yong Jaesoon’. Yong Junhyung stated, “I didn’t even tell my members because I was embarrassed, but I received a lot of stress from it. During 6th grade, I ended up changing my name.”


►►[Caught on Cam] BEAST DooJoon smells YoSeob’s flowers + Bromance!

BROMANCE does exist! Even in such a beastly group as BEAST, we know our very first official couple of DooSeob still has their little cute moments ^^

Check below cut for more cute GIFs from BEAST members & an awesome fan art!


►►[QUIZ] Who is your ideal Kpop idol?

In the November 2010 issue of Sparkling Magazine, a new line of Kpop magazine published in the Philippines, fans were given a quiz asking who would their ideal Kpop idol be? I must say that this was really aimed for fan girls…but you boys can also try it out 🙂


The rest of the scans are also undercut featuring artists such as 2AM, 2PM, After School, BEAST, 4Minute, Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, Big Bang, and BoA!


►►BEAST Dongwoon’s father gives update on “BEAST Airline”

BEAST Airline is almost ready to take off!

Son Ilrak, a professor who is also known as the father of BEAST’s Dongwoon, recently updated his Cyworld to give an update on the growing BEAST members and their upcoming tour “BEAST Airline”.


►►[PICs] BEAST’s priceless expressions at YongDeungDo Fansigning

BEAST recently held a fansigning event at YongDeungDo on November 20th, 2010. Browsing around, I found some SUPER WIN expressions of these boys. Enjoy but BEWARE ~ it’s a HEAVY POST!!



►►BEAST, SHINee, and 2PM to battle it out in Japan!

So fan boys got the girl groups of SNSD, KARA, 4Minute, etc. already battling it out for the top spots on the Oricon charts. Now fan girls can finally root for their favorite Kpop boy groups in Japan with SHINee, BEAST, and 2PM to be working their way in the land of the rising sun!

SHINee’s first Japanese stage is their concert on December 26th.  We reported earlier that all of their seats sold out so they had to schedule a second time because of high demand. SHINee has never formally debuted in Japan, but their title song “Lucifer” has even reached 8th place on the Oricon charts.

2PM will be working with Sony Music, and Beast will be working with Universal Music.  The two groups will be putting on a showcase on the November 24th and November 27th, respectively, and will be putting on DVDs in Japan. Seems like it’s going to be a pretty fierce battle to grab the top place in Japan.  Since DBSK has left the top place vacant, it’s up for grabs for any of these three.

Who do you think will end up on top? Or in this case, who is your best bias? 😉

Cr: Koreaboo

►►KARA quits MAMA along with other artists from SM, J.Tune, Cube, Pledis, etc.

Is anyone actually attending this year’s MAMAs 2010?

The Mnet Asian Music Awards began to run into trouble this year starting with their controversial move from Korea to Macau.

Korean broadcast companies such as SBS, KBS and MBC argued the move saying that artists would have to choose between the MAMAs or their Korean end of the year show because of the timing.

DSP Entertainment says that KARA’s busy schedule is keeping the group from attending both the 2010 MAMAs as well as the 2010 Melon Music Awards.

All of the other artists have also cited busy schedules as their reason for pulling out.

Here’s the full list of artists who will not be attending:


►►[PICs] BEAST’s album pics for “Lights Go On Again”

Yayyyyyy BEAST! haha I’ve taken a liking in them ever since their debut with “Bad Girl” and although I’m utterly disappointed that they have not had a full length album out yet, I think the past 3 mini albums have been pretty good. “Lights Go On Again” is their 4th mini album and I love it! Honestly, it’s a real upgrade from “Soom” because it’s DIFFERENT…they’ve been trying the whole gothic/rock image lately and it works but I prefer my beastly men with less guy-liner.

Hope you enjoy these 🙂


►►CUBE Entertainment confirms BEAST’s new promo song ‘Special’

Cube Ent. confirmed on May 5th that Special is the follow-up song to BEAST’s comeback song ‘Shock’. News came earlier that the follow song was ‘Easy’ to show BEAST’s strong talents as ballad singers but I guess they decided to continue with their dancing streak instead :/

A fanchant to the song was posted in Beast’s Fancafe with the following message:

“Hello. This is CUBE Entertainment.

This is the cheering method (fan chant below) of BEAST’s follow-up song Special.

The new charming images that will come out of the BEAST members
will be vivid, so please scream your shouts, B2UTIES~!! ^^

Thank you!”

►►What do MBLAQ’s leader Joon and BEAST’s leader Doojoon have in common?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

BEAST’s Yong Junhyung and Yang Yoseob revealed that member Yoon Doojoon and good friend MBLAQ’s Lee Joon have changed after becoming popular.

Junhyung and Yoseob appeared on May 1st’s episode of KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell. MC Ji Suk Jin asked, “Rumour has it that Yoon Doojoon has changed after becoming very popular”. They applauded in agreement.

Junhyun said, “Doojoon is usually very casual and did as he pleased in the dorm. But when we are at broadcast stations he would say ‘People will recognise us, be careful when we speak. We need to be luxury idols all the time.'” He also added, “The Yoon Doojoon at our dorm is someone who plays soccer wearing only his underwear”.

MC Ji Suk Jin responded, “Not long ago, Lee Joon performed splits on the show. Yoon Doojoon stayed still and didn’t do anything just to watch his image”. Yoon Doonjoon quickly changed the topic, “The one who has really changed is Lee Joon”.

Junhyung said, “Today when we met him at the waiting room. I was very happy to see him so I wanted to give him a hug. But he just said ‘Hi’ and walked away.” Responding to this, Lee Joon asked, “Isn’t it enough to greet and say hello? What else should I do?” Junhyung, Doojoon and Yoseob replied in unison, “You should hug”, “A little hug”, “That’s too mean”. Lee Joon was left speechless.

Source: Review Star
Chinese translation: MassuL @ MBLAQCHINA
English translation: bibimbap @ ABSOLUTEMBLAQ

►►[WALLPAPERs] BEAST becomes flying gods for ‘B2ST Almighty’!

Pet Idol BEAST transform into ‘gods’.

Idol group BEAST (Yoon Doojoon, Son Dongwoon, Jang Hyunseung, Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Kikwang) transformed into a god that represented their character the most for their advertisements of the program MTV ‘BEAST ALMIGHTY’.

In bringing the god-like feeling, the members dressed in pure white. As the members went in rotation, each one posed as the others would portray the feelings of praising them.

Known for his smoky eye makeup, Jang Hyunseung claimed the title ‘sexy god’. While Son Dongwoon was known as the ‘tall god’ as he is 181 centimeters tall, Yang Yoseob earned the title ‘mischievous god.’ Yong Junhyung was referred to as ‘hip hop-minded god’ and Yoon Doojoon was ‘starved god’ due to filling his hunger from not being able to eat on the day of the filming. Lastly, Lee Kikwang was ‘six god’ for his perfect body line.

T/N: In the original article, they put Junhyung as the leader (fail). Also, his nickname of ‘hip hop-minded god’ is word play in Korean. ‘Jung shin’ (정신) actually means ‘minded’, but ‘shin’ (신) means ‘god’ ^^ Kikwang’s ‘six god’ nickname is in reference to his six packs.


►►BEAST makes their own ‘Mystery’ MV dressed as girls and Indians + SNSD and KARA to visit

On the third episode of the MTV show ‘B2ST Almighty’, BEAST members will be releasing a music video that the members personally scripted out and filmed in response to the fans wishes to see the ‘Mystery’ music video.

‘Mystery’ is a song about a desperate guy who can’t deal with the farewell of a lover. BEAST members, thinking of the loving and painful memories with the curry, made a shocking and comical version of the video.

It will be a story about one man, who often looks at the window reminiscing of his love, making curry to lessen his sadness. However, this man would end up going into hysteria because he can’t fight back the sadness.

Especially, in the ending, there will a scene where the main male lead changes into Indian style clothing and start dancing will a Bollywood style dance because he can’t hide his emotions. This scene has been chosen by the BEAST members as the best scene.