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►►What kind of ringtones do Kpop Stars use?

A Japanese magazine published a list which reveals what Kpop stars use as their ringtones. Check out who use the silent-mode, their own songs etc.!

The Japanese magazine, “KStar Lovers” shared a list revealing various K-Celebs’ ringtones. The list was as followed.

K-Celebs who silent-mode their mobile:

Alexander (U-Kiss)

►►Official line-up list for Dream Concert 2010 revealed

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We reported earlier about the tentative lineup for the upcoming Dream Concert 2010 and the finalized list has been announced recently.

Dream Concert is undoubtedly an event of epic proportions for kpop fans – with nearly twenty of Korea’s hottest artists performing on one stage in front of an audience that’s 40,000 members strong. For 2010, Dream Concert has been scheduled to take place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium next month on May 22nd, and will be taped for future broadcast by SBS.

20 performing artists have been confirmed on GMarket’s website and they are:

Super Junior
Lee Hyori

►►Performers/line-up list for Dream Concert 2010 revealed!

The performers line-up for the upcoming 16th Dream Concert was revealed earlier through Japanese online portals. Indeed, thanks to the Hallyu Fan Card, Japanese fans can already apply for the presale until April 14th, whereas the reservations will be open starting from mid-April in South Korea.

Related to 4Minute: [The information is still to be confirmed by PlayCube which has to reveal about the girls’ following activities but especially their tight schedule for May. 4Minute’s Japanese debut is set for May 1st (with the further release of the Muzik single Japanese ver. on May 5) and their Korean comeback was announced by newspapers for mid-May.]

This year, the Dream Concert will take place on May 22, at 7PM and at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. The event will be later broadcasted by SBS and here goes the current performers’ line-up :

Rain, MBLAQ, SS501, Lee Hyori, Kara, Rainbow, Wonder Girls, 2PM, BEAST, 4minute, T-Ara, Davichi, ZE:A, F-CUZ, f(x), SNSD, SHINee, etc.

: WoW!Korea, Hallyu Fan Card
Reporting : Meeli

►►F.CUZ’s LeeU, “I joined wrestling and lost 28kg (62 pounds) in a month”

F.Cuz’s LeeU recently appeared on SBS E!TV Jo HyungGi and Park JoonKyu’s Brother Restaurant where he revealed his childhood pains at being an outcast. He spoke about his father, famous trot singer Sul WoonDo, and said, “Because of my dad’s hairstyles and outfits, the kids used to tease me and called me ‘Sparkly’s Kid’.”

However, it didn’t stop just there. LeeU revealed that he used to weigh around 220 lbs (100kg). His weight sparked some more harsh criticism and jokes from his so-called “friends” and some from his very own dad.

“I told my dad that I wanted to be a singer when I was in my first year of junior high, and he told me, ‘Instead of becoming a singer, join wrestling.’ The impact of his words made me lose 62 lbs (28 kg) in one month.

I know by now you’re all gaping at the screen and wondering if you read the numbers right. Yes, it is 28 kg in one month! Wanna know the secret to LeeU’s fast weight loss? LeeU began Hapkido, a Korean martial art, and started a diet. He mercilessly followed a steady diet regime, kept track of all the food he ate in a notebook, and calculated his calorie intake. He even resisted all the delicious foods that his father tried tempting him with!


►►F.Cuz’s Jinon diagnosed with diverticulosis and considered for surgery

Yikes this doesn’t sound good at all :/

Jinon was recently hospitalized for appendicitis. However, the results from his health examination revealed that he was actually suffering from diverticulosis.

On March 18th, Jinon experienced stomach pain while preparing to rehearse for Mnet M!Countdown. He was consequently rushed to the hospital, and F.Cuz performed with only three members.

CAN&J’s Entertainment stated today that Jinon was suffering from diverticulosis and not appendicitis. Diverticulosis is a condition where small pouches in the lining of the colon bulge outward from the colon wall. CAN&J’s Entertainment is currently discussing if Jinon will undergo surgery to treat his diverticulosis. Jinon already had diverticulosis, but the design of the outfits in which he performed worsened his condition.

A company representative stated, “After the health report came out, we found out that Jinon had diverticulosis. We will observe him a little more before deciding if he needs surgery for that. We are sorry for making fans worry and will work hard so that he will recover soon and appear in front of fans with better features.”

In the meantime, F.Cuz will not be performing on this week’s KBS Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo.

Cr: omgkpop

►►F.cuz leader Jinon rushed to the hospital due to stomach pain

The leader of newbie group, F.Cuz, Jinon has been sent to the emergency room for an acute appendicitis. The idol was attacked unexpectedly by the symptoms of abdominal pain during the rehearsals for Mnet Countdown!. He is currently hospitalized (again), and is awaiting to undergo a mild surgery.

Their label, Can&J’s Entertainment, revealed, “Due to the sudden need for surgery, only three members of F.Cuz will be stepping on stage for tonight’s Mnet Countdown. He will return to his schedules as soon as he makes a full recovery.”

Wishing Jinon a speedy recovery.

Cr: allkpop

►►New Releases: 03/08/10 – 03/14/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances are added!

MVs: 8eight’s “Expiration date” + MC Mong feat. Seo In Young’s “Bubble Love” + Cho PD feat. Koreana’s “Victory 2010” + Royal Pirates’ “Disappear” + Magic Hat Parade feat. Kim Jong Jin’s “Simply Said” + Epik High feat. Infinite’s “Run” + Fish NY’s “Love Again” + Defconn’s “Don’t go die” + K.Will feat. G-One’s “Present” + F.CUZ’s “No one” + Len’s “Love is a default” + Brian Joo’s “In my head” + The Quiett’s “Be my luv” + Jung In’s “I hate you” + Big Bang’s “Lollipop 2”  + 2PM’s “Follow your soul”

Teasers: All four of 2AM’s “I was wrong” solo teasers

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100314): Epik High’s “Run” + K.Will ft. Eun Ji Won’s “Present” + KARA’s “Lupin” + BEAST’s “Shock” + T-ara’s “I go crazy because of you” + U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul” + F.CUZ’s “No One” + DiA’s “Knock” + D-NA’s “Admiring boy” + Brian Joo’s “In my head” + December’s “Learn to love” + MC Cuts with 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung and f(x)’s Sulli + Epik High’s Interview + KARA WINS!