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►►New Releases: 03/08/10 – 03/14/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances are added!

MVs: 8eight’s “Expiration date” + MC Mong feat. Seo In Young’s “Bubble Love” + Cho PD feat. Koreana’s “Victory 2010” + Royal Pirates’ “Disappear” + Magic Hat Parade feat. Kim Jong Jin’s “Simply Said” + Epik High feat. Infinite’s “Run” + Fish NY’s “Love Again” + Defconn’s “Don’t go die” + K.Will feat. G-One’s “Present” + F.CUZ’s “No one” + Len’s “Love is a default” + Brian Joo’s “In my head” + The Quiett’s “Be my luv” + Jung In’s “I hate you” + Big Bang’s “Lollipop 2”  + 2PM’s “Follow your soul”

Teasers: All four of 2AM’s “I was wrong” solo teasers

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100314): Epik High’s “Run” + K.Will ft. Eun Ji Won’s “Present” + KARA’s “Lupin” + BEAST’s “Shock” + T-ara’s “I go crazy because of you” + U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul” + F.CUZ’s “No One” + DiA’s “Knock” + D-NA’s “Admiring boy” + Brian Joo’s “In my head” + December’s “Learn to love” + MC Cuts with 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung and f(x)’s Sulli + Epik High’s Interview + KARA WINS!


►►New Releases: 01/03/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances are added!

Specials: Younha covers 2PM’s “Again & Again” + IU covers Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” (acoustic ver.)

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100103): 2PM’s “Tired of waiting” + Gummy’s “Will it snow for Christmas” + After School’s “Because of You” + T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” + Brian’s “My Girl” + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” + JYP’s “No love no more” + IU’s “Marshmallow” + MBLAQ’s “G.O.O.D Luv” + BEAST’s “Mystery” + f(x)’s “Chu~♡” + Jewelry’s “Love story” + December’s “희재 part.2” + 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung MC Cut + Interview with After School + BEAST’s YoSeob & 4Minute’s SoHyun do Digital Music Chart + T-ara WINS!


►►Top 30 Albums of 2009 Chart released from Mnet
1.2NE1 – 1st Mini Album
2.G Dragon – Heartbreaker Album
3.Davichi – Davichi In The Wonderland
4.Various Artists – BOF OST
5.BEG – 3rd Album
6.SNSD – Gee Mini Album
7.2PM – Time For Change
8.Big Bang – Remember Album
9.SG Wannabe – 6th Album
10.MC Mong – 5th Album
12. Infinity Challenge – Infinity Challenge album (?)
13. KARA – Revolution
14. Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry
14. SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) EP
15. Outsider – Maestro
16. 2PM – 1:59 PM
17. 4Minute – For Muzik (EP)
18. Park Hyo Shin – Gift – Part 1
19. V.O.S – Routine Free
20. SS501 – Rebirth
21. Drunken Tiger – Feel ghood Muzik: The 8th Wonder
22. 8eight – The Golden Age
23. FT Island – Cross & Change
24. K.Will – Dropping the Tears
25. Zia – Orchestra (EP)
26. Lee Seung Gi – Shadow
27. Ivy – Be..
28. SHINee – 2009, Year Of Us (EP)
29. 2NE1 – Fire (Digital Single)
30. December – Yeojaneun nappeun namjareul johwahanda

Chart shared by ygladies + Translated by kpoprants@wp

►►New Releases: 09/20/09

Awesome clips from SNSD’s 1st live concert + SBS Inkigayo live performances are added!


Specials: DBSK performs “Stand By U” on Music Japan Christmas Special  + SNSD Yuri performs Ciara’s “1,2 Step” with f(x) Amber + SNSD Jessica & SHINee Key sings “Barbie Girl” + SNSD Yuri & YoonA do the Chu~ dance

Live perfs (Inkigayo 092009): Younha’s “Broke up today” + T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” + K.will’s “Miss, miss, and miss” + After School’s “Because of You” + SHINee’s “JoJo” + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” + Mblaq’s “G.O.O.D Luv” + 2NE1 CL & Minzy’s “Please Don’t Go” + Brian’s “My Girl” + Ivy’s “Goodbye Tears” + Jewelry’s “Love Story” + Lyn’s “True Story” + SeeYa’s “His Voice” + December’s “True love” + Yurisanja’s “Bad Boy” + BEAST Yoseob & Hyunseung do digital music chart + After School WINS!


►►New Releases: 12/18/09

KBS Music Bank live performances are added!

It’s been a looooooong week with so much work T^T (part of why I haven’t updated these “New Releases” posts) …but 2 weeks of Winter Break now starts!!! *happy*


MVs: Atista feat. RBS’ “White Memories” + The Ha Gi’s “If it snows” + Ji Seo Ryun’s “Flowers in Tears” + SG Wannabe & V.O.S’ “I Love You” + Go Yoo Jin & Hwayobi’s “Ghost” + Jewelry’s “Love Story” + Cho Kyu Chan’s “I Love You” + Kim Tae Woo feat. Hit-M & Slime’s “Love Snow”+ Super Junior Heechul’s “Chobyeol” (I Love You 10 Million Times OST)

Song: DBSK’s “Break Out” (Japanese single – radio ver)

Special: BEAST & 4Minute’s “Love Sharing Concert” cut~ subbed + Super Junior’s LeeTeuk grooves to “Bo Peep Bo Peep”

Live Perfs (Music Bank 091218): Jewelry’s “Intro” & “Love Story” (comeback) + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” (comeback) + SHINee’s “JoJo” + BEAST’s “Mystery” + U-Kiss’ “Man Man Ha Ni” + f(x)’s “Chu~♡” + Rainbow’s “Gossip Girl” + T-ara’s “Bo peep bo peep” + After School’s “Because of You” + IU’s “Marshmallow” + Younha’s “Broke up today” + K.will’s “Miss, miss, and miss” + SeeYa’s “His Voice” + December’s “Love You So…” + Brian Joo’s “My Girl” + Song Ji Eun & Hwanhee’s “Yesterday” + MC Sniper’s “Magic Castle” + Kan Jong Wook’s “Laughed” + DEEVINE’s “Close Your Eyes” + Lee Na Young’s “Planting Flowers” + Yurisangja’s “A Bad Person” + 2PM WINS!


►►New Releases: 12/06/09

SBS Inkigayo performances are added!

↓Beast performing Mystery is so BEAST! geez DongWoon and DooJoon look so freakin good w/ their new haircuts! *0*

Cr: newsen + re-upped by cuiying@soompi

Song: Secret’s “I want you SEOUL” (campaign song)

Specials: College students dance to 2PM’s “Heartbeat” + Mblaq’s The Star Interviews (subbed)

Live perfs (Inkigayo 091206): 2PM WINS! + JYP’s “No love no more” + After School’s “Because of You” + T-ara’s “Like the first time” & “Bo Peep Bo Peep” + Beast’s “Mystery” + 2NE1 CL & Minzy’s “Please Don’t Go” + 2PM’s “Heartbeat” + f(x)’s “Chu~ ” + Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sign” + U-Kiss’ “Man Man Ha Ni” + K.will’s “Miss miss and miss” + Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” + December’s “Love is so…” + H-Eugene ft. JooHee(8eight)’s “Love Warning” + Rainbow’s “Gossip Girl” + JYP’s Interview + Beast JunHyung & YoSeob do Digital Music Chart


►►New Releases: 12/04/09

KBS Music Bank live performances added + 2PM & SHINee’s CFs!


MVs: Double Trouble feat. Hwayobi’s “TV Star” + Kim Jong Wook’s “Army Entrance Day” + Mongshil Sisters’ “My Love” + 4Minute feat. Mario & Amen’s “Jingle Jingle”

Teaser: Brain’s “My Girl”

CFs: 2PM for My Color (teaser) + SHINee for Nana’s B (Taemin’s version)

Live perfs (Music Bank 091204): 2PM’s “Heartbeat” + JYP’s “No love no more” + After School’s “Because of You” + T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” + Beast’s “Bad girl” (remix) + f(x)’s “Chu~” + Rainbow’s “Gossip Girl” + K.Will’s “Miss miss and miss” + Hwanhee’s “Because I missed your heart” + Kim Tae Woo’s “Dreaming Dream” + SeeYa’s “His Voice” + DNT’s “The love in my heart” + Secret’s “I want you back” + December’s “Love is so…” + H-Eugene ft. JooHee (8eight)’s “Love Warning” + Woo Yi Kyung’s “Do what we do” + Lee Young Hyun (Big Mama)’s “Sorry, I love you” + JYP with 2PM backstage + 2PM WINS!