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►►New Releases: 12/19/09

MBC Music Core performances are added!

Specials: fan-made MV of DBSK’s “Break Out” (subbed!) + IU covers Minni Ripperton’s “Loving You”

Live perfs (Music Core 091219): 2PM, Yuri & Tiffany, SHINee, MBLAQ, BEAST – “Love Messages” + Jewelry’s “Love Story” (comeback) + SHINee’s “JoJo” + Beast’s “Mystery” + U-Kiss’ “Man Man Ha Ni” + Mblaq’s “G.O.O.D Luv” + Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sign” + Brian’s “My Girl” + f(x)’s “Chu~♡” + T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” + MC Sniper’s “Magic Castle” + Hwanhee & Song Ji Eun’s “Yesterday” + Namolla Family ft. Kang Min Hee’s “Breakdown” + Lee Young Hyun’s ” Sorry I Love You” + SHINee’s Interview (subbed)


►►Who are SHINee’s ideal women?

Onew based his on talents more than beauty ^^ that’s cute 🙂

SHINee revealed their ideal girl types on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate. Out of the five, Onew made the most surprising choice.

Onew said, “Lee Young Hyun (from Big Mama) is my ideal type. Starting at a young age, I loved listening to Big Mama’s Resignation. Her voice is so nice. My ideal type is someone who has a nice voice and soft hands and she fits into those categories.”

Minho’s revealed, “I like Kim Tae Hee. She’s smart, pretty and has a charming smile.” For Jonghyun chose Han Chae Young, stating, “I saw her once at an awards show and she was so beautiful.”

Lastly, Key expressed, “I like Kim Jung Eun. She’s very pretty and honest.” He rained on Kim Jung Eun’s parade by adding, “When Lovers in Paris was on, I was in elementary school.” He did a great job making her feel nice and old, eh?

Sadly, Taemin was not present but the rest put on an amazing show for everyone.

Cr: allkpop

►►New Releases: 12/04/09

KBS Music Bank live performances added + 2PM & SHINee’s CFs!


MVs: Double Trouble feat. Hwayobi’s “TV Star” + Kim Jong Wook’s “Army Entrance Day” + Mongshil Sisters’ “My Love” + 4Minute feat. Mario & Amen’s “Jingle Jingle”

Teaser: Brain’s “My Girl”

CFs: 2PM for My Color (teaser) + SHINee for Nana’s B (Taemin’s version)

Live perfs (Music Bank 091204): 2PM’s “Heartbeat” + JYP’s “No love no more” + After School’s “Because of You” + T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” + Beast’s “Bad girl” (remix) + f(x)’s “Chu~” + Rainbow’s “Gossip Girl” + K.Will’s “Miss miss and miss” + Hwanhee’s “Because I missed your heart” + Kim Tae Woo’s “Dreaming Dream” + SeeYa’s “His Voice” + DNT’s “The love in my heart” + Secret’s “I want you back” + December’s “Love is so…” + H-Eugene ft. JooHee (8eight)’s “Love Warning” + Woo Yi Kyung’s “Do what we do” + Lee Young Hyun (Big Mama)’s “Sorry, I love you” + JYP with 2PM backstage + 2PM WINS!


►►[VIDs] 091122 SBS “Spread the Love” Concert!

All the live performances found for the concert! More info about the event itself can be found here & here.

2PM – Heartbeat

2NE1’s Minzy & CL – Please Don’t Go


►►Concert to watch for: Nongshim Spread the Love Concert

According to an email from one of the Blackjacks (2NE1′ fan) who would attend the concert, Nongshim gave details, such as 2NE1’s Minzy & CL would perform, along with MBLAQ , 2PM, B2ST, SS501, and a couple more other performers..

The pic above lists all the performers that will attend: SS501, Taeyang (Big Bang), CL & MinJi (2NE1), Mblaq, Brown Eyed Girls, f(x), 2PM, Lyn, December, Beast, Lee Young Hyun (Big Mama), Mighty Mouth, Rainbow.

The Nongshim Love Sharing Concert 2009 will be held this coming Sunday (Nov. 22nd).

Cr: 2ne1’s daum  + ne-people via + list of artists translated by kpoprants@wp

►►New Releases: 10/25/09

Big Bang’s Taeyang finally gets on stage! And more exciting performances to come on SBS Inkigayo!


Teasers: Andy (Shinhwa) feat. Jumper’s “Single Man” + Lee Young Hyun’s “Sorry, I Love You”

Perfs (Inkigayo 091025): Beast & Mblaq’s Interview + SS501’s “Only One Day” & “Love Like This” (comeback) + Taeyang’s “Where You At” + 4Minute’s “What a girl wants” (comeback) + SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” + Beast’s “Bad Girl” + G-Dragon’s “A Boy” + Mblaq’s “Oh Yeah” + Mighty Mouth feat. Naomi’s “Smile” (comeback) + Woo Yi Kyung feat. 4Minute Ji Yoon’s “Look at me” + Kim Tae Woo’s “Love Rain” + T-ara & Supernova’s “TTL Listen 2” + Zin TaeHwa’s “Fallen Angel” + Beast does Digital Music Chart! + Kim Tae Woo WINS!

Funny Clip of the Day: SHINee’s cuts on Star King 091024!