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►►Top 25 Fan Clubs At Daum Cafe


►►New Releases: 01/22/10

KBS Music Bank live performances are added!

MVs: After School Jung Ah’s “You’re Cute” (Pasta OST) + 2NB’s “Black Tears” & “Obvious Woman” + Shinhwa Andy’s “One Love” + Jiyo’s “Sideroad” + J-Hwan’s “Glaw Worm” + Lyn’s “Making memories” + 4Men’s “Magic Body” + After School’s “Because of You” (remix) + Gavy NJ feat. MJ’s “Sunflower” + 2AM’s “Even If I Die, I Can’t Send You Away” (subbed)

Teasers: SNSD’s “Oh!” + TRAX’s “Let you go”

Song: BEAST’s “Ready Go” (God of Study OST)

Live perfs (Music Bank 100122): 2AM’s “Even If I Die, I Can’t Send You Away” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + TRAX’s “Never let you go” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” + After School’s “My Lips…Warm Like Coffee” + After School’s “Because of You” (remix) + T-ara’s “Like the beginning” + Seeya, Davichi & T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + HAM’s “Tomorrow” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + IU’s “Marshmallow” + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” + DIA’s “Another Boy” + 2AM’s interview + C.N BLUE’s interview + K-Chart No.20~11 + K-Chart No.10~4 + JoKwon & GaIn’s “We Fell In Love” WINS!


►►Lee Min Woo is discharged from hospital on January 13th

I hope they’re not rushing things because the accident sounded HORRIBLE…like his whole body broke :/

Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo has been discharged from the hospital after a 19-day stay.

Lee Minwoo met with a car accident near the Yongpyeong Ski Resort on 24th Dec last year and was sent to a hospital in Seoul on 25th Dec. He has apparently been discharged on 13th Jan and is currently recuperating at home.

A rep from Lee Minwoo’s management company told Newsen in a phone interview on 13th Jan, “Lee Minwoo has been discharged from the hospital today, and he’s currently resting at his own home.”

Lee Minwoo suffered injuries to his neck, waist and spine, and also showed signs of a concussion. He was transferred to a Seoul hospital on 25th Dec. Following that, he had to usher in the new year in the hospital and also had no choice but to cancel his concert ‘M’s Suite Room’, previously scheduled for 16th and 17th Jan at Ewha Women’s University.

Cr: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

►►Andy’s last thought before entering military service, “I think of Shin Hye Sung hyung the most”

It’s certainly a sad day for Shinhwa fans as one of the members, Andy, is now off to serve in the South Korean army 😦

ShinHwa Andy picks member Shin HyeSung as the member he thinks of the most.

Andy reported for his 20-months military services at ChoongNam Nonsan camp at 1pm on 11th January. He gave up his American citizenship in 2003 and came back to Korea for his celebrity promotions and is the only ShinHwa member doing active service.

On the day, about 200 fans were present to send him off to his military service. He was accompanied by ShinHwa members Eric and Kim DongWan who are currently serving their military services.

Andy said, “At this point in time, I think of the members the most. Especially Shin HyeSung hyung. HyeSungie hyung is the only who did not contact me.”


►►Shinhwa’s Andy will enlist into the military on January 11th

Shinhwa’s Andy will be entering active military service on January 11, 2009 2010.

Andy will enter the Choongnam Army Training Facility at 1pm on the 11th, where he will go through basic training, and then leave to fulfill his military obligations for two years.

According to Andy’s representative, “Although he is entering the miliatry on the 11th, he had a very busy schedule, which included holding concerts, including his Asia Tour. He is spending the beginning of the year taking care of personal matters before he enters the military.”

In 2003, Andy gave up his green card in the U.S. to be a celebrity in Korea, including Shinhwa activities. Among Shinhwa members, Andy will be on the only one entering active military service.

Upon hearing the news that he will be entering active military service, his fans have been expressing their sadness. His fans have expressed their sadness while sending their support by saying, “Andy oppa, it’s going to be difficult for you to enter the military when it’s cold,” “He’s going to active military service, that’s admirable,” and “Will be able to see him after two years?”.

**Koreans differentiate between Active and Non-active military service. The only difference is that in Active military service, they have to live in military dorms on base, while non-active members (Eric, DW, JunJin) get to go home everyday (think of it as equal to working a 9-5 job).

Credit: Newsen + ShinHwaChangJo

►►Shinhwa’s Dongwan give fans an update on Lee Min Woo and his accident

It has been reported on January 1st that Lee Min Woo (M) was involved in a serious car accident. His friend from Shinhwa, Dongwan, then wrote entries to assure fans and give them an update on Min Woo’s current situation:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From Dongwan’s 01/02 Naver Blog Entry:

“Don’t worry too much about Minwoo
Although we failed to keep Minwoo’s injuries from being found out by the enemies.
It’s alright~ Because Minwoo is Superman~^0^/”

The translator noted that Dongwan is most probably referring to the media as “enemies”. That explains why the news only got out now though the accident happened in December. They purposely kept it among themselves to stop the story from being sensationalized by reporters.

[10.01.01] Dongwan’s memolog: I’m amazed too.

When I get the feeling of people doubting the possibility of something
An enormous desire to challenge them would emerge.
Perhaps because all this time I’ve been receiving a lot of praise and love.
So in fact I only pick out people who are hard on me.. Because I want to be provoked…ㅋ

Shinhwa is only a name

Is it possible to regroup again?

Actually… Words like this… I like!

Because this is a good stimulant~
Until the time we regroup again
It will be good if we can continue to hear things like this.
This way
We will stay alert and not slack off,
Unlike how we were only sufficiently prepared when we were receiving a lot of love,
We will be completely and fully prepared.!

The thing that we want to protect
Is Shinhwa’s stage and orange color,
Not the number of fans we have.

How is the relationship among the members, one may ask?
Because I’m amazed too.^_^

Happy New Year!

Credit: Absolut Shinhwa (1 & 2)

►►What are the biggest fan clubs in Korea right now?

Fans, take pride in your fan clubs!

*also note that these are only registered fanclub members, I’m sure there are wayyy more than the numbers listed below for each group 😉
Despite their #1 unbeatable spot, TVXQ’s official fanclub, Cassiopeia, has decreased in numbers:


DBSK: 797,821 (used to be 800,000+)

Big Bang: 378,859
BoA: 342,848
Lee Hyori: 327,160
SNSD: 285,790
SS501: 278,598
Super Junior: 260,156
2PM: 222,090
Shinhwa: 193,974
Rain: 188,387
Se7en: 162,375
Lee Jun Ki: 136,066
Wonder Girls: 112,823
FT Island: 112,213
SHINee: 107,330

Credits: tieba@sweetfig
Translations: adie@sweetfig
shared by: sweetfig@blogspot + DBSKnights