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►►There is a 90% chance a celeb is lying about their dating status

On April 20th, singer Kim Tae Woo was a guest on Mnet Radio and stated that, “If idols say that they are not dating, it is 90% likely to be a lie.”

Kim Tae Woo was once a member of the hit boy band g.o.d. during the early turn of the millennium. While the group was wildly successful, it seems they all hid a few secrets from the public.

MC Kim Jin Pyo and Epik High’s Mithra Jin were discussing the particular meaning behind the music when Kim Tae Woo revealed, “g.o.d.’s Ordinary Day was a song that I could relate to with my girlfriend.”

At this surprising statement, Kim Jin Pyo asked whether or not Kim Tae Woo was dating at the time. His response was even more shocking when he revealed that all the members were in relationships as he said, “At the time, all of the g.o.d. members were dating. Probably 90% of the idols were in a relationship.”

Kim Tae Woo further dove into the subject saying that idols must deny dating no matter what and because of this, most idols end up dating one another. He also said that 90% of the current idols that deny being in relationships are lying and that they are probably just being very careful.

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►►Top 25 Fan Clubs At Daum Cafe


►►MBLAQ Mir’s love confession, “My heart flutters when I see Danny Ahn”

Danny Ahn is a guy…IC IC lol

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►►[VIDs] 2PM (Taecyeon, Jay, Nichkhun) & G.O.D on “Sang Sang Plus” subbed!

The show aired on 9/01/09…a few days before the whole Jaebum incident 😦


►►Vietnam-Korea Friendship Festival 2009: The full review

Today’s hot topic (or headline) is certainly the arrival of the SNSD girls in Vietnam. The fans were wild and satisfied as the Girl’s perform 2 of their hits on stage in a happy attitude at the festival. The girls’ were the main highlight of the show at yesterday’s festival at the National Conventional Center.

And look, they even made the cover of Dien Anh Magazine, which is probably the most popular entertainment magazine in Vietnam:


Nearly after 1 hour of watching some Vietnamese/Korean girls performing a traditional music of each of their country, the festival has just began…



►►DBSK in the eyes of other celebs, including Big Bang’s G-Dragon

Of course we fan girls talk about these guys and their talents all the time, but other artists have been praising DBSK too! This includes G-Dragon, FT Island, Lee Seung Chul, Kim Gun Mo, Shinhwa, Nell, Andre Kim, and a whole lot more!

Dong Bang Shin Ki are the senior singers that we like. They are good at singing, and we also study their dance move and stage performance. We also see them as a role model in term of self-development. – G-Dragon (BigBang)

They have the ability to attract one attention the moment they stepped on stage, and to see their awesome performance even in this economy downturn for music industries, therefore I’m hoping to see many music groups who is the same as Dong Bang Shin Ki, not to take them as imitate target, but to have the same influential ability as them, to brighten up this industries. – Tony An (Former H.O.T member)

Dong Bang Shin Ki dance is full of energy, it will be a pity if they can’t go on ‘Live’. Their live performances would normally attract your full attention unknowingly. – Bae Ji Yeong (Singer)

Seen their performance, though there are still improvement to make, but we also have to praise them for what they have done great too. They are skillful in singing, improved a lot as compare to their debut time. Keep in mind not to rush it will be good. – Kim Jong Seo (Senior rock singer)

While doing some event, many singers would wave and greet to me, but if I missed them, they would normally walked pass. But remember once I didn’t notice Dong Bang Shin Ki were greeting to me, and they actually came closer and greet me, which really amazed me. They are really polite. – Sung Si Kyung (Singer)

Xiah JunSu, his voice is the precious treasure of Asia. – Mazio Kiyoshi

Many had covered our songs, but the one performanced by Xiah JunSu of Dong Bang Shin Ki is the best I have heard. – Big Mama (Powerful girl group)


►►G.O.D’s Kim Tae Woo confessed he’s a fanboy of SNSD’s Yuri


Kim Tae Woo picked Yuri as one of the 3 stars he would want as a younger sister, in a corner on “Come To Play”. The staffs knowing this prepared a surprise phone conversation with Yuri for him and he confessed that he withstood the hard times he had in the military by thinking about her. He also admitted to having a picture of her in his locker.
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LOL picture? whoa…creeper status