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►►18 Korean artists to appear at the Showking M Concert in Thailand

Cable music channel Mnet will be hosting a free concert in Thailand next week starring over a dozen K-pop groups, according to a press release by the broadcaster on Thursday.

Mnet announced it will hold the “ShowKing M in Bangkok” at 7 p.m. on April 6 where a total of 18 different artists, including 2AM, Brown Eyed Girls, Cho Shin Sung, C.N BLUE, KARA, Kim Tae Woo, MBLAQ, SG Wannabe, Son Ho Young, T-ara and U-KISS, have been set to perform.

Boy band 2PM members Junsu and Wooyoung have been chosen as MCs for the event.

“Thailand is currently the advance guard for spreading Korean pop music,” said the show’s chief producer Kim Dong-joon. “Many Korean singers will be able to promote themsevles overseas from this performance and largely contribute in raising the popularity of the local pop music, the Korean Wave.

Korean music industry officials also explained that there are many Korean singers who will “take advantage of such big, local music show to break into overseas markets.”

The free concert, which will take place at Thailand’s Rajamangala National Stadium, was organized by media business company AMADAS and will be broadcast jointly by Thai terrestrial network MCOT and Korea’s Mnet.

A press conference regarding the show will be held April 5 with the concert itself set to air on Mnet two weeks later.

Cr: asiae

►►T-ara Eunjung & F.cuz Jinon’s close relationship stirs up fans

Jinon with long hair OMG (I’m glad he cut it short now ^^ suits his face so much better)

The special relationship new boy group leader Jinon of F.cuz and T-ara’s leader Eunjeong have stirred up the fans.

Jinon and Eunjeong worked together as actors for SG Wannabe’s music video ‘Gashiri’ in 2007. From this music video, people have truly noticed both leaders’ good looks and acting skills.

Moreover, Jinon was supposed to be part of Supernova in the first place, the boy group that T-ara recently collaborated with. With that being said, their extremely tight relationship has caused the stir with the fans.

“Ever since T-ara debuted, I’ve already been a fan of their’s. I’m extremely glad that our sunbae-hoobae relationship has been realized again,” said Jinon. He also added that, “The debut’s been extremely nerve-wracking and Eunjeong’s advices were a big help to me”.

Meanwhile, F.cuz recently released their debut track ‘Jiggy’.

Source: tvreport
Written by: Park Youngwoon
Translated by: Elly@diadem

►►MBC Gayo Daejun: performances and special stages videos

Special Collabs

Nichkhun & Lee Bo Young – Way back into love

2PM + SNSD – Sexy Back + Crazy in Love

2PM + SNSD – Night fever


►►MBC Gayo Daejun: Full list of performers + special performances revealed!

This year’s MBC Gayo Daejun will take place at the MBC Dream Center on the 31st. The MC’s are Kim Gura, Lee Bo Young, and Shin Jung Hwan but what you should be excited about is the line up.

It’s definitely going to be hard to beat SBS Gayo Daejun’s line up but with the 2PM and SNSD joint stage, it might be possible.

2PM also is planning on having a dance battle with Park Jin Young which will be interesting since both of them are known to be excelling in dancing. 2PM’s Taecyeon will also be performing together with SNSD’s YoonA.

Jewelry will put on a memorable and touching performance with Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young. Other than Jewelry, other girl groups will perform to show their unique looks and this year’s hit songs.

Baek Ji Young will perform My Ear’s Candy with Lee Seung Gi instead of Taecyeon. Awkward Lee Seung Gi grinding with Baek Ji Young, interesting.

EDIT: Nickhun to have a duet (and shows off his piano skills!) with actress Lee Bo Young, one of the MCs on this night.

Here is the full list of artistes that are set to perform:
2PM, JYP, Baek Ji Young, Lee Seung Gi, SNSD, Super Junior, KARA, SHINee, After School, Brown Eyed Girls, Kim Tae Woo, MC Mong, Son Dambi and more.

Cr: allkpop

►►19th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Full Nominees list revealed

Although I bet that SNSD will win this (as we can see, they won 6 awards at the supposedly ‘fair’ Melon Music Awards), it’ll be fun to see who will come out on top – veterans and rookies alike ^^

The nominee list for upcoming 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards 2010 has been revealed!
Said to be one of the Korean popular music award ceremonies established by Sports Seoul in the 1990s which contributed to many other award ceremonies later on, the 19th Seoul Music Awards awarding the best singers of year 2009 will be held on 3rd February 2010.

Nominated for BonSang:

Super Junior
Baek Ji Young
Brown Eyed Girls
MC Mong
Kim Tae Woo
Son DamBi
Lee Seung Gi
Epik High
Park Hyo Shin
SG Wannabe
Bobby Kim
Lee Seung Chul
FT Island
K Will
Im Chang Jung

Nominated for Newcomer award:


►►Top 30 Albums of 2009 Chart released from Mnet
1.2NE1 – 1st Mini Album
2.G Dragon – Heartbreaker Album
3.Davichi – Davichi In The Wonderland
4.Various Artists – BOF OST
5.BEG – 3rd Album
6.SNSD – Gee Mini Album
7.2PM – Time For Change
8.Big Bang – Remember Album
9.SG Wannabe – 6th Album
10.MC Mong – 5th Album
12. Infinity Challenge – Infinity Challenge album (?)
13. KARA – Revolution
14. Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry
14. SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) EP
15. Outsider – Maestro
16. 2PM – 1:59 PM
17. 4Minute – For Muzik (EP)
18. Park Hyo Shin – Gift – Part 1
19. V.O.S – Routine Free
20. SS501 – Rebirth
21. Drunken Tiger – Feel ghood Muzik: The 8th Wonder
22. 8eight – The Golden Age
23. FT Island – Cross & Change
24. K.Will – Dropping the Tears
25. Zia – Orchestra (EP)
26. Lee Seung Gi – Shadow
27. Ivy – Be..
28. SHINee – 2009, Year Of Us (EP)
29. 2NE1 – Fire (Digital Single)
30. December – Yeojaneun nappeun namjareul johwahanda

Chart shared by ygladies + Translated by kpoprants@wp

►►New Releases: 12/18/09

KBS Music Bank live performances are added!

It’s been a looooooong week with so much work T^T (part of why I haven’t updated these “New Releases” posts) …but 2 weeks of Winter Break now starts!!! *happy*


MVs: Atista feat. RBS’ “White Memories” + The Ha Gi’s “If it snows” + Ji Seo Ryun’s “Flowers in Tears” + SG Wannabe & V.O.S’ “I Love You” + Go Yoo Jin & Hwayobi’s “Ghost” + Jewelry’s “Love Story” + Cho Kyu Chan’s “I Love You” + Kim Tae Woo feat. Hit-M & Slime’s “Love Snow”+ Super Junior Heechul’s “Chobyeol” (I Love You 10 Million Times OST)

Song: DBSK’s “Break Out” (Japanese single – radio ver)

Special: BEAST & 4Minute’s “Love Sharing Concert” cut~ subbed + Super Junior’s LeeTeuk grooves to “Bo Peep Bo Peep”

Live Perfs (Music Bank 091218): Jewelry’s “Intro” & “Love Story” (comeback) + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” (comeback) + SHINee’s “JoJo” + BEAST’s “Mystery” + U-Kiss’ “Man Man Ha Ni” + f(x)’s “Chu~♡” + Rainbow’s “Gossip Girl” + T-ara’s “Bo peep bo peep” + After School’s “Because of You” + IU’s “Marshmallow” + Younha’s “Broke up today” + K.will’s “Miss, miss, and miss” + SeeYa’s “His Voice” + December’s “Love You So…” + Brian Joo’s “My Girl” + Song Ji Eun & Hwanhee’s “Yesterday” + MC Sniper’s “Magic Castle” + Kan Jong Wook’s “Laughed” + DEEVINE’s “Close Your Eyes” + Lee Na Young’s “Planting Flowers” + Yurisangja’s “A Bad Person” + 2PM WINS!