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►►Four A.N.JELLs of ‘You’re Beautiful’ reunite?

Recently, CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa, FT Island’s Lee Hongki, Park Shin Hye, and Jang Geun Suk were all spotted wearing the same type of backpack ‘Cemula‘.


►►FTI’s Hongki responds to Park Shin Hye’s love call

Not long ago, I posted that Park Shin Hye was tweeting FT Island’s vocalist Lee Hongki (and her castmate in “You’re Beautiful”) to come to Taiwan. Hongki has responded by…going to Taiwan!


►►Park Shin Hye wishes FTI’s Lee Hongki to be in Taiwan with her

Fellow bandmates (A.N.JELL) and co-actors (You’re Beautiful) Park Shin Hye and Lee Hongki are quite close. In fact, Park Shin Hye recently tweeted Hongki to come visit her in Taiwan (where she’s currently filming her new drama “Hayate Combat Butler”)!

ssinz: 섬군들이 누군가 했더니.. F.Tisland 를 말하는거였군요. 보고 한참을 생각하다가 빵~ 하고 터졌어요 크큭 !! 홍기야 대만 빨리와~~~~~ 놀러외 우리 촬영장에~


►►’You’re Beautiful’ A.N.JELL’s first Japan meeting announced

AVEX Japan Presents:  Drama “You’re Beautiful” 1st Fan Meeting in Japan.

Date    : Saturday / June 26th 2010

Place    : C.C Lemon, Shibuya, Tokyo.

Cast    : Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Seok) & Gominam (Park Shin Hye)

For more information, please check in:


►►FT Island’s Lee Hongki, “I do not lip-sync!”

F.T.Island’s Lee Hongki shared his stories on SBS Strong Heart (April, 6th) about always going off key and cracking his voice while singing.

He also spoke about being called a “hand-sync band,” which is a term that people use to describe bands that play with their instruments for recording, then only pretend to play the instruments during actual performances.

Lee Hongki first talked about his mistake on SBS Gayo Daejun where he went off key. He said, “I wasn’t feeling well and I did make a mistake.” He was so sick that he had to go to the hospital after the performance.

He continued, “After that, even when I tried really hard and did well live, people accused me of lipsyncing.”

He spoke about being called a handsync band, saying, “It hurt a lot to hear that. We will work harder to be recognized for our talents.” What fans don’t know is that instruments aren’t allowed to be played live on live broadcast music programs.

Cr: allkpop + anjellholic

►►Top male idols who are more beautiful than women

Japanese netizens voted the top Korean male idols for the topic, “A Man More Beautiful than Woman”.

The reigning champion of the previous years was Lee Junki. Who is it now?

Collected vote numbers: 3379
Collected dates:
March 2nd ~15th, 2010.
*Vote collected at

Hero Jaejoong (TVXQ) 1327 (39.3%)


►►FT Island’s Lee Hongki had birthday party with Suju’s Heechul, Jang Geuk Suk + more!

I srsly did not know Hongki knew all these people @_@…though I’m kinda sad to see only ONE FT Island member there. Did he just left three other members out?! =.=;

Heechul wrote his testimony about the birthday party for Hongki:

Because of my schedule overseas, we celebrated hongki’s birthday in advance (-┏)
what, hongki, although this is your birthday… why must it clash with my schedule…

geun suk came with a bag of sweets

me : ya.. we are not kids, eat what sweet? – –

geun suk : hyung, today is white day.

everyone : (-┏)

is White Day ah..
never celebrate White Day with girlfriend before..

like the rain falling from the sky, all our emotion turned gloomy
ahhh..did not even speak a word of complain (-┏)

in the picture from left

Mighty Mouth’s sangchu (first time with such a gloomy expression)
F.T Island’s Jonghyun (like going to cry)
Jang Geun Suk (the 2 fingers ‘Y’ is as if going to poke someone’s eyes )
Kim Heechul (waiting for birthday cake)
EPIK HIGH’s Mithra (deeply immersed in love, the expression that have to whack)
F.T Island’s Hongki (happiest one)
Mighty Mouth’s Shorry (a real man when we get along, good at jokes)
TRAX’s Jungmo (the creator of bomb wine)
NASSUN who is taking photo(kept bragging about his iphone)


►►Super Junior’s Heechul creates a list of his ’83ers friends

Super Junior’s Heechul posted a Cyworld photo entry of his friends who share the same birthday year as him (1983…he’s old, I know).

Under the 希 Style folder
During birthday have to get birthday cake*
2010.03.04 22:29

Because Hongki birthday falls on the 21March, we have to call out our members urgently
Hongki is a kind and capable guy so we have to take care of him
We also celebrated Yongwoon ** birthday the other time ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(those who watched B.O.B. will know that heart-warming celebration)

Mithra—“Epik high” same age friend. the fact is he is an early-83er,so he is supposed to be hyung?
Although he is part of the “chocolate ball”, but no one knows his existence as he never attend meetings.
Always says “the fact that you are from the same company as Girls Generation makes everyone jealous.”
But whenever soshi appears in front of him, he will turn into a red-faced bear。
because of the scandal (-┏), and the stories that everyone heard about, so PASS

Heenim—Being the creator of “Chocolate Ball”,because of the phrase “so troublesome” the group separates
mood swings,a professional-level temper,thus voted “the artist that I will not want to work with” ,
but I still get praises from many people who admires me(example hongki, taemin,Simon D..etc..)。
when people ask me to do something, i wont do; i am the frog who does things that people don’t want me to do(like those disobedient characters in fairytales)
a person that live being loyal,and charms from 99.9% cocaine ***


►►FT Island’s Hongki punk’d his fans, “My birthday changes every year!”

A fan posted a translation of Cyworld update of Lee Hongki on March 3, 2010. It is said in the cyworld that Lee Hongki’s birthday wasn’t on March 2, 2010. He said his birthday is February 6 (according to Lunar Year Calendar) so, it’s changes every year and this year’s Hongki’s birthday will be on March 21, 2010.

Um kekeke Hi?

It’s been a while since I wrote kekeke

Right now I’m in Taiwan keke I’m getting ready to go to Korea

Many people thought that it was my birthday yesterday… (even HeeChul hyung)

Mine’s on February 6th on the lunar calendar kekeke

Every year my birthday changes kekeke

So it is on the 21st of March this year kekeke
You stupid!!


►►FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki asks Taiwanese fans to marry him

user posted image

On February 28th, Korean boyband FT Island arrived in Taiwan for their concert.

To ensure that they would be in top form, they ate a Korean cuisine and had massage sessions before returning to the hotel immediately. The five members performed 18 songs to 2500 fans waving yellow flags, which seemed to like lead singer Lee HongKi the most.

When he sang “Marry Me”, asking if his fans would marry him, excited fans screamed “Yes”! During leader Choi Jonghoon’s performance onstage, HongKi suddenly went offstage among the fans to shake hands with them, causing the crowd to lose control.

The excited fans refused to leave the concert venue after the show ended, causing FT Island to reappear on stage to promise them a bigger and better performance next time, before they would contentedly leave.

Credits :Oriental Daily + Casablanca @ + + shyssh@Silh0uette

►►[VIDs] 100120- 2AM, FT Island, C.N BLUE on “Radio Star”~ subbed!

This special January 20th episode of “Radio Star” features 2AM’s JoKwon & Changmin,  FT Island’s Lee Hongki, and C.N BLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa. Don’t miss all the laughter and secret confessions from these boys!


►►Jung Yong Hwa, “I ruined my ‘You’re Beautiful’ Shinwoo image as an MC”

aww poor dearie~~ although I have to agree with you..I’ve watched the clips of Yong Hwa MCing on SBS Gayo Daejun and I was remember thinking “oh how awkward” lol but I think it’s part of YongHwa’s charms ^^

Recently debuted as a singer as part of band C.N Blue, Jung YongHwa was on the recent episode of ‘Radio Star’ when he was embarrassed by the other MCs.

He was on MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’ aired on 20th January when he said, “Even though I had huge success with the drama, I destroyed that presence as the MC for variety show or awards ceremonies.”

Jung YongHwa had debuted as an actor with SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ and was awarded the ‘New Star’ award during SBS Drama awards. He also did the MCing for 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun but with multiple mistakes he made during the show, he was given the nickname of ‘*minpye MC’.

With that he was embarrassed when the other stars on the show like Kim GooRa said, “I guess you haven’t got the chance to do silly MC tasks”. Also Lee HongKi who was on the show said, “I gave Kim HeeChul, who did MC with me before, and asked him ‘Did YongHwa do well?’ and he gave a very polite answer ‘He seems kind’.” teasing Jung YongHwa further on his MC skills.

*minpye – public nuisance

Cr: Sookyeong

►►Suju’s Cyworlds: Heechul updates about movies “Avatar” & “Harry Potter”~ 01/11/10

LOL this is quite old but it’s funny how Heechul loves American movies ^^

Heechul’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2010.01.11 17:13
In the ‘澈’ folder..

아 바 타 / Avatar

김희철 2010.01.11 17:13

Wanted to watch Avatar so got Hongshi* to come over but I was playing WOW* only
What on earth is that game Hongshi asked

Me: (While) playing WOW would not have time to date lover

Hongshi: ㅡㅡ?

Have not met up with Hassan hyung and Hongshi for a long time the three of us talked and had a good time
We spent the day chatting and laughing at a lot of memories

Me: The first time I saw Hassan hyung feel that (he) has a lot of charisma.. I’ve thoughtㅋㅋ

Hongshi: I heard some rumours of Heechulie hyung.. (is) born stiff..ㅎㅎ

Hassan: It was fun really ㅎㅎ Already exceeded 1 year..

But watching Avatar with glasses on is really great(-┏)
It’s like when I’m in elementary school going to Taejeon Expo or Technology Hall? That kind of feelingㅋㅋ
There was the Kkumdorlee*.. A really long time ago..(T-T)

* – referring to Hongki
* – World of Warcraft
* – 꿈돌이 is a cute, yellow character… It looks like this.

source: Heechul’s Cyworld
translated by

– – – – –
Heechul’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2010.01.11 17:40
In the first ‘天’ folder..

해 리 포 터 / Harry Potter

김희철 2010.01.11 17:40


►►[SCANs] A.N.JELL featured on Y.G Magazine

The “You’re Beautiful” craze has not finish sweeping the hearts of Asian fans yet! The Chinese magazine Y.G. has featured the lovely four members of A.N.JELL on their magazine on their December 2009 issue.

user posted image

►►[PICs + VID] C.N BLUE’s hot debut showcase featuring A.N.JELL!


Band C.N Blue had their debut showcase on 14th January at PM in Seoul KangNamGoo SeomYoo Centre.

During the showcase, they also revealed their debut title song ‘Alone’. The group consists of main vocalist cum guitarist Jung YongHwa, Lee JongHyun who is also in charge of vocals and guitar, drummer Kang MinHyuk and Lee JungShin who is in charge of bass and rap.

The group name comes from ‘Code Name Blue’ and they will be showing off their charms through various concepts like ‘Burning’ ‘Lovely’ ‘Untouchable’ and ‘Emotional’.


►►A.N.JELL members re-unite for C.N.Blue’s upcoming debut showcase!

Can I just get a bunch of “OMG’s” already?! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGG!!! EXCITED.

Still can’t get over A.N.Jell charm ? In need of A.N.Jell members ?

Worry not, because the drama-made band will reunite in 2 days!

A.N.Jell members will be together again as they will come to C.N.BLUE upcoming debut showcase!

Jang GeunSeok, Park ShinHye and Lee HongKi will come and attend their fellow A.N.Jell mate Jong YoungHwa’s real life band C.N.Blue debut showcase on Jan 14,2010!

The three of them will come to Samsung-dong, Seoul where the event will take place and give their strong support to C.N.Blue Korea’s debut.

Cr: Sookyeong

►►[SCANs] “You’re Beautiful” 2010 Calendar!

These scans are freakin HUGE therefore I resized them to fit this blog (and to keep your computer from being destroyed..) but if you want the full on scans, DOWNLOAD HERE.

64436832.jpg18920303.jpg (more…)

►►FT Island’s Lee Hongki, “I was was once hurt by a noona I liked”

aww poor dearie~ 😦 I bet she’s crying now keke

Pic cr: SBS + Honey @

FT Island’s Lee Hongki revealed that he was once hurt by a noona (elder sister) he liked.

At the recording set of SBS “Intimate Note 3” that is to be aired on 8th January, Lee Hongki revealed that he almost dated a noona last time but ended up getting hurt instead.

He frankly revealed that, “There was a noona whom I liked and had feelings for. I wanted to be on closer terms with her but..” and he said that he had no choice but to end their relationship, after receiving a phonecall.

What caused Lee Hongki to be heartbroken? Catch the broadcast on 8th January at 9.55pm.

Do not hotlink and takeout only with proper credits
Credits: Newsen + TV Report + ying1005 @ primanoona (translations)

►►[VID] A.N.JELL @ SBS Drama Awards~ subbed!

Park ShinHye FanSubber Team done their work for A.N.JELL cuts in 2009 SBS Drama Awards. The event was held on Dec 31 and granted numerous awards for the casts of popular drama ”You’re Beautiful”. FT Island Lee Hongki, Jung YoungHwa, & Park ShinHye won the “New Star Awards”, whilst Jang GeunSeok won “Netizens’ Popularity Award” and “Teens’ Star Award” along with other actors.

The drama-made band A.N.JELL also performed their single ‘Still’ in this year end drama award ceremony.

Cr: sookyeong, PSHjjang@YT

►►Idols confess their ideal types and form love triangles on screen

Get ready because this is gonna be complicated! lol

On today’s episode of Star Golden Bell, Brown Eyed Girl Narsha chose MBLAQ’s Mir as the best idol present.

Narsha said, “Mir is very fun. He is witty and cute.” Mir, on the other hand, picked Secret’s Hyosung, “She has the same sense of humor as me. I like women like that. She has good reactions towards everything.”

That’s not all that idols confessed. Lee Hongki was asked, “Do you have a girlfriend right now?” After hearing the question, he went silent. People were then more suspicious and he said, “It’s not like that.”

The MC’s teased him by saying, “You guys are just at the beginning stage?” and “You’re going to think about it after kissing her?”

Hongki was picked as the guy who seems very experienced with the opposite sex.

Lee Hongki said, “First love was in freshman year of high school and first kiss was in middle school.”

Jung Juri picked Lee Hongki and as her reason she said, “Players recognize players.”

Narsha also picked Hongki because, “He started working at a young age and when you see his stare on stage, it’s different. He looks like he knows a lot and expresses it through his eyes. When he sings, he looks mature. He can’t sing the way he does without experience.”

Lee Hongki also revealed that his ideal type for girl is someone who has an easy-going personality like Narsha and looks like Song Hye Gyo.

Doojoon of BEAST also picked Narsha as his ideal type only because Dongwoon of BEAST loves her and was singing her song next to him while he was picking. This must have hurt Hyosung because Hyosung went with Doojoon.

Wow, is this like a 10-way love match?

Cr: allkpop

►►Lee Hongki, “I like Brown Eyed Girl Narsha’s character but not looks”

Are you serious Hongki? LOL I think Narsha is the prettiest in BEG at least..

FT Island’s Lee Hongki revealed that he likes Brown Eyed Girl Narsha’s character, but her looks are not his ideal type.

In the recently recorded episode of KBS 2TV “Star Golden Bell“, a segment “Love Elimination” (not official name) was specially designed for the idols in the recording studio. Lee Hongki picked Narsha, who is older than him, and the MC asked for his reason. He replied, “I like Narsha-noona for her happy-go-lucky sort of character, so I picked her.”

Following this, the MC asked, “So is she your ideal type?” and Lee Hongki answered with, “Her looks are different from my ideal type,” leaving Narsha in a confusion.

After revealing that Narsha’s looks are different from that of Lee Hongki’s ideal type, everyone in the studio burst into laughter.

Narsha was picked by 3 out of the 4 male idols in the segment, displaying her popularity among them.

This episode of “Star Golden Bell” will be aired on 2nd January.

Cr: Newsen + ying1005 @ primanoona (translations)

►►Lee Hongki, “First Kiss in Middle School, First Love in High School”

And Brown Eyed Girl Narsha chose him!

FT Island’s Lee Hongki revealed that his first love was during his high school days, while he had his first kiss when he was still a middle schooler.

Lee Hongki participated in the recording of KBS 2TV “Star Golden Bell” recently and he won the poll “Person of the opposite sex that you will be attracted to the fastest“.

Lee Hongki attracted the attention of other female celebrities during the recording. Brown Eyed Girl member, Narsha, picked Lee Hongki and said that, “I don’t have feelings for someone at his young age but somehow, there’s a feel when I look into his eyes.”

Following this, the MC Ji Seokjin asked, “When did Lee Hongki have his first love?” and he answered, “During the first year of my high school.”

“My first kiss was actually in middle school. However, it was only during my high school days when I found my first love,” Lee Hongki revealed while smiling away.

Story of Lee Hongki’s first love and first kiss will be revealed on “Star Golden Bell” on 2nd January.

Cr: Newsen + ying1005 @ primanoona (translations)

►►[VID] “You’re Beautiful” A.N.JELL performs @ SBS Drama Awards 2009

The A.N.JELL members won 4 awards total: 3 for New Star (Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hongki) and 1 for Netizen’s Popularity (Jang Geun Suk). Congratulations!

More pics under cut!


►►SBS Drama Awards: Winners list + photos revealed!

yayayyayayayay Han Hyo Joo & Lee Seung Gi won Best Couple!!

I am still updating this list!

Daesang (Grand Prize): Jang Seo Hee (Temptation Of Wife)