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►►Fan Art: Jay Park’s profile

Jay Park has some super creative fans out there! Take a look at some of these super awesome fan art for him.


►►Jaebum’s ‘Hype Nation’ news: no girl wants to be his partner + MV to be filmed in Korea

Former idol group 2PM’s leader Jaebum has confirmed his return with a Hollywood film. However, finding a female cast for the movie, who will be playing the role of Jaebum’s younger sister, is being met with much difficulty.

The producers of the movie previously stated that they were considering a Korean girl group member to play Jaebum’s partner and younger sister. They had a few candidates up on line but it has been recently revealed that the potential female casts were not too fond of the idea once they weighed the pros and the cons.

First of all, Jaebum left Korea last September amidst the ‘Myspace Comments’ controversy. He was then terminated by JYP Entertainment, earning the title of ‘severe private life.’

An associate of one of the potential female casts revealed that there was too much pressure and risk involved to be starring in a movie alongside Jaebum when he has not even clarified his mistake yet.


►►Jaebum encourages fans to check out 2PM’s ‘Without You’ MV


2PM released their ‘Without You’ MV along with the ‘Don’t stop, can’t stop’ 3rd mini-album on April 19th. While some people are spread rumors around relating to the song’s lyrics, 2PM’s ex-leader Jaebum/Jay Park posted a message on YouTube praising member Nickhun’s talents as well as encouraging fans to check out the new album!

Cr: Jay’s YT(source); Caps by EyesOnFire05, J00NGiEx@2ONEDAY + kpoprants

►►2PM’s ‘Don’t stop, can’t stop’ lyrics spark controversy about..Jaebum?

On the 19th at 10 AM, 2PM released their third single, ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop.’

Their title track, ‘Without U,’ tells of a story of a man that was betrayed by a woman’s lies and his determination to stand back up again. The song creates an odd atmosphere with the combination of a piano and a synthesizer.

JYPE stated, “The smooth and charismatic performance that 2PM will show will be different from their previous activities. They will show a more mature side to them.”

On the other hand, the lyrics of their title track, ‘Without You,’ has become embroiled in controversy. The lyrics state, “Fine, it’s better that we break up. This was bound to have happened anyway, you were going to do this anyway. This is better. Without you, I’ll be cooler, I’ll stand up again, I’ll live on again. Were the things we had together just worthless enough to throw away? Don’t you even regret it? Don’t you care? Are you okay without me?”

Netizens have stated, “These are statements referring to Jaebum,” “They purposely wrote up the lyrics like that in order to create noise marketing,” and “This is too forceful, don’t force it.”


►►Which celebs do netizens want to go on a vacation with?

From March 31 to April 7, a poll was conducted on the homepage of “Runaway from Home”, in light of the upcoming movie’s release. It inquired, ‘Without any particular reason, who do you want to flee on a vacation with?’

Netizens voted and an overwhelming majority ranked Lee Hyori and Jaebum 1st place as the female and male winners respectively.

Bypassing international superstar Rain and teenage heartthrob Lee Seung Gi, Jaebum received 51% of the votes. Lee Hyori, on the other hand, earned 44%, outnumbering the votes for SNSD’s Yoona and High Kick Through the Roof actress Shin Se Kyung.

Runaway from Home is a comedy film revolving around Seong Hee (played by Ji Jin Hee) who seeks to find his runaway wife (played by Kim Min Seon) with his friend Dong Min (played by Il Joon Yang) and his brother-in-law Yoo Kwak (played by Lee Moon Sik). The movie, which follows the story of these three immature men throughout their search, is set to air on the 8th.

Cr: allkpop

►►[VIDs] Jaebum and Art of Movement @ ProjectKOREA III

Jaebum/Jay Park and some of his Art of Movement dancers (Junior, Dialtone, Cha Cha) were at Rutgers University, New Jersey tonight (April 3) for ProjectKorea III. This event is considered his first major public appearance since he ended ties with the group 2PM.


►►[VID] Jaebum posts a video of himself dancing with Yoshi Wright!

After the mega-hit cover of “Nothing on You”, Jaebum/Jay Park is back to post his second video on his very own YouTube channel and this time he is dancing instead of singing!

Jay wrote, “Me and Yoshi Wright of KM did a collabo on our spare time, hope you guys enjoy”

Cr: jayparkaom@YT