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►►Fan Art: Jay Park’s profile

Jay Park has some super creative fans out there! Take a look at some of these super awesome fan art for him.


►►Jaebum’s ‘Hype Nation’ news: no girl wants to be his partner + MV to be filmed in Korea

Former idol group 2PM’s leader Jaebum has confirmed his return with a Hollywood film. However, finding a female cast for the movie, who will be playing the role of Jaebum’s younger sister, is being met with much difficulty.

The producers of the movie previously stated that they were considering a Korean girl group member to play Jaebum’s partner and younger sister. They had a few candidates up on line but it has been recently revealed that the potential female casts were not too fond of the idea once they weighed the pros and the cons.

First of all, Jaebum left Korea last September amidst the ‘Myspace Comments’ controversy. He was then terminated by JYP Entertainment, earning the title of ‘severe private life.’

An associate of one of the potential female casts revealed that there was too much pressure and risk involved to be starring in a movie alongside Jaebum when he has not even clarified his mistake yet.


►►Jaebum encourages fans to check out 2PM’s ‘Without You’ MV


2PM released their ‘Without You’ MV along with the ‘Don’t stop, can’t stop’ 3rd mini-album on April 19th. While some people are spread rumors around relating to the song’s lyrics, 2PM’s ex-leader Jaebum/Jay Park posted a message on YouTube praising member Nickhun’s talents as well as encouraging fans to check out the new album!

Cr: Jay’s YT(source); Caps by EyesOnFire05, J00NGiEx@2ONEDAY + kpoprants

►►2PM’s ‘Don’t stop, can’t stop’ lyrics spark controversy about..Jaebum?

On the 19th at 10 AM, 2PM released their third single, ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop.’

Their title track, ‘Without U,’ tells of a story of a man that was betrayed by a woman’s lies and his determination to stand back up again. The song creates an odd atmosphere with the combination of a piano and a synthesizer.

JYPE stated, “The smooth and charismatic performance that 2PM will show will be different from their previous activities. They will show a more mature side to them.”

On the other hand, the lyrics of their title track, ‘Without You,’ has become embroiled in controversy. The lyrics state, “Fine, it’s better that we break up. This was bound to have happened anyway, you were going to do this anyway. This is better. Without you, I’ll be cooler, I’ll stand up again, I’ll live on again. Were the things we had together just worthless enough to throw away? Don’t you even regret it? Don’t you care? Are you okay without me?”

Netizens have stated, “These are statements referring to Jaebum,” “They purposely wrote up the lyrics like that in order to create noise marketing,” and “This is too forceful, don’t force it.”


►►Which celebs do netizens want to go on a vacation with?

From March 31 to April 7, a poll was conducted on the homepage of “Runaway from Home”, in light of the upcoming movie’s release. It inquired, ‘Without any particular reason, who do you want to flee on a vacation with?’

Netizens voted and an overwhelming majority ranked Lee Hyori and Jaebum 1st place as the female and male winners respectively.

Bypassing international superstar Rain and teenage heartthrob Lee Seung Gi, Jaebum received 51% of the votes. Lee Hyori, on the other hand, earned 44%, outnumbering the votes for SNSD’s Yoona and High Kick Through the Roof actress Shin Se Kyung.

Runaway from Home is a comedy film revolving around Seong Hee (played by Ji Jin Hee) who seeks to find his runaway wife (played by Kim Min Seon) with his friend Dong Min (played by Il Joon Yang) and his brother-in-law Yoo Kwak (played by Lee Moon Sik). The movie, which follows the story of these three immature men throughout their search, is set to air on the 8th.

Cr: allkpop

►►[VIDs] Jaebum and Art of Movement @ ProjectKOREA III

Jaebum/Jay Park and some of his Art of Movement dancers (Junior, Dialtone, Cha Cha) were at Rutgers University, New Jersey tonight (April 3) for ProjectKorea III. This event is considered his first major public appearance since he ended ties with the group 2PM.


►►[VID] Jaebum posts a video of himself dancing with Yoshi Wright!

After the mega-hit cover of “Nothing on You”, Jaebum/Jay Park is back to post his second video on his very own YouTube channel and this time he is dancing instead of singing!

Jay wrote, “Me and Yoshi Wright of KM did a collabo on our spare time, hope you guys enjoy”

Cr: jayparkaom@YT

►►Caught on Cam: Jaebum in Vancouver, Canada with bboy Hong10

The guy Hong 10 (who is a famous bboy) took a picture with Jaebum/Jay Park wrote:

2010 Canada, Vancouver
I totally forgot about this picture.
With Park Jaebum who came to the event. Kekekeke
The iPhone’s picture quality is really good.


►►Jaebum’s first major public appearance apart from 2PM: projectKOREA III

Jaebum/Jay Park’s making his very first public appearance in New Jersey with allkpop! In collaboration with the Korean Students Association of Rutgers University, allkpop brings you Rutgers’ largest annual Korean-American Production, projectKOREA III: A KSA Cinderella Story.

The action-packed event will feature opening performances by artists from Muzo Entertainment, including Clara Chung (Kollaboration 10 winner), Johnnyphlo and Decipher and special performances by Art of Movement’s Cha Cha, Dialtone, Junior and – last, but certainly not least – Jay Park.

projectKOREA III: A KSA Cinderella Story

Join the Korean Students Association as we venture through a “different Korea.” Based on the hit Korean drama “궁” (Goong, aka Princess Hours), this timeless musical explores a hypothetical Korea where the royal family still flourishes. You will laugh, cry, and be amazed by all the acting, dancing and singing as we portray this “different Korea”, helping us realize the importance of embracing one’s heritage.

Date: Saturday, April 3, 2010
Time: 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Location: Nicholas Music Center, Douglas Campus
City/Town: New Brunswick, New Jersey


$20 Rutgers Students
$25 Non-Rutgers Students

At the Door:
$25 Rutgers Students
$30 Non-Rutgers Students

The event is already receiving undivided attention from the public as it will mark Jay’s first major public appearance apart from 2PM.

The tickets are sure to sell out fast so be sure to purchase yours soon.

Cr: allkpop

►►Top idols who netizens want to have as their English tutor

On a recent poll conducted on the Korean site Monkey3, netizens were asked to pick the idol that they thought would make the best English tutor. Out of the 3,678 people participated, the 1st place went to the 917 who voted for DBSK Micky Yoochun.

Coming in the 2nd place is 2PM’s ex-leader Jaebum/Jay Park, followed by SNSD’s Tiffany in 3rd place and KARA’s Nicole in 4th place. 5th and 6th place went to 2PM’s Nichkhun and Super Junior’s Kibum, respectively.

Translated by kpoprants@wp (take out with full credits & do not remove links!)

►►Jaebum asks fans to pray for ship-sinking victims

Out of all the artists in Korea, so far none have put out a message like this other than Jaebum/Jay Park – a Korean-American artist…I find that kinda ironic 😦

The naval patrol ship Cheonan sank in the vicinity of Baekryeong Island off the west coast of the Korean peninsula on Friday evening (KST), taking 104 crew members under the waters with it. The defense ministry stated that the patrol ship broke in two after the explosion occurred. It’s commonly speculated that some of the soldiers that are still missing may have been trapped inside as the ship sunk.

Although fifty-eight individuals have been rescued, the tragedy has shaken up Korea, dominating headlines and clutching the attention of people worldwide. Jay Park for one has posted a message on his Youtube account:

Lets pray for the fallen soilders and sailors.
My heart goes out to their familys.

여러분힘네새요. [Translation: Everybody stay strong.]

박재범 [Park Jaebeom]

According to a report by the Associated Press, a coast guard official stated that people can survive winter waters if they are rescued within a two hour time frame. Colonel Park Sung Woo, a spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, revealed during a press briefing that thirteen of the rescued have been hospitalized for injuries, with two suffering cerebral hemorrhages. However, the conditions aren’t life-threatening. “Our military will keep searching for missing sailors and we will determine the exact reason for the sinking after the ship is brought to the surface and examined,” he stated.

Initially, it was feared that North Korea played a hand in the sinking; however, officials later stated that the North hasn’t made any unordinary movements recently, and are doubtful that North Korea attacked. It was also stated that it may take days or even weeks to determine precisely what occurred on the patrol ship that led to the sinking.

Cr: allkpop

►►Jaebum ranks 3rd as most anticipated comeback among college students

↑ the sign says “Jaebum” and “leadja/leader”

How long would it take for someone who has failed to get back on their feet? Regretfully speaking, 3 out of 5 college students considered ‘Korea is a society that is uptight about failure’ as an answer.

Recently a portal site named Albamon shared the results from a survey they conducted in which 1,386 college students participated.

When asked ‘if there was a person in the society who has been tagged for social failure, would you give them another chance’, in total 58.2% of the students answered “I would give them another chance for a come back to the person who failed but I would be uptight about it”. 34.0% of the answers were “I am generous and understanding about it”, while 7.9% answered they were unsure.

When asked about how lenient they would be on social failures, 26.8% of males and 28.0% of females answered ‘none’. In regards to the field where chances for comebacks are most commonly given out, males voted ‘Politics (22.7%)’, whereas females voted ‘Broadcast, celebrities (33.8%)’, which ranked no. 1 in their respective gender categories.

In addition, when asked about their most anticipated comeback of a figure of 2010, in total 37.9% of the college students voted ‘Myself (males 40.5%, females 36.1%)’. 2nd place went to ‘My father, my mother and family’ with 15.8%. Following this, the ex-2PM leader Park Jaebum ranked 3rd place with 15.7% of the votes.


►►Top idols who would most likely to win a dance battle?

On the polling game site TT Chart, the following Kpop idols were voted on and won the top ranking of “Idol dance battle”:

1. Jaebum

2. Eunhyuk (Suju/Super Junior)

3. U-know Yunho (DBSK)


►►Jaebum (Jay Park) to return with new record?!

First a Youtube cover and now an official musical return? It looks like Jaebeom / Jay Park’s return to the limelight (not that he was ever out of it, truthfully) is picking up momentum!

Recently, music producer & songwriter Einztein posted a few messages on his Twitter that’ll get fans anywhere & everywhere curious…


►►Jaebum to make an appearance on America’s Best Dance Crew?!

We’ve been notified at 2PM’s fan conference that Jaebeom might be entering America’s Best Dance Crew.

The rumor could definitely turn into reality, as it is one step closer than before.

Jaebeom’s b-boy group, Art of Movement (AOM), has shown their talent in dancing through videos on Youtube. They have been ranked 4th in the local b-boy competition in Seattle, and is definitely one of the spotlight groups around the area. It is expected that the group will audition for the Seattle area for America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC).

Jaebeom has been using his American name, Jay, after breaking up from 2PM. There is a possibility that he would be using his Korean name, in honor of the fans that helped him through his troubles.

Nickhun also said on his twitter, “Cheer Jaebeom on in ABDC!”.

It is not official as of yet, but I doubt that the group would back up on this opportunity. Stay tuned to find out more!

Cr: allkpop

►►[PICs] Netizens compile graduation photos of pretty boy idols

A compliation of graduation photos of pretty boys from idol groups and their current photos put together side-by-side are circulating quickly around internet portal sites in Korea.

From Super Junior’s Kim Heechul to Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P. to SS501’s Kim Hyung Joong to TVXQ’s Jaejoong, the photos are gathering attention for capturing the individual idol’s youthful and natural image.

Netizens’ comments included, “The photos of members who look very different from different are particularly fun” and “I can distinguish which ones were the model students.”


►►Which male idol has the best abs that netizens want?

‘Can’t forget Jaebum’s six pack even if we die!’ 2PM fans expressed their longing for ‘mom-jjang’ Jaebum.

For their one year anniversary star-style magazine, Highcut ( surveyed 4471 people in an online poll from the 8th-15th with the question ‘Who is Highcut’s star with the best six pack?’ 2PM’s ex-leader, Jaebum received first place with 54.3% (2429 people) of the votes. In July 2009, during 2PM’s Again&Again days, Jaebum was the only member to show off his abs in their pictorial. Jaebum’s fans showed their dedication by spreading the word to vote through various fan cafes and other sites.

Super Junior’s Siwon, who will appear in SBS drama ‘Oh! My Lady’ (set to air on the 31st) received second place with 30.9% (1380 people) of the votes. After reading the phrase “chocolate abs” on the first page of the script, Siwon went on a diet, cutting off even water, to lose 8kg in one week.


►►SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” got beaten by Jaebum’s “Nothin’ On You”!

It’s the power of Jay’s loyal fans! Love & Respect ♥

An underrated song sung by an American singer B.o.B titled “Nothin’ On You” has officially claimed the number one spot on Cyworld’s Daily Popularity Chart, thanks to the recent cover made by ex-2PM’s leader Jaebum himself that swept Youtube by storm.

This chart is based on the sales rank of user-purchased tracks for the background music on their personal minihompys. Winning over the current newly-released tracks, including “Devil Run Devil” by SNSD and “I Did Wrong” by 2AM, such accomplishment is notable, considering the fact that the song does not even belong to K-pop.

Meanwhile, the video at hand has reached over two million views in two days (which made it top video of the day on Youtube twice already..and counting!) and is still getting a handful of comments by the minute.


►►[VID] 2PM (including Jaebum) releases new Hanami CF!

The Thai snack foods brand Hanami wasn’t hesitate to make their decision on promoting 2PM still as a 7-member group. This is partly due to the Thai fans’ request, although the commercial was not shot recently but while Jaebum was still active.

Cr: poon191@YT

►►[VID] Jaebum sings and raps to “Nothing on You”!

2PM’s ex-leader Jaebum posted a video of himself, on his own channel jayparkaom, and singing to “Nothing on you” by B.O.B on March 15th!

Holy smokes I miss his voice and watch out for him flashing some abs at 0:58!!!

Cr: jayparkaom@YT

►►Jaebum’s fans self-produced an album called “With All My Heart”

Dang this sounds so legit! Jaebum’s fans definitely have a lot of love for him :3

An album produced by fans for Jaebum, a member of 2PM who recently permanantly resigned from the group, has gone into countdown until the day it will be released for sale.

Since the month of January, after establishing a community called ‘Album Production for Park Jaebum’, Jaebum fans have had song/music compositions, selected vocals and rappers, recorded (the songs), and even paid for all the costs after an online distribution.

The title for Jaebum’s album was decided to be called “With All My Heart” and the title song of the album was concluded to be “You are my Heart”, with the following “For You” and “One Step At a Time”, making a total of three songs on the album. The whole album was produced, composed, and sung by fans themselves – 4 producers/composers, 5 vocals, and 2 rappers.

The album could be released anyday now since it is up to the fans, but it was decided that it will be released on the 27th, the 200th day since Jaebum had left. Fans have also decided that if profits were to be made, it will be spent on donations to Haiti and other good deeds.

After the offline album is released, there will be a limit of 100 copies made. Fans will be dividing the 100 copies as: 10-20 copies for Jaebum and his closest in Seattle, and the rest of the copies will be distributed to the staff who contributed to the making of the album and the members of the community(Album Production for Park Jaebum).

Irrelevant information omitted.

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►►SNSD’s fans clarify misunderstandings with Jaebum’s fans

Because of an incident during a concert during White Day (March 14th), there has been a controversy between fanclubs.

↑ lol sorry but this image made me crack up XD (I made it by the way keke)

T/N Clarification: The reason SONE’s are apologizing for saying Jaebum’s name was because a few people acting like they were SONE’s began spreading rumors saying that Jaebum’s personal fans threw those glow sticks at SNSD. However, various accounts from SONE’s prove that they were just 6PM fans, specifically Taecyeon fans.]

Here is the scandalous notes between the  SONEs about the problem that these ‘fake SONEs’ created:

[SONE] We need to throw eggs at 6PM or something now…

It’s so frustrating lately.
Jang Wooyoung + Tiffany scandal… Ok Taecyeon + Yoona scandal…
The crazy 6PM fans got so shocked with those scandals and threw glow sticks at SNSD!
The 6PM fans that threw glow sticks at SNSD…
I think it was too harsh to just be passive about.
It’s so disgusting, I sincerely hope that SNSD is no longer linked with 6PM anymore.
When will 6PM fans wake up to reality… I know that there aren’t many 6PM fans left…
But they’re really trying their hardest till the end, aren’t they?
We really need to show them something so they won’t do it ever again.
Maybe eggs…

Comment: We’d like to do that but we’d get the same treatment that those dogPM fans are getting. It’s better to just get evidence and give it to the journalists so that they will write articles saying ‘same crappy artist, same crappy fan.’

So the real SONEs had to apologize:

[SONE] We would like to apologize.


►►JYPE speaks up about Taecyeon’s scandal, “He only wanted to encourage fans”

I don’t believe that Taecyeon has this little fans…with his face everywhere on screen? yea, I don’t think so :/

On the 5th, Taecyeon had written on his fancafe, “It’s a new start, shall we do this together?” Fans were angered with the post, interpreting it as Taecyeon wanting to start 2PM promotions with a fresh start, without Jaebum.

Regarding this, a JYP Entertainment associate stated, “The fancafe that Taecyeon has left a message on is only of the only fancafes left that still encourages him despite many other fancafes that have deleted themselves. He left a message as a gesture of thanks to his fans.”

Info about the fancafe Taecyeon posted on:

The truth about “A Killing Smile”. It is a dying cafe. Many members have already left the cafe. A Killing Smile existed before Taecyeon was a part of 2PM but they have no drive (to do activities). The cafe has nothing to show other than a few posts Taecyeon wrote. They never did anything for his birthday. In comparison, their drive is considerably less than Park Jaebum’s ‘Be the Top’ cafe (with 100K members).

That’s what ‘AKS’ is. Although it’s blocked now, it’s a place where all you had to do was write your nickname and an introduction post and you were leveled up immediately.

The cafe admins didn’t have drive either (not even to close it properly). They forgot Taecyeon’s birthday until a month later. They never did present/supports until someone had to suggest it. Despite it all, he always left a post for them whenever he left for America.

It is said that it was just Taec’s attempt at earning sympathy from the last existing cafe for him.

A Killing Smile has 6k members.

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

►►Netizens get shocked: “Did Park Jaebum’s fan commit suicide?”

On fan communities such as ‘JYP 2PM FanCafe,’ ‘HwanSang,’ and the official fanclub, Hottest, there have been posts that detailed the suicide of a fan on the 5th.

The post explained the reason why she committed suicide and her name, bringing about great shock to the netizens. The fan cafe that it was posted in holds 110,000 members. There are still posts commemorating her death even now.

It has been posted on various Jaebum fansites and many are accepting the suicide as the truth. It is not only fans that are accepting it, but other citizens too as it has been posted on popular portal sites as well.

After Jaebum left America, Kim (masked name) fell into a deeper depression and created a fan cafe that did volunteer work named ‘Run for Park Jaebum,’ working as an admin in order to help Park Jaebum’s return.

After hearing of his complete withdrawal through the company notification and finding out about the members’ decisions at the conference, it was found that she had felt great disappointment.

It is hard to confirm whether this post is real or not. It may truly be a real post but it might also be a hardcore fan’s ploy in order to pressure JYPE. Netizens have brought forth opinions asking for JYPE and 2PM to properly exchange discussions with the fans in order to verify the truth of the post.

Although it is unlikely that the post is true, JYPE must act fast in order to set the fandom straight if it really was fabricated by a fan.

T/N: The actual post was made by a Cassiopeia member for her Hottest relative. Kim was the admin for ‘Run for Park Jaebum,’ a volunteer work fan cafe. Her last few diary entries mentioned her disappointment and upset feelings regarding 2PM and their whole conference. She’s suffered from depression prior to this whole ordeal but the severity escalated after the whole conference happened.

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

I srsly hope this is all fake @_@