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Fan Art ^^

Fan Art: 2NE1 in their concept “UGLY”





Fan Art: 4Minute’s HyunA “BUBBLE POP!”




►►Fan Art: 2NE1 ‘To Anyone’

A nice fan from Soompi found some amazing fan art of 2NE1 for their new album “To Anyone”. Most of them are actually for the song “It Hurts”. Check them out!


►►Fan Art: Jay Park’s profile

Jay Park has some super creative fans out there! Take a look at some of these super awesome fan art for him.


►►[Fan Art] Cute animated SHINee’s Onew from 101127 Music Core

SHINee’s Onew were one of the MCs for the November 27th episode of Music Core. On the show, he wore a cute button-up with suspenders that has colors of the American flag. A fan decided to make a cute animation out of our favorite dubu…so what would he look like in anime form?

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►►Fan Art: ‘How to train your G-Dragon’ movie poster

LOL! The Disney movie ‘How to train your Dragon’ has been punk’d by fans into ‘How to train your G-Dragon’…starring G-Dragon and his very own GaHo! XD

Cr: ibigbang

►►[PICs] 2NE1 turns into dolls again :D

LOL I love 2NE1 chibis♥
If you can recall, they made 2NE1 dolls (like the Barbie kind except prettier and less girly) and they were on sale. Now there are even more dolls made out from these girls! How adorable♥