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Fan Art: 4Minute’s HyunA “BUBBLE POP!”




►►4Minute’s HyunA forgets the lyrics to Oh Won Bin’s song while performing

4minute’s Hyuna ruined Oh Won Bin’s comeback stage made quite the performance mistake while participating in ex-F.T. Island member Oh Won Bin’s comeback stage.

Won Bin’s “I Love You and I Love You” was broadcast live on MBC’s “Show! Music Core“, and the performance was off to a good start until Hyuna forgot the lyrics around the 2:07 mark.

After the performance, a representative from Hyuna’s agency spoke with Star News and stated, “Hyuna rehearsed a lot before going up on stage but ended up making a mistake by forgetting the lyrics. She had a lot of schedules to go through before the performance and was unfortunately unable to show off everything she had practiced on stage. She is extremely sorry to Oh Won Bin.

Cr: allkpop + OMNTD

…I don’t get why Won Bin doesn’t let BEG Miryo to do it instead since she was the one featured in his album. Maybe scheduling conflict? Either way, I think that making mistakes is fine…just not on someone else’s comeback stage =.=”

►►Netizens put Big Bang’s Seungri on a list of FEMALE celebs with dark eye circles

Interesting…I came across a netizen’s article on FEMALE CELEBRITIES and their dark circles of humiliation…and at the end, Big Bang’s Seungri popped up. Pretty sure it was intentional but whatever, gave me a good surprise 😉

Other than that, it’s a pretty good list with numerous of pics of female K-celebs who, as the netizen say, either need a lot of sleep or has a bad liver. LOL.


►►4Minute HyunA’s comback confirmed for April!

If you were a fan of Change, then you’re in for a real treat!

After dropping jaws of pubescent men everywhere, 4minute member HyunA is back at it again, this time changing it up (get the pun?) with a new track!

Rumor has it that the track is produced by E-Tribe (the guys behind a few small tracks you may have heard of called Gee and U-Go-Girl) and will feature Nassun, whose claim to fame is his vocal feature in Lee Hyori’s U-Go Girl. The track should be released on April 16th.

Cr: allkpop

►►New Releases: 02/28/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances (with 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung still as MCs) are up!

MVs: M4’s “Melody of You” + Cho PD ft. Koreana’s “Victory 2010”

CF: Kim Yuna for Olympic sponsors (Nike, Samsung, Hyundai)

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100228): T-ara’s “I go crazy because of you” + T-ara’s “I’m really hurt” + KARA’s “Lupin” + KARA’s “Umbrella” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” (Burning ver.) + 2PM’s “Never let you go” + U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + 4Men’s “I can’t ” + HyunA ft. BEAST Junhyung’s “Change” (goodbye stage) + TRAX ft. Super Junior Heechul’s “Let you go” + Ahn Jin Kyoung ft. H-Eugene’s “Bad Person” + Sun Min’s “Miss” + KARA’s interview + T-ara’s interview + MC Cuts with 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung and f(x)’s Sulli + SNSD WINS!


►►[PICs] KARA’s new MV “Lupin” had choreography similar to T-ara, SNSD, 2NE1, etc?

A netizen found out that KARA’s so-called powerful choreography for their new MV “Lupin” has been ‘inspired’ by many other artists (note that these are only comparisons and these stills don’t necessary look like the real thing it in the actual MV):

Kara as 2ne1 (Fire – Space Version)

Kara as Rain (Rainism)


►►[VIDs] SHINee’s Minho and 2AM’s JoKwon covers HyunA’s “Change”

On the February 20th episode of Star King, HyunA was seen at first dancing with some random muscular/fat/weird guys at first but guess who joined her afterwards 😉

SHINee’s Key also did some girl groups’ dances

Cr: UnknownCarrot3@YT

►►Top Kpop female idols with beastly abs

Turns out hot abs aren’t only for the men because our ladies of Kpop also have something great to show!

This ab trend/fever is not only for male stars. There are a lot of female stars who are proud of their abs. They, too, exercise steadily to make chocolate abs that split into six.


►►[VIDs] MBC Star Dance Battle – Lunar New Year 2010 Special coverage!

I think the results were rigged because the winning groups obviously are what people would expect to win even without the battles :/

Round 1: MBLAQ vs. Rainbow

Round 2: BEAST vs. T-ara


►►New Releases: 01/31/10

SBS Inkigayo Olympics Special live performances are added!

MV: Jaurim’s “Screw”

Teaser: U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul”

CF: 2PM for Hanami Snacks (ver. 2 – with Jay!)

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100131): SNSD’s “Show Show Show” + SNSD’s “Oh!” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + C.N BLUE and Kim Jang Hoon’s “Show” + 2AM and BEAST’s “Champion” + HyunA, T-ara, Rainbow, SeeYa’s “Hey Mickey” + 2AM’s “Never let you go” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + BEAST’s “Mystery” + BEAST’s “Bad Girl” + HyunA ft. JunHyung’s “Change” + SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + F.CUZ’s “Jiggy” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + TRAX’s “Cold hearted man” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + Interview with SNSD + Interview with Kim Jong Kook + Olympics MC Cuts with Super Junior’s Heechul, Shindong, Leeteuk + C.N BLUE WINS Mutizen!


►►New Releases: 01/30/10

MBC Music Core live performances (including SNSD’s comeback staege) are added!

MVs: HybRefine’s “You can fly” + Ju Bora’s “In Bed” + Kim Dong Hee’s “Die Attack” + Just’s “My Love” + DiskoRokket feat Benja’s “Dance Tonight” + IU’s “Love to you”

Special Spotlight: 2PM’s Hanami CF (with Jaebum) behind-the-scenes

Live perfs (Music Core 100130): SNSD’s “Show show show” + SNSD’s “Oh!” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + BEAST’s “Bad Girl” &”Mystery” + Kim Jong Kook’s “이 사람이다” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + TRAX’s “Cold hearted man” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + HyunA ft. BEAST Junhyung’s “Change” + Gavy NJ ft. BEAST DooJoon’s “Sunflower” + F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” + SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + HAM’s “Doogeun Doogeun”


►►New Releases: 01/29/10

KBS Music Bank live performances are added and…C.N BLUE grabs a win! OMG so happy for the guys!! They totally deserved it!! >0<

↑ my lovers: C.N BLUE winning + BEAST’s DooJoon rapping for Gavy NJ♥

MVs: 4Men feat. Navi’s “Baby You” + F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” (ver. 2) + Kim Dong Hee’s “Die Attack” + Trax’s “Cold-hearted man” + Kim Jong Kook feat. Im Joo Eun’s “Can’t forget” + Na Yoon Kwon’s “Stupid”+ SNSD’s “Oh!” (subbed)

Spotlight Special: TOP’s MV for upcoming solo song @ Big Show Concert

Live perfs (Music Bank 100129): Kim Jong Kook’s “Don’t be good to me” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + 2AM’s “Can’t let you go” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” + TRAX’s “Cold-hearted man” + Seeya, T-ara, Davichi’s “Wonder Woman” + BEAST’s “Mystery” (remix) + Dia’s “Another Boy” + HAM’s “Doogeun Doogeun” + HypRefine’s “You can fly” + HyunA feat. BEAST JunHyung’s “Change” + Gavy NJ feat. BEAST Doojoon’s “Sunflower” + KCM’s “One Day” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + The The’s “It’s Hot” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + BEAST interview with Jokwon & HyunA + C.N BLUE, ZE:A, F.CUZ, Kim Jong Kook interviews with Jokwon & HyunA + C.N BLUE WINS!


►►4Minute’s HyunA reveals diet secrets to losing 40 pounds

Exercising is still best but HyunA’s tips are good too 😉

HyunA of 4minute revealed on Sang Sang Plus just last week that she used to weigh 40 pounds more.

Her diet secrets are now out and I think it’s feasible, because from seeing HyunA, you can tell it works.

There are two parts to her diet. One method is to not use the elevator and to keep taking the stairs. The second method is to not eat foods made with flour. So staying away from starch foods is probably a good idea.

HyunA stayed away completely from foods made with flour during the time of her diet. She would eat small meals very often throughout the day. Of course dancing would be her exercise.

Netizens commented, It’s hard to believe that HyunA had lost so much weight when she was so young,” and “The effort she put into her diet and the passion she had to become a singer made her who she is today.”

Cr: Allkpop

►►4Minute’s HyunA crowned as a sexy icon with a “sporty pop look”

She is the trend today!

Hyunah, who is currently doing activities for her first solo “Change,” has another flashy and special fashion that is attracting attention.

It has only be 3 weeks since her solo debut and she is reaching high ranks on music charts. She is also emerging as a star with luxury abs and her “pelvic dance.” Although she is young, she is showing sexy charisma on-stage and is being known for her “sporty pop look” style. This “sporty pop look” is a combination between sporty and hip-hop.

Hyunah had a unique style and made a new trend while she performed with 4minute, too. Her torn leggings were very popular and Change’s “sporty pop look” is becoming a new item this season.

Hyunah is making a slim tanktop with the latest glam and a hip-hop feel plus loose jeans look trendy and fitting. She sports (no pun intended) this “sporty pop look” with overflowing power on stage.

Check out her “sporty pop look” which is clearly shown during her performance on January 10, 2010.

Source: Newsen
Reporting + translation credits:

►►New Releases: 01/24/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances are added!

Song: SNSD’s “Look At Tomorrow” (SBS Logo Song)

Special Spotlight: Super Junior’s YeSung & Sungmin talks about “Hong Gildong” musical (subbed)

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100124): 2AM’s “Intro” & “Never let you go” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + TRAX’s “Let You Go” +After School’s “Because of You” (remix) + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” + T-ara’s “Like the first time” + Rainbow’s “Not Your Girl” + SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + Ivy’s “Goodbye tears” + Shoo’s “Other than me” + HyunA feat. BEAST Junhyung’s “Change” + Gavy NJ’s “Sunflower” + 2AM’s Interview + 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung MC cuts + After School WINS!


►►[VIDs] 100123- Super Junior, SHINee, MBLAQ dances to girl groups’ songs

On January 23rd, Suju’s EunHyuk and SHINee’sMinho did some Kung Fu on “Star King” and they together with Suju’s LeeTeuk, they danced to HyunA’s song “Change”!

On the same day, SHINee’s Key and MBLAQ’s Mir battled it out on Idol Maknae Rebellion to girl groups’ songs: “Mister”, “Touch Me”, “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, “Marshmallow”, “Because Of You”, “Chu~♡”, and “Tell Me Your Wish”!


►►Top singers whom netizens want to make citron tea for?

LOL for random polls! I researched and Citron Tea is actually a nice warm drink for the cold Winter days ^^ how cute~♥

There is a survey called “The singers whom you want to make citron tea for?” on the music portal site Bugs and Super Junior Kyuhyun has got no.1 with 64.49%.

Kyuhyun has received a lot of love from fans with his sweet voice in the solo song called “7 years’ love” in June last year. Many netizens said “While Kyuhyun oppa is singing a sweet song, me who are beside him will make tea and give it to oppa”, “Usually Kyuhyun seems to drink water more than soda drink so with the warm citron tea which is very good for throat, I hope him will continue singing the good songs”.

original article is here
translated by
may take out with full credits

Since SJ-World only translated Kyuhyun’s part, I’m gonna use my limited Korean skills (I can read Hangul) so I am going to list the rest of the singers on the poll:

1. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

2. SHINee’s Minho <2위는 샤이니의 민호>


►►BEG GaIn gets jealous because JoKwon’s first love was 4Minute’s HyunA!

LOL like it or not, GaIn and Jokwon is already on the verge of marrying each other XD

2AM Jo Kwon’s first love “Oh Bang Shil”

A strong candidate for the first love of 2AM’s Jo Kwon, ‘Oh Bang Shil’, will be unveiled on the January 23rd episode of MBC’s “We Got Married”. The person who has made Gain nervous is no other than 4Minute’s HyunAh.

HyunAh, who has a three year age difference with Jo Kwon, white complexion, and big eyes, fits the criteria for Jo Kwon’s “Oh Bang Shil” and has become a controversial figure. Because of this, Jo Kwon and HyunAh meeting in front of Gain has become a much more intriguing topic.

Gain’s suspicion is continuing and there are rumors that Gain has become uncomfortable because of Jo Kwon and HyunAh’s seven years together as trainees, where there was naturally some friendly physical affection.

Gain has become ‘Sherlock Gain’ in her ‘quest to find Jo Kwon’s first love’, which will be revealed on the January 23rd episode of MBC’s “We Got Married”.

[omit sentence unrelated to 4Minute]

T/N: If you guys weren’t aware, Jo Kwon came out a while ago saying that his first love was a girl by the alias of “Oh Bang Shil”. If you want to catch up on it, check out this article on AKP: Jo Kwon’s First Love

Source: newsen
Reported and Translated By: mochalatte @

►►[VIDs] Behind the scenes of HyunA’s “Change” MV

4Minute HyunA’s behind the scenes of her “Change” filming and solo debut has been released exclusively through Naver Music!

See the hip-thrust in action! 😛


►►Pieces of the Past: How did 4Minute HyunA used to look like Shin Jung Hwan?

oh~~ okay…geez at first when news of her coming out saying she looks like Shin Jung Hwan I was like “huh?” but now I kinda get it. Well the girl definitely got the natural beauty within her. just a little diet to slim down her round face that’s all 😉

On a recent episode of Sang Sang Plus, 4minute’s HyunA said that she used to weigh around 40 pounds heavier than she does now. Someone told her, “You look like Shin Jung Hwan.” She was so shocked by that comment that she decided to go on a serious diet.

Though she is known for the amazing sexy body that she has now, back then, she was just a bit chubbier.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Netizens have been commenting, “A diet saved a person’s life,” and “Her face looks different after losing the weight.”

Cr: allkpop

►►4Minute HyunA’s shocking confession, “I lost 17kg because of Shin JungHwan”

My goodness…17kgs = 37.4 lbs (that’s a hecka a lot!) but her body is srsly buziness now ^^;

4Minute HyunA gives a shocking revelation, “I lost 17kg because of Shin JungHwan.”

HyunA was on the last episode of KBS 2TV ‘SangSang Plus Season 2′ set to air on 19th January when she said that. And her revelation came as shocking as the singer has been gaining much popularity with her solo single release and trending hot pelvic dance.

HyunA said on the show, “For my body now, I lost 17kg.”
Known to love dancing since young, HyunA revealed that she has lost 17kg as compared to when she was in primary school.

She added, “The reason why I lost so much weight is because of Shin JungHwan. There is this famous celebrity, and he/she had told me back then ‘You look like Shin JungHwan!’, and I was in shock and started losing weight.”

Meanwhile, the G7 members for KBS Invincible Youth are guest appearances on the show which is set to air on 19th January at 11.05pm.

Cr: Newsen + Sookyeong

Shin Jung Hwan:


►►New Releases: 01/17/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances are added!

MV: Lisa feat. Ji Yoon’s “Shall we get married”

Show Spotlight: BEAST sings “Mystery” acapella version

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100117): 2PM’s “Tired of Waiting” + 2PM’s “Heartbeat” + SHINee’s “JoJo” + SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” (remix) + HyunA feat. BEAST JunHyung’s “Change” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” + T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” + Brian’s “My Girl” + BEAST’s “Mystery” (remix)+ Ivy’s “Goodbye tears” + IU’s “Marsmallow” + Lisa feat. Ji Yoon’s “Shall we get married” + 2PM’s Taecyeon & Nickhun MC Cuts + C.N BLUE interview+ T-ara WINS TRIPLE CROWN MUTIZEN!


►►New Releases: 01/16/10

MBC Music Core performances are added!

Teaser: Mila’s “Tell her we aren’t friends”

Show Spotlight: MBLAQ’s “Idol Army” – Noona edition

Live perfs (Music Core 100116): C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + T-ara’s “Like the beginning” + 2PM’s “Tired of waiting” + 2PM’s “Heartbeat” + SHINee’s “JoJo” + F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” + SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + HyunA ft. BEAST Junhyung’s “Change” + BEAST’s “Mystery” (remix) + After School’s “Because of You” + IU’s “Marshmallow” + Shoo’s “Self Only”


►►Caugh on Cam: 4Minute’s HyunA has a tattoo?

I’m pretty sure it’s fake (would you srsly have a tattoo with your own name on it? =.=;)

Cr: 3minute