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►►Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is scared of kissing his co-actress

In the musical ‘The Three Musketeers’, Super Junior Kyuhyun plays D’Artagnan, a young man who leaves the countryside to become a musketeer of the royal household. On November 29, at the press concert for the open rehearsal of the musical, Kyuhyun stated “I have a kiss scene in this musical”. Then, he hinted at his mental worries over it and disclosed “I’m worried enough already.”

►►[PICs] S.M. The Ballad’s promotional photos + posters

I found a compilation of promo pics of SM’s newest group S.M The Ballad & 3 poster sized pics (missing one poster of Trax’s Jay). Enjoy!



►►S.M. THE BALLAD to release daily teasers starting November 22nd

hmm I’m really interested in this group since Kyuhyun is in it the group’s genre is BALLAD, something that the K-POP world is obviously lacking. I hope they don’t disappoint!! >.<

S.M. THE BALLAD will release 1 minute teasers of songs one by one through the website starting from today (Nov. 22).

After the first teaser “Hot Times,” the website will be updated with a new teaser every day. 5 tracks in total will be in the album, which became a hot issue through participation of TRAX Jay, Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and new singer JINO.

As all the songs, including the title song “Missing You So Much,” will be available at music sites from Nov. 25, S.M. THE BALLAD will grab more attention.

Cr: jujugal@soompi

►►SME’s best voices to shine in new ballad project ‘S.M THE BALLAD’

On the 26th, SM will release the first album from their new launched ballad project ‘S.M THE BALLAD’ with title “Really Miss You”.

For creating this new project, S.M THE BALLAD will present the best quality ballad songs through participation and collaboration with various singers, not only with SM’s artist.

This project is expected to receive lots of love from many music fan base because of the harmonized ballad which is anticipated to be presented through SM’s excellent producing capability and with various vocal’s colors.

TRAX Jay, Super Junior Kyuhyun, SHInee Jonghyun and also SM’s rookie Jino; all 4 members who have explosive singing capability participate in this first released album. Their various individual vocal’s colors and beautiful harmony with emotional ballad (songs) are enough to mesmerize woman’s heart in this cold winter.


►►[PICs + VIDs] DBSK’s Yunho @ Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Concert

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin, SHINee’s Minho and TRAX’s Jungmo visited U-Know Yunho’s concert performance to support him.

The three male celebrities attend “A Tribute band from Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live’, that was held today at Yongsan’s War Memorial Hall, to support fellow agency-mate U-Know Yunho.

At 6:45 pm, SHINee’s Minho and Choikang Changmin appeared and the fans stood up and welcomed their sudden appearance.

U-Know Yunho’s agency representatives said, “To support U-Know Yunho, SHINee and TVXQ came to the concert despite the cold weather. More celebrities will visit during the performance on the 28th.”


►►FT Island’s Lee Hongki had birthday party with Suju’s Heechul, Jang Geuk Suk + more!

I srsly did not know Hongki knew all these people @_@…though I’m kinda sad to see only ONE FT Island member there. Did he just left three other members out?! =.=;

Heechul wrote his testimony about the birthday party for Hongki:

Because of my schedule overseas, we celebrated hongki’s birthday in advance (-┏)
what, hongki, although this is your birthday… why must it clash with my schedule…

geun suk came with a bag of sweets

me : ya.. we are not kids, eat what sweet? – –

geun suk : hyung, today is white day.

everyone : (-┏)

is White Day ah..
never celebrate White Day with girlfriend before..

like the rain falling from the sky, all our emotion turned gloomy
ahhh..did not even speak a word of complain (-┏)

in the picture from left

Mighty Mouth’s sangchu (first time with such a gloomy expression)
F.T Island’s Jonghyun (like going to cry)
Jang Geun Suk (the 2 fingers ‘Y’ is as if going to poke someone’s eyes )
Kim Heechul (waiting for birthday cake)
EPIK HIGH’s Mithra (deeply immersed in love, the expression that have to whack)
F.T Island’s Hongki (happiest one)
Mighty Mouth’s Shorry (a real man when we get along, good at jokes)
TRAX’s Jungmo (the creator of bomb wine)
NASSUN who is taking photo(kept bragging about his iphone)


►►Super Junior’s Heechul creates a list of his ’83ers friends

Super Junior’s Heechul posted a Cyworld photo entry of his friends who share the same birthday year as him (1983…he’s old, I know).

Under the 希 Style folder
During birthday have to get birthday cake*
2010.03.04 22:29

Because Hongki birthday falls on the 21March, we have to call out our members urgently
Hongki is a kind and capable guy so we have to take care of him
We also celebrated Yongwoon ** birthday the other time ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(those who watched B.O.B. will know that heart-warming celebration)

Mithra—“Epik high” same age friend. the fact is he is an early-83er,so he is supposed to be hyung?
Although he is part of the “chocolate ball”, but no one knows his existence as he never attend meetings.
Always says “the fact that you are from the same company as Girls Generation makes everyone jealous.”
But whenever soshi appears in front of him, he will turn into a red-faced bear。
because of the scandal (-┏), and the stories that everyone heard about, so PASS

Heenim—Being the creator of “Chocolate Ball”,because of the phrase “so troublesome” the group separates
mood swings,a professional-level temper,thus voted “the artist that I will not want to work with” ,
but I still get praises from many people who admires me(example hongki, taemin,Simon D..etc..)。
when people ask me to do something, i wont do; i am the frog who does things that people don’t want me to do(like those disobedient characters in fairytales)
a person that live being loyal,and charms from 99.9% cocaine ***


►►[VID] TRAX covers rock version of SNSD’s “Oh!”

Although TRAX’s new song “Cold hearted man” didn’t really make it big, these guys – particularly member Jungmo here- are full of talents. Here is a guitar version of SNSD’s “Oh!” covered by Jungmo:

Cr: sment@YT

►►Heechul’s Cyworld updates~ 03/01/10


Hanging a Korean flag

Today March 1st is Independence Movement Day, a holiday in Korea.

Photo entries

2010.03.01 17:14

Title : Hairstyle

Seeing my very long hair
These days Yoonah held a scissors and said she will give me a self-cut hair

Seeing my very long hair
These days Sic1 said at this rate I will become a girl

Seeing my very long hair
These days Sonkyu2 asked whether I will grow my hair as long as my height

Seeing my very long hair
These days Donghae said I look like a beggar and yell at me to cut it

Seeing my very long hair
These days Jungmo said hyung is a really free person and told me to cut (my hair)

Seeing my very long hair
These days Soojung3 was about to cry and told me even if I cut my hair a bit I still look cool

Seeing my very long hair
These days Sulli only laughed hehehehe

Seeing my very long hair
These days the people from the company were like Heechul-ah your hair is a little too…saying those words to me

Seeing my very long hair
These days Petals are comforting each other that at least I dont grow beard

Nine people out of ten oppose my beggar hairstyle
But with my personality as long as I’m the only one who like it I will continue growng it

Because I’m Kim HeeChul

1 SNSD’s Jessica
SNSD’s Sunny
f(x)’s Krystal


►►New Releases: 02/28/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances (with 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung still as MCs) are up!

MVs: M4’s “Melody of You” + Cho PD ft. Koreana’s “Victory 2010”

CF: Kim Yuna for Olympic sponsors (Nike, Samsung, Hyundai)

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100228): T-ara’s “I go crazy because of you” + T-ara’s “I’m really hurt” + KARA’s “Lupin” + KARA’s “Umbrella” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” (Burning ver.) + 2PM’s “Never let you go” + U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + 4Men’s “I can’t ” + HyunA ft. BEAST Junhyung’s “Change” (goodbye stage) + TRAX ft. Super Junior Heechul’s “Let you go” + Ahn Jin Kyoung ft. H-Eugene’s “Bad Person” + Sun Min’s “Miss” + KARA’s interview + T-ara’s interview + MC Cuts with 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung and f(x)’s Sulli + SNSD WINS!


►►New Releases: 02/26/10

KBS Music Bank live performances are added!

MVs: KARA’s “Lupin” + T-ara’s “I go crazy because of you” + Song Cry ft. Taw & Kang Byul’s “Promise” + Anne’s “Go back to her” + V.O.S’ “I am sorry” + Class’ “Please don’t go” + One way’s “Magic” + Red Roc’s “I believe”

Teaser: BEAST’s “Shock”

CFs: SNSD for Cyon Maxx + 2PM for Anycall (preview)

Live perfs (Music Bank 022610): KARA’s “Lupin” + KARA’s “Umbrella” + T-ara’s “I go crazy because of you” + SNSD’s “Oh!” + 2AM’s “Never let you go” + U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + TRAX ft. Suju Heechul’s “Cold hearted man” + KARA’s interview + T-ara’s Interview + SNSD WINS!


►►New Releases: 02/21/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances are added!

MVs: The Black’s “Never Again” + Rrhyme’s “My love by my side” + Analog Forest’s “Irritation” + Sun Min’s “Lost” + Min Kyung Hoon’s “It hurts because it’s love” + Ahn Jin Kyoung ft MBLAQ Mir’s “Bad person” + GoGo Star’s “Angry puppet show” + Class’ “Please don’t go” + Egg’s “Draw a shower separation” + Sponge Band’s “Can’t hear you” + Taesabiae’s “Love don’t change”

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100221): SNSD’s “Oh!” + SNSD’s “Show! Show! Show!” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + 2AM’s “Never let you go” + U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + Min Kyung Hoon’s “It hurts because it’s love” + Gavy NJ ft U-KISS Dongho’s “Sunflower” + TRAX ft. SNSD Seohyun’s “Let you go” + Untouchable ft Secret Ji Eun’s “Living in the Heart” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + Ahn Jin Kyoung ft MBLAQ Mir’s “Bad person” + Preview of KARA’s comeback + MC cut with YoonA & Jokwon + SNSD WINS!


►►Suju’s Heechul reveals his Valentines: himself, SNSD, f(x), and Baengsin

LOL so I’m not sure if these are his Valentines or not but they’re definitely what he loves because he posted them up [conveniently] on Valentine’s Day:


Kim Hee Chul*

*he wrote in Hanja

The cold-hearted do it do it chu

*combines TRAX’s song “Cold hearted man” and f(x)’s song “Chu~♥”


►►New Releases: 02/14/10

Happy New Year and Valentine’s Day, everyone!!
SBS Inkigayo live performances are up 🙂

MVs: Park Hyun Bin’s “So Hot!” + Lui’s “Come to you” + Choi Soo Min’s “Moment Musical” + Cocoon Bells’ “Naru” + J.ea feat. G-One’s “No. 5” + Lim Chang Jung’s “Managed to forget the breakup” + Circus100’s “Dating” + Jo Hye Ryun’s “Nuit de Folie” + Day Na’s “Frozen” + Paul Baek’s “Foolish” + One Way’s “One Day” & “U Drag” + Sang Woo’s “Shining Star”

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100214): SNSD’s “Oh!” + 2AM’s “Never let you go” + U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + F.CUZ’s “Jiggy” (remix) + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + Seeya, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + Gavy NJ ft. F.CUZ Jinon’s “Sunflower” + TRAX ft. SNSD Seohyun’s “Cold hearted man” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this man” + New Year’s wishes from SNSD, 2AM, T-ara, C.N BLUE + MC cuts with 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung and f(x)’s Sulli + SNSD WINS!


►►New Releases: 02/06/10

MBC Music Core live performances are all up!

MVs: Dick Punks’ “Cheerleaders” + DP ft. Knock’s “Do you remember?” + Daybreak’s “Good” + Kiroy Y ft. KCM & Nonoo’s “The stars of the night” + The The Band’s “Tears are falling” + Bubble Sisters’ “Kashiri” + ft. MBLAQ G.O’s “I Can’t Tell You This Is The End”

CFs: Big Bang for Cyon Crystal (re-edits)

Special Spotlight: f(x)’s funny/cute cut in Africa

Live perfs (Music Core 100206): U-KISS’ “Round and Round” + SNSD’s “Star Star Star” + SNSD’s “Oh!” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + TRAX ft. SNSD Seohyun’s “Cold hearted man” + After School’s “When I fall” + Untouchable ft. BEG Narsha’s “Living in the heart” + SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + Min Kyung Hoon’s “It hurts because it’s love”


►►New Releases: 01/05/10

KBS Music Bank performances are added!
After a week full of finals, I’m now freeeeeee~♥

MVs: Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + Untouchable feat. Brown Eyed Girl Narsha’s “Living in the heart” + SNSD’s “Oh!” (dance version) + Spongeband’s “We Like…” + U-KISS’s “Bingeul Bingeul” + 2PM’s “CRAZY4S”

Special Spotlight: Kara, T-ara, Secret , FT Island, Mblaq – New Year Interview & 2010 Wish

Live perfs (Music Bank 100105): SNSD’s “Oh!” + U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul” + 2AM’s “Never let you go” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + 2AM’s “My Love By My Side” + C.N Blue’s “Love Love Love” + After School’s “When I fall” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + F.CUZ’s “Jiggy” + Untouchable feat. BEG Narsha’s “Living in the heart” + TRAX ft. SNSD Seohyun’s “Cold hearted man” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + Gavy NJ ft. MBLAQ Mir’s “Sunflower” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + Yoon Hwa Jae In’s ” Wings” + Sori ft. I the Tri Tops Ban Hyung Moon’s “타버렸어요” + SNSD Interview + 2AM & C.N BLUE Interview + SNSD WINS!


►►Music show specials on first week of February 2010

It’s all about girl power this weekend!

f(x) member Sulli will be appearing as the new MC for SBS Inkigayo this weekend.

And for her first MC show, Sulli will also be preparing a special performance for the song. She will be doing a dance performance dancing to hit songs like  So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Oh!’, ‘Genie’, Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ and Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ etc.

Inkigayo’s official also said, “Sulli’s bright and cute image does well with Inkigayo. We look forward to working with her.”  —

So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun will be doing a piano performance for rock band TRAX.

On KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core, SeoHyun will be performing with TRAX on stage for the song ‘Let You Go’, and SeoHyun will be playing on the piano for the performance, showing support to the group as a junior under the same company SM Entertainment.

SM’s rep said, “SeoHyun will show a different side to her from her image in So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Oh!’ with the piano performance for the song.” —

Hip hop duo Untouchable will have their comeback stage on KBS Music Bank on 5th February.

Coming back after 8 months with their 2nd minialbum, their comeback stage will also feature Brown Eyed Girls Narsha for the song ‘Living in the heart’.

The group will also be doing live performance with Narsha on MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on 6th and 7th February.

Cr: Sookyeong

►►New Releases: 01/31/10

SBS Inkigayo Olympics Special live performances are added!

MV: Jaurim’s “Screw”

Teaser: U-KISS’ “Bingeul Bingeul”

CF: 2PM for Hanami Snacks (ver. 2 – with Jay!)

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100131): SNSD’s “Show Show Show” + SNSD’s “Oh!” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + C.N BLUE and Kim Jang Hoon’s “Show” + 2AM and BEAST’s “Champion” + HyunA, T-ara, Rainbow, SeeYa’s “Hey Mickey” + 2AM’s “Never let you go” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + BEAST’s “Mystery” + BEAST’s “Bad Girl” + HyunA ft. JunHyung’s “Change” + SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + F.CUZ’s “Jiggy” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + TRAX’s “Cold hearted man” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + Interview with SNSD + Interview with Kim Jong Kook + Olympics MC Cuts with Super Junior’s Heechul, Shindong, Leeteuk + C.N BLUE WINS Mutizen!


►►New Releases: 01/30/10

MBC Music Core live performances (including SNSD’s comeback staege) are added!

MVs: HybRefine’s “You can fly” + Ju Bora’s “In Bed” + Kim Dong Hee’s “Die Attack” + Just’s “My Love” + DiskoRokket feat Benja’s “Dance Tonight” + IU’s “Love to you”

Special Spotlight: 2PM’s Hanami CF (with Jaebum) behind-the-scenes

Live perfs (Music Core 100130): SNSD’s “Show show show” + SNSD’s “Oh!” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + BEAST’s “Bad Girl” &”Mystery” + Kim Jong Kook’s “이 사람이다” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + TRAX’s “Cold hearted man” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + HyunA ft. BEAST Junhyung’s “Change” + Gavy NJ ft. BEAST DooJoon’s “Sunflower” + F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” + SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + HAM’s “Doogeun Doogeun”


►►New Releases: 01/29/10

KBS Music Bank live performances are added and…C.N BLUE grabs a win! OMG so happy for the guys!! They totally deserved it!! >0<

↑ my lovers: C.N BLUE winning + BEAST’s DooJoon rapping for Gavy NJ♥

MVs: 4Men feat. Navi’s “Baby You” + F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” (ver. 2) + Kim Dong Hee’s “Die Attack” + Trax’s “Cold-hearted man” + Kim Jong Kook feat. Im Joo Eun’s “Can’t forget” + Na Yoon Kwon’s “Stupid”+ SNSD’s “Oh!” (subbed)

Spotlight Special: TOP’s MV for upcoming solo song @ Big Show Concert

Live perfs (Music Bank 100129): Kim Jong Kook’s “Don’t be good to me” + Kim Jong Kook’s “It’s this person” + 2AM’s “Can’t let you go” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” + TRAX’s “Cold-hearted man” + Seeya, T-ara, Davichi’s “Wonder Woman” + BEAST’s “Mystery” (remix) + Dia’s “Another Boy” + HAM’s “Doogeun Doogeun” + HypRefine’s “You can fly” + HyunA feat. BEAST JunHyung’s “Change” + Gavy NJ feat. BEAST Doojoon’s “Sunflower” + KCM’s “One Day” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + The The’s “It’s Hot” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + BEAST interview with Jokwon & HyunA + C.N BLUE, ZE:A, F.CUZ, Kim Jong Kook interviews with Jokwon & HyunA + C.N BLUE WINS!


►►Suju’s Cyworlds: Heechul talks about TRAX & SSII Beijing~ 01/22 – 01/25/10

Heechul’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2010.01.22 02:04
In the ‘‘希 Style’ folder..


김희철 2010.01.22 02:

After such a long time, TRAX finally came back

Cold Hearted Man


►►[VID] TRAX releases “Cold-hearted man” MV ft. Suju’s Heechul & f(x)’s Victoria!

SM’s rock band TRAX now returns with new MV after releasing their mini abulm.

Victoria & Heechul did a really nice job acting out their parts ^^

Cr: sment@YT

►►New Releases: 01/24/10

SBS Inkigayo live performances are added!

Song: SNSD’s “Look At Tomorrow” (SBS Logo Song)

Special Spotlight: Super Junior’s YeSung & Sungmin talks about “Hong Gildong” musical (subbed)

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100124): 2AM’s “Intro” & “Never let you go” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + TRAX’s “Let You Go” +After School’s “Because of You” (remix) + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” + T-ara’s “Like the first time” + Rainbow’s “Not Your Girl” + SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + Ivy’s “Goodbye tears” + Shoo’s “Other than me” + HyunA feat. BEAST Junhyung’s “Change” + Gavy NJ’s “Sunflower” + 2AM’s Interview + 2PM’s Taecyeon & Wooyoung MC cuts + After School WINS!


►►New Releases: 01/23/10

MBC Music Core live performances are added!
↑ cutie maknae MinHyuk of C.N BLUE, who gets to be in the spotlight today♥

MVs: Kim Dan A’s “Installment Deposits” + Joah’s “More and more”

Songs: F.T Triple’s “You Don’t Know” + f(x)’s ” Spread Its Wings” + Secret’s “Friends”

Live perfs (Music Core 100123): Trax’s “Cold hearted man” + SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” + SHINee’s “JoJo” + After School’s “Because of You” + T-ara’s “Like the beginning” + C.N BLUE’s “Alone” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + Gavy NJ feat. H-Eugene’s “Sunflower” + Lucy’s “1 Year 365 Days” + SNSD’s Yuri & Tiffany MC Cuts