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►►SNSD Jessica’s face gets dumped with cake for her birthday

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On the 22nd birthday of Jessica, the “Ice Princess” of SNSD. Her birthday was celebrated with the international S♥NEs at their Shanghai concert.

SNSD arrived in Shanghai for the start of their “Into the New World 1st Asia Tour” along with SHINee, who were the guests of the concert.

The concert stage and the concert itself was set up smiliar to the concert held in Korea. However, the difference from the concert in Korea was that Jessica’s short birthday party was held with the fans near the end, where the members managed to get cake on her face.


►►Caught on Cam: Super Junior and f(x)’s Luna @ Eunhyuk’s birthday party

Happy 24th/25th birthday to Super Junior’s dancing anchovy Eunhyuk!

Super Junior’s Shindong kept fans updated on Eunhyuk’s birthday with 2 special tweets with pictures included!

오늘은 4월 4일 은혁이 생일입니다^^ 은혁아 생일축하한닷!! 나름 연습하며 생일파티 욥!!^^ㅎㅎ 상훈형님^^ F(x)루나^^ 춤선생님 대빈! 함께하셧어용 모두 축하해주세요^^

Today is April 4, Eunhyuk’s birthday ^^ Happy Birthday Eunhyuk!! Celebrating his birthday while practicing yay!!^^ SangHun hyung^^ f(x)’s Luna ^^ and dance teachers are guests here with us! Please celebrate with us everyone^^


►►FT Island’s Lee Hongki had birthday party with Suju’s Heechul, Jang Geuk Suk + more!

I srsly did not know Hongki knew all these people @_@…though I’m kinda sad to see only ONE FT Island member there. Did he just left three other members out?! =.=;

Heechul wrote his testimony about the birthday party for Hongki:

Because of my schedule overseas, we celebrated hongki’s birthday in advance (-┏)
what, hongki, although this is your birthday… why must it clash with my schedule…

geun suk came with a bag of sweets

me : ya.. we are not kids, eat what sweet? – –

geun suk : hyung, today is white day.

everyone : (-┏)

is White Day ah..
never celebrate White Day with girlfriend before..

like the rain falling from the sky, all our emotion turned gloomy
ahhh..did not even speak a word of complain (-┏)

in the picture from left

Mighty Mouth’s sangchu (first time with such a gloomy expression)
F.T Island’s Jonghyun (like going to cry)
Jang Geun Suk (the 2 fingers ‘Y’ is as if going to poke someone’s eyes )
Kim Heechul (waiting for birthday cake)
EPIK HIGH’s Mithra (deeply immersed in love, the expression that have to whack)
F.T Island’s Hongki (happiest one)
Mighty Mouth’s Shorry (a real man when we get along, good at jokes)
TRAX’s Jungmo (the creator of bomb wine)
NASSUN who is taking photo(kept bragging about his iphone)


►►FT Island celebrates leader Jong Hun’s birthday + a message from bday boy

~Happy 20th/21st Birthday to FT Island’s quiet yet super talented leader Choi Jong Hun!~

March 7th marks the birth date of Choi Jong Hun, the leader/guitarist/keyboardist/vocals of FT Island! I hope he will grow to be more talkative this year (because he’s really really funny when he does talk!) and receive many more love from fans everywhere!

Anyways, the FTI boys also did not forget and they spent some time with fans celebrate his bday (and Hongki’s bday too…since they’re around the same date):


►►Happy Birthday to 2NE1’s baddest female leader CL!!

Just a small post contributing to my favorite female rapper/leader~~ queen CL of 2NE1, who was born on February 26th!


Although she may not be the prettiest girl of Korea, CL certainly carries a great deal of charisma, talents, and fierceness – all the more reasons many Black Jacks and I love this girl♥

~Happy 19th/20th Birthday CL-roo!~

Latest picture of CL with maknae Minzy posted by Dara on February 26th with the caption “CLi-Wonka and Haloompaloompa ^_____^”:


►►Fans to support Suju Hankyung’s project “Let Love Fly” for his birthday


I dearly hope this year will be much better for you and Super Junior as a whole. Please keep faith and don’t leave Suju!!

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Hankyung recently left a message on his Cyworld:

2010-02-09 15:15
Let Love Fly**

Thank you for the best birthday present! Really touched really~~~Let’s all continue to work hard together~~~!!!

I love you all !!!

** The Birthday/Charity Project from GengBaidu.

Source: Han Geng/韩庚’s Cyworld
Credit: eunmi/은미남~☆ @

When Han Geng’s birthday in 2010 (February 9) is coming up, his fans organize the “Let love fly” charitable activities as the birthday gift for their idol. It is learned that this is not the first time Gengfans organizing such love spreading activity. Since 2007, called on by Han Geng, Gengfans have had the tradition of organizing charitable activities for three years. They want to do their part to pass along love to people who need help.


►►AVEX’s president Max Matsuura wishes DBSK’s Yunho a Happy Birthday!

AVEX is DBSK’s 2nd company in Japan ^^ and…


Although things are tough nowadays, keep your faith and strength up!

Cr: In東方神起 and eternity. ~Toko?wantebaku~

At 5.40pm today, Max Matsuura, CEO of AVEX Entertainment, wished Yunho a Happy Birthday on his twitter!

Translation: It’s his birthday! A 24-year-old man this year! Congratulations!

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