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►►Lee Min Ho, “I rejected the offer to star in a movie by Goo Hye Sun”

Actor Lee MinHo reveals that he has been given a proposal from actress Goo HyeSun from drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ to star in a movie.

Lee MinHo was featured for an interview on MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment’ aired on 23rd April when he was asked if he was offered to appear in the movie directed by Goo HyeSun in her upcoming director-debut movie. His answer was, “Even though I was offered to appear in the movie, it will be inconvenient/uncomfortable for me to meet Goo HyeSun as actor-director since we were once partners in a drama.”

Meanwhile, he was also asked about his complexion during the interview and his answer was, “I lost weight on my face.”

Cr : Sookyeong

Goo Hye Sun talks about the charms of F4

Actress Goo Hye Sun, best known for her role as Geum Jan Di on the hit show Boys Overs Flowers recently appeared on KBS2’s Talk Show where she promoted her upcoming movie Magic and also shared her thoughts about the famedF4.

First up from the F4 was Lee Minho where she stated: “Lee Minho is a very affectionate person and sociable, somewhat opposite of his persona as Goo Joon Pyo. He treats everyone very well and goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable.”


►►Goo Hye Sun to comeback with a drama similar to ‘Boys Over Flowers’?

Goo Hye Sun who has took part in the recent KBS 2TV “Talk Show 樂” program recording has expressed on her activities planning for the second half of the year.

Goo Hye Sun mentioned, “Around the second half of this year, I have plans for a new drama.” She expressed, “The role will be similar as the second of “Geum Jan Di”.” (Geum Jan Di is a character from Boys Over Flowers)

Due to ”Boys over Flowers” aired last year, Goo Hye Sun has gathered rising popularity in Taiwan and Japan etc and has rosen to a hallyu star since then.

On the programme recording day, Goo Hye Sun who has successfully made her advancement into overseas also added on, “The role “Geum Jandi” at “Boys over Flowers” has brought a big turn in my acting life.” And she showed affection while saying.


►►New Releases: 03/26/10

KBS Music Bank live performances are added + awesome/popular new releases from the week of 03/22/10 – 03/26/10 🙂

MVs: After School’s “Bang!” + ZE:A’s “All day long”+ Fahrenheit ft. Goo Hye Sun’s “Touch your heart”

Teaser: Rain’s “Love song”

Live perfs (Music Bank 100326): After School’s “Let’s Do It” & “Bang!” + SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” + KARA’s “Lupin” + 2AM’s “I did wrong” + 4Minute & Amerie’s “Heard’em all” + BEAST’s “Shock” + T-ara’s “I go crazy because of you” + F.CUZ’s “No One” + Epik High’s “Run” + K.Will ft. BEAST Junhyung’s “Present” + Supreme Team’s “Step up” + JJ’s “Come closer” + After School’s Interview + KARA WINS!


►►[Interview] Goo Hye Sun reveals her success secret, “I’m a workaholic”

Gu Hye-sun hasn’t been acting for the past year, and is currently wrapping up work on her first feature film. (She made her directorial debut with a short film last year.) Here’s a recent interview where she talks about her myriad artistic interests and how these different pursuits culminate with her film.

Jack of all trades Gu Hye-sun’s secret: “I’m a workaholic. If I don’t work, I feel uneasy”

The entertainment industry’s “Renaissance girl,” director-actor-songwriter-writer… Gu Hye-sun

“Gu-onardo Da Vinci.”

He was a “Renaissance man” specializing in many diverse fields, from medicine to science, art, and architecture. Leonardo da Vinci is the name Gu Hye-sun alludes to. Attached in front of her name are many modifiers. Actor, film director, writer, songwriter — she covers many genres in popular culture.

Wearing a yellow sweater that felt of spring, she is busy these days in the latter stages of production for her first feature film as director, Magic [요술].


►►Actress Goo Hye Sun directs her first full-length movie

The “Boys Over Flowers” actress is no longer taking orders but rather making orders!

After her successful debut short film, The Cheerful Caretaker, Goo Hye Sun is now working on her first full-length movie called Magic.

The movie will be focusing on stories of young musicians regarding music and love. Filming is currently underway and the filming set was opened to the media on the 21st. Not only will Goo Hye Sun be directing the movie, she will also take a hands-on approach by being the producer, song composer and also act in the movie.


►►Concert to watch for: “NEW GENERATION” Concert in Japan

Korean artists like f(x),  SHINee, T-Max, Kim Bum, and Goo Hye Sun have been catching the attention of many countries lately. Japan has shown interest in our idols and have invited them to perform in Japan on April the 24th, for the “NEW GENERATION” event, live in Yokohama. Tickets went on sale today!

●イベント名 「New Generation -Live in YOKOHAMA-」
●日程 2010年 4月 24日(土) 开场15:30 开演17:00
●出演者(予定) SHINee、f(x)、ク・ヘソン、キム・ボム、T-max (SHINee、f(x)、구혜선,김범 ,T-max )
●会场 パシフィコ横浜国立大ホール
●チケット価格 S席 10,500円 A席 9,450円 一般8,400円
●チケット贩売 2月12日
●内容 出演者によるコンサート
●时间 未定 (公演约2时间を予定)
●主催 株式会社インタラクティブメディアミックス、Group 8
■问い合わせ先 チケットに関するお问い合わせ:0570-02-9999

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►►U-KISS pick their ideal girls

At least the U-KISS guys have some good tastes haha

Coming back with ‘Bingeul Bingeul’, U-Kiss (Alexander, Kibum, Dongho, Soohyun, Eli, Kevin and Kiseop) reveal their ideal types on ‘U-Kiss’ Vampire’.

U-Kiss’ maknae Dongho, who has been getting a lot of love from nunas, chose between the top stars of Korea easily, showing his honest character, which is distinctive of a Type B.

But one choice that Dongho had a hard time making was ‘SNSD VS KARA’. Seeing Dongho’s worried expression when picking between these two groups, and even asking if he could pass, the members burst out laughing.

Although Dongho had stated Shin Se Kyung as his ideal type, he quickly picked Huang Jung Eum over her in less than 10 minutes, showing off the badboy (?) side of a Type B.

When he had to pick between Park Boyoung and IU, whom he often states as his ideal type, Dongho could not hide his difficulty as he made an unexpected decision.

So between IU and Park Bo Young, who was the one Dongho picked as his ideal type eventually? Dongho, who likes older girls, picked Shin Minah as his final ideal girl.

Dongho, who picked Shin Minah because of her remarkable fashion sense, left her a video message saying “let’s go for a meal together”. Together with Dongho, Kiseop and Alexander’s ideal types will be revealed via rounds of “Ideal type World Cup” on ‘U-Kiss’ Vampire’.

Although Kiseop had a range of choices such as Han Hyo Joo, Lee Min Jung, 2NE1’s Sandara Park, the devoted Type A eventually still picked Goo Hye Sun as his ideal type. Big fan (?) of Lee Hyori, Alexander picked Sandara Park over Lee Hyori, getting rebuked by his members.

Cr: Arts News + ukissme.SG (Translations)

►►YG Entertainment moves on and opens up new Headquarters!

The YG Family is snuggling into their new, warm beds as we speak 😀

Big Bang and 2NE1’s record label YG Entertainment opened up their brand new headquarters!!!

YG Entertainment moved into their brand new building on February 3rd and the new place is 7 stories high and 1 story below ground.
Cr: allkpop

►►[PICs] 100125- YG Family @ a staff’s wedding

A fan stalker took some pictures with YG Family (Goo Hye Sun, 2NE1’s Minzy and Dara, Big Bang’s Taeyang, Se7en, + more maybe?) attending a staff’s wedding (?) recently through these two entries:

2010.01.25 19:25

구혜선 쩐다 존나 말랏고 얼굴도 작고 이뽕
2010.01.25 19:16



►►Classy Goo Hye Sun, “I’d rather go bald than show some cleavage”

I really admire Goo Hye Sun. She has always display the innocent image and I’m glad she’s sticking to that rather than go ‘sexy’ like other actresses ^0^

Goo Hye Sun has been on the popular searched tags because she admitted her personal acting preferences. During an interview on KBS Entertainment Relay, she admitted, “I could gain weight depending on my character. I could gain up to 10kg.” In addition, when they asked her about her weight she replied, “It often goes back and forth.”

She also added, “I could even go bald. I like to cut my hair,” showing her passion for acting. When they asked her about acting that exposes her body, she truthfully replied, “That I might have to think about.”

Cr: newsen + Sookyeong

I found a little cut from another source on her interview:

MC: What do you normally do when you see your friends?
GHS: hmmm, we drink beer together.
MC: But you told me that you quit drinking.
GHS: I have not seen them recently.
(@3:30 on screen, Can you gain weight for your character?)
GHS: I could be different depending on the character. But I can gain upto maybe 10kg.
MC: Wow, that is a lot!
GHS: 10kg? Really but I frequently go back and forth about that much. (laughter)
MC: Do you think you can shave your head for your character?
GHS: (very confidently) Yes,,,,I love short hair.
MC: How about exposing your body?
GHS: hmm I would have to think about that,,,,,,Be always healthy and happy. Thank you.
MC: We anticipate more projects from the perfect lady.

Cr: video + translated by susAmerica@soompi

►►[PICs] Goo Hye Sun in Taiwan hanging out with popular group Fahrenheit

Seems like she had a fun day hanging out with the Fahrenheit boys (a popular Taiwanese boy band). One of them, Wu Chun, did an interview for a Korean news reporter and even mentioned her: “I filmed a music video with Goo Hye Sun and found her to be very kind. She is an actress that I would like to act with. I find Goo Hye Sun-ssi to be smart and kind after having worked with her. It was fun to film with her because she has so many ideas. If you were to ask me which Korean actress I would like to work with, I would like to with Hye Sun-ssi…” (source translated by susAmerica@soompi)


►►Tips to beautiful skin like Goo Hye Sun, Im Soo Jung, Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo

Interesting article I stumbled upon during my visit at Soompi ^^

8 Steps to clean and beautiful skin: (according to the article –tips/rules on how to have nice smooth skin such as celebrities like Goo Hye Sun, Im Soo Jung, Kim Tae Hee & Song Hye Kyo)

1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
Keeping this habit would maintain the ideal level of moisture for your body and water also help detoxify your inside.

2. Get sufficient amount of sleep
While asleep, your skin cells renew themselves 10 times faster than during day time. The dead surface cells are more quickly removed from the skin as well. The natural release of melatonin that enhances revival and healing of cells and DNA is best processed during the night time without any daylight. So, make sure to get enough sleep.

3. Get some fresh air:
Oxygen is vital in quicker renewing and enlivening of the skin cells. Air pollution is not ideal for good skin, therefore, if you live in the polluted city areas, it is good for you to take hikes or nature walks regularly.

4. Periodic exfoliation:
Periodic deep cleasing is important in removing dead cells on the skin surface. Without it, skin pores may widen or be covered and more
likely to create pimples and acne and even discolor the skin.


►►KBS heroines of “Boys Over Flowers” and “Iris” win big @ Drama Awards

Goo Hye Sun looks lovely in her new shortdo while Kim Tae Hee looks glamorous in her updo that night. Congratulations!

Two female main leads who created syndromes for the first and the second halves of the year, Goo Hye Sun and Kim TaeHee respectively, won the best actress awards for the drama series category.

Kim Tae Hee who became popular through this year’s IRIS, said these accepting speech: “IRIS is a precious drama that saved me from deep feelings of self-depreciation. On top of that, to get this big award, I am very thankful. I thank all the staff who made me into a perfect ‘Choi Seung Hee’.” She cried while making the speech.

Boys Over Flowers heroin Goo Hye Sun‘s acceptance speech: “I did not even think that I will get this award but I thank you. It has been a year since the end of Boys Over Flowers and time really passes too quickly. I want to send my thank you to all the actors and the staff who worked so hard. It is also an honor for me to receive this award with Kim Tae Hee Sunbae. Also, I want to thank Lee Minho who so charmingly worked so well along with me. Wow, the Best Actress,,for me, it was an honor just to have worked with the Boys Over Flowers staff. I don’t know what to say for this honor. I want to thank the staff for helping me to make the role so good.”

KBS Award for 2009 ended after all the awards have been given out.

Cr: Newsen + susAmerica@soompi

►►Goo Hye Sun brings good luck to her male actors?

On 31st noon, at Seoul Yeouido KBS new building, in the 2009 KBS Drama Award Ceremony, Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong are nominated under the ‘Best Couple Award’ category.

Goo Hye Sun acted in the popular drama in KBS 2TV ‘Boys over Flowers’ as ‘Geum Jan Di’ and was involved in the love triangle between F4 leader ‘Goo Jun Pyo’ acted by Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong. It has attracted the support of many viewers.

During the broadcast of ‘Boys over Flowers’, a portion of the viewers supported Goo Hye Sun and Kim Hyun Joong’s as a couple, there’s also another portion of viewers who were greatly concerned of Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho’s love. The F4 members and Goo Hye Sun continued to maintain their close friendship after the drama filming has completed.

In this award ceremony, the nomination for ‘Best Couple Award’ include ‘Invincible Lee Pyung Kang’ Gir Yong Woo – Choi Myeong Gil, ‘My Precious Child’ Kim Sung Soo – Lee Tae Ran, ‘Hot Blood’ Park Hae Jin – Jo Yoon Hee.

The ‘Best Couple’ will be selected based on 40% netizen votes, 30% professional judge group, 30% reporters vote to decide the final winner.

Also, Goo Hye Sun other than nominated in the ‘Best Couple Award’, she was also nomintated in the netizen selection ‘Most Popular Actress Award’.

Cr: Star News + (Chinese translation) ��� @ + (English translation)

►►Goo Hye Sun’s female lead for her movie “Magic” revealed

Twenty-five-year-old actress Gu Hye-sun is at work on her new film Magic [요술] , and has cast her female lead: Seo Hyun-jin, a former pop singer turned actress.

Seo Hyun-jin got her start in 2001 with the SM girl group M.I.L.K, and went on to act in musicals and dramas like Hwang JiniHIT. She first became friends with Gu back in her singer days, and was featured in Gu’s directorial debut, the short film The Madonna (aka The Cheerful Caretaker).

“Magic” is Gu Hye-sun’s first feature directorial project, and is set in a music school. Seo plays a genius pianist, and is currently immersed in practicing the instrument. The film will begin filming in mid-January after the male lead is cast.

Cr: dramabeans

►►[VID] Goo Hye Sun wishes you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

How cute is this? she took time out of her busy schedule to say hi and wishes fans a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 😀

►►Top artist/actor search of 2009 on Nate and Naver

For those who don’t know, Nate and Naver are virtually the two biggest search portals in Korea. So making this chart would mean a lot 😉

Above (Top artist search: [1]2NE1 [2]2PM [3]SNSD [4]After School [5]Kara [6]f(x) [7]Brown Eyed Girls [8]G-Dragon [9]Lee Seung Ki [10]4Minute) (Top actor search: [1]Lee Minho [2]Koo Hye Sun [3]Han Hyo Joo [4]Han Yeh Sul [5]Park Bo Young [6]Lee Jun Ki [7]Kim Bum [8]Yoon Eun Hye [9]Shin Sae Kyung [10]Jang Geun Suk)

Usually, being the most searched celebrity on a search engine shows the fame that a certain person has. Well 2009 wasn’t any different for these headline hoggers.

The most searched artists on Korean search engine and media portal in 2009 was the new girl group 2NE1. They debuted with their single “Fire” in May of this year. So in over half a year, they became the most searched artists on Nate. What a big achievement considering the fact that 2PM and SNSD came in second and third respectively.


►►[PICs] Boys Over Flowers Japan Promo DVD teasers

It’s raining Boys Over Flowers craze again! I can’t believe a year has passed already *0*


►►[PICs] Goo Hye Sun @ 3rd China Mobile Film Festival

+ some interview questions, news,  & fan account 😀

A star quietly attended the Mobile Film Festival.

Most people with power and authority attend such events drawing much attention to themselves. On the contrary, she, a star, came in quietly. An actress who is both lovely and wise came to this grand event creating an interesting atmosphere.

She is one of the beauties among 5 beauties in Korea and the lovely female star of BOF. She came this film festival to show her short film, <Cheerful Caretaker> as a director.

Over 600 film productions from 10 countries including China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia have been submitted. 60 films have been selected from the list and from 60, 22 films will be screened first. (So, if I understand this correctly, GHS’s film has been selected from 600 productions and is one of the 22 films that are being shown first at the festival.Right?!! WOW!!)

The Korean beauty, the female star of BOF, GHS is receiving tremendous attention for her <Cheerful Caretaker> and is the brightest star of this Mobile Film Festival.

Cr: DCInside + translated by susAmerica@soompi


►►Goo Hye Sun’s 1st invitation to Film Festival as a director

Goo Hye Sun received a formal invitation from the Third Annual China Mobile Film Association/Festival to show her first directorial debut, <Cheerful Caretaker>.

The Korean beauty Goo Hye Sun plans to attend the film festival to be held at the Shim Chun University on the 18th of December and show her film, <Cheerful Caretaker>. This film association is divided into several sections: the Main Competition category, Asia Media section, Animation section, and Shim Chun Impression division.

The main competition category is also divided into 10 headings; the selected works for this category includes work from the very famous and experienced director to work from a newcomer. The Chief Manager of the Film Association, Long Shin, introduced that, the Korean star of BOF, Goo Hye Sun’s <Cheerful Caretaker> is placed under the Main Competition category.

Goo Hye Sun’s film will be screened at the Shim Chun University’s Science Technology area. Goo Hye Sun will attend the screening and address the audience in the topics of her background work for the movie and her filming techniques.

This DC translator found out through the Baidu site that a Goo Hye Sun Chinese fan’s friend is a staff member of the Film Association. This staff person informed that Goo Hye Sun’s film will be shown followed by her talk at 2 PM on December 18th.

Cr: DCgoohyesun + translated by susAmerica@soompi

►►Goo Hye Sun’s perfect skin is praised among netizens

She looks so cute and pretty in that hat! I LOVE all her hats in Boys Over Flowers lol

Netizens are going gaga over Goo Hye Sun’s flawless skin. The “Boys over Flowers” star is the face of “Tous Les Jours Bakery (along with Rain).

Goo Hye Sun was spotted at the  “Fresh Night, White Night” party for Tous Les Jours on December 7th at a club in the Hongdae area.

Cr: popseoul

►►Goo Hye Sun, “I wish for the movie “Jun Woo Chi” to be a big hit!”

The actress/director approved of this film! lol

[TVeDaily=Song Sun Mi Reporter] A new Korean-style hero movie, Jun Woo Chi, opened a VIP premier movie night at the CGV in Seoul Whang Shil Lee on December 14 at 8 PM along with the main actors, Kang Dong Won and Im Soo Jung. One of the VIP guests, GHS, is waving her hand

Jun Woo Chi is an extremely high budget (100억대), grand scale Korean-style hero movie directed by Director Choi Dong Hoon who also made Tah Jja and Reconstruction of a Crime or more known as Big Swindle and stars top stars like Kang Dong Won, Kim Yoon Suk, Im Soo Jung, Yoo Hae Jin, Baek Yoon Sik,  and Uhm Jung Hwa.

Jun Woo Chi is character from a classic Korean literature of the old Korea (조선시대 = Cho Sun era). This new action movie is based on that classic literature; Jun Woo CHi, a mischievous young Buddhist teacher (edit: he is supposed to be a Taoist Wizard), who was falsely accused and imprisoned inside a painting scroll for 500 years is freed into the modern era to fight the ghosts of some sort.

Cr: Nate + translated by susAmerica@soompi

►►Goo Hye Sun’s Cyworld: she uploaded more selca pics~ 12/13/09

She looks so innocent and really really young with this short hairdo 😀