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►►Lee Da Hae snags Top Asian Fashionista Award from Song Hye Kyo

Korean actress Lee Da Hae won an award at the 2010 China Fashion Awards (CFA) held in Beijing of China on November 27th.

“Thank you for honoring me with such a big award and I will try to pay even more attention to my fashion. I thank China for the great love you have shown me and I will repay you with better acting,” Lee was quoted as saying in the press release.


►►[VID] Actress Song Hye Kyo turns into a guy for Doutor Coffee!

Song Hye Gyo who has been missing from our screens for quite a while, returns with numerous outfit changes in her latest coffee CF.

The 30s CF for Doutor Coffee sees Song Hye Gyo go through five different outfits in order to get a free bottle of coffee and she also sings the CF jingle too.

After the CF release, it generated a big reaction from her fans, who commented that the guy look she portrayed was really good despite her being a female.

A spokesperson for Doutor Coffee expressed that they decided to get Song Hye Gyo because her popularity level had risen after her relationship with Hyun Bin was made public last year. They also felt that her overall image was made even cuter by that.

Cr: Allkpop

►►Fashion Watch: Lee Hyori, Goo Hara, Song Hye Kyo, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Ha Neul, Han Ji Hye

It’s been long since we last have an all-girl Fashion Watch lol but these shoots are flawless 😉

-Lee Hyori for 2010 Adidas Original Global Campaign

-KARA’s Goo Hara for Nylon Korea (Feb. 2010)

-Song Hye Kyo for (?) (Feb. 2010)

-Yoon Eun Hye for Beyond products

-Kim Ha Neul for Elle Korea (Feb. 2010)

-Han Ji Hye for Ceci Korea (Feb. 2010)


►►Song Hye Kyo and Kang Dong Won are casted for international movie”Love for Sale”

Song Hye Kyo is certainly in for international projects this year, starting before with the confirmation of a Hongkong movie with other Chinese stars.

Several of South Korea’s top actors including actress Song Hye-kyo and actor Gang Dong-won have been cast in a multinational omnibus film by directors from Korea, Japan and Thailand, according to the film’s production company on Tuesday.

BAL CON announced in a statement that the film, tentatively titled “Busan Project,” will be composed of three episodes each set in the past, present and future of the city of Busan in Korea.

Based in Korea during the 1970s, the first segment, titled “Iron Pussy,” will be directed by Thailand’s Wisit Sasanatieng and star Korean actor Kim Min-jun and Thai-American actor Michael Shaowanasai. Shawananasai will play the role of a male secret agent from Thailand in disguise of a woman who later falls in love with an unidentifiable Korean man, played by Kim.

Korean actor Sul Kyung-gu and Japan’s Yositaka Yuriko will appear in the second segment set in modern day Korea. A film director and a young woman fall into a love that transcends time and space in the pic named “Kamome” by Japanese director Yukisada Isao.

The final episode, set in the near future, will be helmed by Korean director Jang Joon-hwan. In the film titled “Love for Sale,” Song and Gang will play lovers who forget their memories about each other which later leads them to a fatal destiny.

Filming for the episodes will take place for about a month starting mid-January starting with “Love for Sale.” Creators of the film plan to submit the pic to the Cannes film festival this year.


►►Tips to beautiful skin like Goo Hye Sun, Im Soo Jung, Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo

Interesting article I stumbled upon during my visit at Soompi ^^

8 Steps to clean and beautiful skin: (according to the article –tips/rules on how to have nice smooth skin such as celebrities like Goo Hye Sun, Im Soo Jung, Kim Tae Hee & Song Hye Kyo)

1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
Keeping this habit would maintain the ideal level of moisture for your body and water also help detoxify your inside.

2. Get sufficient amount of sleep
While asleep, your skin cells renew themselves 10 times faster than during day time. The dead surface cells are more quickly removed from the skin as well. The natural release of melatonin that enhances revival and healing of cells and DNA is best processed during the night time without any daylight. So, make sure to get enough sleep.

3. Get some fresh air:
Oxygen is vital in quicker renewing and enlivening of the skin cells. Air pollution is not ideal for good skin, therefore, if you live in the polluted city areas, it is good for you to take hikes or nature walks regularly.

4. Periodic exfoliation:
Periodic deep cleasing is important in removing dead cells on the skin surface. Without it, skin pores may widen or be covered and more
likely to create pimples and acne and even discolor the skin.


►►Idols confess their ideal types and form love triangles on screen

Get ready because this is gonna be complicated! lol

On today’s episode of Star Golden Bell, Brown Eyed Girl Narsha chose MBLAQ’s Mir as the best idol present.

Narsha said, “Mir is very fun. He is witty and cute.” Mir, on the other hand, picked Secret’s Hyosung, “She has the same sense of humor as me. I like women like that. She has good reactions towards everything.”

That’s not all that idols confessed. Lee Hongki was asked, “Do you have a girlfriend right now?” After hearing the question, he went silent. People were then more suspicious and he said, “It’s not like that.”

The MC’s teased him by saying, “You guys are just at the beginning stage?” and “You’re going to think about it after kissing her?”

Hongki was picked as the guy who seems very experienced with the opposite sex.

Lee Hongki said, “First love was in freshman year of high school and first kiss was in middle school.”

Jung Juri picked Lee Hongki and as her reason she said, “Players recognize players.”

Narsha also picked Hongki because, “He started working at a young age and when you see his stare on stage, it’s different. He looks like he knows a lot and expresses it through his eyes. When he sings, he looks mature. He can’t sing the way he does without experience.”

Lee Hongki also revealed that his ideal type for girl is someone who has an easy-going personality like Narsha and looks like Song Hye Gyo.

Doojoon of BEAST also picked Narsha as his ideal type only because Dongwoon of BEAST loves her and was singing her song next to him while he was picking. This must have hurt Hyosung because Hyosung went with Doojoon.

Wow, is this like a 10-way love match?

Cr: allkpop

►►Song Hye Kyo to participate in a HongKong movie along with other top stars

Seems like Song Hye Kyo didn’t make the cover of Vogue China for nothing 😉

Source #1

Korean actress Song Hye Kyo is confirmed to take part in the upcoming Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-wai movie titled “The Grand Master” (tentative title).

On Dec 21, according to Chinese portal site Sina, the pretty actress has confirmed her participation in the movie.

The movie is about biography of Ip Man, the renowned martial artist who famously trained the teenage Bruce Lee (via slashfilm). Besides Song Hye Kyo, top stars like Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi are doing the movie as well.

In addition, Song Hye Kyo is scheduled to start the shooting early next year.

Cr: sookyeong & slashfilm

Source #2

SEOUL, Dec. 21 (Yonhap) — Korean Wave star Song Hye Kyo has been cast in Chinese director Wang Jiawei’s upcoming film “The Grand Master” along with top performers including Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi, the actress’s agent said Monday.

Song, the heroine of mega-hit TV series “Autumn In My Heart (2000),” will join the cast early next year, said Seoul-based Eden 9 Entertainment.
The actress, whose role has yet to be fixed, has been studying Chinese and martial arts for the film, according to the agency.

In “The Grand Master,” Leung takes on the role of Ip Man, a real-life Wing Chun grandmaster whose students included the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. Other top Chinese actors and actresses, including Chang Chen, Brigitte Lin and Zhao Benshan, will join the cast.