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►►Miss A’s Suzy looks like Wonder Girls’ SunYe?

Normally you wouldn’t think these two really look like each other right? But prepare to be amazed! A netizen recently collected some pictures of Suzy and SunYe to compare these two JYPE beauties.


►►T-ara’s 7th member is a Park Shin Hye look-alike?

haha I have to be honest that this is just a rumor I’m trying to spread but look! T-ara’s 7th member Ryu Hwa Young recently had a shoot and I got the pics from Nate Pan. The first thing that came up in my head was “DAMNNNN is that PARK SHIN HYE I’m looking at?!?” haha but really, they look a lot alike!


►►[PICs + VID] Super Junior arrives in Vietnam; fans cry because of chaos

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Once more, the security for celebrities coming to Vietnam proves to not be as good as hoped for.

At last the day that the Kpop fans of Vietnam and fans of Super Junior have been talking about has arrived. Around 10 AM this morning (27.3), the eight boys of Super Junior set foot down in Noi Bai airport, Hanoi to attend the MTV Exit program to be held tonight at My Dinh stadium.

From last night, a large number of Super Junior fans have waited at the airport in order to get a good spot and not pass by the opportunity to see the boys appear. But this morning, both hallways A and B have been packed full as more people arrived throughout the day to come witness the appearance of idols. And the shaky security force were not able operate efficiently with such a large amount of people.


►►[PICs] Super Junior’s Heechul strikes a kiss on the lips with Henry!

Super Junior’s Heechul is known partly for his infamous kisses during Suju’s tours. He had kissed at least 3 guys before (Suju’s Sungmin & Kyuhyun and TRAX’s Jungmo). During the second day of Super Show 2 encore concerts in Shanghai, Heechul strikes again, this time with memberHenry!


►►[PICs+VID] SHINee + Kim So Eun for Clride.N 2010

WHOA… what happened to Jong Hyun’s hair?! lol, their hair all match now…


►►Japan’s JJ Magazine experienced 4 “First Time Ever’s” because of DBSK

How freakin amazing is that?!

First Time Ever #1

First time ever, they became a cover of woman’s magazine in JJ’s 35 years of history.

First Time Ever #2

First time ever in JJ’s 35 years of history, all TVXQ March 2010 issues are sold out in one single day,
on the first issue day! (Not only it was sold out, but also it was all sold out on the first issue day!)

First Time Ever #3

Then the first time ever in JJ’s 35 years of history, they reprint their monthly magazine,
all because of our TVXQ! Go TVXQ!! Yeah!!

First Time Ever #4

Actually one more here, for the first time ever in their 35 years of history,
JJ editors in chief had to write a formal apology that it was all sold out in one single day!!


►►SNSD had gone through more than 4 elimination rounds to select the right members?

I literally went “WHOA!” while reading this article…pretty amazing how the SNSD girls came from unknowns to the super popular girl group we see today ^^;

You guys might have heard how some celebrities said that they were supposed to be in SNSD. The most notable ones are prolly actress Lee Yeon-hee and girl-group member Park So-yeon of T-ara. Well, for Yeonhee and Soyeon’s case, apparently they really were a part of SNSD.

SM Girl Group Project – Showcase 1

Members: Lee Yeon-hee, Hwang Bo-ra, Bae Seok-bin, Zhang Liyin, Jessica Jung, Kim Hyo-yeon, Kwon Yu-ri, Choi Soo-young, Im Yoon-a, Seo Ju-hyun, Kim Ye-jin

Leader: Lee Yeon-hee (1988) | Maknae: Kim Ye-jin (1993)

/L-R/ Juhyun, Yuri, Bora, Seokbin (?), Yejin (?), Sooyoung, Liyin, Hyoyeon, Jessica

However, this project group’s line-up didn’t last long. The line-up went through its first major revision. Out of 11 girls, only 6 of them stay in the group.

IN: Seo Hyun-jin, Park So-yeon, Stella Kim, Jang Ha-jin, Lee Hwan-hee

OUT: Lee Yeon-hee, Hwang Bo-ra, Bae Seok-bin, Zhang Liyin, Kim Ye-jin

Interestingly enough, the six girls who stay in the group are Jessica Jung, Kim Hyoyeon, Kwon Yuri, Choi Sooyoung, Im Yoona, and Seo Juhyun. There were more line-up revisions coming, but we all know that those six made it to the final line-up. They pretty much had secured their place in the project group even from the get go.

SM Girl Group Project – Revision 1


►►How old are your idols for the year of 2010?

Sometimes I forget how old the Brown Eyed Girls are..srsly, they’re even older than Bi Rain! I’m also surprised that some Suju members are even older than their ‘sunbaes’ DBSK… and lol I used to think Minzy and KARA’s JiYoung were like super young…but not any more =.=;

I think I’m just gonna feel older every day…

Now in the new year, Korean netizens made a new age-chart, this time also featuring the male Kpop idols, ranking them according to their age.

Let’s take a look at who is the youngest and who is the eldests in the idol family.

There are about 127 idol singers plotted in this age chart including:

  • Groups: After School, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior, 2NE1, Davichi, Dong Bang Shin Ki, SS501, T-ara, Cheon Sang JiHee, 2AM, 2PM, MBLAQ, Big Bang, KARA, WonderGirls, BEAST, UKiss, f(x), 4Minute, SHINee, FT Island, So Nyeo Shi Dae
  • Solo: Rain, Se7en, BoA, IU


  • Red wording – Eldest in the team
  • Blue wording – Youngest in the team


►►Want to know where your favorite idols live?

The article’s title roughly states the fact that many big entertainments are located around the Han River in Seoul.

As you can see, most of them live close to each other except for YG Entertainment (Big Bang & 2NE1).

Thanks to itszmaeee@soompi for translating the names of the idol groups.
Source: Nate
I really really really wanna go to Seoul now :/

►►Fan accounts reveal SS501’s Jungmin as a sweet and caring person

Here are some fan accounts about Jung Min which was shared in TripleSTW. I am so touched by Jung Min’s kind and thoughtfulness. Though he is a superstar he is still so humble. This (and the fact that he’s really funny)  is why he’ll always be my favorite♥

[Fan Account][2010.01.13] Heartwarming story of Jung Min

1. Park Jung Min bought all vegetable from the old grandmother selling vegetable in Subway

A big guy wearing full black, squating down infront of the old grandmother buying vegetable, causing a lot of people to stare at him. Jung Min don’t care about other people’s strange look towards him and bought all of the vegetable from the old grandmother…..

(Mini UFO: I am so touched by Jung Min’s warm & kind act.)

2. After the Musical completed, he walked out carrying a lot of things, and the fans kept giving him gifts and letters.

Jung Min: Sorry, really sorry, I have no hands to receive the things that you put inside, really really sorry
(Mini UFO: It is rude for not receiving present using hands, so he keep apologizing. He is so polite and humble)

3. Loan 1000won for student who has no money to go home

A student was pacing to & fro infront of the subway station because he didn’t have enough fare to go home.
The student ask Jung Min: “Brother, please loan me 1000won. I lack of 1000won to go home. TT TT”
“Ah, really? Can’t go home?”
“Yes…. TT TT TT TT ”
“Ah, here^^” Smile and gave 1000won, the student was so happy and keep cheering for SS501.
“Thank you! SS501 fighting!”

Credit: + (Chinese translation) + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit

►►[PICs] Lee Seung Gi’s abs revealed!

Fans go “whoa…”

Who knew the nice guy Lee Seung Gi has got this much chocolate abs installed in him?

Cr: caps by sunmikiwangjang@soompi

►►Singer Ma Rui was mistaken for actress Park Shin Hye

She does look like PSH from the pic *0*

Park Shin Hye:


Ma Rui:


Recently, Chinese singer Ma Rui performed a concert in Shandong. The day after the concert, the neutrally dressed Ma Rui was stopped by many fans asking for her autograph. However, the fans thought she was Park Shin Hye! Ever since You’re Beautiful aired in South Korea, it has become a huge hit and it’s cultural impact on music and fashion cannot be ignored. When a reporter asked Ma Rui how she felt about being mistaken for Park Shin Hye, Ma Rui humorously replied, “I love Korean dramas and neutral [androgynous] clothes but I dare not cut my hair for fear of being mistaken as Go Minam!”

Source: + translated by gems@soompi

►►KARA’s Nicole ditches college class and drinks alcohol?

oh boy…here goes the average American teen college life 😦

She doesn’t sound like a perfect student, does she?

Nicole of Kara has been attending college and enjoying her new student life. She’s been having a hard time since she has faced many acceptances and rejections and because she doesn’t understand the lessons taught due to her poor grasp of Korean. On today’s episode of Mnet Nicole the Entertainer’s Introduction to Veterinary Science, she decided to build more of a social life in school, but it didn’t bring out the best in her.

She decided to join a club and after agonizing over which one to join, she finally picked the badminton club (yay!). During the first night after she joined, the club members all decide to go out and and have some fun. She went to a restaurant where they all drank alcohol and, although the filming doesn’t show her drinking anything, it’s arguably implies. Also, netizens are upset because she is still underage and thus didn’t think it was appropriate. Later, she cuts class to go to an amusement park with two boys. Eun Jung of Jewelry told Nicole that cutting class is something you have to experience in college. That might be the fun part of college, but who says it on national television?


►►f(x)’s Amber looks like..DBSK’s Micky Yoochun?

Netizens spot similarities between Micky YooChun and Amber.

Some netizens have spotted some similarities between Dong Bang Shin Ki Micky YooChun and f(x) Amber.

We all know that Amber is known to be lookalike to many male idols. Add one more to the list?

Netizens points out the similarities. Do they lookalike?

picture credit: mickybaidu, sharingyoochun


►►Wheesung to collab with Ne-Yo on a song originally for Michael Jackson!

What a huge honor! I did not know Wheesung would get into the U.S. music industry this quick lol. but he’s really talented so I believe in him 🙂

On Sunday’s airing of Pops in Seoul’s “In the Booth With” segment, the loveable VJ Isak asked Wheesung about his upcoming US Debut. Check out what he had to say about recording his English debut album, Ne-Yo, and Michael Jackson.

On “In the Booth With,” VJ Isak interviewed Wheesung and asked him about his upcoming debut in the US. This is what he had to say…

: I heard that you are bringing your music to the US, next year!”

: “Yes! It’s an opportunity that just fell from the sky. The opportunity really came down from the heavens. I was very lucky. They called me first! A team that was planning a project wanted to invite an Asian singer to the US. They wanted me to be their first singer. So I told them that I couldn’t speak English, and that I was old…”

Isak: What does age have to do with it?!“…So I told them to think it over again and call me. They called me and said they thought it was fine and I said I would do it and thanked them. That’s what happened. I think I was very lucky. I’m very happy that I was so lucky”


►►SS501’s ‘secret’ dance to “Love Like This” revealed!

For those who have not figured it out, watch it goes and you’ll be like “OOOOOOOHH~~~so that’s what it was!” lol

CAPS (in case you missed it =.=;):


►►JaeBum is on 2PM’s new album cover?!

WTF?! Does that mean that Jay’s gonna be back soon? O_O


After a 6 membered teaser cut was revealed, a new teaser cut of 7 members made by fans have been attracting much attention.

Having revealed ‘Tired of Waiting’ on the 2nd, ‘I was crazy for you’ was revealed on the 5th. The highly masculine images of the 6 members have made the hearts of the fans flutter in anticipation. Amongst the fans, a 7 membered teaser cut has been circulating, causing much grief over the loss of Jaebum.

JYPE has stated “The new song included in 2PM’s first official album allows you to feel the higher level of maturity of the members. We will continue to promote through different teasers on the 2PM site so please continue to watch and support.”

2PM’s ‘I was crazy for you’ will be opened to the public on the 6th through melon, Dosirak, and Cyworld.

Cr: MHJ21 +  hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY

►►Pieces of the Past: Mblaq’s G.O was a Bi Rain-look-alike?!

No kid! Take a look at his younger days…if someone doesn’t recognize him as Rain, I don’t know what to say @_@




►►How fans keep Super Junior boys alive during Super Show II in Shanghai

This is sooooo much stuff!!! LOL I know E.L.Fs are pretty crazy when it comes to their idol but I just love how everything is nice and neat (look at the individual chicken boxes!!)…ah~ the things we fan girls do.

The Super Show II that took place in Shanghai was on October 18th, 2009.


►►2PM’s AAA outfits Bid Now! + US highschool newspaper feat. Jay

…if you have the dough.
Junsu hyung’s outfit looks the best to me and I’m already blind looking at the price … but look at Jay’s price! O_O
It’s for charity so it’s all  good…


Well, not really, cos’ we don’t know whether they’ve washed those clothes or not (probably they have), but at least it’s worn by Jaebum and the Kids a.k.a 2PM before.

The worth of Jay’s outfit in an auction for charity? $8000USD and still counting!

Lotte World is having a celebrity auction. You can read more at allkpop. Its for charity, more specifically for animal lovers.

2PM donated one set of their AAA outifts, the blue one.
The auction will end on Oct 29 3:00pm KST. It is expected that 2PM will get more money for their outfits.


►►GD + Seungi @ Phillip Lim show

WHOA… nice blond curls there GD!

srgd.jpgImage and video hosting by TinyPic (more…)

►►Artistes love BEAST

Whoa… that’s a lota people congratulating! They must be real popular among the artistes!

Big Bang GDragon congratulates group BEAST member Jang HyunSeung on his debut.

BEAST had their debut showcase on 15th October in Seoul MTV GongGae Hall. And many Korean artistes also sent their congratulatory messages to the group for their debut.

Of them is Big Bang GDragon who did a video message, “I know about BEAST’s debut through the internet. There is HyunSeung in BEAST whom I’m close to and I love. This friend has worked hard and for a long time for his debut, so please give him much love and support. BEAST, hwaiting!”


►►The trick to Korea’s photoshop~ SNSD edition

MSN Korea featured before and after images of the girls from the latest LG Black Label Series Chocolate phone and as you can see, the girls may not have had surgery – but SM sure made it look like it…using Photoshop (or the like) =.=;

These are GIFs (moving pictures) by the way:


►►SHINee’s Minho is the next Pharaoh of Egypt?!

Kinda weird perf. but what can I say?

First “TVXQ” gargoyles and now SHINee’s Minho as the Pharaoh of Egypt… it looks like Halloween is hitting us a few weeks early this year!

For this week’s episode of Star King, photos have revealed that the boy group’s “Flaming Charisma” made a transformation into the Prince of Egypt. Flanked by Choi Yoon Jung (27), 2003’s Miss Korea & “Belly Dance Queen”, and Ha Na Kyung (25), “World Miss Congeniality”, the three pulled off a reportedly spectacular performance, showing off skills that enamored both MC Kang Hodong and the rest of the audience. The performance is about two girls that attempt to charm this prince to their side. Talk about femme fatales and fatal attraction… I guess the SHINee boys really do like their girls older! (more…)