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►►New Releases: 03/15/10 – 03/21/10

SBS Inkigayo performances are added! (sorry I haven’t been able to post other live perfs from Music Bank, Music Core, and M!Countdown) >.<

MVs: T-ara’s “I’m really hurt” + 2AM’s “I did wrong” + SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” + JJ’s “Come closer” + M to M’s “I’m sorry” + Voice One’s “Goodbye my love” + Mr. Gordo ft. Miso’s “Corcaroli” + Defconn ft. Goo Ji Sung’s “How to Leave the Rapper” + Soo Ah Young’s “Can’t help falling in love” + FOXY’s “Why are you doing this to me” + Show Time ft. Lee Pani’s “Go together” + Alex’s “Sweet dream (Adante)” + Sara’s “Now you should start this” + Creamchou’s “Shining Love” + Gembi’s “Kong Dak Kong Dak”

Teaser: H.A.M’s “The theme of national athlete”

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100321): T-ara’s “I go crazy because of you” + BEAST’s “Shock” + KARA’s “Lupin” + SNSD’s “Run devil Run” + 2AM’s “I did wrong” + JJ’s “Come closer” + Epik High’s “Run” + Outsider’s “Acquaintance” + Jung In’s “I hate you” + T-ara WINS!


►►2PM Junsu’s best friend, Jung JinWoo, joins “M To M” for singer debut

He’s cute ♥ However, M to M is super underrated! I really hope this brings up their popularity without damaging their talented voices and great songs! >.<

After issues with their contracts in their previous entertainment company, the 3 membered male group M to M returned with a new member named Jung JinWoo. He has been gathering much interest after being revealed to be the best friend of JunSu of 2PM.

With the reveal of Jung JinWoo’s face with the release of their digital single, many have been wondering if he’s the person JunSu introduced on ‘Introducing A Star’s Friend.’ Pop Up Entertainment confirmed it.

M to M’s company went on to say “JunSu and Jung JinWoo are both from Daegu and grew up together as best friends. He’s received a lot of help from JunSu, who debuted first.”

In the show, the two sang Lee EunMi’s ‘I Have A Significant Other’ through an R&B version. After the show aired, their practice videos were spread throughout the internet, even going up as the ‘Best Video’ and receiving much interest.


►►New Releases: 11/18/09

w-w-w-Wonder Girls are back~! in a CF, that is ^^;

MVs: KCM’s “One Day” (parts 1& 2) + M to M’s “코끝이 짠하잖아요” + A-Force’s “Wonder Woman” (making version) + 1sagain feat. Ju Bora’s “Last Christmas” + U-Kiss’ “Man Man Ha Ni” (Dance ver. + Making ver.)

Teaser: MC Sniper’s “Magic Flow”

Song: Kim Hyun Joong’s “Because I’m Stupid” (Acoustic ver.)

CFs: Wonder Girls for BBQ Chicken (2 versions)! + Lee Dong Gun’s “Hope” (4Tomorrow project) + 2NE1 for Baskin Robbins (20 sec version)

Funny Clip of the Day: Beast’s JunHyung & DooJoon mess around on HyunSeung’s birthday!


►►New Releases: 10/26/09

I must say today is the day for R&B/ballad lovers…so much great ballad singers are here!

MVs: M to M’s “Goodbye” + FT Triple’s “Love Letter” + Mc Mong feat. Ivy’s “I Am” + Suh Young Eun’s “One step at a time” + SeeYa’s “His Voice” + December’s “She likes the bad guy” (drama MV part 1)

Teasers: Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sign” + Seo In Gook’s “Calling You” + Ivy’s “D-1 Ivy Back” (last teaser)

Song: Lexy feat. 2NE1 Park Bom’s “Baby Boy”

CFs: Super Junior M’s “Oppo handphone”