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Wonder Girls in Taiwan for promotions

Having recently just completed a live chat session with their fans, the Wonder Girls have jetted overseas once more as they touched down at the Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei, Taiwan this afternoon.

The girls are in Taiwan to promote their Taiwan Special Edition album which had been released earlier this year and had contained Mandarin version of their trilogy hit songs like Tell Me, So Hot and Nobody.

The girls will begin their promotions tonight with a radio show. This will be followed by a press conference at the Grand Hyatt (where they are staying) and also record100% Entertainment and a MTV program on the 22nd. The girls will hold a fan meeting on the 23rd at the Living Mall before leaving Taiwan the following day.

They were greeted directly in the face by hordes of waiting reporters at the airport and briefly revealed in an interview that they were happy to be here in Taiwan but also nervous. They would be going around during their free time to taste Taiwan delicacies and their No.1 target would be pearl milk tea.

We hope they enjoy their 4D3N trip in Taiwan!

Cr : Allkpop

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