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►►IU explains why she changes ideal men constantly

During a recent interview with TV Report, artist IU revealed much about  her thoughts and dreams.


►►Top celebs who netizens want to give chocolates to on Valentine’s Day

LOL this is actually a cute survey ^^ I agree with most of the winning celebs lol

A two week-long survey was conducted on the 25th of January in Cheong Dam Dong by the Plastic Surgery Department asking the ladies about their ideal male celebrity to give chocolates and present to on Valentines Day. Women in their 20-30s were surveyed and about a 100 people participated.

First place was attained by the currently most loved entertainer, the National Little Brother, Lee Seung Gi. Actor Go Soo, who plays Son Ye Jin’s shadow in the movie ‘Baek Ya Haeng,’ came in 2nd. Popular KBS drama actor, Yoo Seung Ho , who is receiving a lot of love from the nuna fans in the drama “God of Study”, followed in 3rd. Hallyu Star, Won Bin, came in 4th, whereas 2AM’s Jo Kwon, who has been the trend with growing popularity, ranked 5th.

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►►”God Of Study” emerges as leading drama on Mondays & Tuesdays

So far so good! I’ve watched the first two episodes and God Of Study, in my friend’s words, MOTIVATES YOU TO STUDY! lol and I sure need that =.=;

and as a bonus, this guy (Lee Hyun Woo) is so freakin cute↓ even though he looks really really young I can’t believe he’s ’93 just like me (and even older!) lol now I feel young again XD

Week 2 has yielded more of a disparity between the new Monday-Tuesday shows — while Week 1 was pretty close between all the contenders, it seems the viewers have by now selected their favorites, and the numbers reflect those choices. AGB Nielsen numbers put KBS’s school drama God of Study firmly ahead of the competition with a 21.2% rating for its third episode, leaving its rivals, SBS’s historical medical show Jejoongwon and MBC’s trendy series Pasta, duking it out for second place with a respective 13.1% and 12.8%.

I’m not terribly surprised and I don’t begrudge any one series success over the others, because quality-wise I think all three are solid. They’ve all got their charms and flaws, so this probably boils down to a matter of taste (and buzz, and casting). I suppose in a business sense this is more of a disappointment for Jejoongwon (which went in with more buzz and anticipation than Pasta). The question is whether the numbers will level off here, or if the latter two will fall further.

As for me, I’m sticking with Pasta, and keeping an eye on God of Study. Sorry, Jejoongwon, you’ll have to take a backseat for now, since I’m swamped and I’ve got another sageuk on my plate at the mo’. But what a promising drama season it’s shaping up to be; there’s a nice variety of offerings and a good number of prospects, depending on your preference.

Cr: Joy News, OSEN + Dramabeans

►►T-ara’s JiYeon and Yoo Seung Ho to star in a manga-based drama “Lord of Study”

These two go quite good with each other, eh?

T-ara JiYeon has been casted as the main character for KBS 2TV upcoming mini series ‘Lord of Study’.

JiYeon debuted as part of girlgroup T-ara in July and was casted for MBC horror series ‘Soul’ and has received good reviews of her acting. And now she has been casted for the main character for this drama with Kim SooRo and Yoo SeungHo.

The drama is an adaption of Japanese comic ‘Dragon Sakura’. JiYeon and Yoo SeungHo will play the roles of the students, and Kim SooRo will play the role of their teacher struggling to get them into prestigious college.

This is the 2nd time that JiYeon and Yoo SeungHo collaborate. Yoo SeungHo has also previously appeared in T-ara’s debut song MV ‘Lies’.

The drama ‘Lord of Study’ will air on 4th January next year.

Cr: sookyeong

►►Yahoo! Buzz Awards 2009: Full list of nominees + Voting instructions!

Yahoo! Korea Asia Buzz Awards has been opened to the public!
One IP address could only vote 10 times per day. Voting ends on the 4th of December.


Male Category

  • SS501
  • DBSK
  • Big Bang
  • SHINee
  • 2PM
  • Super Junior
  • Lee Junki
  • Lee Seung Gi
  • Lee Byung Hun
  • Jang Dong Gun
  • Jo In Sung
  • Ha Jung Woo
  • Hyun Bin
  • Kang Ho Dong
  • Kwon Sang Woo
  • Kim Nam Gil
  • Kim Myung Min
  • Kim Bum
  • Kim Joon
  • Lee Min Ho
  • Kim Hyun Joong
  • Bae Yong Joon
  • Bi Rain
  • Ryu Shi Won
  • Song Seung Hun
  • Won Bin
  • Yoo Seung Ho
  • Yoo Jae Suk
  • Yoon Sang Hyun
  • So Ji Seob


►►TOP & Kwon Sang-woo take over Kim Bum & Yoo Seung Ho’s spots for movie “71″

The older guys are gonna take over the younger ones’ spots…let’s see if this comes out good 😉

The movie “71” had first caught my interest for starring young actors Kim Bum and Yoo Seung-ho as student soldiers in wartime, but problems arose when the movie encountered budget issues and the like. The stars dropped out and the production halted for an extended period. Now, the project has changed production companies and been revived with a new title and new stars: TOP and Kwon Sang-woo will be meeting onscreen as the two leads of Into the Gunfire [포화 속으로].

The old title referred to a real incident during the Korean war when North Korean soldiers had invaded and 71 South Korean students had banded together to defend their home (in Pohang, Gyeongsang-do). Kim Bum’s former character had risen to lead the students in the pivotal battle.

With this new casting, Kwon Sang-woo plays a man who enlists in the military after being suspected in a murder and volunteers for the student forces; TOP plays another, more junior student soldier. Actors Cha Seung-won (City Hall) and Kim Seung-woo (IRIS) are in contention for other roles: Cha as a North Korean officer and Kim as a lieutenant leading the 71 young soldiers. Directing is Lee Jae-hwan of A Moment to Remember and writing is Lee Man-hee of A Turtle Runs.

(I’ve made the joke before, but this time I’m honestly perplexed: Does Kwon Sang-woo really not know what his image and/or generation is? I’m not saying that a man can’t take leading roles with younger actors, because Kwon can totally still do the sexy leading man thing. But the role in question is of a student and had previously been filled by Kim Bum — thirteen years younger is a big leap, even if the character has been tweaked. I’m puzzled.)

The film will begin shooting at the end of November or early December, and plans for a mid-2010 release.

Cr: dramabeans

►►09/08: New Releases

Many new MVs today ^^ ~ Happy back-to-school everyone! (esp. those in the U.S. lol)


MVs: Jung Eun Joo’s “Hot Hot” + Lee Eui Jung feat. STi’s “Yoon Sun Soo” + Jo Sung Mo feat. UEE & Yoo Seung Ho’s “Please take good care of her” + 8eight’s Lee Hyun feat. J-Lim’s “30 minutes ago”

CFs: Goo Hye Sun’s “Doutor Coffee CF making” + KARA’s “Oddugi” + DBSK’s single for Pinky CF + Lee Hyori feat. Will Pan’s “Hyundai I30”

Sad Clip of the Day: Jaebum leaves Korea 😦