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Brown Eyed Girls, Ivy and Baek Ji Young are Queens of Beer

Hite Beer is definitely going places because after theirPower of Beer campaign, they are launching another campaign with an ensemble of top singers.

For their new marketing campaign centered around their S Beer or Stylish Beer, Hite has roped in popular girl group Brown Eyed Girls together with divas Baek Ji Young and Ivy to form an awesome team together.

Their marketing campaign will involve a Queen of Beer national tour where the six of them will put on a showcase in Seoul, Busan and Kwangju from May 14th.

And for their photoshoot held jointly with InStyle, the girls really glam it up on set with their black dresses and smoky makeup.

The marketing VP for Hite, Shin Eun Ju said, “We want to show our consumers that S Beer is not just a beer. It is a fashion icon where it adds beauty and style to your sophisicated lifestyle at parties, etc. We believe that the Brown Eyed Girls, Ivy and Baek Ji Young have that special something to complement our branding.

Cr : Allkpop

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