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►►DBSK’s disbanding news from Japanese press is NOT true!

Japanese press reports on TVXQ officially disbanding have shocked many fans.

On the 1st, Sports Nippon reported that “Korean band TVXQ is disbanding at the height of their popularity”. It also reported that the relationship between SM and Jaechunsu has soured and it is impossble for the two to reconcilliate. They’ve now gone into discussions to disband the group.

This news hit the main page of Yahoo Japan’s entertainment news, showing TVXQ’s great popularity in Japan. TVXQ attended the 60th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen on the 31st

Sports Nippon reported that although TVXQ stood on stage together that day, the relationship between the 3 members and the other 2 didn’t seem good; and although they share the same dressing room, they go back to Korea on different flights.

It also claimed that the single to be released on the 27th will be their last single and they’ll release a best collection album on the 17th next month.

SM Entertainment’s reponse to the report was “Those are groundless rumours’ ‘We didn’t start any procedures for an official disbandment’ A representative said “We haven’t decided on our future plans for TVXQ”

Source: Yahoo! Korea
Translated by: sparkskey @ omona_prection

►►Caught on Cam: BEAST’s Yoseob & MBLAQ’s Seungho

YoSeob is the most randomest/cutest/funniest/4D-est person EVER.

cr:nate + xXsmilesXx@soompi

yoseob: smell this.
yoseob: smells okay
jun hyung: I want to smell it too


Also on December 31st, MBLAQ performed “G.O.O.D Luv” @ Rain’s Japan fanmeet:

►►[PICs] Rainbow for Allure Korea January 2010

They look stunning in the snow 😀


►►Male Stars who are most suitable to wear hanbok in the New Year?

In a survey on ‘M ale Star who should promote hanbok’, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong is ranked No. 1.

During December, few Korean website (ommit details) conduct a survey with 300 person on ‘Male Star who should promote hanbok’. Having a charming look, talented and cheerful character, other than Korea, having international popularity in Japan, china, South East Asia and other Asia countries’ Kim Hyun Joong won No. 1 (46.8%), BigBang Daesung (21.1%) and 2PM Nichkhun (17.7%) winning No. 2 & 3 respectively.

In the survey on ‘Male Star who most suitable to wear Hanbok’, Kim Hyun Joong is also ranked No. 1. (42.2%)

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►►KBS heroines of “Boys Over Flowers” and “Iris” win big @ Drama Awards

Goo Hye Sun looks lovely in her new shortdo while Kim Tae Hee looks glamorous in her updo that night. Congratulations!

Two female main leads who created syndromes for the first and the second halves of the year, Goo Hye Sun and Kim TaeHee respectively, won the best actress awards for the drama series category.

Kim Tae Hee who became popular through this year’s IRIS, said these accepting speech: “IRIS is a precious drama that saved me from deep feelings of self-depreciation. On top of that, to get this big award, I am very thankful. I thank all the staff who made me into a perfect ‘Choi Seung Hee’.” She cried while making the speech.

Boys Over Flowers heroin Goo Hye Sun‘s acceptance speech: “I did not even think that I will get this award but I thank you. It has been a year since the end of Boys Over Flowers and time really passes too quickly. I want to send my thank you to all the actors and the staff who worked so hard. It is also an honor for me to receive this award with Kim Tae Hee Sunbae. Also, I want to thank Lee Minho who so charmingly worked so well along with me. Wow, the Best Actress,,for me, it was an honor just to have worked with the Boys Over Flowers staff. I don’t know what to say for this honor. I want to thank the staff for helping me to make the role so good.”

KBS Award for 2009 ended after all the awards have been given out.

Cr: Newsen + susAmerica@soompi

►►Caught on Cam: The 91’ners on MBC Gayo Daejun

As usual, bubbly 91’ner KARA Nicole went around mingled with others at her age: SHINee Key and SNSD SeoHyun 😀


►►Why is SHINee interested in new boy band BEAST?

yayyy I’m glad BEAST is friends with both 2PM and SHINee ^^

In SHINee Interview with VIRALBLOG, it had the question that…

-Are there any new boy band that you interested in?-

Key : I have a friend in Beast. I have known him since our debut so when i see him in on TV. I have had a bit of strange feeling. Don’t feel like I see a celebrity on TV but have kind of feeling that see the boy who I have known go on TV. So I have a strange feeling of it

Source :
Find source : SMILE.K@shinee-thailand
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I wonder who this ‘friend’ is :-O