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Archive for December 5, 2009

►►Kim Hyun Joong to recieve 3 awards @ Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards in Hong Kong

Congratz to SS501’s leader! This year is definitely his year 🙂

K-pop idol Kim Hyun Joong of boy-band SS501 will receive three prizes at the”Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2009,” a gala event which will be held in Hong Kong on Dec. 14, his aides said.

The annual awards ceremony, jointly organized by Yahoo portal operators in Korea, Hong Kong and Taipei, has honored stars chosen by netizens since 2003.

The awards reserved for him are ―”Buzz International Single,” “KR Top Buzz Artist” and “Taiwan Top Buzz Korean Artist.”

The Buzz International Single award is given to an entertainer who claims the top spot in the list of most searched entertainers by Internet users on Yahoo sites in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

The award signifies that Kim is the top hallyu star in Asia. Kim gained international fame after starring in the KBS smash hit “Boys over Flowers” as a handsome tycoon heir earlier this year.

His band SS501 will also receive the”Buzz International Group” award. The band will have a concert in Hong Kong on Dec. 12 before attending the awards ceremony.

Cr: Korea Times

►►Super Junior-M in Taiwan: Donghae sweet talks + Siwon wants God to kiss his lips?

oh Donghae you cheesy goose XD

Super Junior-M has arrived in Taiwan, and all of their seven members have outdone themselves. Not only did they walk down the stage during their performance to get closer to the audience, they sang more than 12 songs during the entire fan meet, including title track [SUPER GIRL].

Henry, who is of Taiwanese descent, also played and sang [An Jing], one of Jay Chou’s biggest hits. All of this only served to show how close they could get to their Taiwanese fans.

SJ-M’s fan meet was held yesterday at the Taiwan International Convention Centre, and was extremely different from the fan meets of other Korean artistes who had visited Taiwan. Apart from showing MVs during breaks and playing games with fans like most fan meets, at least three million TWD was spent just on the lighting and 3D effects for the stage.

When interacting with the fans, Donghae sweet-talked to them: “Hi my dearest babies, I’m Donghae”, “Do you want to marry me?”, causing the entire venue to erupt into screams. Fans replied with “Saranghaeyo”, showing their intense support for their idols.

SJ-M played a musical version of [As The Wind Blows] (non-competitive substitute for musical chairs), and the fans that won could get hugs from the members. Even those who lost could have a handshake as well.

The members also displayed their talents and prowess at Chinese by singing a few of Taiwan’s latest songs: Zhoumi sang Frankie Wong’s [只要你快樂 Only If You’re Happy], Kyuhyun performed Jam Hsiao’s [原諒我 Forgive Me] and Ryeowook did a rendition of F.I.R’s [我們的愛 Our Love] amongst other performances. Donghae did a dance version of Jason Mraz’s [I’m Yours], and Hangeng also showed off a solo hiphop routine, eliciting screams from the fangirls downstage.


►►Netizens suspect MC The Max’s ISU to have allegedly paid for sex with minor

WTF?! ISU (Lee Soo)?! This is a conspiracy! geez I love their music and it would sucks so much if this was true…


Only Netizens have so called “confirmed” that the male singer in question is MC THE MAX’s lead vocalist Lee Soo. Until the police CONFIRM it, there is currently no concrete evidence that it was him.


Article # 1

On December 5th, 2009, four people were arrested for running a prostitution ring with underage girls and keeping all profits. But because the girls received no money at all, they’re technically not underage prostitutes but victims. All of the identities are being held anonymous and only the leader’s last name “Yim” (22) was revealed at this time.

Since March, Yim and his 3 partners have been gaining clients and providing them with the services of Girl/Victim A (16) via internet messaging. It turns out that Girl A has had sex with over 200 men and all money paid by the clients were given to Yim. It’s been estimated that he has profited roughly about $30,000 and his excuse for not giving the girl any compensation was “because he had to drive her to the client’s home and back to hers.”

Girl A’s friend, Girl/Victim B (16), was also caught up in the business and has gone through the same exact process or rather horror.

After digging into Girl A’s phone history, it was revealed that one of the clientele was a male celebrity. Not just that but he is also part of an idol group. That’s not good news and the police have yet to release the idol’s name, but they say the idol has received a notice of summons.

Girl A confessed, “Since February of last year, I have had intercourse with the ‘idol’ located in Jong Roh Gu three times for 300 dollars each.”


►►[VID] Rain’s reply to Mblaq’s accusation of him ignoring them for 3 days

LOL the boys better run for them lives!

Rain finally replies to the story about MBLAQ being ignored for three days after refusing his offer to eat.

MBLAQ’s part is at 4:16

“It’s a story without evidence. I’m returning to Korea soon. I’ll see you in the practice room~”

Video Crt: biblueberry03@youtube
Translated by: leira@AbsoluteMblaq

►►DBSK’s Changmin & Yunho announced the ending to Bigeastation

This is baaaad~ Bigeastation is a radio show DBSK hosts in Japan for i don’t even know how long and now it’s ending…

Changmin and Yunho said that bigeastation is going to end at the end of the year 2009.

Both of them said in the radio that they are really sad. “It is sad, sad.” they said.

The two revealed that they did not think they could go on for this long, and their Japanese was bad at the beginning of the program. They said that lots of thoughts went though their mind, but the radio would go on until the end of this year so they will do their best.

Video credit: rikatvxqlove
Translation: sharingyoochun @ wordpress

►►091201- Top 2009 Kpop Girl Groups’ Icons

The year 2009 can be referred as ‘Girl Groups Year’. The girls from SNSD to the newly formed girl groups had been really active in performances, dramas, movies and others. Let’s analyze these girl groups’ characteristics and the charm icon representative.

>Popularity that never changed

SNSD “Jessica”

When SNSD debuted, between the 9 girls, only a few members were well-known. This year, each and everyone of them had successfully shaped their individual image of their personality in many variety shows.

This year the most active member is of course, Jessica. She has the arrogant and cool image. With that, she was given a nickname, “ice princess”. She had gain her non-stop popularity by participating in MBC “Infinite Challenge – Double Olympic Boulevard song festival”, and her duet with Park Myung Soo (Naeng Myun – Cold Noodles). Among the 9 members, Jessica’s charms lies on her talent in singing and her bright voice. Her nickname really suits her well. Her fans said that the cool look is what makes her attractive.


►►[VIDs] MBlaq’s & Super Junior’s dance cuts on Super Junior Miracle

The MBLAQ boys danced to their single Oh Yeah along with Super Junior members Shin Dong, Leeteuk, and Eunhyuk.Thunder rap to his sister’s (Sandara Park) part from 2NE1’s hit single Fire. They even made Thunder rap to his sister’s (Sandara Park) part from 2NE1’s hit single Fire.