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Archive for December 10, 2009

►►Which Kpop singers are U-Kiss’ ideal types?

On the 9th, U-KISS who has gained a lot of fame through their latest single “Man Man Ha Ni” held their 500th days since debut celebration as well as Kibum‘s birthday party with fans through GOM TV’s Fanmeeting Program ‘Only 4 You‘.

On that day, U-KISS members and the fans played an OX Quiz called “I Like You” to find out whether there is female idol that they like. 5 out of 7 members responded with an “O”.

Especially Dongho, who smiled shyly and revealed “IU nuna, I like you. You sing very well, so cute and lively.”

The other 4 members who raised an “O” are Kevin who revealed that he likes 2NE1’s Sandara Park, Kibum’s f(x) Sulli, Eli’s Rainbow’s Sae Kyung Eul, Soohyun’s f(x) Victoria. Soohyun added “Victoria’s nostril is very beautiful” which created a huge laughter at the fan meeting.

The event was held to celebrate U-KISS’s 500th day as well as Kibum’s birthday. A cake was brought out and tears were coming out from their eyes as they were reminiscing through the past 500 days.

Cr: Kim Dong Bang Kiss @ ALL KOREAN BOY BAND, facebook.

►►SS501’s KyuJong revealed, “I witnessed HyunJoong-YoungSaeng Kissing”

user posted image
user posted image

SS501 member Kim KyuJong exposed that he witnessed HyunJoong and main vocal YoungSaeng kissing.

In SBS ‘Intimate Note 2’ broadcasted on 11-Dec, boy group and girl group of the same management company, SS501 and KARA attended with each others’ company, showing their strong friendship since trainee days.

KyuJong said during the filming recently “Last year during YoungSaeng’s birthday, I witnessed the scene of him kissing the guy. Now I will share the story about him and that guy.” And he took HyunJoong to the front, shocking the rest of them.

It turned out that the 2 of them were playing ‘king game’ at a party and was caught in a forfeit where they had to kiss each other.

However, member JungMin revealed “There is a weak aura like this in the team. HyunJoong and YoungSaeng’s awkward aura” catching the attention.


►►YG releases apology for G-dragon’s controversal concert

This has really become srs bznz @_@

YG Entertainment has released their official statement on the case of G-Dragon’s controversial solo concert.

“We came in contact with an article that said the Korean Family Health Department requested that G-Dragon’s solo concert be examined in further detail for violating the child protection law and sexual promiscuity performance,” said YGE.

We should have considered the extreme impact popular culture can have on young adults. We are sincerely sorry for the controversy and have no intentions of putting the blame on other people or making excuses in order to refuse responsibility. YG will cooperate willingly with any investigations, and we accept all responsibility for the controversy.”

“Also, although this is a separate matter from the controversy, we would like to mention that for a lot of artists, a solo concert is a big dream as well as a big pressure for them. Usually on music programs, they perform a couple of songs, whereas in a solo concert, an artist must lead the audience for more than 2 hours by himself. We feel that artists feel pressured to show extreme performances in some cases due to the huge amount of expectation put on them.”

In the concert DVD, all controversial scenes that were deemed inappropriate will be excluded or edited. We apologize once again for the trouble caused, and will take extreme caution to avoid causing any sort of controversy similar to this in the future. Thank you.”

YG has officially apologized for the actions of the Big Bang leader, regardless of whether or not he did anything wrong. I’m sure fangirls are less upset over the dry humping than they are over the fact that the concert DVD will be edited to remove sexual fap material “inappropriate” scenes.

Cr: allkpop

►►Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah quit Jewelry!

Well then Jewelry might as well die too cause the two members left are just -blah-

Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah, the only two original members left in the 4 member group Jewelry, have decided that it was their time to leave the group.

Representatives from Star Empire Entertainment, Jewelry’s entertainment label, have stated that after the promotions of Jewelry’s repackaged 6th album “Love Story” are over, Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah will leave the group.

Park Jung Ah commented:

We have performed as Jewelry for almost 10 years and a lot has happened since that time. I am most proud of the fact that we made Jewelry into an icon. Although we are finishing, Jewelry is not and I will actively support the new Jewelry.”

Each of the women have decided to continue with their solo careers, which is probably a good choice considering the lack of a comeback Jewelry had and the fact that Seo In Young is doing great without the group with her digital single “Can’t I Love.”

The search for new members for Jewelry will begin with the new year.

Star Empire has been on the fritz lately with it’s lack of a budget plan for Child of Empire, V.O.S leaving the company and the arguable failed comeback from Jewelry. Just last year, “One More Time” dominated the charts which is far from what “Vari2ty” did. To go from the top of your game and comeback as the group that went by unnoticed has got to be hard.

Best wishes to Star Empire in the future and hopefully the new Jewelry will be as or more successful (and hopefully hotter) next time around.

Cr: allkpop

►►Top stars with haircut that netizens want their boyfriends to copy

Which stars’ haircuts do netizens want their boyfriends to have? Here’s the poll results found on Naver:

1. Ki Tae Yeong



►►Who worked it better? Wonder Girls vs. Mblaq!

Yesiree~ This time both groups are having a sponsored sweatshirts competition!

The lovely Wonder Girls (SunYe, YooBin, and SoHee) are all smiles and peace signs vs. The cool Mblaq guys (Thunder, G.O, and Mir) who are looking somewhat intimidating! LOL

►►Caught on Cam: U-Kiss members got chocolate abs!

Beneath their young image/looks, the U-Kiss guys sure do have something to show: