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►►Mighty Mouth is Back with ‘Tok Tok Tok’ Feat. Kim Jong Kook’s neice Soya!

Guess who’s back?! its Mighty Mouth with Kim Jong Kook’s Soya! Their song has an electric backbeat with Soya’s beautiful vocals and Mighty Mouth’s extremely talented rapping ! The music video has a cute intro with little Mighty Mouth characters.  Watch the music video and leave any comments about it in the comment box for feedback! Listen to their new song and support Mighty Mouth! (more…)

2PM confirms comeback date

Having teased us with a haunting piano melody yesterday,JYP Entertainment has now announced the comeback date for their 6-member boy group 2PM!

A representative expressed on the 13th, “2PM will release their new single on the 22nd of April. All recording work have been done and they will restart their full promotional schedule from next week.”

And thus 2PM will join the long list of singers who are making their comebacks in April which includes RainLee Hyori among others.

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2PM unleashes official comeback photo!

Just yesterday, 2PM officially released their first teaser for their comeback. Along with their site which had a broken clock tower in a rainy set, their teaser revealed a piano melody on loop.

Just now, 2PM officially revealed their comeback picture! The picture reveals the boys walking in an alleyway looking modern yet chic. Whether the phrase Don’t Stop Can’t Stop is the title of the song or album is unknown, so we’ll have to wait and see.

JYP Entertainment stated, “Through their single, you will be able to see more mature look of 2PM and their music.

Stay tuned for their comeback on April 22nd!

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Jay Park to star in Hype Nation, confirmed to return to Korea in June!

Rumors linking Jay Park to the upcoming movie Hype Nation have been floating around the kpopverse for a few months now, and it looks like they were true after all – it’s been confirmed on Nate News that Jay will not only have a role in Hype Nation, but star as the main character of the film!

Hype Nation will be film about breakdancers of the East and West, making the Korean-American Jay Park the perfect fit for the main character role. He will also be participating in the movie’s OST, thereby showing off his vocal talents on top of this acting debut. Furthermore, it’s been revealed the dialogue has been scripted in English as the movie is geared toward a worldwide market. Furthermore, due to the fact that 70% of the filming is scheduled to take place in Korea, Jay Park will return to Korea in June.

Jay Park will be working in association with Young Lee, an American film producer. One source revealed that Jay and Young Lee were longtime friends, and that Lee had first offered Jay the role back when he was still with 2PM.

It’s also been reported that Hype Nation’s female lead character has yet to be determined. “Producer Young Lee will be returning from the United States in late April, so he will decide at that time,” one source said. As you may recall, Son Dambiwas originally cast to be part of this movie as the female lead named Esther, so it’s safe to assume that her replacement will play a character of the same name.

Coincidentally, 2PM will be in America during June, as they will be opening theWonder GirlsWonder World tour in the States for the first portion of the month.

First a personal Youtube account, and now a full movie… looks like Jay Park really is returning to the spotlight. Although Hype Nation suffered financial woes last year, I’m sure many people are doubly interested in the movie now. Furthermore, this will mark Jay’s Hollywood debut and return to Korea. Stay tuned for more on this matter!

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Jewelry confirms July comeback

After the exit of Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young from Jewelry, nothing has been heard about the group and the 2 remaining members, Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yeon.

But together with news of Seo In Young’s solo comeback at the end of April, Star Empire also revealed that Jewelry will be returning.

Star Empire expressed on the 13th, “The new Jewelry will stand before their fans this coming July. We are currently doing some final coordination between the current and new members. Please wait in anticipation for a brand new Jewelry as they will bring something that’s different from what is being displayed in the industry.”

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Se7en set for comeback in June

Having announced his return to the Kpop scene back in February, many have been awaiting for more information regarding the comeback of Se7en.

And much to the delight of his fans, YG Entertainment has announced on the 13th that Se7en will be making a comeback with his new mini-album! Recording is still currently being done but the scheduled release date is confirmed for late May or early June. According to YG Entertainment, the album will consist of 6 new songs and 3 from his American debut, making it a total of 9.

Se7en had been based in America since his 4th album, Se7olution in 2006 and thus his comeback is highly anticipated by many.

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