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►►There is a 90% chance a celeb is lying about their dating status

On April 20th, singer Kim Tae Woo was a guest on Mnet Radio and stated that, “If idols say that they are not dating, it is 90% likely to be a lie.”

Kim Tae Woo was once a member of the hit boy band g.o.d. during the early turn of the millennium. While the group was wildly successful, it seems they all hid a few secrets from the public.

MC Kim Jin Pyo and Epik High’s Mithra Jin were discussing the particular meaning behind the music when Kim Tae Woo revealed, “g.o.d.’s Ordinary Day was a song that I could relate to with my girlfriend.”

At this surprising statement, Kim Jin Pyo asked whether or not Kim Tae Woo was dating at the time. His response was even more shocking when he revealed that all the members were in relationships as he said, “At the time, all of the g.o.d. members were dating. Probably 90% of the idols were in a relationship.”

Kim Tae Woo further dove into the subject saying that idols must deny dating no matter what and because of this, most idols end up dating one another. He also said that 90% of the current idols that deny being in relationships are lying and that they are probably just being very careful.

Cr: allkpop

Jay Park to star in Hype Nation, confirmed to return to Korea in June!

Rumors linking Jay Park to the upcoming movie Hype Nation have been floating around the kpopverse for a few months now, and it looks like they were true after all – it’s been confirmed on Nate News that Jay will not only have a role in Hype Nation, but star as the main character of the film!

Hype Nation will be film about breakdancers of the East and West, making the Korean-American Jay Park the perfect fit for the main character role. He will also be participating in the movie’s OST, thereby showing off his vocal talents on top of this acting debut. Furthermore, it’s been revealed the dialogue has been scripted in English as the movie is geared toward a worldwide market. Furthermore, due to the fact that 70% of the filming is scheduled to take place in Korea, Jay Park will return to Korea in June.

Jay Park will be working in association with Young Lee, an American film producer. One source revealed that Jay and Young Lee were longtime friends, and that Lee had first offered Jay the role back when he was still with 2PM.

It’s also been reported that Hype Nation’s female lead character has yet to be determined. “Producer Young Lee will be returning from the United States in late April, so he will decide at that time,” one source said. As you may recall, Son Dambiwas originally cast to be part of this movie as the female lead named Esther, so it’s safe to assume that her replacement will play a character of the same name.

Coincidentally, 2PM will be in America during June, as they will be opening theWonder GirlsWonder World tour in the States for the first portion of the month.

First a personal Youtube account, and now a full movie… looks like Jay Park really is returning to the spotlight. Although Hype Nation suffered financial woes last year, I’m sure many people are doubly interested in the movie now. Furthermore, this will mark Jay’s Hollywood debut and return to Korea. Stay tuned for more on this matter!

Cr : Allkpop , Nate, Asiae

►►Korea’s worst English phrases of 2009

Not all of these are unique to 2009, and really you could flip through television or the Korea Times and make some easy substitutions to the bottom five, but here are ten that made my head hurt this year.

10) Oh shed. Oops, that should be “oh shit,” a phrase students say all the time when they’re frustrated. Can’t seem to pronounce it, though, and nobody really gets that it’s not a word you should be using in class.

9) Unbelievable. I don’t know how “언빌리버블” got started, but it’s a word that crept into advertisements and talk shows with noticable regularity.

8) I don’t care. This was a big year for songs with English catchphrases—Mista, Hot Issue, Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry, Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo—and 2ne1 came out with a single that provided students with an especially annoying answer.

7) Comeback. In the K-pop world of singles and four-song “mini albums,” “comeback” is used when a group comes out with their next song and dance. But, it’s not a comeback if they don’t go anywhere.

6) Gosship Gull. I’m pretty sure Koreans don’t say this phrase with any regularity, but it’s important to include the worst K-pop song of 2009 on the list. The song and video for Ranbow’s “Gossip Girl” are bad, very bad, on a number of levels.


►►5-day-old Korean baby hits Guinness Record as Youngest Ad Model

aww~~ he’s so cute! haha he’s all cooing and smiling and I’m so surprised he’s only 5 months old! :-O

The five-day-old baby who appeared in the hit TV commercial for KT Corp.’s integrated telecom services has entered into the Guinness World Records as the youngest advertising model ever, the telecom company said Thursday.

Park Eun-sung has received the certificate from the Korea Record Institute on behalf of Guinness, KT said.

He was selected unanimously by the jury for the role for his amazing facial expressions, beating nine other baby contenders. The ad was taped earlier this year, just five days after Eun-sung was born and he wasn’t even able to open his eyes, a KT official said.

In the popular commercial for”Qook” service, he made mysterious facial expressions and flashed a cute smile. KT picked a newly-born baby as a model to advertise the telecom service that was also on the verge of being introduced to the market.

In a certificate-awarding ceremony, Park’s mother said, “Eun-sung became a star by chance. I’m pleased as it will be something good for Eun-sung to look back on when he grows up.”

Cr: The Korea Times