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►►New Releases: 01/15/10

KBS Music Bank live performances with ZE:A and C.N BLUE’s debut stages are added!

MVs: Yoon Seo Jin’s “Let’s Love” + Dia’s “Another Boy” (recommended!) +Maxx’s “You Cry” & “Day by Day” + Caitsith’s “City of Mist” + Miji’s “Don’t Cry” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” (recommended!) + Tin Tin Five feat. Ahn Jae Wook’s “Good Days” + The Film’s “Tomorrow” + Seeya, Davichi, T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” (recommented!) + Rumble Fish’s “Men are all the same” + Kim Jong Kook & Park Ye Jin’s “Don’t be good to me”

Teasers: Gavy NJ’s “Yes, Love”+ 2AM’s teaser (name not known)

CF: 4Minute’s “Vegemil Green Tea”+ f(x) feat. M.I.C’s “Lollipop”

Live perfs (Music Bank 100115): Minho & UEE interviewed 2PM & SHINee + ZE:A and C.N BLUE backstage + 2PM’s “Tired of Waiting” + 2PM’s “Heartbeat” + SHINee’s “JoJo” + SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + C.N BLUE’s “I’m a loner” + F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” + After School’s “Because of You” + T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” + Seeya, Davichi & T-ara’s “Wonder Woman” + HyunA(4Minute) ft. JunHyung(Beast)’s “Change” + BEAST’s “Mystery” + Rainbow’s “Not your girl” + HAM’s “Tomorrow” + IU’s “Marshmallow” + Brian’s “My Girl” + Lucy’s “1 Year 365 Days” + Dia’s “Another Boy” + KCM’s “One Day” + Shoo’s “Other than me” + Yoon Seo Jin’s “Let’s Love” + Ab Avenue’s “I Love You Guys ..” + K-Chart No.20~11 + K-Chart No.10 ~ 4 + K-Chart No1: GaIn & Jo Kwon’s “We Fell In Love”


►►[PICs] After School’s UEE for Head Sports (HQ)

It’s very colorful and I would love to get my hands on one of those shoes *0*


►►4Minute HyunA’s honey thighs challenges the ideal figure of UEE’s

As 4minute’s HyunA is turning heads by the second with her sexy hit song Change, HyunA’s undeniably sexy figure has become a hot topic for discussion.

Many netizens have noticed HyunA’s perfect thighs and have been comparing them to the so-called “honey thighs” of After School member UEE, who is known for her great figure as well.

Popular responses of netizens:

– “HyunA’s thighs are much prettier..”
– “UEE’s legs are just thick”
– “Who dares compare HyunA to UEE!! HyunA > UEE”

Cr: allkpop

►►UEE, “After School’s favorite group is 2PM”

Who is the male idol group that After School likes the most?

On KBS 2TV’s YunyegaJunggye, Uee answered truthfully like a shy girl, “2PM, I think they are very cool.” to the question “Who is After School’s favorite male group?”

Later, Uee danced to 2PM’s ‘Heartbeat’ catching attention.

Source: Sportsseoul
Translation: parkjinyoung @Omona_prection

►►New Releases: 01/08/10

New MVs from this week + KBS Music Bank live performances from today are added!

MVs: Kim Woo Joo’s “I Love You” + Rizi feat. Suho’s “I Cry” + ZE:A’s “Mazeltov” + 4Minute HyunA feat. BEAST JunHyung’s “Change” + F.Cuz’ “Jiggy” + Shoo’s “Self Only” + Lucy’s “1 Year 365 Days” + Kwon Soon Hwon’s “Gardel: Por Una Gabeza”

Teasers: C.N Blue’s “Burning” & “Lovely” +  Dia’s “Another Boy”

CFs: Lee Hyori for Lotte Chilsung + ZE:A for SKY Jamband

Live perfs (Music Bank 100108): F.Cuz’s “Jiggy” + HyunA feat. JunHyung’s “Change” + Shoo’s “Self Only” + After School’s “Because of You” + BEAST’s “Mystery” + SHINee’s “JoJo” + T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” + Eun Ji Won’s “Siren” + Younha’s “Broke up today” + K.Will’s “Miss miss and miss” + Lyn’s “True Story” + IU feat. SHINee Key’s “Marshmallow” + Jewelry’s “Love Story” + Yoon Seo Jin’s “Sarang haja” + Brian’s “My Girl” + Lucy’s “1 Year 365 Days” + Ab Avenue’s “I love you guys..” + Interview with Jewelry, After School’s UEE, Brian + Interview with SHINee, After School’s UEE, Brian + KCM’s “Haru Ga”+ T-ara WINS!


►►Which celeb do Koreans see as the next diva Lee Hyori?

Koreans speak up about who they see as the next Lee Hyori!


A poll was conducted through the show Real Story to find who Koreans see as the next female superstar like Hyori. The search is the done through 3 stages:
1. determining the most talented/popular girl groups of 2009 (SNSD, 2NE1, After School were selected)
2. identifying the best (in terms of beauty, marketability, popularity, talent) members of each group. Dara for 2NE1, Yoona for SNSD, and UEE for After School were chosen.
3. a survey of 100 people was done.

Final results name Dara of 2NE1 as winner!

Cr: janeth0802@YT + xperfect_lines@LJ for the text info

►►UEE admits to plastic surgery, “I have done my eyes”

That’s the second celeb who confessed today! The first was KARA’s Goo Hara..

After School’s UEE revealed a big secret about herself on a recent recording of Sang Sang Plus.

UEE said, “A lot of people ask me if I got plastic surgery after debut. My eyes are naturally uneven so I wanted to even them out. That’s why I had a minor surgery on my eyes, that’s it.”

Another guest, Jung Ga Eun, who’s had a lot of surgery done before said, “Yeah, I can tell she’s only done her eyes.”

UEE also talked about her experience on Queen Seon Duk. She mentioned how she came to play the role of a younger version of Go Hyun Jung’s. She said, “People always told me I looked like her so they offered me an audition. I memorized lines for the role but then I didn’t get to say them. I had to look at the sky and cry then look at a book and cry and that was it.”

This episode will air on the 5th.

Cr: allkpop