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►►Epik High’s Tablo is the new daddy of a baby girl!

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After Yoo Jae Suk and Na Kyung Eun became parents of a baby boy on May 1st, it was the turn of Tablo and Kang Hye Jung as they became parents of a baby girl on May 2nd.

Tablo wrote on his Twitter,

“A night of a magical miracle…Today at 11:05AM, our beautiful girl was born! Hyejung and our baby are both very healthy~

Ah I’m crying because I’m so happy! My woman, who has been going through such hard times, is the best!!!”

YG Entertainment expressed, “Kang Hye Jung gave birth to a baby girl this morning at a hospital in Kangnam. Both mother and child are well and healthy. They are delighted to be parents and promised to raise the child well.”

We congratulate the couple on their first baby!

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►►Epik High’s brother group ‘Infinite’ to get new reality show

Rookie idol group Infinite groomed by hip hop group Epik High will be revealing themselves through a Mnet reality program.

7-member group Infinite has garnered much interests even before their debut, and they will be showing themselves for the first time on Mnet idol theatre ‘You are my elder brother’ aired on 12th April. For the purpose of the reality program, from the first episode, a high school female student will be introduced into their dormitory. Confused, the members reportedly asked “What is going on? What is the meaning of this?”.

Tablo then came in to explain, “The one person who succeeds as a elder brother will be the nation’s elder brother.”

Since they never had a female in their dormitory, the members were flustered as well as excited with the joining of the female high school student. “I always wished to have a younger sister. I have confidence to take good care of her.”

Mnet said, “With the numerous number of idol groups in the music industry now, many have taken the course of going on reality show to display their various charms.”

Similar to what 2PM did with ‘Wild Bunny’, Infinite will take on the challenge to be the nation’s top idol group through ‘You Are My Elder Brother’.

The first episode will be aired on 12th April at 7.30pm.

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wow this group looks like it has a lot of young guys…kinda different to Epik High @_@

►►Epik High’s Tablo got interviewed by CNN after reaching #1 on iTunes

Epik High’s Tablo shares how CNN approached him after he got #1 on iTunes!

On the most recent broadcast of MTV’s ‘Guys on Top‘, Tablo revealed: “After our special album ‘Epilogue’ reached the number one spot on the iTunes hip-hop album chart, a CNN reporter flew all the way to Korea to meet with me personally. ”

‘Epilogue‘ was released on March 9th, and attained the #1 spot on iTunes the very next day.

Tablo also added that: “It was amazing how a CNN reporter, who interviews world stars like Rihanna, Jay-Z, Park JiSung, Lee ByunHun, or Rain, flew to Korea just to see me.”

On the show, he also discussed his dreams as kid, and how he always wanted to own a comic book store. But it all changed when he was in the 3rd year of high school, and when his English poem came to land in the hands of singer Kim Gun Mo. The end result of his work was being able to have his song included as a track called ‘Rainy Christmas‘ in Kim Gun Mo’s 5th album.

That experience triggered Tablo’s career, but his jump into the music scene didn’t come without it’s hardships. He mentioned how his first album was scammed, and how sometimes he’d have to go through difficult summers without a fan but only a cold refrigerator. Times were tough for him at that time, but according to Tablo, those hardships were what made him who he is today.

This episode of MTV’s ‘Guys on Top‘ will be split into two episodes, and will give fans a chance to sneak a peek into Tablo’s life. They are set to air on the 3rd and the 10th.

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►►Jaebum’s incident dejà-vu? Epik High Tablo’s brother ‘bashed’ on Korean comedians in NYC

EDIT: Tablo’s brother Dave responded to netizens.

EDIT #2: Dave released an apology statement!
-sigh- after reading this, I have no idea what to think…it’s partly his fault but then there is also something called “freedom of speech” that Korean netizens need to respect too…
on another note, he really really looks like Tablo! @_@

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The cast of Korea’s favorite TV show, MBC Infinity Challenge, made a visit to New York City not too long ago. The “challenge” was to spread the love of Korean food to New Yorkers by approaching and engaging pedestrians in a one to one conversation, which was somewhat successful. This special episode in the Big Apple was aired over the weekend – however, not everyone was satisfied.

The brother of Tablo, Dave (Lee Sun Min, 37) left a rather harsh criticism toward the Infinity Challenge crew and Korea as a whole on his CyWorld minihompy on the 21st. The post has now been closed, but its screenshot still remains circulating on the net, receiving an enormous amount of hatred from netizens.

“I did have my worries when I heard that the Infinity Challenge members were coming to New York… and I totally felt like dying from the embarrassment while watching.

The internet is being all crazy now, saying how ‘our Korean humor worked in New York too’.

They were ignored like dogs on the streets from the New Yorkers for mumbling gibberish and not even being able to speak a word. They were also treated like retards at a pizza place by being thrown a random slice to eat.


►►Epik High’s blogs: Tablo updates~09/01

Where has Epik High been? I really miss their old music T.T
Anywhoo~ Tablo updated his blog with pictures with his girlfriend Kang Hye Jung and a very lovely line dedicated to her:

Title: “Love~”
“My heaven… is you.”

How sweet was that? He also gave us something as a bonus:


►►Twitter accounts: Fake & Real

Here is a list of Korean artistes’ Twitter accounts~ those that are confirmed to be real and those that aren’t: