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►►There is a 90% chance a celeb is lying about their dating status

On April 20th, singer Kim Tae Woo was a guest on Mnet Radio and stated that, “If idols say that they are not dating, it is 90% likely to be a lie.”

Kim Tae Woo was once a member of the hit boy band g.o.d. during the early turn of the millennium. While the group was wildly successful, it seems they all hid a few secrets from the public.

MC Kim Jin Pyo and Epik High’s Mithra Jin were discussing the particular meaning behind the music when Kim Tae Woo revealed, “g.o.d.’s Ordinary Day was a song that I could relate to with my girlfriend.”

At this surprising statement, Kim Jin Pyo asked whether or not Kim Tae Woo was dating at the time. His response was even more shocking when he revealed that all the members were in relationships as he said, “At the time, all of the g.o.d. members were dating. Probably 90% of the idols were in a relationship.”

Kim Tae Woo further dove into the subject saying that idols must deny dating no matter what and because of this, most idols end up dating one another. He also said that 90% of the current idols that deny being in relationships are lying and that they are probably just being very careful.

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►►Netizens suspect MC The Max’s ISU to have allegedly paid for sex with minor

WTF?! ISU (Lee Soo)?! This is a conspiracy! geez I love their music and it would sucks so much if this was true…


Only Netizens have so called “confirmed” that the male singer in question is MC THE MAX’s lead vocalist Lee Soo. Until the police CONFIRM it, there is currently no concrete evidence that it was him.


Article # 1

On December 5th, 2009, four people were arrested for running a prostitution ring with underage girls and keeping all profits. But because the girls received no money at all, they’re technically not underage prostitutes but victims. All of the identities are being held anonymous and only the leader’s last name “Yim” (22) was revealed at this time.

Since March, Yim and his 3 partners have been gaining clients and providing them with the services of Girl/Victim A (16) via internet messaging. It turns out that Girl A has had sex with over 200 men and all money paid by the clients were given to Yim. It’s been estimated that he has profited roughly about $30,000 and his excuse for not giving the girl any compensation was “because he had to drive her to the client’s home and back to hers.”

Girl A’s friend, Girl/Victim B (16), was also caught up in the business and has gone through the same exact process or rather horror.

After digging into Girl A’s phone history, it was revealed that one of the clientele was a male celebrity. Not just that but he is also part of an idol group. That’s not good news and the police have yet to release the idol’s name, but they say the idol has received a notice of summons.

Girl A confessed, “Since February of last year, I have had intercourse with the ‘idol’ located in Jong Roh Gu three times for 300 dollars each.”


►►No year-end awards from MBC, SBS or KBS this year

This SUCKS SO MUCH. These are the awesome shows that I look forward to every year! But I think they’re still gonna have year-end festivals like Gayo Daejun right? Trust me, they’re the BEST!

After watching MAMA light on fire with controversies left and right, KBS, MBC and SBS have collectively decided to take the safer route – all three companies have announced that they will be holding year-end music festivals instead of award ceremonies this December.

All three companies used to host award festivals at the end of the year until 2006. KBS, formerly known as KBC, held an annual music award event in 1984, but discontinued it in 2005. MBC previously hosted the award-driven Teen Singer Music Festival until three years ago. SBS, which had a similar award system until 2008, switched to the simple performance-based year-end festival format as well.

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►►2009 introduced a new end-of-year award ceremony: Melon Music Awards, a popular online music website in Korea, has announced that it will be hosting a year-end music award ceremony.

The name of the ceremony is 2009 Melon Music Awards, and it will be hosted on December 16th. Melon, music distributor LOEN entertainment and cable TV company CU Media will be collaborating on this event. Melon expressed, “The 2009 Melon Music Awards will be focused on digital music sales and will be fair because sales is based purely on choice of the consumers and nobody else. We have planned this event as an alternative to traditional award ceremonies.” The emphasis on fairness appears to be targeted towards Mnet‘s MAMA which has seen quite a number of artists shy away from it due to its questionable integrity.

Candidates of each award will be selected from songs released between the October 31 and November 1, and will be based on number of times that song has been played (30%), downloaded (50%) and other usage (20%). Combination of those factors amount to 80% and the rest are decided by user poll which starts on December 10th. There is a total of fifteen awards including Top 10, Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, OST of the Year, and The Most Popular Artist.

No information regarding participation of artists has been released so far, but since Melon is one of the biggest names in digital music industry, popular artists are expected to make appearance.

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►►New Group Alert: Sunny Side [genre: Rap/Hip-Hop]

A lot of people say this guy duo reminds them of Big Bang, and I agree. Even though the do the rapping parts, they mix in dance music like a typical Big Bang song. HOWEVER~ to prevent antis saying they’re trying to copy Big Bang, they only rap…no singing like Seungri, Daesung, and Taeyang here. I would think of them more like Mighty Mouth or something…


Anywhoo~They just released their single To You (너에게), which includes 3 songs and all of them has their own MV.

I’m gonna show my favorite first since I’m a huge fan of Gavy NJ ^^ See below cut for special features from After School and Esther 😉

Rain Love ( Feat.Misty Of Gavy NJ 가비엔제이) (3rd MV)


►►Who’s this pretty girl?

Take a guess! Answer will be revealed tomorrow ^^



-I’m one of the top actresses in Korea right now

-I’m a fashion trend-setter

-I have a drama coming up soon

►►Who’s this little cutie? [2]

Take a guess! Answers will be revealed tomorrow~ ^^



-I’m in one of the top groups of Kpop right now

-I’m hilarious on variety shows

-I tooted on the first ep of my own group’s show ㅋㅋ