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►►Epik High’s Tablo is the new daddy of a baby girl!

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After Yoo Jae Suk and Na Kyung Eun became parents of a baby boy on May 1st, it was the turn of Tablo and Kang Hye Jung as they became parents of a baby girl on May 2nd.

Tablo wrote on his Twitter,

“A night of a magical miracle…Today at 11:05AM, our beautiful girl was born! Hyejung and our baby are both very healthy~

Ah I’m crying because I’m so happy! My woman, who has been going through such hard times, is the best!!!”

YG Entertainment expressed, “Kang Hye Jung gave birth to a baby girl this morning at a hospital in Kangnam. Both mother and child are well and healthy. They are delighted to be parents and promised to raise the child well.”

We congratulate the couple on their first baby!

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►►[VID] 2NE1’s cameo cut in new drama “Girlfriends” is released

I was a bit disappointed because they don’t really TALK at all except at the very end when they say “Goodbye”…but they look great either way lol 😛 I’m crossing my fingers for a nice performance in the drama too ^^

btw, actress Han Chae Young is the lady in the party dress and Epik High Tablo’s wife Kang Hye Jung is the one in the business suit looking confused 😉

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►►[PICs] After School attended “Girlfriends” VIP Premier on Dec. 9th

The sexy comedy movie “Girlfriends” featuring Han Chae Young, Kang Hye Jung, Heo Yi Jae and Bae Soo Bin had its VIP premier on 9th December at the Seoul KangNam-Gu Samsung-Dong Coex Megabox. The ladies from After School (Uee, Jung Ah, Bekah, Raina and Nana) were in attendance particularly to support Han Chae Young who happens to be UEE’s We Got Married husband’s close friend.


►►2NE1 has a cameo role in upcoming film “Girlfriends”

And we’re back again to the “Fire” days 😀

2NE1 will be making a special appearance in the upcoming movie “Girlfriends,” a romantic comedy about three women (played by Kang Hye Jung, Han Chae Young, and Heo Yi Jae) who fall in love with the same man (played by Bae Soo Bin), but grow closer with each other in the process.

2NE1 willingly agreed to play the cameo role in “Girlfriends” to show support for their fellow YG family members, Kang Hye Jung and Heo Yi Jae. Clad in their Fire outfits and hairstyle, 2NE1 appears in the movie as guests for an extravagant party that Jin (played by Han Chae Yeong) plans.

The studio was filled with excitement as actors and actresses alike looked forward to meeting the popular female idol group, even asking them for their autographs.

2NE1 expressed, “Although we are already close with one another, we will pretend to be even closer on screen. We usually go overboard with our acting.”


►►[VID + PICs] YG Family helps out disabled children for “With” Campaign

YG Family groups 2NE1 and Big Bang, have released a promotional clip in support of the WITH campaign.

The WITH campaign raises money for various charitable activities including helping disabled children. A portion of the proceeds made from YG products go towards the foundation. Fans can help out too by going to the WITH campaign homepage and purchasing items as well as donating.

The promotional video clip has the ladies from 2ne1 and the men from Big Bang grooving out to “All You Need is Love.” It’s good to see this company giving back and helping out the community.


►►Epik High Tablo is jealous of his wife Kang Hye Jung?

Irony mahl doh ahn dwae~ ♫
Unbelievable… Jealous much Tablo? lol 🙂 but you got her now 😉

Back in 2005, Tablo has written the following in his Cyworld homepage:

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Translations: Jo Seung-Woo + Kang Hye-Jung couple, somehow I feel happy when I look at them. I am jealous. Be forever! (Those who can read Korean, Tablo used his real Korean name)

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►►[PICs] Tablo & Kang Hye Jung’s wedding

They simply look stunning and these are so cute!! Someday I wanna take a picture with that looooooooong wedding veil too!

Epik High’s Tablo and film actress Kang Hye-jung married on the afternoon of October 26 is Seoul in a closed ceremony, but have released official photos of the event through Kang’s management, YG Entertainment.

The photos are lovely and capture the couple looking happy on their big day. Kang took her vows, saying, “If in the far-off future someone were to ask me what my life’s achievements were … I would say that it was the time I spent living by your side, spending forever with you, loving you and holding you.”