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►►New Group Alert: Sunny Side [genre: Rap/Hip-Hop]

A lot of people say this guy duo reminds them of Big Bang, and I agree. Even though the do the rapping parts, they mix in dance music like a typical Big Bang song. HOWEVER~ to prevent antis saying they’re trying to copy Big Bang, they only rap…no singing like Seungri, Daesung, and Taeyang here. I would think of them more like Mighty Mouth or something…


Anywhoo~They just released their single To You (너에게), which includes 3 songs and all of them has their own MV.

I’m gonna show my favorite first since I’m a huge fan of Gavy NJ ^^ See below cut for special features from After School and Esther 😉

Rain Love ( Feat.Misty Of Gavy NJ 가비엔제이) (3rd MV)