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►►4Minute returns on screen with..Nickhun’s brother?

Say hello to Nichan, 2PM Nichkhun’s older brother who arrived in Korea on January 5th to be 4Minute’s “Teacher.”

Nichan is in Korea to teach 4Minute for their new E Channel TV show, “4minute’s Mr. Teacher.” This reality shows aims to bring the viewers on the girls preparation to enter the international market by learning different cultures and languages. The teachers selected are not ordinary boys but good looking fellows from all over asia. Nichan was selected as the Thai ambassador of sorts to the group.

His first broadcast is slated on the 19th this month. Will this mark a start of fresh ties between Nichkhun and 4Minute of some sorts? Will Nichan share some secrets of his younger brother?

Meanwhile, 4Minute has been reported to be making a comeback during mid-February!

Cr: popseoul
Reporting + Editing: snowyICEgun@4-minute

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